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    (Actual) Squad mechanics

    I wrote up this thread on how operations might work, in certain respects: I really ought to try LW2, it does sound fun. I'm currently working my way through X-Division, and tweaking some variables as I go. Variable difficulty is great, as it requires you to use actual strategy--the art of picking your battles and goals. Setting up a Foxhound infiltrator unit... that is so awesome by itself, that you can do that and it matters. My idea was much less ambitious, as I imagined a sort of CYOA mini game, like in This is the Police. That game is very good, has a great story... but it gets pretty repetitive and a bit tedious by the end, I will warn. Those sorts of minor operations could still exist in Xenonauts 2, I feel they can let you do stuff you otherwise couldn't. But having varied missions and objectives the way you described would be much more interesting, and I hope that can be done. Of course, I would hope the objectives make sense, and don't pigeon hole you to a single strategy. If I'm told to assassinate a target, I'd like to be able to kidnap him instead, Phantom Pain style. Ideally, I'd like to select my goals and approach for missions. If an alien force is too strong to wipe out, being able to kill a couple of them and kidnap and officer could still be a minor victory. Various military board games give you scores according to what sorts of objectives you've achieved, so you could use that to encourage players to think more flexibly. You could even notify them via radio that they completed an objective, and could consider retreating. In Battle Tech, they have something similar. Mods make it so some missions are much too hard. A response to that is to destroy a couple of enemies, then retreat. This is considered retreating in good faith, and your employers will pay you part of the bounty for the mission, and it reduces reputation losses. You writing that post makes me want to play it, too. Is it worth playing LW1 first, or does it not matter?
  2. Mask

    (Actual) Squad mechanics

    I'll have to check out Long War 2, it sounds very interesting. It makes me wonder if it's anything like This is the Police? That was my main inspiration for the discussion thread I wrote for Operations. I'd love to hear your opinion on what I suggested, since you seem to have a good idea on the subject.
  3. @Max_Caine In the night missions, it makes sense you mightn't be able to see an enemy at 20 meters' distance, and so it is immersive and scary. But if your troops can't see a crashed spaceship 50 paces away in broad daylight, they don't need tactics, they need glasses. Information limitation is not the key, but the method of limitation. Aliens hiding behind cover, around corners, past every door and window, that's the limitation that squad tactics are designed to combat in reality. Real problems beget real solutions (breaching, pieing, etc.), which typically are far more interesting than imaginary ones. Example: It is interesting to hide around the corner, with the intention of surprising an alien. It is not so interesting to work out the aliens vision range, then hide one square outside of that vision range.
  4. I looked around but couldn't see anything about this already. I'm tweaking the X-Division mod, and I was increasing the ammo capacity on several guns, and on the medikit. However, now the guns and medikit aren't at full ammo, when I start missions. I can reload my guns to full capacity manually, but it's annoying to have to do that every mission. And you can't reload your medipacks. This is the change I made, changing the clipSize from 25 to 50. <Weapon MODMERGEATTRIBUTE="name" MODMERGE="replace" name="weapon.grenade.medipack" bulletType="melee" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="1000" hands="1" recoil="0" weight="8" isHeavy="0" clipSize="50" Is there a step I missed in modding the ammo cap? Sorry for the trouble, but I have to ask. Managed to find this issue in a thread with several issues. It turns out that I need to find the ammo number in the weapons.xml file.
  5. Tunnel vision is common in combat, so it is actually realistic to have very limited or no peripheral vision. 90 or 100 degree vision seems reasonable. Edited the OP to reflect this.
  6. Stealth is generally the good use of cover. In a game focused on use of cover, it seems odd to have aliens get stealth scores based off distance, and not concealment. It seems strange to look at an open field, and not see it is full of aliens.
  7. Mask

    List of Variables and Formulas?

    All right, I'll just ignore the recoil stat for now. Thanks.
  8. Mask

    List of Variables and Formulas?

