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  1. Damn it. I changed my pictures, replaced the ones that were missing transparency and bam. GC loaded correctly with my weapons working!! Seriously. I am le happy.
  2. you mean in GC, right clicking on the quick ammo to open up a pannel similar to that of the quick grenades and clicking on the new ammo type to load up that mag? EDIT: but then you'd have to obligation to start GC with the regular mag in the weapon and since there is no way to go around that because of how the game handles ammo in weapons_gc... EDIT2: did you have, by any chance, any clue as to why my thing crashes when I load gc?
  3. I'm just dishing out item off the top of my head here. and the new ammo couldn't be specified as an equipment in the "others" tab? I mean, if it's specified as an ammunition type in the ammos.xml but then when the time comes to define the item you cram it in the equipment tab? With a full fledge entry in the items.xml specifying that? Gorram!! I can't test it cuz my mod file still crashes when I load GC!!! ARG.
  4. So I could say, add more ammo type to my weapons and the game would support that? or is the some hardcoded rule somewhere that state that only certain weapons can have multiple ammo types?
  5. A - weapons and weapons_GC - Thanks for that. I was wondering which were pertinent and which were not. B - Yeah I understand. The advantage is that if such a structure is feasible and can work, then you can implement a mod friendly structure that will simplify the life of the people modding from that point on. I'll start looking into that for kicks. C - Actually that does make sense. Updating the parent will update the child elements, unless they have child elements themselves, in which case I need to specify the update for that parent's child. Right? <element1 MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="update" name="element1"> <child1 attrib1="value1" /> --no update required-- <child2> <grandchild1 MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="update" name="grandchild1"> <greatgrandchild1 attrib1="value1"/> --no update required-- </grandchild1> </child2><element1> like such?
  6. Hey, I'm new to this stuff, and the guide clarified a few concepts. I had been through the doc already, but it was kind of dense and I needed a softer approach, which your guide provides. This is really helpful, and should most definitely be a sticky. IMO Thx for your hard work.
  7. While looking at that entry, I compared it with the pistol entry in weapons, and the two of them don't fit. Also, the entry in strings is doesn't fit. The reload cost are not the same. The laser pistols ammos are off. I was wondering if there was a way to make the string entry fetch the correct values in the other documents, but since I have noooooooooooooo coding experience whatsoever... i don't know if it's doable. I added the MODMERGE="update" to the ammo entry. Are these tags recursive? Like the ammo entry, for exemple, I am compiling the True Laser mods along with my stuff, but if I change the projectile do I need to add the MODMERGE="update" attribute to it as well? Or just having the attribute on the ammo element also updates its child elements?
  8. So round 2. I got to fix the entries in various XML files, mostly by checking the carbines & shotguns mod Khall made, btw. and I managed to debug the equipment screen. Now the game crashes during the loading screen for the ground combat, but the logs do not make too much sense. There are error that pop up, but they seem to be related to xce. And finally, the log file just ends without telling me what caused the crash. I have updated the files on the Gdrive.
  9. GOT IT. The ammo.xml file. I didn't use the proper MODMERGE arguments and it was not loading so my new ballistic weapons were causing the crashes. I also have discovered that I want transparency on my images. lol
  10. Updated link. I think I did the image pathing correctly. That being said, I'll go double check right away. Thx!
  11. SO I'm trying to mod Xenonauts. Read up on the forums, adding weapon tutorials and whatnot. Looked up other mods for mod structure and to understand how to patch it all together. It's still a WIP. I plan on using a few assets from other people's work, bu I haven't gotten far enough to actually even think about publishing, so I haven't asked anyone for permissions yet. But I will. Now. For what I am trying to do with this mod: I want to add two sidearms for all tech tiers. SMGs, burst fire, no accuracy, suppressive. Hv pistols, improved damage and range, mitigation at the cost of accuracy, ammo capacity and TU cost. Simple enough. So I added my entries in the files, weapons_gc weapons items ammos strings I even dabbled at the research and manufacture files to unlock the weapons with the corresponding tech. Went around the internet to find cool images to use cuz I can't draw. Tried to the best of my understanding to make a mod. But then. CTDs. The mod loads, GS displays. But whenever I go the soldier equipment screen. CTD. So I tried going over the forum again, changing things here and there. Complete trial and error. Mostly errors I guess. Cuz it still CTD. So I ask for anyone who can figure out what's wrong. Cuz I don't understand the thing enough to make it work myself. Here's the link to the google drive with the files: Here Cheers.
  12. Holi_D

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    Can't wait to see a dl link for this!