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  1. Taken from modern-day salaries and with inflation calculated; I have reduced the salaries of all Xenonaut Staff closer to that of how how they'd be during the back-end of the Cold War. In addition I have overhauled the Vanilla Xenonaut Buildings for the sake of realism and balance. No longer will such a tiny Storage Room take a whole FIVE DAYS to build! No longer shall a Supercomputer be built in a mere TEN DAYS with cheap costs and NO Tracking capability! Today I present to you! The Building And Salaries Overhaul Mod for Community Edition v0.31 Installation: Extract to /Mods/ folder or use XCE's "Modding Tools" to install. Features: Increased Realism (duh, :3) Compatible with everything (Even X-Division) Buildings take more realistic times and costs to build. Salaries are more realistic to that of the Cold War time period. Better Defense Battery names! (example: Hydraulic Gauss Mega-Cannon) Base Building can prove to be more costly despite decreased cost for the initial construction. Quantum Cryptology Center now acts as a radar but takes longer to build and is more costly. Earlygame is easier on the player, but as new researches are researched things can become more costly. Tactical Notice(s): -New Fortified Command Center and three new buildings to aid the Xenonauts' survival. -Medical Centers heal soldiers quicker but hold the same number of soldiers as shown during Base Attacks. -Turrets take longer to build depending on how advanced they are so you might want to build them in advance! -Command Centers now let you station 8 Soldiers in them while the remainder of the base is being built. This means you can hire soldiers in advance and send them over to protect the new base before aliens can make that $250000 Command Center a waste of cash. Recommended for those who regularly play with XNT or X-Division installed. NOT Recommended for new players or those who are reluctant to build additional bases. THIS MOD IS ALSO NOW ON STEAM, IF YOU ARE A STEAM USER IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU GET THE MOD OVER THERE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE UPDATES TO THE MOD MUCH FASTER. (Link to Steam Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=367403073)
  2. Features: 1. 20 new real planes. 2. 18 new real missiles. 3. 7 new real aircraft's cannons. 4. Total rebalance of the aircrafts and aircraft's weapons. 5. New aircraft's researches added. Install: Use a standard game function Screenshots: Future plans: 1. MOAR AIRCRAFTS!!!!1111 2. Research and xenopedia pictures. Bonus: PSD files of aircrafts and weapons to create your own camouflage (17,8mb). https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjkeoqbyxrg0w6x/Bonus.rar Notes: The scale of the aircraft in the hangar is 1m = 40.5 pixels, The scale of the aircraft on a base is 1 m = 7 pixels. Changes
  3. Have you ever felt, that your laser guns do just "pew" instead of "BLAST"? All laser weapons in game shoot bullet-like projectiles, so using them wasn't much fun. Some people already tried to change that by making projectile faster and/or longer. But why go only half way? So, after some tinkering, i finally made laser beam to look almost like a proper one. Change is only visual, but adds to immersion a bit. Videos: laser rifle, 3px beam, scatterlaser, 5px beam Here is mod archive: - for game v1.06 - for game v1.05 - for game v1.04 - for game v1.03 - for game v1.0-1.02 To install, just unpack archive in game folder and replace files where needed. Backup of existing 'weapons_gc.xml' file also would be good to do before that, if you want to remove this mod later. To manually set any weapon to use the new beams, open 'weapons_gc.xml' in notepad and in corresponding weapon description change string beginning with '<Projectile' to '<Projectile spectre="projectiles/laserbeam/laserbeam5_10" speed="10000" showAfterDistance="0"/>' There are some options to tweak the beams appearance: - beam thickness, 3, 5 and 7 px, default is 5 (first number in spectre name) - beam draw speed, 10, 9 ,8, 7 and 5, default is 10 (second number in spectre name) - beam projectile speed, default is 10000 Have fun! =)
  4. The mod is ready for its alpha debut for version 1.0x of Xenonauts. This is a mod by Ron Losey, which I have helped test and distribute. It attempts to simulate some level of reality within the Xenonauts setting by tweaking the variables. Changes include weapon damage, weapon randomness, armour, vehicle armour, combat fuel consumption for aircraft, weapon and sight ranges, rebalance of weapon types (plasma, laser, ballistic) so that they each excel for certain uses (later guns still being better overall), economics, and many various other changes. A more thorough description: Download the mod from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!iBUBGLYI!eL9vj8gxTEki_QWILPl35oeYBWoWr47o9LUF2gO6-6s
  5. X-DIVISION 0.99.01 Alpha Test Version JOIN TO STEAM GROUP!! DOWNLOAD LINK Hi People of X!!! After months of planning, editing, adding, deleting, remaking, discussing, coping, pasting, coding, painting and doing much more things. Finally we start first test run of X-Division 0.99. First of all, this version is not playable yet as a whole game. This is for a test run to check possible bugs/missing elements/balance issues for new added features. You got every GC items unlimited. You got a base with all map cover and got 3 last tech bomber plane with most powerful torpedoes. Just bring down all ufo's and go for ground battles. You can change the game time with startingAlienTicker value="0" code at gameconfig.xml. You should have this mods active: What should be tested? -Sprites of the weapon/armour/shield combinations for both alien and human weapons. -Weapon sound/projectile/particles. Any missing or non fitting effect for weapons. -Ufo GC tests. Any crash at loading or map problems? Every ufo should have it's core drop. -Ufo Crew. There should be only guard/soldier/warrior/elite. I mean there should be no guard/warrior/elite if there is soldiers. -Balance and AI. -Aliens, do they have weapons? Do they fire them? SPecially important against ceasans because they use shields. Any reaction crashes? Against 1 Phase Ufos, use: -Division/Laser Weapons with jackal armours. Against 2 Phase Ufos, use: -MAG/Plasma Weapons with predator/wolf armours. Against 3 Phase Ufos, use: -Gauss/Pulse Weapons with sentinel/ravager/alpha wolf armours. Against 4 Phase Ufos, use: -Rail/Sonic Weapons with Best armours. Chart for Phase Ufos: Finished Part: - Human GC Soldier Weapons/Grenades/Explosives/Shields/Armours %95 - Alien Weapons/Grenades %100 - Alien Units and Equipments %100 - Alien Ufo's, their timing and crews %100 - New AI %90 Not Finished/Included: - Vehicles - Air Aspects - Manufacture - Research - Descriptions - X-Pedia I will try to make a Q/A section as Sentelin advised.. i hope i can handle.. prepare for bad english.. - You got already 0.98 nearly finished, why did this take so long to make a just next version? 0.95 and others were a test for version 1.0. 