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  1. I'm on 1.09 and still having this problem even after installing that tile pack. I'd really like to beat the game, lol
  2. Each time I shoot down a scout or corvette escorted by two fighters at the end of the combat I get a CTD. it only triggers if I shoot down the scout or corvette in the formation, I think generating the crashsite is causing the CTD. Autoresolve also triggers the crash. I'm not very experienced at posting bug reports so if you need any further info or files please let me know.
  3. yeah, I had 4 sniper rifles and 4 machine guns and my team all died trying to kill the 3 caesans that were in the light scout, they kept hitting all 4 of my troops that I could fit in the UFO and reducing my TU's to where I couldn't shoot or even throw a grenade. Again, last build I could clear the exact same mission with no losses. For the next light scout with sebillians I tried all riflemen since that's what I got to replace the team that all died and since sniper rifles have been nerfed so badly, and it went a little better, I only lost 2 members and some wounded, but again, it's on easy and I would not have had any losses before. that's 10 lost troops and several wounded in the first two missions on easy :I
  4. after not having any problems on any other builds, on my first caesan light scout, on easy, I lost my entire team. I think it's a bit too difficult at the moment.
  5. There was a really cool mechanic before where sometimes your critically wounded soldiers would be revived after combat, I kinda wish that would come back.
  6. "4. I think the heavy hardpoints on the Foxtrot should either hold two Sidewinders or an Avalanche torpedo. " I really like this idea
  7. gonna resuggest my idea to give immediate payments of small amounts of money for shooting down fighter and bomber type UFOs so there's an actual reason to shoot them down :I
  8. flares are annoying, I'd rather just have a wearable/holdable item as an upgrade
  9. why would the hyperwave decoder need to do it, the UI with the radar already tells you the number and sizes of ships, lol
  10. Since our radar can identify the number and sizes of UFO's, it would be nice to have some sort of graphic indication for when multiple flights start appearing so they can be easily visually distinguished at a glance rather than having to hunt through and click all the generic UFO icons. Discuss!
  11. I really hope that that will be toggleable, even playing on easy I don't want auto resolve aircombat :I
  12. We need a fake F-14 to go somewhere in the early aircraft tree
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