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  1. What is the reason for a "is not a mod file" error when hitting install or update in the mod luancher tool? I get this error with all of my mods. If I unzip by hand the mods work just fine. I tried different zip archiving programs (peazio, 7zip, winRar) with the same outcome.
  2. Casaubon

    Arms Trade

    Version 1.0.0


    24Mb mod for early game. adds ballistic and laser weapons, with research requirements. some laser weapons can be sold for profit has custom loadouts for all weapons and xenopedia /lore entries. requires Community edition.
  3. Casaubon

    Ranks Renamed

    desperately tried to update the mod on steam but the mod uploading tool throws funny errors. so I post it here at least.
  4. Casaubon

    Ranks Renamed

    Version 0.9.2


    -> Modifies rank names and insignia-> the 8 Xenonaut ranks match alien rank name logic now-> new rank names focus less on military hierarchy but rather soldier experienceWhy?It always felt strange to have a team consisting solely of officers from midgame onwards.Other small changes:Also level up thresholds and starting squad skills were somewhat increased. see gameconfig.xml for those.
  5. Casaubon

    Warrior and Centauro Mod

    looks great buddy! how could I miss that..
  6. Casaubon

    How does the whole modmerge thing work ?

    is there any way to implement one´s own loadouts at all? I even tried to overwrite the original loadout.xml and it still keeps the old one, when starting a new game. That´s weird.. Would a fresh game install and ovewriting the loadout.xml before the first game start help or is it somehow hard coded anyway and vanilla loadouts can´t ever be changed anyway? edit: my new loadouts.xml was just missing the modmerge="replace" command and now everything is fine. please ignore the above questions
  7. I think it´s rather 75mb, lacking offical information about this is really a pain in the ass, esp. if you have to cut away work worth several of hours and to rely on trial and error. edit: sorry for the rant! it seems the Xenonaut Mod Manager Tool threw bad errors such as "file size too large". Could upload files now that are slightly larger than 75mb after several attempts.
  8. What is the file size limit to upload to the steam workshop? I´ve been working the last weeks on my mod and now I get the "file size to big" error in the modmanager uploading tool currently the mod´s zip file is 126mb
  9. Thank you both kindly for the answers. Hardcoded sucks.
  10. Casaubon

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    All the progress you are making sounds great, especially looking forward to the infiltration missions and I am curious if staff can get killed if they fail in such a mission. I also wonder about how well the portrait generator will handle random generation of soldiers, in other words how diverse the pool will look.
  11. Hi there, just a quick question. Does the AWACs in Xdivision need to be manufactured or can it be bought without workshop? I´m asking cause I can´t get a dropship I made for my own mod become immediately buyable and wondered if anyone from the the Xdiv devs might have some hint...
  12. Hi Charon, just a quick question. Does the AWACs in Xdivision need to be manufactured or can it be bought without workshop?

    1. Charon


      Please post X-Division related question in the main thread. Other people might have the same question and are thankful for it to get answered.

    2. Casaubon


      will do thanks


  13. Casaubon

    Pilots have identities too you know.

    As an old UFO fan (the brit TV Series from the 60ies) I miss(ed) this feature in Xenonauts 1 also, even more lore-wise than gameplay wise. Pilots gaining Xp increasing weapon efficiency and such would do for me. Same for vehicle drivers in X1 by the way (I know the vehicle in X2 is an automatic drone).
  14. Casaubon

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    @ Aircombat; Mhm hoping for the ability to seperate aircraft from squadrons after launch and join together in flight without the need to return to base. that´s really a bit annoying in xenonauts 1.
  15. Casaubon

    Combat mechanics

    "Problem" with prone in JA2 is that you prone all the time, similar to X1 making you crouch all the time. It should have some disadvantage maybe such as additional TU cost for handling the inventory when crouched, or maybe even a reduced viewcone or sight range if behind certain cover.