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  1. ^Same here, thank you Solver! Lol, all this time, all those many playthroughs of Xenonauts, I always thought that this was how gas/fire/smoke worked by default. This is also means that EMP-mine launcher from XMC mod can finally work to its full potential!
  2. I appreciate the decision for abundant money and ability to explore and have freedom to experiment as much as possible with all the massive amount of content the mod offers. Keep it up!
  3. Ah so your intention was just to brainstorm ideas. I must say its sometimes difficult to understand your english, so I took a different meaning from it by accident. I was feeling scared that the mod would be stuck in a pit and cannot progress, just because there was confusion with communication on adding new features in X:CE. I made a mistake assuming that was the situation.
  4. Thank you Solver, so basically the answer is a no for Drages' request. @Drages, I noticed there was a certain feeling of confidence in your posts on the forums, giving an impression to me that your plans were possible and that Solver could absolutely do them. I feel you might want to step back for a second to make sure your communication with Solver on whatever ideas you were asking from him are 100% clear. No use in relying on features and options that do are not even feasible. : /
  5. If Solver can do this, I'll eat my words about your request being impossible. @Solver, can you do what Drages is asking?
  6. If the other option is not even possible or far too much for Solver to handle, then its not really even an option, is it? If it turns out impossible to do your request, Drages, what will you do? What *can* you do? Xenonauts source code is already a nightmare to work with, so something of an entire new tool, let alone making tweaks to scripting of the final mission is already very super difficult task. Not to mention it has to be done so that the vanilla game does not break. What I offer is a shortcut that allows customization of the final mission with as less effort as possible. Since the final mission is about killing the high praetor, substituting it with a regular battleship ufo is no different. Its actually even better, as you can put all those crazy new alien types you've added to X-Division.
  7. Compared to what Drages is asking, it is the most low cost option. Thought I guess I should have used the word "most convinient" instead of "low cost". I do recognize the tremendous effort that goes into delving into the messy source of xenonauts, so I am grateful for the all the effort you've already done for us modders to be able to revitalize the game with new mods and expansions. I do feel guilty for asking you for more features, so I tried my best to propose this one to be as easy, low cost, most convinient as one could be possible, yet still have the biggest impact on the modding community.
  8. Yes, thats exactly what I'd propose! Oh man, if that could be done, then that custom map could have anything put in it. Sure, it would be just a regular copy-pasted landed ufo map, but it could have its own custom list of 30-80 aliens (including any super-tough modded ones) for an epic, satisfying all-out last battle. It would also be easy to come up with an alternative lore and research projects that would lead up to this mission to truly make it feel special. And all this could be done in a very low cost way using a lot of the functionality in X:CE that is already there! I'm excited.
  9. What about the tileset, must it strictly be final mission tileset or could it be the regular desert/city/forest one?
  10. Can all that scripting be completely cut away? I was just thinking making a regular Landed Battleship UFO be the final mission. No extras.
  11. Not even a simple switcharoo would be easy? Like this: if "Press Operation Endgame button" then *Load any groundcombat mission* if success then Win game if fail Lose game end Is this too complicated to achieve among the hardcoded stuff too?
  12. I was wondering if it could be possible to tweak the hardcoding of the game, so that instead of loading Operation Endgame mission, the game would instead load a landed UFO mission, that upon completing would trigger a game victory? Since the scripting in the default final mission is apparently tricky, I figured if a simple substitute to a regular landed battleship ufo would be possible to hack instead? Landed UFOs are randomized, can be customized how many aliens they have and which aliens they will contain, so a custom instance of such a mission could make for a very awesome final mission, instead of the usual lame final mission with contrived triggers.
  13. If the final map could be just replaced with either an alien fortress map or a recolored battleship map, except with a special list of four-five times more aliens than their regular counterparts, plus the ultimate boss alien mastermind, then that would work 10000x better than a convoluted story map with special objectives. It might seem like a cheap approach, but gameplay-wise it would be super satisfying.
  14. Thank you, I'm happy to hear that. I still follow the progress of this mod from time to time and am very excited to play the final version. I got burned out by crashes, errors and incomplete content and balancing, that I decided to wait for the mod to fully complete before playing it again. I'm glad you explained how you see the development of the mod and the thoughts about not wanting it to end and instead to enjoy the journey, it really makes me understand better how you design and work. Personally, I don't see a single campaign of X-Division being something I want to avoid. With the gigantic amount of content, the randomized maps, the random situations that you can have with aliens, the endless combinations of soldier loadouts, soldier stats, armors, vehicles, RNGJesus randomly calculating hits and misses of each shot and many many other things... it makes X-Division a mod I'd want to play many times. Something I could replay as a monthly routine for the rest of my life, possibly infinitely. It can truly be that good. However, if there is no end game, no complete final arc that allows me to actually finish the game, I find the journey itself difficult to fully enjoy, knowing that the game will just eventually break due to bug or lead to an non-existent research project that I cannot continue progress from. Also having a final, epic "its now or nothing" challenge would greatly motivate me to try even harder and enjoy the game even more, knowing that the game will not let me down with a big grand finale, after which I can safely confirm that playthrough is officially over in a happy, satisfying way and I can happily start a new playthrough with new strategies and adventures. I'll be waiting for the final version of the mod and be happy to make an epic playthrough log series with lots of pictures, massive gratitude and positive feedback once its out.
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