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    Having Issues With Modding! Please Help!

    Thank you so much!
  2. Hello! I made a mod a while back that added a new gun (basically a stun gun). I had the mod working fine when I first released it and it was still working after a few updates (more guns, lore, and researches), but recently it has decided to stop playing nice. I took it apart and went through each of my pieces, polished them, and then put them back together. This helped a bit, I got the game to start up correctly, it loads the technologies and the ManTech, meaning you can research and build the equipment! Even the Xenopedia is working well, But when you go to equip the items the game crashes. You can get to the soldier equipment screen and play the game with no issue until the Laser tab is unlocked. At this point any attempt to access the Laser weaponry tab will result in a crash. As far as I can figure the issue would be in the "weapons" or "strings" .xml, because the game is obviously having issues loading the weapons into the laser weaponry tab. With that being said I have been going through them whenever I get spare time, but I can't find a dang thing . Also: This issue came into existence nearly directly after I 'fixed' a malfunction in the ammo.xml. The errors on that fix were simple typos between the ammo and strings .xml, i don't know if that had anything to do with this issue or not, but I am trying to provide as much info as possible, so just going to through that out there! Here is the current version of the mod:[ATTACH]5463[/ATTACH] The tech has been changed to be available directly after Researches.AlienInvasion to make it easier to test! I was hoping that someone who has a good grasp of modding could jump in a take a look to make sure that everything is as it should be. Any kind of advice would be appreciated as well! I'm new to modding so it is most likely just a fault in my logic that would be obvious to an experienced modder! Thank you for your time, Xenonaunt. Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip
  3. Xenonaunt

    [V1.09] Pulse-Fire Rifle (V1.0)

    Okay, I'll jump back in there. It's most likely either a stupid typo I made or a flaw in my logic! Whatever it may be I will fix it!
  4. Xenonaunt

    [V1.09] Pulse-Fire Rifle (V1.0)

    :-/ I might have a type-error somewhere in there, though it was working fine when I tested it. I'll find the issue and fix it right away! I have a fair amount of time tomorrow so I will dive right into and try to have it up and working by tomorrow evening! *edit* Just took a peak inside the ammo.xml and found what could be causing the issue. There was a mislabeled ammo, so it should (hopefully) be working fine now! Let me know if the trouble persists!
  5. Xenonaunt

    [V1.09] Pulse-Fire Rifle (V1.0)

    I don't exactly know what happened, but I just re-uploaded the mod with an updated version so it should be working now! Let me know if you run into any issues.
  6. Xenonaunt

    [V1.09] Pulse-Fire Rifle (V1.0)

    Geez, I wish it did that. Maybe it should engulf the area in fire or open up a hell-rift! But if that happened we would have a whole new threat to fight against! Thanks for catching that error! ^-^
  7. What does this mod do? This mod adds a weapon to the game, the Pulse-Fire Rifle. About the weapon: Harnessing new technologies, the rifle fires erratic pulse charges of plasma that causes substantial stun and EMP damage, but lacks any killing-power. This weapon will prove useful against both biological and mechanical beings in any ranged encounter. Though the Pulse-Fire Rifle has a large range and combat effectiveness, the weapon is extremely heavy and its power cells are large. It also takes considerable TUs to fire and reload, as well as dealing abysmal physical damage. Recently added 4 new weapons that are unlockable through their own research tree (researches are currently available after Laser Weaponry). The weapons are: Nerve Blaster, Nerve Rifle, EMP Blaster, and EMP Rifle. The 'Nerve' portion is effective at stunning organics and the 'EMP' portion is effective against robotic units. Blasters are short ranged, rifles are long ranged. If used in conjunction with certain stun equipment, these weapons will prove invaluable to capture new alien test subjects! Click to download: Click here: [ATTACH]5443[/ATTACH] Just download the file, save it to your mods folder, and load it via the in-launch menu. The mod should then be loaded into your game! Future plans for this mod: -Further balancing of components and researches -Blaster images/refining of other images -Better/more defining lore I hope to be updating this mod regularly as it becomes more balanced and as I add more content! Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip