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  1. I was able to walk right through the tank, but if I hadn't been able to, this mission would have been lost.
  2. Jebah

    Invisible civilian

    To the left of my tank, and directly north of the fallen blue shirted alien is an invisible civilian. I only know this because I force my tank to shoot that area, and heart him scream with damage being displayed. AutosaveIM2021-04-08_19.04.36.sav
  3. I've been ending my turn for a long time now, and the fires don't appear to be decreasing any. They probably fill the entire map. What should I do? AutosaveIM2021-04-08_19_04.36.sav
  4. My squad was doomed, but a robodog let itself onto my ship just before take off. I didn't manage to capture a living robodog however.
  5. When I loaded the game, the medkits were set with their correct number of uses. It appears the medkits are saved properly, but if you use a medkit, it decreases all medkit uses of every medkit in the backpack until the save/load.
  6. If a soldier has more than one med kit, all large medkits in inventory get used up at the same time the med kit in hand is used. This means having 3 large medkits on a soldier used up the large medkits three times faster, which removes the point of holding 3 different medkits. AutosaveIM2021-02-13_01.57.52.sav
  7. The faceless man will meet his many-faced god soon.
  8. The medical kiosk is blocking my tank from leaving the chopper. If I destroy the kiosk, can my tank leave then?
  9. I have noticed that when I start Xenonauts: Xenonauts does a lot of hard drive access, and very little CPU power, and the program becomes not responding. While I can bring up the task manager, and see the task manager when the task manager is forced to always be on top, nothing I do can let me see or interact with any other programs until Xenonauts is done loading. Xenonauts takes a very long time to load - a minute or three. I suspect this problem is caused because Xenonauts is loading in the main thread. If Xenonauts spun off a separate thread to do the load, and the main thread continued looping through the windows message handler, the frozen problem should go away, and allow me to do other things while Xenonauts was loading in the background. I am a windows programmer, so I can probably code this if no one else wants to. This is bothering me quite a bit. Can this be fixed?
  10. Could Xenonauts 2 be available on the Epic Game store? I like using their epic coupons to purchase games with, and steam doesn't have that.
  11. I added the game via the cart on GOG, and it added the game to my library, but there's nothing in it. It just says coming soon, and there's nothing to download. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Will there be a boxed version for Xenonauts 2? I noticed in the kick starter for Xenonauts 1 that boxed versions were offered for $50 contributions, but I was unable to find any way to get the boxed version after all was said and done. While I understand that a DRM free version will be offered, I'm still a bit hesitant to buy a completely digital copy of the game since 10 years ago I lost every digital thing I bought when I lost my password file, and entire hard drive (and email backup file) - none of them ever got recovered, and remain lost to this day.
  13. Jebah

    Feature Request: Strafing

    I don't understand what "Smoking as an old fart" means. I googled it too just in case, and what I got back did not seem applicable. In Afghan, if you believe preventative grenades is a good way to go about it... uh... well... are you sure you think preventative grenades are the way to go? Ok, assuming preventative grenades are what you want to do... you still have to see where you are throwing. While in real life we can throw a grenade around a corner, it's tougher to do in this game. And as soon as you see where to throw the grenade, the next xenonaut has to climb over the newly smoking corpse to throw that preventative grenade. Each grenade weighs a kilogram. These are far heavier grenades than what most current militaries use. As a result, xenonauts can't carry many of them. Once a xenonaut puts on some decent armor, he/she can barely carry a gun usually... nevermind ammo clips (which also weigh 1 kilogram each), or grenades. This makes it tough to throw down many preventative grenades.
  14. Jebah

    Feature Request: Strafing

    I have yet to see a UFO with a window. I am mainly talking about entering a UFO and I know the alien is just around that there corner. Also, assaulting alien bases often has the same guards around corners. Outside in a town, I've never noticed any problems. It never occurred to me that what I suggested could be taken in that way. My mistake then.
  15. Jebah

    transport helicopter

    Oh! I want to research and fly around the human base airplane. If I can fully load that, the aliens won't have a chance!