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  1. Yeah, better graphics probably would have come with a better engine that supported three dimensions. Shots are all sorts of messed up about 10 percent of the time (corners, ceilings, etc). Plus the AI cheats like crazy about knowing where your xenonauts are and what they are equipped with and how many TUs they have remaining. And that's not just on insane either heh. At least once you are used to it you can abuse the AI's cheating to prevent it from doing certain things or make it do something silly.
  2. Were alternative victory conditions ever implemented for standard ground combat?
  3. Lol, finally realized that they still do that to the insides of their own ships. Seems pretty silly. Also, I can't imagine what the maintenance must be like on andron spaceships. Joe: Hey Bob. Bob: Hey Joe, shitty day. Joe: Oh, cleaning up another Andron ship? Bob: Yeah, !$%^ers can't learn how to open a door, surprised they don't just walk straight through the side of the ship. Hell, they destroy the doors that automatically open for them. I don't even know how. Joe: Sucks man. At least you aren't shoveling lizard sh!t. Bob: There is that...
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5ec9uksazlo1gi/ground2.sav Game crashes on end turn, probably has something to do with the C4 going off. Was completely stable all last game, but soon as I started using C4 this game I've had a variety of crashes. This one just happened to be right after a save and easily isolated.
  5. What's awesome is they still crush doors, even if the door is open or otherwise missing.
  6. http://allrecipes.com/recipes/meat-and-poultry/lamb/ A variety of options for you.
  7. Check your keybindings for the ability to roll left or right.
  8. Well, if you prefer the random chance of the shield directly in front of you simply not stopping anything and gibbing your guy... but I thought that was what we were trying to avoid. 20% bleed through of the plasma discharge means that instead of a 20% chance of gibbing the guy he'll only die if the shield dies or he takes enough shots (which the shield probably wouldn't block all of anyway due to HP). It wasn't intended to make in game sense any more than any number of ridiculous things like weapon ranges or sight ranges, but to make the play and usage of shields more balanced and fun. At least to me, that 20% gib wasn't very fun when I had a guy kneeling, behind cover, with a shield.
  9. It could be that GJ will adapt the AI to the smoke grenades, rather than needing to adapt the smoke grenades to the current AI that was designed around the previous smoke grenades.
  10. Are you able to take the alien's position on said map and shoot back in your direction and achieve the same result it got?
  11. This. Looks like either north or south america base will cover central, so central is boosted, though you could try to cheat that and half cover north or south and central. Australasia is hard to cover with anything other than indochina, then you have the large clump of 150s for africa/europe. If they really wanted to balance it they would probably have to drop all of those to around 100k to make any starting position equally viable. Makes sense from a gaming perspective if not an economic one. Oh, missed that the middle east was 225. That still makes the Mediterranean by far the best starting spot. Ah well.
  12. Even in the original xcom there were situations where one person could shoot at the other, but the other could not return fire. Some of it might be the engine. Oh, and on the combat shield... I'm fine with the weight as long as the functionality is changed so that it mitigates 80% of the damage every shot, rather than an 80% chance of mitigating any given shot.
  13. I still think autoresolve should be used in cases where you have won that exact combat before. In which case it just gives the same results as were observed the last time, except final fuel. If you just want it to be a catchall... yeah dunno.
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