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  1. yeah my pool mods have their own 600 or so "heads" graphics, so Khall´s more portraits might cause problems. the other mods you list should be fine.
  2. the zip download links in the first post above don´t seem to work anymore. here is a download link from my google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NYdUtX4kNCwkfLBjb-nXnNS6xxzhXvyB?usp=sharing attaching the files here again also, maybe that helps. 1101739238_B4X2biggerpoolIII.zip 1015755042_B4X2biggerpoolII.zip 75382628_B4X2biggerpoolI.zip
  3. Sorry didn´t check back here earlier. The editor download was linked once on the Kickstarter page for Xenonauts 2 long time ago.
  4. v 0.98 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too in mod launcher: DEACTIVATE other mods that alter soldier or armour graphics! ~ 50 MB per file download, was unable to upload to Steam Workshop, because of "file too big Error" although older versions are there and the split into separate smaller files, I gave up on modding Xenonauts after hours of trying to update the file there Important: Download & unpack all 3 files & order in mod launcher needs to be: part 3 above part 2 above part 1 This mod changes: Bigger pool makes soldier spawns much less repetitive, and makes the game a more global effort in defending earth gives soldier portraits a Xenonaut 2 look Goldhawk´s Potrait Editor used as well as adapting open source photos in Photoshop - it took weeks more than double as many new nations to recruit from (was 21 is 57, work on name lists shared with Steelgonad) many more soldier portraits (was 167 is 611) 8 ethnicities (was 4 is 8) adds new cities in Asia tweaked basic (& basic female), jackal, wolf, buzzard armour graphics [B4X2]bigger_pool_I.zip [B4X2]bigger_pool_II.zip [B4X2]bigger_pool_III.zip
  5. v.1 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too ~ 5 kB download This mod changes: summarizes all gameconfig.xml changes to make the [B4X2] collection possible to win in IRONMAN & VETERAN difficulty, most importantly the "More Planes" Mod where you need to run several bases holding independent dropship squads to tackle distant alien terror sites boosts starting funds boosts relation bonus for doing ground missions changes starting layout and staff changes staff costs (cheaper soldiers, more expensive scientists) - you´ll lose 10 or so men per month, have a roster of 60+ men to make your many soldiers look distinct with less repetition in portraits, use my "Bigger Pool" Mod changes buildings.xml and reduces staff capacity to encourage base founding lost continents can be reconquered by eliminating alien base(s) slowed down alien ticker progression to prolong early game ironman_vet_rebalance[B4X2].zip
  6. v.2 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too ~ 4 MB download This mod changes: 3 new ballistic weapons: machine pistol, carbine, flamethrower. custom premade loadouts. soldier roles make use of new gear. 1 new laser weapon: laser shotgun. 1 nerfed laser weapon: laser carbine. new research tree items with according Xenopedia entries. 3 laser weapon variants for sale: can be produced/sold for profit. arms_trade_v2[B4X2].zip
  7. v.2 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too ~ 41 kB download This mod changes: rank names match those of the aliens and reflect experience, less military hierarchy. I felt having high rank officers only squads like in vanilla kind of ridiculous. "Xenonaut" became a rank name level up threshold modified custom made soldier rank insignia higher tiers feature X shape ranks_renamed_v2[B4X2].zip
  8. v.4 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection made for Community Edition (0.35) ~ 5 MB download This mod changes: Starting helicopter (Chinook) carries 8 men. Improved helicopter (Charlie) carries 14 men (or less with vehicle) Chengdu mig 21 variant = early low cost fighter. Saracen torpedo bomber = mid/late game heavy aerial torpedo launcher. Foxtrott Mig13 improved = carries 2 additonal light missiles. Nimrod surveillance plane = slow recon plane. Shrike/ Valkyrie = up to 16 men, can bring 2 vehicles. Important: Fuel range of helicopters is low. You need SEVERAL bases with ready dropships to be able to reach distant Alien terror sites in early game! Therefore base founding cost was reduced and starting money increased in my other mod "Ironman Vet rebalance" that is highly suggested together with the other mods of my [B4X2] mod collection. more_planes_v4[B4x2].zip
  9. Turtle Tank Mod v.5 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection made for Community Edition (0.35), probably works in Vanilla too not compatible with mods changing dropships or vehicles ~ 40 MB download, was unable to upload to Steam Workshop, because of "file too big Error" although older versions are there since 2017 main difference to Steam version: all gameconfig.xml and dropship stat modifications were moved to separate mods ([B4X2]more planes, [B4X2]ironman vet rebalance) This mod changes: Hunter, Scimitar, Hyperion are sturdier & Hunter is faster for scouting, some other stats modified also to make vehicles more distinct new Turtle tank vehicle: tactical purpose: slow and sturdy bullet magnet unlocks with Hunter & Alien Plasma Tech research, first upgrades requires Alien Assault Plasma four Turtle Tank and six Turtle weapon versions researchable Turtle occupies 9 space slots in dropships - therefore get my "More Planes" Mod! turtle_tank_v5[B4X2].zip
  10. What is the reason for a "is not a mod file" error when hitting install or update in the mod luancher tool? I get this error with all of my mods. If I unzip by hand the mods work just fine. I tried different zip archiving programs (peazio, 7zip, winRar) with the same outcome.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    24Mb mod for early game. adds ballistic and laser weapons, with research requirements. some laser weapons can be sold for profit has custom loadouts for all weapons and xenopedia /lore entries. requires Community edition.
  12. desperately tried to update the mod on steam but the mod uploading tool throws funny errors. so I post it here at least.
  13. Version 0.9.2


    -> Modifies rank names and insignia-> the 8 Xenonaut ranks match alien rank name logic now-> new rank names focus less on military hierarchy but rather soldier experienceWhy?It always felt strange to have a team consisting solely of officers from midgame onwards.Other small changes:Also level up thresholds and starting squad skills were somewhat increased. see gameconfig.xml for those.
  14. looks great buddy! how could I miss that..
  15. is there any way to implement one´s own loadouts at all? I even tried to overwrite the original loadout.xml and it still keeps the old one, when starting a new game. That´s weird.. Would a fresh game install and ovewriting the loadout.xml before the first game start help or is it somehow hard coded anyway and vanilla loadouts can´t ever be changed anyway? edit: my new loadouts.xml was just missing the modmerge="replace" command and now everything is fine. please ignore the above questions
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