0.98 gave me many info about the calculations, planning and balance. I got a big imagination and sadly when i start, i can't stop. I made many plans and changed them at progress. It's very hard to handle if you add so many things, even the game itself didn't use them. 0.99 is a huge step and much bigger then 0.98. It will be 1.0 after all tests and balance finished. - What is your purpose? What will X-Division become at 1.0? Some people played X-Com for years even with the same things, against same enemies even they memorised everything at that game. X-Division will have a long game play with many new things. It's like X-Com 2K's Long War. You will start the game and it will take your hours and days always with new things to get, to use, to research, to beat. Many gamer finished this game more then one time like they did to X-Com.. X-Division will like to play this game 5 times in a one gameplay. - What did you plan to make that long game play? Numbers are important. This kind of games needs content. You want always new things. This should never stop. Every combat should have a purpose. Maybe an alien to capture, maybe a weapon to get, maybe a material you need. X-Division will have tons of new things to use. There will be always new things to make you have them. - Everyone can add more things to this game. Will be good enough to have more weapons or such things? No. Adding things more and more without plan will ruin it. You can add 10-15 weapon and players can use them with joy, but this won't be enough to make the game enjoyable at long term. This needs a very serious and disciplined planning. X-Division planned with every little aspect of this game. This mod is the only mod which adds the "enemy" to the planning. We got decent number of aliens and they have about 10 weapon at vanilla game. X-Division's first step is having a massive and organized enemy to fight against. After the enemy army recreated, i made player side. We are defending ourselves so we need to have a counter for every incoming attack. The balance is created from the beginning to the end. You won't able to overpower them and they will grow stronger when you get better. This is a race between aliens and you. - Let's talk about the number you mentioned. What do we have for players? Game got 3 Phase at vanilla. X-Division made this 4. It looks not so much maybe but every phase is much larger at this mod and adding a new one is like adding %30 more game content. As players, we got 4 phase and each phase got a ballistic and energy weapon branch. Every branch got 6-9 weapons and each weapon got 2 upgrades. Including this we got a special weapon branch with 3 upgrades, a weapon tech bring us by our rebel caesan. Additional weapons like launchers, flamethrowers we got totally more then 160 weapons not including grenades and such. 6 explosive branch from beginning flag grenade to singularity heavy explosive will help us. 4 Branch of flashbang and smoke grenades will add tactical aspect to the game. We dont have new shields so 0.98 shields will stay. We will have melee weapons as axe, knife and swords. No, not lightsaber.. Vehicles and airforce will have their new content soon. All weapons got their unique art. Every armour got their 3. version and it makes the mod huge as size. And miniguns.. yeah miniguns.. - 160 weapon?? It's 3 times more then 0.98.. why so many? Will i need them at all? Even at vanilla game i could finish the game with lasers. So the new enemy you talked about? Aliens. 3 Main race with some helpers tried to conquer us with about 10 plasma weapons and 7 ufo types. They don't have any armour or resistant mostly. As i said, we need a serious enemy to use a serious defense. I used much time to plan to create a balanced and organised enemy. I want them to use everything against me. Player should feel the stress. As numbers, aliens got more then 100 weapons now. New grenades for both damage and tactical aspects like we have. They will use different kind of weapon types and tactical objects special for their races. Caesans will use their energy weapon tech with explosive grenades and their force fields like our shields. Their resistance against energy will make you use kinetics against them. Their helpers wraiths will use most powerful energy weapons and flashbangs to assault you. When you will try to handle them at range, xenomorphs will ambush you with their ballistic proof skins. Sebillians will go for with smoke grenades and tougher reapers, Androns will use much more drones and heavy weapons. Aliens will start weak phaser weapons and bring their ion cannons later. The biggest planning was about the 4 game phase. Every phase, aliens will upgrade their weapons, ranks and types. They will become powerful step by step. You will see different colored units at every phase. For example you will fight against soldiers at 2. phase and fully elites at phase 4.. even with powerful armours you wont able to run to the open. Like all the normal races, Xenomorphs, drones, reapers, everything will have different colors, better weapons and stats. Aliens now have about 30 ufo's. This was one of the biggest problem against my planning. 7 Ufo were so few to add something and make the game longer. So now every ufo type got different content per phase. You will have scout at every phase but with updated crew and stats. Special cargo ships and shuttles will bring you surprises and rare material, objects and enemies to capture. Overpowered ufo's for their phase will bring terror and base assault missions. Now enemies got special terror teams with unique armour penetrating and chemical weapons. Their drops will give you the best tech you can have but first you need to beat them. You will need high explosives for andron tanks, gauss rifles against caesans, sonic cannons for sebs, flamethrowers for reapers and more. If you got the right weapon, everything will be fine. But if you don't have?.... - You made a mod for aliens rather then us lol... How did you balance them? They are so many variations.. Yeah that balancing. The first step was controlling everything. I planned all the damage outputs from alien and our weapons. Then i gave that stats to the weapons, armours and resistances for that phase. If you look to the excel file named "weapon-stats 0.99.xls" you will see TONS of numbers about every stat at the game. So i know the damage of the aliens at a phase and i gave armour stats to our armours which we will get at that phase. Of course there will be in game balancing. - So we got good numbers and aspects. But about the weapons.. are they only better damage then older ones? No. Every weapon branch have their specialty. For example, plasma weapons will be very heavy, slow and low ranged but hits hard. Pulse weapons are low damage but fire fast and got good accuracy for mostly new soldiers. Gauss weapons will be one shot long range weapons and MAG's are crazy burst. We got 4 ballistic and 4 energy weapon branch. 2 Branch is replacing other mostly, i mean Division weapons will be replaced by Gauss and MAG will be replaced by Rail.. Laser will become Pulse and Plasma to Sonic... But these 4 branches will have different characteristics. And the special antimatter branch will be average damage but they will ignore alien resistances. Explosives got tons of things.. stun, chemical, emp, explosive, armour penetrating..smokes and flashbangs.. you need to have everything to survive. - They are about 400 new items to use. How will be their visuals at game? Will we have only different equipment picture and same pew pew at ground combat? I hate that. Just change the picture and everything same. You need to feel to use it. We can't change the look at the soldier images so we got bullet projectile, particle/explosion and the sound. Nearly every weapon and it's branch got it's own projectile and particle, including alien weapons. You got a Gauss rifle MK-1 and it fires a reddish flaming bullet. When you got MK-2 of the same rifle, your bullet and plume became yellowish. So you will feel the weapon changed. Sounds, X-Division got about 100 new sounds for ground battle. New bullet fires, reloads, explosions. This realy makes a different. - AI.. did you change anything? AI changed totally. I wanted to create an aggressive one. I wanted to make them fire to you. But still needs testing. They are so aggressive, they just leave ufo even command room to hunt you down..heh.. - New vehicle plans? Thanks to our new modders mostly Aaargh, we got many new vehicles to able to use at X-Division. 