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    I loved UFO: Enemy Unknown when I was a kid. I had a Demo which was a terror mission that I probably played a couple of hundred times. I eventually got the full game.
    I am a SGT in the RNZAF, been in for seventeen years now.
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    New Zealand
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    Computer games, Duh!; Board games; Guitar; Tabletop wargames
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    Aircraft Technician
  1. Merry Christmas to all in the Goldhawk community. Have a great break!
  2. Hey, great work guys! If I activate the random maps, do I still sometimes get the normal maps?
  3. Sorry, I've kept playing, so don't have a save from before it landed. I probably have a save with it landed there. I imagine that is not very helpful though. I have attacked the UFO now, and it is like attacking a landed battleship with all aliens alive. I ran away. Skitso has posted this as a bug on the normal bug report forum, so he may have a more useful save?
  4. Ok, so I have found it is only some of the medals. The crimson heart definitely does not have it for me.
  5. You can go into a settings file and choose what function you want the mouse wheel to do. I personally have it so that it changes levels, and also moves through the aim modes when you have the cursor on an enemy. Sorry, I am away from home, so cannot jump into the files to tell you exactly where it is.
  6. Hi there For the first time ever, I had my base defenses shoot down the incoming battleship (I had already hit it wit four plasma missiles and a corsair load of plasma bolts). Now I have a landed UFO symbol simbal simble symble (how the hell do you spell that word? The first? it doesn't look right) over my base. Now I have a landed UFO icon over my base. I can intercept the ufo with a drop ship (though I have not done the mission yet, just clicked abandon) It has been sitting there a while now. Has this happened to anyone else? Ever shot a UFO with base defenses before?
  7. I actually have only had this happen once, so I guess it was just a one of weird combination.
  8. Is it just the one mission, or is it any outpost attack? Because I can do them fine.
  9. Hiya In the soldier equip screen, when you mouseover the medals, I am sure you used to get told what they were awarded for. This does occur in the debrief screen at the moment, but not in the soldier equip screen. Mods I have running: Lore+ minibar soldier roles Khall's more portraits (and extras I have done too) Skitso's map pack Skitso's tile art Skitso's Rank insignia Select next soldier buttons Dynamic UFO spawns Skitso's Sounds of Pain Armoured Assault! A Vehicle Rebalance Mod Gifty's Music Addon I don't think any of those mods would effect it, but once I started listing them, I got kind of interested in just what I do have loaded.
  10. Hey there I just noticed that when I had a foxtrot approach a corvette and two escorts from in front, the escorts turned to face the rear of the corvette, which was away from my foxtrot. I was at about 15 degrees away from directly in front of the corvette.
  11. If you can hold two shields, that sounds like an oversight, and probably needs fixing. The key thing that makes me use a range of weapons is the reflex bonus of the pistol and shotgun. These guys can safely scout out for you without incurring reaction fire for a good half of their move. Scouts are also great for hurling heaps of flares in a night mission. I have taken to giving my snipers a pistol, so they can do a dual role like this, and also be less likely to get gunned down during the UFO storming. I generally only take a missile launcher as a backup weapon for a strong rifleman, as I don't like to destroy gear. I costs you thousands of dollars each time you unleash a rocket, so I will generally only do it if there is a big advantage, like a bunched up group of androns. Anyway, like mentioned above, the great thing about this game is: there are masses of ways to do it, and you are free to play it as you want.
  12. "The panel" is the ground combat UI panel? So you can choose to have each of the above or not, right?
  13. So, I was using this, and I see the rapid fire weapons still gib the aliens? Was that intentional? I pretty much don't use weapons that gib aliens, because you are throwing funding away- shooting with them actually costs money per shot. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it, in case the overkill was not intentional.
  14. Hi Twitch There is an initiative check that is done for any enemy that sees you move. It is a calculation based on reflexes, percent of remaining TUs and what weapon you are carrying. The soldier that has moved has his initiative calculated, and all enemies who have a higher initiative can take actions, until the selected soldier has a higher initiative again. The alien that shot has just used a good chunk of TUs up, so you should be safe for a bit. So if a sniper takes a step with full TUs, they are probably OK. A guy with a pistol or a gal with a shotgun can take many more actions without triggering reactions too. If I am approaching an ambush point, like a door/teleporter, I'll try and have my assault units end near to the threat, with lots of TUs.
  15. I just find that I am busy still shooting other UFOs down when one of my drop ships arrives, so I don't know what is about to load up. I also tend to save for the night with drop ships inbound, so that last reminder would be handy. I guess if no-one else sees a need for it, the don't worry about it.
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