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  1. v.4 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection made for Community Edition (0.35) ~ 5 MB download This mod changes: Starting helicopter (Chinook) carries 8 men. Improved helicopter (Charlie) carries 14 men (or less with vehicle) Chengdu mig 21 variant = early low cost fighter. Saracen torpedo bomber = mid/late game heavy aerial torpedo launcher. Foxtrott Mig13 improved = carries 2 additonal light missiles. Nimrod surveillance plane = slow recon plane. Shrike/ Valkyrie = up to 16 men, can bring 2 vehicles. Important: Fuel range of helicopters is low. You need SEVERAL bases with ready dropships to be able to reach distant Alien terror sites in early game! Therefore base founding cost was reduced and starting money increased in my other mod "Ironman Vet rebalance" that is highly suggested together with the other mods of my [B4X2] mod collection. more_planes_v4[B4x2].zip
  2. The ammo on the first interceptor isn't loading. There is only 65% of the ammo in this aircraft. The repair times seem to be for getting the aircraft to 50% repaired instead of 100% repaired. This may be an artifact for X: CE when (according to my memory) you needed 50% repairs for the aircraft to fly away. I think X: CE aircraft were grounded until 50%, so this repair timer doesn't seem to properly add the amount to 50%, and the amount between 50% and 100% together properly. AutosaveIM2021-04-25_11.10.41.sav
  3. Features: 1. 20 new real planes. 2. 18 new real missiles. 3. 7 new real aircraft's cannons. 4. Total rebalance of the aircrafts and aircraft's weapons. 5. New aircraft's researches added. Install: Use a standard game function Screenshots: Future plans: 1. MOAR AIRCRAFTS!!!!1111 2. Research and xenopedia pictures. Bonus: PSD files of aircrafts and weapons to create your own camouflage (17,8mb). https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjkeoqbyxrg0w6x/Bonus.rar Notes: The scale of the aircraft in the hangar is 1m = 40.5 pixels, The scale of the aircraft on a base is 1 m = 7 pixels. Changes
  4. Hi all, you may remember a few years back I did an AWACs mod which let you put in an AWAC recon flier at the game start. I playtested it and I loved it, thought it added a whole new level of strategy to the game. Well, I'd love to update it to the CE version and be able to upload it to Steam. The problem is I just can't get the damn thing to work. I wonder if anyone could help? I also can't seem to get the modding log to show up, I can get the thing to show up in the Xenopedia. I can get the Condor purchase box to move, so it registers something there, but just no. It's not working. AWACFuel3.zip
  5. Here, fellow Xenonauts, is my humble submission to the greatness that is the true XCom successor. It's a mod for a pure recon plane, the E-3 AWACs (That's the plane with the huge radar disc on it's back) This explains the concept: FOR THE TLDR CROWD: Unarmed, slow, long range radar plane that is great for covering areas getting hit by a wave or continents underserved by your bases. Unarmed means it needs an escort & more radar means more targets, forcing you to reevaluate your fighter assignments to cover the new area. IMHO this plane adds more action and more strategy to the game. DL: http://db.orangedox.com/UmJ1U0gGo3xg79ahgA/xenonauts-airplane-awacs.zip /TLDR Here are links to full screen resolution images https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00001.jpg - AWACS Xenopedia (Thanks again Sandyxx!) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00002.jpg - AWACS Equip Screen (Pretty but useless). Maybe future expansion will allow for equipping radar units. That would be neat! Lol I guess I'm "a sucker for surveillance" https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00003.jpg - Base w/ AWACS in hangar https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00004.jpg - AWACS patrolling on the other side of the globe. This shows the radar range. It can stick around there for a good 6 hours or so, if I calculated correctly! My thought for the AWACS is for it to be used as a mobile radar post. Since bases are ridiculously expensive, and even a solid base network probably won't cover all regions, this provides a cost effective alternative that also happens to add an additional layer of complexity & strategy in the air superiority game. Say when you get all those messages about trains being strafed and people being abducted, etc, but its outside of your base's radar range; or say you have a good base network across the rich Northern Hemisphere and don't want to commit to building a base in Africa or S America. Well - AWACS to the rescue! You can station the slow, but long ranged AWACS over there to find out what the heck is going on. As I mentioned, the AWACS is slow - about half speed of the F17 - unarmed, and delicate. But has a ton of fuel and excellent radar coverage. So you find a spot that needs some radar coverage. Send out the bird. But it's a sitting duck, especially since you are sending it into a hot zone. So you need an escort. But you also need to have fighters ready to intercept the craft the AWACS finds. Plus this will be some distance from your base - should you send out the AWACS + escort and an additional fighting squadron? Just the AWACS + escort? Maybe you can send the AWACS in, followed up with fighters then pull out the bird after handing off the contacts to the fighters' radar systems. Plus it's a great alien base hunter. Of course, alien bases always have increased traffic levels. So should you send your spotter out there and hope you don't come across a supply ship, or send it with an escort pulling needed fighters away from your bases where you know you will find UFOs? Like I said, a whole new aspect of air-to-air strategy. Note, I doubled all the aircraft ranges in the game, under the assumption that each bird would get at least 1 midflight refueling. The extra range plays very well with the strategic options presented by the AWACS. Note - One thing I can't seem to get working is to list it in the xenopedia! It should show up on start, like the Condor and the Chinook, but it just wont seem to do it! Would love some help there! You can download it from my dropbox: http://db.orangedox.com/UmJ1U0gGo3xg79ahgA/xenonauts-airplane-awacs.zip NOTE - I also included a file _readme_what_to_add.xlsx which has the lines and which files they were added to, so you can manually add the stuff in yourself. Which is helpful if you have like the Lore Mod, you can go in and add all the acas stuff easily. I hope that this becomes the norm for mods, because installing one mod that overwrites all your changes sucks! This lets you see what to add and where. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! This is still in beta, so please would love feedback! My email is in the readme file.
