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  1. UPDATE TO VERSION 0.66 (March/06/2016) After vigorous testing and some further research was completed, the following changes have been made;
  2. Personally I think it's better to let people dissect available mods and mod overhauls to learn the trade of modding rather than have something dedicated--infact XNT was a mod that had been designed specifically so new modders could dissect the code and learn from it. 'Course though; if you really want to spend the time on something like that: feel free to go right ahead, we won't stop you~
  3. "sounds_gc.xml" is the file you should be looking at if you're interested in changin somethin'
  4. Question; What version of X:CE and what mods are you currently running with this mod? Check your version by looking in the top-right corner of the launcher. It will say something along the lines of "Xenonauts Community Edition 0.34.1 UNOFFICIAL"
  5. Hmm... This is good to know as I was planning on doing more Air Combat testing today. Thanks for sharing the results of your endeavor with us and other modders as this should help us test our mods better.
  6. You could also remove the corresponding ability from the psionic units... ;p
  7. Did you specify how many weapon slots of each type there were? That's the only thing I can think of that would be causing said issue--assuming you haven't added a completely new air weapon to the game that's fiddling with things.
  8. Xenonauts: The Brevity of Heroes Realism Overhaul Mod Synopsis: "Nineteen months ago we saw a great light was observed by telescopes around the globe, in the three days that followed we found the source to be the edge of our very own solar system. Two days and sixteen months later; they're at our doorstep. Within the hour they arrived they had destroyed all manner of communications and spy satellites around the globe, pushing us back to the skies. Now we see them descending upon us like flies upon the bloody corpse of a crusader defending his homeland -- trapped here beneath the sky and an unyielding earthen core, we begin to realize the true meaning of Hell on Earth ... Let us push back this unforeseen threat, these genocidal monsters, for the day we liberate the sky from that grim shadowed embrace will surely, one day, be nigh." Starting Weapons: Research: Geoscape/Base Management: Air Combat: Ground Combat: Aesthetics and Sound: Current Issues: Current Version: 0.66 (ALPHA) Download(s): Version 0.66
  9. I'm trying to re-write the AM_* files from scratch and need advice on how to get alien missions to carry an escort. Thanks in advance.
  10. It's doable, but animations in this game tend to be a pain to do (mainly due to time reasons.) The best someone could do would be to make it so instead of aliens invading; it's humans invading the aliens--the game is designed to be played by a defender and reversing it would require changing hardcoded stuff. Texture/animation and xenopedia changing shouldn't require any hardcode changes. I know I'm not the best at explaining, but I hope that gibberish of mine helps you. *salute*
  11. Feel free to upload it here on the fourms, you don't need an admin's approval in order to post or upload. Ah, nice mod BTW; it's been nice to have in the background while testing my recent mod development.
  12. The aircraft names are showing up incorrectly because you don't have a "strings.xml" file with the proper string associated with aircraft in the mod's folder. As for adding more weapons; you can add as many as you want (but the AC UI only supports the following combos; 4Missiles, 2Cannons, 1Cannon&2Missiles. Nice mod BTW. EDIT: Forgot to mention this; the mod manager is quirky when it comes to mods which add completely new aircraft and will probably stay that way for quite some time, (though if you're using the X:CE launcher it tends to be a tad less eccentric.)
  13. Question regarding these new dropships; did you add them into every vanilla/non-X:CE map?
  14. Vision Modification is done through the "amrour_gc" and "aiprops" the variable which affects human night-vision is in the "config" file. Ammo limitation is buggy in the fact that an ammo clip which is not used up returns to inventory as a full clip. Funding is modified through the "gameconfig" file--same goes for funding penalties. Any file or folder that has the word 'aircraft' in it affects aircraft. From what I've heard; the number of casualties are based off of cumulative funding damage OR in one of the script files.
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