0.98 got some problems about this. I will correct them and tried to add proper vehicles and weapons. Wont take long i hope. - You didn't touch to air combat right? Wrong. I made some experiments about counter missile weapons and special weapons like huge cannons. But even i like to mod the air combat, i use %90 autosolve. I still think about this. Is it worth for the time? So i will make this as a DLC after everything finished. I need to edit new UFO stats too. 30 ufo and new airplanes waiting.. bahhh.. 0.98 air combat is working well so it wont stop the release date of this version. - We need research and manufacture for play the mod, you know... Yeah. One of the most exciting part of this version will be random research. You wont have all the upgrades of your weapons. MK-1 will be easy and you will get all weapons but lesser Mk-2 and few Mk-3 will be availbe.. You will need to capture many key aliens and get many items/resources to get new versions. My plan is making manufacture a type of engineering. You will research the weapon but manufacture will handle upgrading. You can think this like a big manufacture of a weapon type and it will be infinite. A manufacture for a weapon update and for that weapon version alone is ridiculously many numbers of total manufacture. You saw the numbers already, guess the research and manufacture numbers.. 0.98 got 400 research topics and 0.99 will have more then 600 easily.. - Your lore team gone puff.. any ideas about this? Everyone got RL issiues. It's totally normal and i am very thankfull to them for their help. I am planning to write important lore parts and make someone translate for money. But do not wait to add every object from me.. You do not need to know how alien ion pistol works anyway.. interrogations are important. We will see.. - Where is the download link?! Heh, morning.. it's uploading now. It's 4 GB.. so takes time Thanks for reading. It's 2 am and i got duty tomorrow.
  6. This is a very basic mod. All it does it lower values so that's it's easier to get the skillups, essentially meaning that soldiers get xp by participating in the missions. No more backpacks full of lead weights, no more firing squads who you sabotage so that they miss the enemy. I can't change the nature of how the skillups are acquired, so you will need to have your soldiers fire at an enemy once to get an accuracy point, and trigger reaction fire to get the reaction point. To get the TU and STR levelups, you need to move a soldier all of one square. To try and compensate for easier skillups, you can only get +1 accuracy, reflexes and strength per mission (down from +2). It's meant (and tested for) v19 HF3. Download. (Sorry for the typo in the title. I can't edit it out.)
  7. Hi, I have tried to find any existing mod which would give me alien base mission. I know that it would be sufficient to do not react to alien activity, but... it is weird, I do not like it:-( (moreover, my ecenomy is dependend on loot from shooted alien ships). Could you, please, guide me what should I edit/modified in order to e.g. set that every UFO will try to set a new base (I would turn that mod on for few UFOs and then turn it off again - and probable turn it on and off from time to time)? Or if you have any other idea how could I force a game to give me alien base mission? Thanks!
  8. Here, fellow Xenonauts, is my humble submission to the greatness that is the true XCom successor. It's a mod for a pure recon plane, the E-3 AWACs (That's the plane with the huge radar disc on it's back) This explains the concept: FOR THE TLDR CROWD: Unarmed, slow, long range radar plane that is great for covering areas getting hit by a wave or continents underserved by your bases. Unarmed means it needs an escort & more radar means more targets, forcing you to reevaluate your fighter assignments to cover the new area. IMHO this plane adds more action and more strategy to the game. DL: http://db.orangedox.com/UmJ1U0gGo3xg79ahgA/xenonauts-airplane-awacs.zip /TLDR Here are links to full screen resolution images https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00001.jpg - AWACS Xenopedia (Thanks again Sandyxx!) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00002.jpg - AWACS Equip Screen (Pretty but useless). Maybe future expansion will allow for equipping radar units. That would be neat! Lol I guess I'm "a sucker for surveillance" https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00003.jpg - Base w/ AWACS in hangar https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28665072/mods/2014-06-19_00004.jpg - AWACS patrolling on the other side of the globe. This shows the radar range. It can stick around there for a good 6 hours or so, if I calculated correctly! My thought for the AWACS is for it to be used as a mobile radar post. Since bases are ridiculously expensive, and even a solid base network probably won't cover all regions, this provides a cost effective alternative that also happens to add an additional layer of complexity & strategy in the air superiority game. Say when you get all those messages about trains being strafed and people being abducted, etc, but its outside of your base's radar range; or say you have a good base network across the rich Northern Hemisphere and don't want to commit to building a base in Africa or S America. Well - AWACS to the rescue! You can station the slow, but long ranged AWACS over there to find out what the heck is going on. As I mentioned, the AWACS is slow - about half speed of the F17 - unarmed, and delicate. But has a ton of fuel and excellent radar coverage. So you find a spot that needs some radar coverage. Send out the bird. But it's a sitting duck, especially since you are sending it into a hot zone. So you need an escort. But you also need to have fighters ready to intercept the craft the AWACS finds. Plus this will be some distance from your base - should you send out the AWACS + escort and an additional fighting squadron? Just the AWACS + escort? Maybe you can send the AWACS in, followed up with fighters then pull out the bird after handing off the contacts to the fighters' radar systems. Plus it's a great alien base hunter. Of course, alien bases always have increased traffic levels. So should you send your spotter out there and hope you don't come across a supply ship, or send it with an escort pulling needed fighters away from your bases where you know you will find UFOs? Like I said, a whole new aspect of air-to-air strategy. Note, I doubled all the aircraft ranges in the game, under the assumption that each bird would get at least 1 midflight refueling. The extra range plays very well with the strategic options presented by the AWACS. Note - One thing I can't seem to get working is to list it in the xenopedia! It should show up on start, like the Condor and the Chinook, but it just wont seem to do it! Would love some help there! You can download it from my dropbox: http://db.orangedox.com/UmJ1U0gGo3xg79ahgA/xenonauts-airplane-awacs.zip NOTE - I also included a file _readme_what_to_add.xlsx which has the lines and which files they were added to, so you can manually add the stuff in yourself. Which is helpful if you have like the Lore Mod, you can go in and add all the acas stuff easily. I hope that this becomes the norm for mods, because installing one mod that overwrites all your changes sucks! This lets you see what to add and where. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments! This is still in beta, so please would love feedback! My email is in the readme file.