  6. A Storm of Missiles is coming straight for your Two Condors which you thought would be perfect to handle a few Heavy Fighters, an Alien Interceptor downs your last Marauder because you thought it was immune to the full frontal firepower of two Alien Interceptors, and we all know the story of the Corsair Pilot that tried to shoot down all three Interceptors alone for the sake of protecting the Dropship... Today, I present to you an Aircraft like no other! The X-125 "Tranquility" is a mid-to-late-game Electronic Countermeasures Aircraft armed with the "Quin" Plasma Web and a Heavy EMP Delivery System known as the "Serenity" Electronic Countermeasures Missile. Oh, and those alien missiles? Provided you can keep such an expensive aircraft maintained you'll be fine. Download (Version 1.3HF): A Storm of Tranquil Fury Installation Instructions: Step 1 - Install the mod via X:CE's Launcher. Step 2 - Activate the Mod. Manual Installation: Step 1 - Extract File to the game's "Mods" folder. Step 2 - Boot up the launcher and activate the Mod. Balance Notes: -The X-125 "Tranquility" is balanced to be a Support Aircraft so don't be surprised if you 'accidentally' lose it because you were careless or didn't pay attention to where it was. -Alien Interceptors turn roughly 3x faster than the Tranquility itself so don't be careless when engaging. -The Tranquility's Missile Shield blocks one missile per second. -Alien Fighters/Interceptors can fire more missiles than in Vanilla. -The "Serenity" ECM Missile can bypass Missile Shields. Changelog: Screenshots:
  7. Hi ppl.. I was working for some weeks for this game after i tried XMT mod.. I got planty of weapon arts now as weapons both for human and alien side and some planes.. maybe more in time.. I am not good at moding yet, just working on adding my own weapon with modmerging.. I like mostly big guns and snipers but if u got anything you need for your mod or just as single thing, u can ask me.. I just find pictures and try to make to fit the game so i am not doing from scratch.. I hope it helps to ppl who wants more toys to play.. and if any modder who wants someone to look up for arts, i am very happy to make a mod together.. it would be way faster then to learn it from beginning.. The main idea is to add special weapons which powerfull, expensive, hard to craft (needs items from ufo parts and alien drops like weapons or magasines) so when u have one you would feel the power.. Same thing to aliens too.. giving them more weapon tiers to beat us.. they will learn our weaponary and use them agaisnt us.. they can be from space, but humans are worst creature at killing.. I hope u like them!... A heavy minigun, both can be used for ballistic or mag tech.. bigger bullets bigger firepower low accuricy but good surpression.. An updated sniper for armor piersing.. just shoot some burst to get rid of armor and use this for finish.. Need more FIRE power.. try this new plasma flamethrower..
  8. I'm trying to do a mod for an EWACs - long rage, can sit in the sky for hours, and has beefy radar but is slow and unarmored. Sort of giving you an alternative to building up a new base for radar coverage. Also doubled up aircraft flight duration to reflect tankers. I'll post the EWACS when I'm happy with it for your enjoyment! Anyway, I'm making the EWACs purchasable, because I am not even going to try and mess with the research table at this point. I'd like to do a similar thing for an SR71 Blackbird at some point, when I will mess w/ that. But for now... My question is I have been all over the xml files left and right. I know where you mod the manufacturing section, that's easy. But I can't find where you set the purchase price of planes that are buyable. We all know that the F-17 and the Condor are buyable, can't recall the price at this point. But I imagine that it has to be settable somewhere! I just can't find the darn thing. Is it based off a factor of the sale price in items.xml? Like if it sells for x you buy for x*2, or something like that? Need help - I got all the images and stuff done, I think it will be sweet, but need to know how to do this! Thanks all. PS Loving some of the mods out there and for the record Xenonauts kicks EU's rear!