    I guess hpLimit has been taken out since the earlier version. <Weapon name="weapon.laserpistol" bulletType="normal" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <props range="20" hands="1" recoil="0" weight="2" isHeavy="0" clipSize="6" reloadAPCost="20" reloadSound="Weapon Laser Pistol Reload" reactionModifier="2" hpLimit="60"/> There does still appear to be a recoil variable, however. Unless it was added back into X-Division, which I'm tweaking/experimenting with. Since the code was given over to the community for the Community Edition, I'm kind of surprised if more isn't known about the formulas and variables for modding.
  9. Something that slipped my mind before. Tunnel vision is a serious issue in combat, so a narrow 90 or 100 degree vision cone is probably reasonable. Might want some short range peripheral vision, however.
  10. I was trying to look up what the hpLimit variable is used for exactly, in weapon_gc.xml. I also wanted to know how recoil was calculated in the combat formulas. Is there a resource that explains all the variables, and shows what formulas Xenonauts uses for calculations?
  11. Well, the way I'd figure the formulas would be something like: Damage = Attack - Defence ArmourDegradation = Attack * DegMod Stun = ( Damage * StunMod + (Attack - Damage) * 0.3 * StunMod ) * Rand(x,x) The 0.3 is a placeholder. I'd have to do some thinking to work out how much stun is inflicted through armour.
  12. The operations feature being added to the game is interesting, and I thought I'd discuss some possibilities for it. It's possible I've missed some of the recent details about its intended mechanics, so please forgive some inaccuracies. Combat / Espionage / Diplomatic You would have three categories of activities. These would let you know quickly what kind of danger you can expect, what sort of characters/attributes are best, and how risky the operations are and in what ways. Espionage can damage your reputation in the bloc it takes place in, combat is more likely to injure or more rarely kill your operatives, and diplomatic missions are generally safe. Leveling Up with Operations I think Operations should raise the stats they involve. This would make them a lot more useful and interesting, and we could training up our second-string team with operations. Stats and Missions There is the question of what stats you would have for operations. I presume all the original stats of Xenonauts are still in play. We can also assume Researchers and Engineers will have at least one stat to show their skill at their jobs. But should we add some more? I guess we should start out with some examples of missions, and figure out what stats would be good for them. If we notice a few types of missions lack a good stat in the existing lineup, we can add a new one. I will try to list the stats in order of most important to least important, including when I list X or Y. General Here is a list of trends I noticed, while making the list below. Bravery = Charm: Without a dedicated charm stat, this is the best one to represent it. Diplomacy: Your full charisma bonus seems to be your rank, bravery, medals, and possibly your kill or mission count. You can't really use this in Espionage operations, as those are undercover, of course. This reminds me of King of Dragon Pass, where some stats are made up of several others. Intelligence Stat: This seems to be pretty useful to most operations. Maybe it would be a stat that helps with all operations, some more than others? It would make sense. Escape: TUs and Reflex are the stats used to evade danger and return to base. Needing to get away safely is common in Espionage missions, and maybe some Diplomacy or Combat ones. Evasion: Maybe we should just have an Evasion stat for Operations, based off your TUs and Reflex? HP to Survive: Any time injury or death is a possibility, HP would determine how likely you are to survive unhurt. Wow, Technology: Technology should add to a lot of these rolls. Everything in Combat: Even if not listed, I figure every stat should help somewhat in Combat Operations Spoiler tags I apologize for the formatting. Spoiler tags are completely broken on this forum, and are basically impossible to edit or even copy text out of. So I've left it in this unfortunate state. Espionage
  13. Excellent point, Fritz! You could do that quite easily by layering several vision cones on top of each other, at different sight ranges. I hope the option gets added to the files, as then it would be easy to mod.
  14. I would like to recommend long and realistic sight ranges, for X2. I have seen this work very well in Xenonauts 1, and think it should be part of the sequel. So far as I've seen, short sight ranges don't accomplish much, aside from making it necessary to research the technology of glasses. In a night mission, it makes sense to have limited visibility, and so you can have a terrible feeling of claustrophobia. But in the day time, it doesn't make sense for aliens to stand outside of your sight range and shoot at you. It's one thing for aliens to hide behind cover, but it feels silly for them to hide in plain sight (they kind of stick out). Sight Radius A lot of people seem to agree they want a reasonably wide vision cone. How wide is difficult to say, but I figure the maximum would be close to 180 degrees. Between 120 and 180, I'd guess. I forgot to account for tunnel vision, a serious issue in battle conditions. 90 or 100 degree vision might be reasonable, in that case. However, short range peripheral vision, as Frutz suggested, might be nice.
  15. The modular system should work well with this. In games with %s, the worst issue is when players work out how to stack % bonuses, and sometimes end up with a 100% value. With real armour, stacking a lot of bonuses can help, but not armour is immune to failure. XCOM inspired games seem to work very well with realistic armour, the original XCOM had front and side armour values, which made being flanked tremendously worrying, and gave the feeling of being a human tank.