  9. COMMANDER, TAKE OUR MONEY, ALL OF IT. STOP THE ALIENS! ____________________________________________________________ ABOUT: You're basically swimming in money and alloys, plus get many quality of life improvements for Geoscape. This is the Deluxe Geoscape Cheat Mod. ____________________________________________________________ FEATURES: Ridiculous money (800 Million!!!) Tons of alloy/alenium loot from UFOs Better soldier stats Epic planes upgrades Luxury base buildings Efficient refuel and rearm for planes Mindcontrol psionics nefred to hell Super flares for night ops QuantumCryptology Center also a radar now (Ground combat unchanged, only flares buffed) ____________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD: [ATTACH]6344[/ATTACH] Alt Download Link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=09252329631415343460 ____________________________________________________________ (People on Steam wanted this mod so I made it) Deluxe Geoscape Cheat R2.zip Deluxe Geoscape Cheat R2.zip
  10. I would like to remake the colossus armour as the last word of battlefield protection. make it have two hardpoints to attach specifically made modules to, maybe a plasma shield module, a rocket module, a machine gun module, a healing module and a singularity cannon module. it could provide amazing modifications to some stats and downgrades to others
  11. [ATTACH]6334[/ATTACH] Alt download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=86099939003891684350 _____________________________________________________________________ About: Adds the Graviton Beam Emitter, a BLAME! inspired weapon for soldier use. Changes the gameplay into a more fast-paced, reckless and overkill experience overall. You get the weapon after researching Alien Plasma Rifle, which is very early on. The weapon is lightweight, features two firing modes, 1000 ammo, extreme damage, 1,5 tile area of effect per shot, low TU per shot, very high accuracy and comes in unlimited amount for all soldiers to use. Turn entire levels into burned wastelands, demolish houses and murder multiple aliens in a single turn. Use manual fire to destroy walls to walk through them. BONUS: For added exciting challenge, try to beat the game with a limited 1-4 hero squad using GBEs. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Installation: For Xenonauts 1.5 or 1.09 X:CE 0.32 Automatic: 1. Make sure you have Community Edition 0.32 or higher installed (LINK) 2. Open the game launcher and click on the "Modding Tools" button 3. Press the "Add Mod" 4. Find the downloaded mod and press Open 5. Done! Manual: 1. Make sure you have Community Edition 0.32 or higher installed (LINK) 2. Go to the Assets/Mods folder in the game directory 3. Create a folder called "Graviton Beam Emitter" 4. Unzip the contents of the downloaded package into this folder 5. Open the game launcher and click on the "Modding Tools" button 6. Select the mod in the list and activate it using the "Activate" button 7. Done! The mod was built using the modular mod system for X:CE 0.32 and it works well with other mods, such as XNT 6.0 or X-Division. Please make sure to load the GBE mod last in order or the sounds wont work. _____________________________________________________________________ Read the manga: It is inspired by the Blame! manga, by Tsutomu Nihei, which you can read here: http://www.mangahere.co/manga/blame/c001/2.html _____________________________________________________________________ [ATTACH]6334[/ATTACH] Alt download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=86099939003891684350 Enjoy! :^) GBE_r5_XenonautsMod_CE32_final.zip GBE_r5_XenonautsMod_CE32_final.zip
  12. As I beat the game multiple times with and without mods I really wanted to make some changes as to how it plays out in the end and i wanted to ask you modders out there how possible it is to implement these ideas I listed below and what would have to be done in order to do so. I would be glad to inspire other people as well if they want to implement some of my ideas into their mods. Make the Geoscape actually more challenging. In the vanilla version and all other mods i ve played so far it is all about getting every UFO down ( and looting some crash sites but only the technology granting sites are medium important). Once you accomplish that you can virtually not lose the game anymore and its basically a " Im just grinding for the last mission " thing. To start things off you have to make the air fights more difficult and more important in order to induce some decision making which actually do matter instead of the dull "ah, I just shoot down every UFO i see from the most dangerous to the least dangerous one". Some mods are already on a good way to do so but I would like to make some more changes. Furthermore I d like to see some more "aimed" moves from the Aliens. The idea which is spinning around in my head for starters is the "aimed base assault UFO" which starts half across the globe, after, lets say 3 hours of spinning around, than heading straight to the assigned base. Needless to say that this UFO should be one of the hardest to take down in terms of capability of sustaining damage as well as firepower. On the other hand the better coverage you have the sooner you will spot this type of UFO. In this kind of scenario we already have the decision inducing move which would be, assuming the aimed UFO started with a wave of UFOs, " Do I go after the small fries which damage my income or do i focus the firepower on the incoming assault ship? Do I have the menpower to defend my base and go for the other UFOs?" Making this kind of UFOs spawn in an irregular fashion as well as in a regular fashion makes things harder to predict and more about risk managment than : "This kind of UFO has a chance to spawn every wave so i just have to wait for 3 hours and if there is none coming I can go for the other UFOs/crashs sites/whatever." Make things more unpredictable by mixing random goals, like ;research, bombing run, abducuctions; with aimed goals like terror sites, base assault missions, and base constructions. (btw let smaller scouts also do the hrm ... you know ... scouting ... for bases and such). Imagine the scenario your are going for a crash site and you have to pull back because an base assault UFO just appeared at the outer radar detection range and goes for your base. The farther away the crash site the higher the risk you wont be back in time, in which case you absolutely have to shoot the UFO down even if the 2 condors dont make it back. This makes the fight desperate. I want a month to be hard because I took a high risk and misjudged a situation on the geoscape instead of the RNG deciding for me if too many UFOs spawned and I just dont have enough air supremacy to keep up with it. This would btw also encourage more bases and more squads. An additional pre escort for the assault UFO can be send as well but these are details which can be disussed later if the idea has a good ring to it. Steam says i have 230 hours in this game and i havent ecountered a single xenonaut base assault, ever. This shouldnt happen. Other ideas would be scouts which actually scout, making aimed goals like terror sites and base construction more quickly to be "selected" instead of the aimless wandering around the map which just says that this is the time the UFO gives you to shoot it down. More ideas would be welcome- So UFOs should be harder to take down and have more "aimed" goals. At the best you should be able to shoot down 70% of all UFOs while