  9. Default aircraft names look like "Foxtrot - 3", but if I want to rename it, I can't use spaces or other non-alphabetic symbols to do so.
  10. Hey guys, remember me? The "let's spitball every idea I think of because one of them might be good" guy? I'm back. The way I see it, in-game there are pretty much only fighters and dropships at the moment. Some have different capabilities than others, sure, but that's it. They're all either combat or transport aircraft. If the US Air Force had it that simple, they'd crap themselves in ecstasy. Sure, not every type of aircraft needs to be represented in-game, but there are two main ones that I feel like would improve the game without dramatically upsetting the balance or anything like that. 1) The Tanker. Every major air force has a fuel carrying aircraft to allow their combat jets to extend their range. Be it the KC-135 or the IL-78, the pathetic fuel capacities of short-legged aircraft are irrelevant so long as a tanker is around. Of course, as soon as they were introduced, tankers became the #2 priority for destruction (#1 is coming) for air force planners. The ability to let planes fly as far as they want is a horrible thing in the eyes of the person being attacked by said planes, so efforts were made to plan all future doctrine around denying the enemy that ability. Which is what the aliens would do. Tankers in-game could be sent to rendezvous with or tail jets who are patrolling or otherwise hunting down a target that's pushing their fuel abilities to the brink. When they need extra gas, they simply slow down and refuel. Tankers are defenseless, notably, so they would be shot down instantly unescorted like the Charlie, and would take the place of a valuable interceptor, so they would be balanced out. Also, the "unlimited" factor may definitely be a bit much, so let's just say each tanker can only refuel three times before being empty and having to go back home. That way it could top off a squadron exactly, and then go back for a refuel session. Also of note...most real-world fighter aircraft are capable of carrying "buddy tanks", meaning that instead of a dedicated tanker aircraft with massive quantities of fuel, another fighter can attach small fuel tanks to its hardpoints allowing its buddies to refuel off of it. Not only can it keep up with fighters (being a fighter itself), it isn't completely defenseless if attacked. While one or both hardpoints might be fuel tanks, a fighter could still have its cannon and one missile (as per Air Force guidelines) or just its cannon and an afterburner (as per our guidelines) to protect itself. 2) The AEW/C aircraft, Aerial Early Warning and Control. Most notable of this family is the AWACS system, so much so that most people just call 'em all AWACS. They are, in their simplest form, radar emplacements with jet engines. An AWACS jet can detect incoming aircraft from hundreds of miles out and relay that information to the air-battle planners on the ground below. Even better, most AEW/C aircraft have advanced radar systems that allow them to take over guidance of missiles from the planes that launched them. Whereas a fighter's radar may only reach out for, say, 200 miles, an AWACS aircraft on station can co-opt that missile and feed it the targeting information only it can see to double that to 400. However, these are the #1 targets for air battle management, and in most plans have the most powerful escort force of anything in the air. The aliens can and will learn what these are, can and will track them (radar is a two-way street), and will generally make their lives hell. They could be used as a shorter-ranged mobile radar system for probing out areas with no coverage, and the tanker-fighter system could go in when something was detected. Either of those sound appealing?
  11. something Avenger-esque... PLEASE!!! Ok, ok, I realize this made taking down alien craft rather easy in the original game, but DAMN it was fun!
  12. Current build removed need to construct weapons for aircrafts, but they still get equipped with default rockets/miniguns instead of best available. I think it would be much better if they were automatically equipped with best weapons. This will save lots of clicks and prevent you forgetting to re-equip newly built crafts.
  13. 1. New craft was not updated to latest warheads, both newly built foxtrot and recently delivered condor. 2. The top weapon selection menu is cut off at the top by screen border - should extend downward from the missile slot.
  14. You guys will hate me for this one, but being the jackass I am, I'm gonna point it out. Here goes. The F-17 was not a modified version of the F-16. The F-17 was this. Note that the F-17 lost out on the Air Force contract to the F-16. Why not just refer to it as the F-16X, if the first thing in its Xenopedia entry is that it's an F-16 tweaked to Xenonaut standards?
  15. I had read somewhere that when you lose an aircraft it just respawns after a while without having to build a new one or pay for it? Is this true? I have been looking at getting this game for a long time and I loved the original X-Com but I have to say that will be a deal breaker for me if your aircraft just respawn. It may seem picky but I like realisim in my games...
  16. My suggestion is this: Reduce the time it takes to repair and/or recover downed planes based on idle workers. I personally don't mind the recovery time of planes, since their asses have to get dragged back to base but the repair time on planes is just ridiculous. With my 45 workers in 3 workshops i can build a MIG in a little over a day, but when I wish to repair a downed MIG or F16 for that matter, it takes up to 3 days. My solution would be to reduce the time a plane needs to be repaired based on the amount of idle workers currently not working on a project.
