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  1. For me no1 game is Witcher 3 I can't wait for it.... Betour - I have the same posts amount like you 393
  2. With new game PersistentLOS working fine ;]
  3. In the aircraft menu click on dropship title. Upper right corner in aircraft list
  4. On my picture standing soldier above blocked the shoot not the croutched one
  5. Muskrat crouched soldier doesn't affect shoot anymore. Anyway look at the orange square - it tell what is block the shoot
  6. But you still won :-) 100% mean than you will win for sure. It doesn't mean that your aircraft will not take any damage
  7. Is it possible to create some kind of memorial room where we would see our dead soldiers?
  8. Chris what about this one? ^^^ I think still many tiles need to be set to not block shoots
  9. But isn't alien sight is better than humans?
  10. I like PersistentLOS. With it you exactly know what you see.
  11. I know it fill whole title but bias shoot should be possible without blocking like it was in OG.
  12. Isn't possible to make this shoot line more straight? Like we see soldier is above but is still on line of fire
  13. Is it normal that I detected Alien Base in 11th day of game?
  14. StK of course :-) thats why its annoying. Just I wrote wrong. Funny think is that bullets hita target almost every time. Looks like this block doesnt affect bullets...weired