you have to deal with the reamaining in another way. Its an invasion, goddamit. Aiming UFOs should also be guarded way heavier than they are, should have more firepower, hp, special traits etc... . Terror Site UFOs shouldnt be stopable 80% of the time. What i mean give the player so many other tasks, or UFOs, while the Terror UFO is on the way that he has to decide what to go for. Since a terror site is pretty easy to deal with, in my oppinion, its almost like giving him free xp. At the very least it should be doable since the aliens go for 10 000 of other people as well. If his/her best squad is injured on the other hand it might be worth to shoot it down while small UFOs do some damage to the funding and go for the smaller fries later on. Yes, its all about decisions again. Another idea would be the "Released Reapers". At the beginning of the night, wherever that is, a UFO releases some reapers in an area and you have the task at hand to save some civilians or save one very important person or gather and bring back valuable resources before a nuke destroys the whole thing at the end of the night. Note that there isnt a discussion about nuking or not, its simply about what you can save before it drops down. This way you force the player to play a nightmission for once and give the poor reapers an andvantage. It shouldnt be able to avoid nightmissions 100% of the time like it was before. And yes, a few thousand lives will be lost in this, its unavoidable. Maybe let the civilan mission be that you gain reputation or funding for saving as much civilians as possible while the resource gathering gives you special and valuable resources but you lose some reputation and funding ( Its basically the same). The player should be on the backfoot from the very beginning, while his skillfull play decides how much he loses in the early stages. Yes, it is very possible to lose this, which brings us to the next point: money. While Im a big fan of micro managing every piece of junk I produce I would agree that producing money with your workshop isnt a good way to play the game, because at one point you simply break the ceiling with your money making bases and thus render every other way of playing the game ineffective (just like the developers intended the game NOT to be). Let all the stuff be sold for a bit more than they cost, including engineer wages, and some stuff which is particulary useful for selling but not enough that you could afford to fend off an invasion with it, just so that your engineers dont sit idle while they cant produce the next jackal armor. While alien resources should be rare, the items produced from them should sell for a very high price which gives the player a decision if he needs the money that badly or if he wants to save the materials for other uberweapons and aircraft. The main source of income should be the funding from the nations around the world. I havent thought much about this but it should definitely have a very high limit in terms of income. Maybe have a 50%,40%,10% split. 50% of imcome from the possible looting in total (per month), 40% income from the founding, and 10% income from your workshops. I would also like to see the casuality rate on having an effect on the income and the funding. We had something like 4 billion people on the planet and an invasion should have a larger casuality rate than the usual: "We lost around 10 000 people in an invasion from some Aliens which totally outclassed us in every military aspect possible and had some big ass bombers soaring through the sky. Hard times, you know?" The next point is: Let countries be recoverable. Up until now the game was all about reaching that break even point at which you hardly could lose the game anymore. Now it should be able to recover from some big blows if you got the wits and menpower for it. Losing a country in the beginning should be a given as well as you crawling on your knees to get it back. Hard conditions can be met like getting 3 bases in under 24 hours. Or one very hard base. Did i say i love the extra condition under which a base can be destroyed ? Well i havent used it once. Like, not one time. It wasnt necessary. And I really would like to have to use it. Maybe infiltrate an supplying landing ship? Basically it should be possible to get back into the game as well as screwing it up at every point and turn. This wall of text brings us to the core point: The game should slowly but steadily be lost if you play good and slower lost if you play excellent. What I m saying is that it shouldnt be possible to actually withstand the invasion. Not in the skys nor through playing every possible ground mission. Menkind fights back but the war is already lost. In the end its a race against time to get the so much needed technology milestones or die trying it. At which point the so important hyperspace radio jamming comes into play. I really like the idea because it actually is, or should be, something that works. Intervening a single ship while it flies down to earth on the other hand isnt. The Valkyrie flies around around 3300 mph and the battlecruisers are way faster than that. In my opinion giving the player this one end mission is just .... cheap.Since he/she knows its the last mission the player wont really "fail" at it either. Here comes what I would like to replace it with: When the aliens notice the jamming is up and running, they all jump down to earth which results in an major attack from, like, 4 motherships and numerous escorting ships. The motherships should be able to land and construct bases from which they search for the jamming device. At this point of the game the players should have a high chance of losing the game, should lose a few bases and be at the point of collapse. At which he/she fights back. Conditions to win: Hold the jamming device and eliminate all the motherships. Other ending scenarios are possible. It doesn have to be the jamming device they are looking for, but i defintiely want that all out assault on the planet. Im also thinking about an limited supply of UFOs which can spam in total at that point. In a nutshell the player should build up his bases/squads/technology through the game until he thinks he is ready and daring enough to activate armageddon/the jamming, but he shouldnt be able to drag out the invasion as long as he wants to. The better he plays the more chances he has to withstand just a bit longer to better his chances of surviving the ultimate assault. In the endgame its all about making the decision if holding the line for one more month actually helps him to improve his squads/bases/technology or if he loses more than gaining something from it ( decisions, decisions :-) ). The air fights should be revamped in order to let the aliens fight more point striking instead of getting the feeling of random UFOs flying around doing random missions. And thats about it. I have some more ideas about special missions if we could punch the game to actually get them working. Everything i didnt mention is perfect, excellent or is already taken care of, for instance like maps ( thx kabill), enhanced Xenopedia, enhanced graphik stuff, and additional guns, grenades, breaching charges ( thx to all other modders). Much gratitude for the developers for such an awesome game. I have no clue about modding yet and would like to know how much of this is possible before i start to sit down and make the impossible ... not possible. Also, merging a lot of other content into 1 complete overhaul mod would be a great.
