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  1. Casaubon

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Thank you both kindly for the answers. Hardcoded sucks.
  2. Casaubon

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    All the progress you are making sounds great, especially looking forward to the infiltration missions and I am curious if staff can get killed if they fail in such a mission. I also wonder about how well the portrait generator will handle random generation of soldiers, in other words how diverse the pool will look.
  3. Casaubon

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Hi there, just a quick question. Does the AWACs in Xdivision need to be manufactured or can it be bought without workshop? I´m asking cause I can´t get a dropship I made for my own mod become immediately buyable and wondered if anyone from the the Xdiv devs might have some hint...
  4. Hi Charon, just a quick question. Does the AWACs in Xdivision need to be manufactured or can it be bought without workshop?

    1. Charon


      Please post X-Division related question in the main thread. Other people might have the same question and are thankful for it to get answered.

    2. Casaubon


      will do thanks


  5. Casaubon

    Pilots have identities too you know.

    As an old UFO fan (the brit TV Series from the 60ies) I miss(ed) this feature in Xenonauts 1 also, even more lore-wise than gameplay wise. Pilots gaining Xp increasing weapon efficiency and such would do for me. Same for vehicle drivers in X1 by the way (I know the vehicle in X2 is an automatic drone).
  6. Casaubon

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    @ Aircombat; Mhm hoping for the ability to seperate aircraft from squadrons after launch and join together in flight without the need to return to base. that´s really a bit annoying in xenonauts 1.
  7. Casaubon

    Combat mechanics

    "Problem" with prone in JA2 is that you prone all the time, similar to X1 making you crouch all the time. It should have some disadvantage maybe such as additional TU cost for handling the inventory when crouched, or maybe even a reduced viewcone or sight range if behind certain cover.
  8. Casaubon

    Recover objects from missions

    Throwing in another idea: Deconstruct acquired stuff to craft new equipment out of it before research enables full reverse engineering by Xenonauts. For instance, you recover a small UFO reactor, research team has not found out yet how to build a power source for your improved interceptor prototype but you could patch in the not fully understood loot device. Or dismantle it for contended alenium to be used in building plasma rifles.
  9. Casaubon

    "Terror" mission

    The only bad thing about those TFTD ship missions was the hunting down the last Tasoth hiding in a closet. I loved the suspenseful setting of the cramped indoor space combined with multi floor shootouts in vast cargo spaces and the great atmosphere though! I agree with previous posters, terror should feel like terror and not aliens wasting time on hunting ~10 cilvilians if they could have bombed them conveniently. There needs to be some nasty threat other than reapers. However the current terror missions in Xenonauts are my favorites, the urban warfare thing really comes across nicely. Just another idea, one maybe secondary mission goal could be to assist the local forces to repell the assault and prevent the local defendes from being wiped out. This kind of worked like a timer, but shouldn´t be too tense. I´d love to patch up wounded local forces and help them pin down aliens in shattered houses.
  10. That would be grand! If I remember correctly to have read in the forums you were writing about considering base defence such as automatic machine guns. Maybe you could apply the code for those and add movement.
  11. It should be mentioned that if you are updating your already existing mod in steam, it is also very important that you name the zip file differently than in the prior version before pickin it in the ModManager tool (see point 5). If you don´t rename the zip before the re-upload steam will not update, (no new "change notes" appears for you workshop item in steam) and the ModManger tool will just confirm with a "mod updated successfully" while the servers side zip was not overwritten. Found out by trial and error...
  12. While playing Xenonauts I was thinking why are soldiers always limted to come in with dropships to every mission and not other means of transport (besides why not bring several dropships to a difficult mission if you have them, except for game balance but that´s another story and probably one of the reasons why there will be just 1 base in Xenonauts2?). In Xcom Apocalypse or the british UFO TV show from the 60ies the ground team would disembark from all kinds of APCs or other means of transport. So you could maybe think of vehicles that are rather transport, with the occassional sentry gun that will be in the game anyway, mounted at the cargo exit of the vehicle/dropship or something alike. Vehicle is kind of there but not actively doing the hunting job. Other way to limit the problem with over powered vehicles would be map design with limited outdoor space that is suitable for vehicles, which kind of exists in Xenonauts where tanks aren´t that useful inside most ufos.
  13. Casaubon

    Modder´s Wisdom

    Thanks, wasn´t aware of the "clear scripts" part in your comprehensive guide so far. This will explain why my mod launcher screems that the X:CE order is not right every time I update my mod So, you guys managed to get for instance the Saber listed in the upkeep list? Looks like I´ll have to download the 2GB of Xdivision and disect your vehicle part like humankind has done since ever, learn by imitating. edit: nah stupid me, I see that Xdiv has like 12 vehicles. they never would fit in the upkeep/wages report. edit2: also managed to get the xenopedia working properly with the vehicle stats being shown now. I honestly don´t know that was wrong but after redoing the whole vehicles.xmln from scratch it worked. file must have been corrupted somehow.
  14. Casaubon

    Modder´s Wisdom

    Hi Charon, incredible how much effort you put in to support the modding community. It makes me a bit sad that there is so little feedback. It feels like there is not too many people left and the rest is possibly waiting for Xenonauts 2 to become active again. I hope I posted the following in the right thread: Some time ago I made a humble vehicle mod out of the "dualtank" assets Drages sent me over. My Turtle mod works pretty well, but some things which are not gameplay breaking still bother me, I feel the mod is incomplete if I don´t manage to fix them. I wanted to ask you if you managed to solve it and the 2 things I mention below work in the XDiv mod? According to my experience one does not need to use "modmerge" for the strings.xml is that right? Issue 1: the new vehicle is not listed by name in the monthly maintenance despite I included it in the strings.xml. Here is a screenshot that shows that the turtle´s monthly upkeep is summarized correctly in the vehicles line but below it is not listed. issue 2: the "statistics" entries are not shown for my turtle vehicle in xenopedia. I assume the values are taken from vehicles.xml and/or strings.xml but how does one make them appear? Is it those VEQ. entries in strings.xml (last screenshot) that would achieve that? PS: I should mention that other vehicle modders (LordJulian, aajs) also did not manage (or maybe bother) to solve those issues as far as I know.
  15. Hello, in my mod I´m working on a tank with a mounted flame thrower. So far it works, but I´d like to prevent the current ability to shoot the flames across half of the map even though I limit the "range" attribute to "5" in the child "props" of "weapon" in vehicleweapons_gc.xml. Does anybody have an idea how the shotgun for example has been limited to not be able to fire at too distant targets?