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  1. Could Xenonauts 2 be available on the Epic Game store? I like using their epic coupons to purchase games with, and steam doesn't have that.
  2. I added the game via the cart on GOG, and it added the game to my library, but there's nothing in it. It just says coming soon, and there's nothing to download. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Will there be a boxed version for Xenonauts 2? I noticed in the kick starter for Xenonauts 1 that boxed versions were offered for $50 contributions, but I was unable to find any way to get the boxed version after all was said and done. While I understand that a DRM free version will be offered, I'm still a bit hesitant to buy a completely digital copy of the game since 10 years ago I lost every digital thing I bought when I lost my password file, and entire hard drive (and email backup file) - none of them ever got recovered, and remain lost to this day.
  4. Jebah

    Feature Request: Strafing

    I don't understand what "Smoking as an old fart" means. I googled it too just in case, and what I got back did not seem applicable. In Afghan, if you believe preventative grenades is a good way to go about it... uh... well... are you sure you think preventative grenades are the way to go? Ok, assuming preventative grenades are what you want to do... you still have to see where you are throwing. While in real life we can throw a grenade around a corner, it's tougher to do in this game. And as soon as you see where to throw the grenade, the next xenonaut has to climb over the newly smoking corpse to throw that preventative grenade. Each grenade weighs a kilogram. These are far heavier grenades than what most current militaries use. As a result, xenonauts can't carry many of them. Once a xenonaut puts on some decent armor, he/she can barely carry a gun usually... nevermind ammo clips (which also weigh 1 kilogram each), or grenades. This makes it tough to throw down many preventative grenades.
  5. Jebah

    Feature Request: Strafing

    I have yet to see a UFO with a window. I am mainly talking about entering a UFO and I know the alien is just around that there corner. Also, assaulting alien bases often has the same guards around corners. Outside in a town, I've never noticed any problems. It never occurred to me that what I suggested could be taken in that way. My mistake then.
  6. Jebah

    transport helicopter

    Oh! I want to research and fly around the human base airplane. If I can fully load that, the aliens won't have a chance!
  7. At the end of the first sentence, I think you meant to say spawn Reapers, right?
  8. When I start up the mod manager, any changes I make, such as activating and deactivating mods is not being saved. When I close the launcher, and restart it, the mod states are back to what they were before I made any changes. I should probably note that I do not press the play button - I just change the activation of the mods, and then exit the launcher. I have tested with and without pressing the back button. Neither makes any difference.
  9. Jebah

    dropped gun

    I just tested this, and I was able to see the gun from very far away. The gun had to be in my sight range, but I could see it as long as it was there. As for being able to see doors and windows from far away - you actually can't. The doors and windows must be in your sight range too, although you will remember where they were if you saw them before. This can not be applied to guns however since the gun can be moved, or taken.
  10. Jebah

    transport helicopter

    You can research alien technology to eventually produce a new dropship able to carry more soldiers.
  11. Jebah

    dropped gun

    The guns are visible when the guy runs away and drops his weapon... Is there some object blocking the view? First, you need to be in sight range of the dropped weapon. Are you facing the weapon, and close enough to see it? Second, is there anything blocking your view of the ground? Try hitting the roof icon until the trees and walls are gone. Can you see it yet? Are you sure you're looking in the right place? Are you using X:CE? I'm pretty sure it works in both the original unmodded one, and X:CE, but I could be wrong.
  12. I do not know how you give permission to installers for running and/or installing games. I have personally noticed that games do not always ask for admin privileges to run or install, even though they need it. I have found many times by right-clicking the game and picking "Run as Administrator" that fixes the problem every time I've encountered a problem... so far. It is odd that a ram disk helped you install the game, that makes it sound like a steam problem reading hard drive size, which again is difficult to believe since steam is new, and hard drives of your size existed when steam was last updated (I'm guessing). Possible other problems that could cause your issue include bad sectors. Did you scan your hard drive for bad sectors? Remember, the error states a disk write error OR not enough space. Bad sectors can cause the disk write error, and would not affect other games being installed. Sadly, this again is just a guess. disc write errors can happen for all sorts of reasons, from encryption errors, to damaged drivers, bugs, even a hard drive that is starting to fail. However, to be safe, I'd run a bad sector search on your hard drive, and make certain your S.M.A.R.T. hard drive option is enabled. You can read more about S.M.A.R.T. at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T. since it may not be well known. By default these days, it is on, but not commonly ever looked at. Look at it.
  13. According to https://steamcommunity.com/app/219740/discussions/0/810924133957492301/ , the problem is that you did not run the program with administration powers. A program with no admin powers is not allowed to install, which is a security feature of windows, which would explain the write error/not enough space error. You can google why this is the case, but I provide a quick and easy link from http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/53787-2-install-games-computer-admin-rights .
  14. In the second sentence of the Assault Lander description, it states: "... the Assault Lander is a sleek, lightning fast, and armed to the teeth." The word 'a' should be removed.
  15. Oh, in case I do not respond quickly the next time you post, the way I fixed Master of Orion 3 was I had to create a ram drive, install Master of Orion 3 there, then copy the install to my actual hard drive. It's a sneaky way to do it, but that saved me having to buy the game again, which is the only suggestion I ever got on the Master of Orion 3 board I posted to. It may be that you'd need to do the same thing - a RAM drive, but I'll have a better idea once I find out how big your hard drive is.