  13. SO I'm trying to mod Xenonauts. Read up on the forums, adding weapon tutorials and whatnot. Looked up other mods for mod structure and to understand how to patch it all together. It's still a WIP. I plan on using a few assets from other people's work, bu I haven't gotten far enough to actually even think about publishing, so I haven't asked anyone for permissions yet. But I will. Now. For what I am trying to do with this mod: I want to add two sidearms for all tech tiers. SMGs, burst fire, no accuracy, suppressive. Hv pistols, improved damage and range, mitigation at the cost of accuracy, ammo capacity and TU cost. Simple enough. So I added my entries in the files, weapons_gc weapons items ammos strings I even dabbled at the research and manufacture files to unlock the weapons with the corresponding tech. Went around the internet to find cool images to use cuz I can't draw. Tried to the best of my understanding to make a mod. But then. CTDs. The mod loads, GS displays. But whenever I go the soldier equipment screen. CTD. So I tried going over the forum again, changing things here and there. Complete trial and error. Mostly errors I guess. Cuz it still CTD. So I ask for anyone who can figure out what's wrong. Cuz I don't understand the thing enough to make it work myself. Here's the link to the google drive with the files: Here Cheers.
  14. Hi everyone, been searching through the MODs and trying to come up with a recipe for perfect game. First off I want to say I love this game and love the concept. I have a background in Special Operations with the military for the last 10 years, so I love games that represent realistic concepts. Yes even when it involves aliens....lol. Things I am looking for in a MOD 1.New Weapons. Especially starting weapons. You are telling me the most elite unit in the world cant get anything better than a standard m16? How about a carbine M4 or add some night vision scopes, Grips, Flashlights, extended clips. Machine guns need to be able to fire 2 times if not moved entire turn. 2. Uniforms, look like they are working at a gas station, would like something looking more tactical. 3. Missions are repetitive, Would like to see some rescue missions, retrieval missions. How about if a chopper gets shot down you need to fight off a enemy attack until rescue shows up. How ever fast your rescue gets there depends on how many waves of attacks you need to fight off. 4. Humans vs Humans. Would like to see some human vs human action. Maybe some people are working for the Aliens, maybe some humans don't want to cooperate. Maybe some terrorists get a hold of alien technology and need to be dealt with. 5. Morale, Would like to see leadership play more of a role. Can be an attribute that can applied to any player that helps boost the morale of other players within a certain radius. 6. Suppressive fire- Would like to see a mode of fire that any automatic weapons can do, Machine guns specializing in it. Entire turn spraying a cone of fire that denies enemy that area or face a chance to be hit. I have many more but thats all at the top of my head. There may be lots of mods out there that can be combined with desired results. If so please let me know some that could fit the bill. If anyone that is great at Modding wants to get together to talk about some concepts I would love to add an element of realism that my real life experience in non alien fire fights could help. John
  15. A Storm of Missiles is coming straight for your Two Condors which you thought would be perfect to handle a few Heavy Fighters, an Alien Interceptor downs your last Marauder because you thought it was immune to the full frontal firepower of two Alien Interceptors, and we all know the story of the Corsair Pilot that tried to shoot down all three Interceptors alone for the sake of protecting the Dropship... Today, I present to you an Aircraft like no other! The X-125 "Tranquility" is a mid-to-late-game Electronic Countermeasures Aircraft armed with the "Quin" Plasma Web and a Heavy EMP Delivery System known as the "Serenity" Electronic Countermeasures Missile. Oh, and those alien missiles? Provided you can keep such an expensive aircraft maintained you'll be fine. Download (Version 1.3HF): A Storm of Tranquil Fury Installation Instructions: Step 1 - Install the mod via X:CE's Launcher. Step 2 - Activate the Mod. Manual Installation: Step 1 - Extract File to the game's "Mods" folder. Step 2 - Boot up the launcher and activate the Mod. Balance Notes: -The X-125 "Tranquility" is balanced to be a Support Aircraft so don't be surprised if you 'accidentally' lose it because you were careless or didn't pay attention to where it was. -Alien Interceptors turn roughly 3x faster than the Tranquility itself so don't be careless when engaging. -The Tranquility's Missile Shield blocks one missile per second. -Alien Fighters/Interceptors can fire more missiles than in Vanilla. -The "Serenity" ECM Missile can bypass Missile Shields. Changelog: Screenshots:
  16. Ohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaa http://guides.gamepressure.com/battlefield2142/gfx/word/623580109.jpg Obviously not the same one in the picture, but just to show what I mean I used that one. Single and Two-Seat variatiants for the Tactical Combat turn-based part of the game. With the appropriate research and manufacturing attached. Would be great for the Terror Site's part of the game when the aliens are hardcore. While I'm here can anyone point me in the direction of tutorials and guides on how to mod this game? Is it possible to scan hand drawn sprites into the game? How was the art done for this game, the units and pictures etc? Is it all digital art? I've never tried that, I've only worked with pencil/pen/charcoal and paper.
