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  1. I think a cool follow on would be a game that takes the attack up to the huge alien fleet orbiting Earth. Your mission would be to go up and assault the huge ships that orbit the earth with some kind of breacher space craft.
  2. I noticed AND_GREAT you are running the version 1.08 game not 1.09 like me... could that be the difference? I'm happy with doing the saves by the way.
  3. The device whole have to be some kind of hand launched mini torpedo.
  4. Clearing the map of all outside aliens then assaulting the ship is a viable tactic if you up to taking on what is outside the ship. If the outside force is too strong for your guys it's best to just try and skirt by them the best you can, locate the ship and take it for the 5 turn count down. I have no idea for sure if the outside aliens run back to the ship when it falls. It doesn't seem like it to me, maybe someone here has experienced otherwise.
  5. Ok I played about three hours and I had two lock ups during the AIs turn. Battle saves at the end of my every turn seemed to have stopped it.
  6. Thanks Installing this tonight as we speak. I'll let you know how it works out.
  7. Might I suggest a $500,000,000.00 start up money check box. If you think about it if humanity was fighting an alien invasion why would money be a problem? Just an idea...
  8. Your download link says "Xenonauts.exe 1.07 - CE 0.30.rar" Is CE0.25 in there with the other stuff? Never mind I found it. How do I install CE 0.25 from your folder? Sorry for the questions. Have the STEAM version with the Beta turned off. I currently have Fire in the Hole mod installed. Should I go back to vanilla and install CE 0.25 then install Into the Darkness and then your mod? Sorry for all the questions.
  9. Been playing the mod for two days and I enjoy it. Unfortunately I get an occasional game lock up it the tactical mode during the AI's turn...
  10. I find it a bit amusing that if our planet was facing an outside invasion from another race something like money and military resources would be a problem for the forces defending the planet... but then you have to have game play. I've gone and edited the startgame config file to give me 10 billion dollars and still had a blast playing the game.
  11. It would be nice if once you open a door it stays open (if you want it to)... on base raids they seem to always close at the end of each turn (my experience anyways). Having a way to keep them open after the turn ends (aside form the good old universal C4 key) would be cool.
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