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  1. I'm afraid I have no idea. Sorry, man. Maybe the devs are testing out a fix on battleships and are waiting to see if it's working properly before changing the other UFOs?
  2. Those are my maps, yes. (: I have no idea what the deal is with the floating flare in the first picture! Luckily for me, it looks like it's happening inside the landing ship submap; I'd report it as a bug. Maybe the special "no props allowed" squares also act as invisible floors? The second one is my fault. I should have placed a floor down in the submap rather than make it rely on the map's ground. I'll fix that and release it along with Stinky Maps 2 for v22. Although that'll be a while...
  3. Thanks for posting these issues! I'd say that was Skitso's map; I'm reusing the town-style roads for my industrial maps, and those roads are the narrow industrial ones (which I'm not fond of). If that drone was completely out in the open and then moved inside the container, that's a game bug. It used to happen with regular alien units, too. If the edge of the drone was clipping the edge of the container, it might be a map bug. Soldiers being able to move into/through destroyed containers is a game issue. It's because the container spectres in assets\tiles\industrial\props\ (container_blueNE_spectre.xml, container_blueNW_spectre.xml, container_redNE_spectre.xml, container_redNW_spectre.xml) are set as passable objects. With the second issue, it's because there are hundreds of xml files to go through. It's inevitable that this sort of thing will happen. All you can do is report the issue when a prop acts strangely.
  4. If it's just for the one mission, try running the game with Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe found in the Xenonauts folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts\ or similar for a Steam install). Load your game as usual and press 'u'. You should get a screen like this: I kneecapped a rookie and took him down to 36hp, but as you can see in the screenshot, I've changed the HP value to 99. Et voila! I can only hope you use your newfound powers for good, not evil.
  5. That's one of mine. (: I don't think there's a way for me to stop flares being thrown where they're not wanted, sadly. You can chuck a flare pretty much anywhere. Here's a screenshot where I throw a flare into the abyss. Those black tiles are areas where I haven't put any ground down at all, but I can still throw a flare on them. If I were you, I'd repost this in the general issues work thread. Claim the glory for yourself, thixotrop!
  6. I'm not touching the rest of the post, but you can mod the AI to be more aggressive if you want. Take a look at aiprops.xml in Xenonauts\assets\. You might need to slightly edit the .xml files in Xenonauts\assets\ufocontents\ as well, depending on the alien race in question - changing "passive" to "aggressive" might help. If you really want, you can replace the defensive aliens inside the UFO with more aggressive ones, too...
  7. The number of enemies you get is determined by the UFO type - it's not something controlled by the map maker. Map makers do set the number of civs and friendly soldiers, but that's it.
  8. No, I know what you meant, and I agree. However, my grasp exceeds my reach. I've got a dead map on my hard drive where I tried to make a subway town map, for example. But even if you had meant it that way, it wouldn't bother me. I need to know if a map isn't fun to play or doesn't look right. This goes for anyone reading: I truly won't mind if you post criticism. I'm a big boy, I can take it. My maps won't improve if the only thing people post is praise. (: And that's the last time I trust Google images! Bah. The concrete barrier is a good idea but I'm a bit sick of looking at grey pixels at the moment, having kludged the town-road square corners together. I'll look into the town/soviet town thing, but I might go for the farm stone wall for now, and go replace the damaged buildings.
  9. Fair enough. I've seen people ask for maps that have more of a battleground feel to them, but if I haven't pulled it off (or if it can't be pulled off!) then I'll replace that. I'm glad to be told this before making the other maps to complete the set! The only bits I'm reluctant to get rid of, though, are the damaged/destroyed pillar walls. They're not there for decoration, they're there to allow the aliens to move around the map. For example, the north of the long office building. If aliens spend all their time milling around there when the UFO is on the west side, that's going to be naff gameplay. As for the north bit, I was seeing if I could make a metal barrier along the sides of the roads - here in the UK we usually have the ones you can make out along the sides of the roads in this pic - but let's just say I didn't do a good job. Out of curiosity I googled "finland dual carriageway" and got this pic. I might be able to draw poles connected by wires. Are they common over there? On the continent in general? I've been to Spain/Portugal, but funnily enough I wasn't taking much notice of the style of their fences. In the meantime I'll probably import the farm stone walls. Not only for decoration, but to make it harder to shoot for such long distances.
  10. They'll be dead, yeah. Just how much extra vision were you used to? Are you talking the length of the map or +5-10 tiles seen?
  11. Crikey, that was a long time ago. I think you had a look at Stinky Maps 1. I don't think you've looked at Stinky Maps 2 except for some of the submaps - you liked the swimming pool - but I could be wrong? I'd look at all of Skitso's stuff first, to be honest, his maps are probably of higher quality than mine. If you do want to have a peek at Stinky 2, maybe try out just the town maps.
  12. Oh, cool. Right then. What that means to anyone reading this: if you provide a save game with the map problem, it'd help the mapmaker find out where the issue is. Saved games are in My Documents\Xenonauts\, not the Steam directory, and they'll be .sav files.
  13. So! Hello again, thread. It's been a while. For those who don't know, Stinky Map Pack 2 will work with v21 stable, but some maps don't match the official guidelines. You do not need to download Stinky Maps 2 if you have the community pack, all of Stinky 2 is in there. If you use the map pack and don't like a particular map, please tell me. It would be really, really helpful if you could remember the UFO involved, or provide a screenshot, or both: saying "it was a map with a farm in it, maybe some roads" doesn't really narrow the problem map down for me. I'm starting to map again now that v21 is out and the new guidelines seem to be sticking around, and also with asset consolidation looming on the horizon there'll be a need for future-proofed maps. I never produced many industrial maps, so I figured I'd pick up with some of those. Right now I've only got a light scout and scout/corv map going, but what the hey. If people like them, I'll do other UFOs using the same sort of layout, but there's no point doing a full set if the map's bad. Stinky Maps 3.zip The SmogStink3 maps take place in an industrial region skirting a dual carriageway. Issues I know about: The left/down road corner has no road markings. I'll need to make custom tiles for this, but figured people would rather play the map than wait for those. Some cars may be a little oddly aligned. The default mazda spectres are kind of a mess, and on top of that I've made NW mazda sprites and spectres ("made" might be a strong word, I simply flipped an existing image horizontally). The cars in general are a WIP. Rubble covers up movement squares. Is this a problem or do people not mind? The damaged warehouse doesn't have its randomness in right now. Skitso, I've future-proofed and, frankly, improved the pillarwalls (for a mapper). They come in 1, 2 and 5 tiles pieces, easily workable corner pieces, and damaged/destroyed flavours. The submaps are in assets\maps\industrial\walls\, the tiles and spectres are in assets\tiles\industrial\Stinky industrial\Imported walls\.
  14. Another note: there are spectres in some tilesets that borrow their spriets from another tileset. Since you're making industrial maps, here's an example for you: those pillarwalls are taken from soviettown. You'll need to copy those .pngs over from soviettown and put them into a subfolder of industrial, and then make your spectre .xmls use the imported .pngs. You'll also need to import lamp posts, cars, bus stops, and some other stuff I'm probably forgetting. I've done that with pillarwalls already. Do you want me to put up what I've got? I've only got one (LScout) indus map waiting to be tested with the Scout/Corv version on the way, but you can copy the pillarwall imports rather than do it yourself.
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