  17. So I love Xenonauts (obviously), but I feel like it's rather lacking in the transport category. You get access to the Foxtrot Interceptor very early in the game, but you have to wait to get an upgrade for the Charlie.. I feel like some sort of conventional VTOL craft that you can choose to upgrade to along with the Foxtrot is needed. It would obviously be more expensive then the Charlie of course, but in exchange you could get an upgrade to 10 slots earlier, or an upgrade in speed over the Charlie. These are just ideas and can hopefully be expanded on in the thread. Now for ideas on what this Intermediary VTOL transport should be. A few come to mind. There where plenty of Experimental VTOL transports being tested from the 1950's to 1980's. There's the V-22, obviously, which began development in 1981 under the JVX Aircraft Program. While it's development didn't pick up until the late 80's, its not unlikely that it would have been put into overdrive during an Alien invasion. Then there's the lesser known XC-142, which began development in the 60's. While the real life program had many issues, the XC-142 could be an excellent base for a fictional aircraft, I also feel it fits the Xenonauts universe very well. That's all I got. Hope it inspires you guys to make something cool. If anyone has any more ideas on the subject or has their own vehicles they want to add, post it.
  18. to the people that made this game, I am so so thankful. When I was a kid I played the original X-com on a old 486, the game ran on dos. To this day it remains one of the classics that I will never forget regardless of the generation. I have played the patched modern versions and, I have always had problems. This is a real piece of nostalgia and, I have paid for your game. Everything is almost as is, I am understanding that it couldn't be replicated because of not only the original but you had put so much time in undertaking this game. I am wondering if there is a system to get in touch with the mod people or the devs because I have found that I would like to add things while keeping to the original vision of the devs as much as possible. I am someone who is not rich or can code but am willing to pay for features that would bring me even more into the past. 1) geoscape, 3d detailed earth from space as much as historically possible to the time in which the game takes place. 2) Blaster launcher (homage to those who know) 3) easier system to mod characters to appear randomly. IE: solid snake, Cloud Strife, assorted anime characters. bruce wills. Videogame cameos. bruce lee, laracroft, tifa, masterchief! 4) destructible UFO's I know there is a mod but would like to see it in game out of gate. 5) real character languages, this is a multinational force. I am not a coder. but I love this game. I would pay 30 bucks for a offical add on right now if the above were possible. X-com is a true classic. thanks so much for all the hard work.
  19. This thread is now redundant. You can now check out the released files here : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11799-Jsleezy-s-Real-Armors-Compilation?p=133381#post133381 A replacement for all the armours and their respective Xenopedia images. -------------------------------------------- This mod aims to give the armors in Xenonauts a more military look. You can find the mod and download instructions here: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/1/? Enjoy!
  20. Hey ppl.. I want to make a mod with different weapon types and aliens with resistances and weakness for this dmg types.. So I am so new and confused a bit.. what dmg types does this game have? Can i give a weapon 2 or 3 different dmg type? För example a rifle with 10 ballistic 20 laser dmg together? Can i create my own type? As enemies.. can I give them specific weakness or resistances? My idea is to make all weapons usefull rather then adding more dmg per tier.. then I want to create weapons with 2 or 3 dmg types.. hybrid ones.. so u still can kill enemies with what u have but it will be much harder if the enemy got resist.. För example at Xcom tftd u nearly can't kill a lobster man with gauss rifle.. he dies but with 10 shot.. but with heavy sonic he dies with onu one or two.. the new guns with more then 1 dmg type will be expensive and in need of different loots from aliens.. so u won't able to craft them so much. Another idea I have to improve the aliens with our tech.. they will use our weapons and adopt them as we do.. I am not good at coding but got amateurish photoshop using and bad English heh... so if an experienced modder want to use my ideas and weapon arts (got 9 human and 3 enemy weapon done including new flamethrower and cannons) I would be very happy and want to share what I done. Some examples..
  21. What does this mod do? This mod adds a weapon to the game, the Pulse-Fire Rifle. About the weapon: Harnessing new technologies, the rifle fires erratic pulse charges of plasma that causes substantial stun and EMP damage, but lacks any killing-power. This weapon will prove useful against both biological and mechanical beings in any ranged encounter. Though the Pulse-Fire Rifle has a large range and combat effectiveness, the weapon is extremely heavy and its power cells are large. It also takes considerable TUs to fire and reload, as well as dealing abysmal physical damage. Recently added 4 new weapons that are unlockable through their own research tree (researches are currently available after Laser Weaponry). The weapons are: Nerve Blaster, Nerve Rifle, EMP Blaster, and EMP Rifle. The 'Nerve' portion is effective at stunning organics and the 'EMP' portion is effective against robotic units. Blasters are short ranged, rifles are long ranged. If used in conjunction with certain stun equipment, these weapons will prove invaluable to capture new alien test subjects! Click to download: Click here: [ATTACH]5443[/ATTACH] Just download the file, save it to your mods folder, and load it via the in-launch menu. The mod should then be loaded into your game! Future plans for this mod: -Further balancing of components and researches -Blaster images/refining of other images -Better/more defining lore I hope to be updating this mod regularly as it becomes more balanced and as I add more content! Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip
  22. I have installed CE version .26 using the modding install mechanism. All is working fine. I am interested in using the Fire in the hole mod. Can I load it using the same modding install I used for CE or do I need to overwrite the assets dir? What if I later upgrade to CE .27, it it compatible? I want to know the best, most compatible way to add this mod. Great game so far, better than original X-COM in some ways. These mods/maps are wonderful, keep up the good work guys! Steve