  17. Forget it - solved it thanks to someone at the forum
  18. When launching multiple flights of fighters, sometimes with differing speeds, it would be nice to be able to control the speed of the squadrons. I would like to be able to launch a set of condors to strip fighters off a ship, then follow up with two Foxtrots to take down the main ship. Doing this right now takes an excessive amount of micromanagement.
  19. Hello, when we select aircrafts in the intercepting tab, I think that the color of the selected aircrafts vs the unselected one is too similar --> it is hard to see if the desired aircraft are really selected. I think you should change one of these colors.
  20. So I've been trying to give the Foxtrot back some of its teeth by readding some hardpoints to the craft. Trouble is that every way I've tried to do it results in a CTD in the ship loadout screen when I click on the new hardpoints. I'd like to enable the 2 forward hardpoints as normal slots. So I went into the .xml and changed the Normal column to 2 and then further down the row added ;AV.SIDEWINDER;AV.SIDEWINDER to the Loadout column. I figured these 2 changes would do the trick. Once in the game my Foxtrot displays the 2 forward hardpoints, but they're blank and clicking on them causes a CTD. So I figured maybe it had something to do with mixing slots, no other craft does it. So I went in and gave it 0 Normal and 4 Heavy slots. Then changed the loadout for only AV.AVALANCHE. Start the game and the same thing happens, 2 forward hardpoints are blank and clicking on them causes a CTD. The Slots and WeaponPositions columns seem to still be set up for 4 hardpoints, and they show up in the loadout screen so I'm not sure what the issue is. The Foxtrot still works fine as long as you don't click on the 2 blank hardpoints. You can launch it and fight with it, it rearms, refuels, and repairs properly. The extra 2 hardpoint slots appear in the air combat window, they're just blank. So clearly I'm missing something. Anyone got any ideas on how to make this change work properly?
  21. Msvknight


    Can someone help me with this?! How do you unlock all of the planes in Xenonauts? P.S. I am currently using the stable version P.S.S. you should probably use a spoiler thingy
  22. So, something's been bothering me a bit: A Condor is a big vulture, not a bird of prey. It's ugly, and it's a scavenger. Why would we name a plane after that? Why not something actually cool? The only reason I can think of naming a plane after a condor is because condors can (probably, done zero research) stay up in the air for a long time, which F-17 Condors kinda can, in reality terms, but in gameplay they're the lowest fuel airplane we have. Does this bother anyone? Or is it just me? Also, the MiG-31 was designated Foxhound by the NATO guys, which works well (two syllable word, meaning jet aircraft, F is the starting letter, so it's a fighter). But then the Xenonauts change it to Foxtrot. Why in the world would we use the word foxtrot? That's NATO (and aviation in general) nomenclature for the letter F. We're basically flying giant "F"s in the sky. What('s) (with) the F? Just wondering if anyone else was bothered by this, and if it warrants changing. Really, it kinda sounds just lame, to be honest. Here I am, flying my vultures and my "F"s. Just sounds lame, and not in line with the decidedly not-lameness of basically the rest of the game.
  23. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a bug. I just build my second foxtrot, and I have alenium explosives. But I can't put alenium weapons on this foxtrot. The other has them, but this new one is armed with sidewinders and avalanches, and clicking on the weapon or its label does nothing. I can switch weapons around on all my other aircraft just fine. Version: v18 stable. (EDIT: Specify version)
  24. Hello Commander! We here at the Funding Nations just wanted to inform you of our new Air Craft Services! Having problems with those pesky Aliens shooting down your Planes? Tired of not being able to play the game because you have no Air Craft and cant afford new ones? Well no more! Now we here at the Funding Nations will provide you with as MANY Air Craft as you need for only a small monthly fee per Hanger! Thats Right! for just X$ a month we'll give you as many Air Craft as you want to get shot down! Please note that this only covers Condors, but for just X more dollars a month we can cover more types, just let us know what you need, our friendly operators are available 24 -7! Call now and place your order within the next 30 minutes and get a free supply of Missiles for the rest of the Alien Invasion! What a deal! You cant afford not to call us now! (Please allow X days for shipping and handling) **Just felt like adding some levity to the debate** 8-)
  25. Alright, so I've skipped corsairs on every single playthrough I've done. I finally looked at the pricetag this playthrough due to the rather rough aircombat... and saw 300k. So, for the people who have used them, what does this 300k get me in combat that I can't do with (oh god I wince whenever I have to say "Condor" SQUAAAWK) a Condor? Intercept that faster than my Condor UFO? Turn faster than fighters so I can get behind them and take them out without damage? Roll more often? The increased HP isn't really a selling point, since condors don't generally die to having too few HP, that's all the Foxtrot's domain, and it sounds like the repair time is terribly done.
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