  23. July 19th 2013 - New Haircuts, cleaned up facial textures More on the progress here:http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-Xenonauts-Marine-Edition?p=76969&viewfull=1#post76969 Random choice of 5% Navy Petty Officer or Chief but more than likely you'll recruit a Marine in Khaki portrait uniform. July 14th 2013 - The last of the updates: You should probably listen to the new main menu music before you look below: This will conclude the last of the updates for the weekend. Well it looks like it's all coming together now, phase one is almost complete (Textures, simple XML mechanics revised). Phase two will consist of retexturing the ground combat units (busy work). The last phase won't take place until the game is released and that will consist of the aircraft carrier, ranks etcetera (as long as some of the hardcoded characteristics can be broken). *BETA TESTING* I need a couple Beta Testers, who's up for it? Not so fast, your mission will be to help me find bugs and test every aspect that I've modded. I'd prefer someone with modding experience that way they can help me debug anything that is wrong, but that won't exclude you. I spent today compiling the mod and thoroughly checking over the XML's and I'm please to report all errors are gone. If you're interested bump my thread and make sure you have room for an invitation in your mailbox. Thanks for taking an interest in my mod and now enjoy some of the updated screenshots on me; have a great rest of your weekend! - Charlie (Updated) Ingame Images: Main Screen, has custom music too. New Game Difficulty Screen; not much I can do about the text, I will probably redo the clipboard at some point. Base Icons, Aircraft strings and Icons updated to include C-130 (not pictured) Predeployment Screen - I have yet to find a suitable backdrop, I will keep looking. However both male and female Marines now have custom face portraits as well as custom info to reflect their actual MCRUC "unit". Aircraft Screen - Will be replaced by a V-22 Osprey Image. I updated the Aircraft Strings & Unit Icons as well. I have to reinstall ArmA2 to get descent top view screenshots of these aircraft. I searched on google images today but didn't have any luck or at least anything highres to use. Will be replaced by a AV-8B Harrier Image. End Mission Screen - reflects some of the changes. July 13th 2013 - XML Updates: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=75668&viewfull=1#post75668 July 7th 2013 (Pics in Link)- Armor progression post. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=74210&viewfull=1#post74210 Development Explained: Part 1 - http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=74222&viewfull=1#post74222 Part 2 - http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=74225&viewfull=1#post74225 Part 3 - http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=74227&viewfull=1#post74227 July 6th 2013 (Pics in Link) - I've completed the Male Portraits and there's a little surprise as well! http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=74133&viewfull=1#post74133 July 5th 2013 (Pics in Link) - Updated Uniforms: Basic, Jackal & Wolf on Page 2 http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6199-My-Little-Marine-Mod?p=73920&viewfull=1#post73920 July 5th 2013 - Updated the game difficulty menu. July 4th 2013 - I finished a couple of the barracks pics for the MARPAT Uniform and the NBC Suit. "Images removed because of Armor Progression update" July 3rd 2013 - I spent a few hours today working on a Marine Modification, anyway I need some feedback from you before I progress on any further. Would you prefer MARPAT or DESMARPAT for battle? Thanks for your time. I'm a long time advocate for the X-Com series, as a kid I played it for hours and hours. I'm so pleased that Xenonauts has been created, so much so that I decided that since I'm not working right now I thought I'd start work on a mod for it. I was in the Marines for many years but I'm out now, thus the reasoning behind making a Marine conversion for this game. If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to see please let me know, thanks. Main Features: -Floating Base; I'd like to make a floating CVN Xenonauts base. It will have a much smaller layout than a traditional base but you'll be able to move it around the geospace much like you do with the aircraft. The idea behind it is to mimic something close to the MPPS (Maritime Prepositioning Ship) doctrine. In the begining it will be built just like a base is but you won't be able to move it, that will take some scripting to achieve. Anyway that's really the only big thing I have planned. Other than that it's going to take me quite awhile to retexture the hundreds of battle icons to reflect MARPAT. -AOR Uniform; much like how the civilians are scripted to look different depending on which part of the world you are doing battle in, your troops will wear a different uniform. I already know how to do this but it'll be the last feature I complete. -Pilots; I'd like to be able to assign pilots to aircraft so that they get xp and rank up just like the ground forces do. I'm not sure how I'd do this yet but I'm planning on poking around in the scripting to see what I can accomplish. -New Rank System -New Awards and Citations to reflect actual ones -I'll probably incorporate a realistic weapon and aircraft mod when a suitable option is available upon release -New Vehicles, LAV, Stryker, and something sci-fyish -Retexture of all Xenonauts Marine Units as well as in Barracks mode -Basic Armor will be replaced with the Marine Corps "Charlie" or "Delta" uniform to reflect MP's or MSG. The idea behind this is that when your base is attacked your MP's and MSG (lower ranks in training) will grab their weapons and defend. All of the advanced armor will be retextured, at some point I might alter it or create something new. -Jackal Armor will be replaced with a suitable modern Marine load-out of "Deuce Gear" Roles: Awards:
  24. CURRENT VERSION v0.6: - UPDATED: 2.01.2014 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/iptk9az8vc52j/Xenonauts DONE SO FAR: - advanced conventional interceptor(s) added mix between condor and MIG. Has a cannon, can evade. The second one is all cannons. - item prices re-balancing. Buffing the prices of all stuff, so you can sell them without a huge loss. Right now, selling anything at all is a huge waste. Especially alien stuff. Even after buffing the price of alien materials and allenium by a factor of 5, it's still not worth selling. But at least you can get SOME money out of it now. EDIT: Alenium price mistake. It's set to 100.000 in the current file.. - adding a second ballistic weapon tier & research. Just a tiny increase in efficiency. - weapon re-balance: burst fire on assult rifles cheaper accuracy of AR's single shot reduced, but cost of aiming reduced as well. Shotty has more pellets, lower accuracy. - 11 new role icons - all weapons sprites fixed. - (OPTIONAL... there is a separate weapons file you cna use if you want re-balanced laz0rs) compelte re-balance of all weapons. All lasers are accurate as hell, have increased ammo capacity and 20 TU reload cost. Their armor migation has been reduced. - More allied AI on maps (especially terror missions) + allied soldier now have some armor and better stats.
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