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  1. Sorry to dig up this old post but Im tagging back in to try to give any help I can to this awesome game. I don't see K9s getting replaced anytime soon as even our Tier 1 units are using them with no indications of replacing them at all. We have tried to replace them with robots and sensors that can "smell" IEDs, but the K9s still are supreme. Here are some of the abilities that could be implemented into the game that would be fun as hell for a K9 K9 Abilities: Detect Hidden Bad guys or civilians Detect Mines Tracking, can follow footsteps of anything you want to track (K9 could give you ability to "see footsteps") Can Apprehend/kill Bad guys (maybe some aliens are terrified of them?) Camera system to show the team what is going on visually (explains why enemies are shown without dog having to tell anyone) Could retrieve Ammo or supplies (Not every K9 can do this, but come on this is tip of the spear shit) Moral booster (everyone wants to be the man their dog thinks they are) First Turn based tactical combat simulator to incorporate it. And as Sad as it is, loosing K9s in combat is sad. But we always would rather lose a dog than a brother in arms. Sending the dog in first to scout/high risk is always a option. A great combination is frag/crash then dog then stack moves in.
  2. So from a special operations perspective, almost all operators will carry a pistol. Even snipers that are also carrying a scoped long rifle and a M4 would most likely be carrying a pistol as well. It all depends on mission set. Being most of the missions in this game are not humping long distances, I think there should be a direct modifier of movement and dodging based on how weighted down you are compared to your strength. Now that I think about it, it still would be more likely that a sniper would have a pistol and not their M4 rather than a sniper rifle and a M4. But you are right in most situations snipers would carry both. Unless its really hot and its a really long insert and you just don't feel like carrying it and deployment is long and you haven't taken contact in like 3 weeks.... it all depends.
  3. I am late to the party, Would love to get access to closed Beta. How would one do so if they missed the kickstarter?
  4. Hi guys, I a a former Navy SEAL and K9 handler. Feel free to find me on instagram @devinek9s. Having used K9s overseas and know the history of special operations using them in Vietnam, I believe it would be a awesome addition if we could utilize K9s for the game. They move fast, while running full sprint almost impossible to take a aimed shot on. Able to detect hidden enemies and explosives/booby traps, which leads me to another topic, there should be mines, or booby traps. Claymore mines for ambushing aliens. They are able to subdue enemies and kill. Want to capture a alien alive?, have the K9 latch on to them while you move in and stun them. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can, I am not a computer developer or programer, Im just a guy that has gone overseas with a K9. Other features would like to see Night vision goggles Sneak/Walk/Run Skills: computer/science/medical/sneak/hand to hand combat/....more Training: ability to train you soldiers without sending them into combat aka a training school Bio upgrades, drugs, DNA something that makes your soldiers better artificially GEAR!!! need better options for weapons and gear. Ability to add scopes, lasers, grenade launchers ext ext. These are supposed to be the tip of the spear and the national guard had a better arsenal than these guys in 1979. Let me know what you think is realistic enough to put in the game. John
  5. Hi everyone, Long time lurker and player of this game since the beginning. I was hit with the bug to play this game again with some MODs. I was playing last night, no issues, woke up, tried to play and won't work. I got a error and the game would not load. I restarted my computer and now the game is not even showing that I have it installed in steam!? Last night I also lost a few game saves and had to start from scratch.....what gives?
  6. Also The amount of TUs used for firing at single unit IMO should cost less for repetitive shots at same target than repetitive shots at different targets.
  7. I think at the least a different fire burst mode of extra suppression double rounds but not as accurate is a great start. I would like to see something the would prevent enemy from running past that same area without any chance of being shot as well. Is there a way to make a suppression mode that would make an initial burst to pin down the enemy and then have a reaction fire that would be same concept of not accurate but extra suppressive? That would make machine gun fire extra effective and more worth taking in a game. I would like to see the enemy with the ability to have same as well for certain classes and weapons.
  8. I like your idea of suppression mode that could be easily intergraded rather then redoing the entire concept. I think one burst of a few rounds per turn is way less then a machine gun can do. In one turn I can shoot a M4 with pretty good accuracy 2-3 rounds. In that same time period I should be able to let lose a burst of 10 rounds of machine gun fire that is a little less accurate but more volume. I would like to see a mode of fire that simply less accurate but more suppressive. It could even be a combination of opportunity fire and suppression. First a burst of highly suppressive fire but not as accurate is fired. Then if any enemy walking in LOS of Machine gun they suffer a chance to be shot with less accurate fire, but highly suppressive.
  9. 2.I would also think it would look so much better if what ever you equipped your soldier with shows up in the artwork. If you have him equipped with a machine gun, he is shown holding a machine gun. 3. I would have thought someone would have thought about this before, I know I can't be the first person to think UFO after UFO gets repetitive. I would love some rescue a scientist or group of engineers that you could then add to your base. Or Take out a Alien command and control area that would disrupt UFO activity in an area. Would love multiple mission opportunities with having to choose what missions are more important and which ones should be held off or not taken entirely. I just feel like this game has so much potential with a little more variety.
  10. 1. So could I have 10 different versions of a m16? like one with Grip, one with flashlight, one with grip and flashlight? One with Night vision, one with grip and night vision? 2. How easy would it be to change the actual in game uniforms as well? 3. Different missions are impossible to make? 6. Suppression I understand the current state, But If I order someone to spray down a few windows to keep their heads down that will take up a lot of ammo and keep their heads down as I maneuver. Way different then try to shoot that guy in the window and maybe he will pop his head down.
  11. Hi everyone, been searching through the MODs and trying to come up with a recipe for perfect game. First off I want to say I love this game and love the concept. I have a background in Special Operations with the military for the last 10 years, so I love games that represent realistic concepts. Yes even when it involves aliens....lol. Things I am looking for in a MOD 1.New Weapons. Especially starting weapons. You are telling me the most elite unit in the world cant get anything better than a standard m16? How about a carbine M4 or add some night vision scopes, Grips, Flashlights, extended clips. Machine guns need to be able to fire 2 times if not moved entire turn. 2. Uniforms, look like they are working at a gas station, would like something looking more tactical. 3. Missions are repetitive, Would like to see some rescue missions, retrieval missions. How about if a chopper gets shot down you need to fight off a enemy attack until rescue shows up. How ever fast your rescue gets there depends on how many waves of attacks you need to fight off. 4. Humans vs Humans. Would like to see some human vs human action. Maybe some people are working for the Aliens, maybe some humans don't want to cooperate. Maybe some terrorists get a hold of alien technology and need to be dealt with. 5. Morale, Would like to see leadership play more of a role. Can be an attribute that can applied to any player that helps boost the morale of other players within a certain radius. 6. Suppressive fire- Would like to see a mode of fire that any automatic weapons can do, Machine guns specializing in it. Entire turn spraying a cone of fire that denies enemy that area or face a chance to be hit. I have many more but thats all at the top of my head. There may be lots of mods out there that can be combined with desired results. If so please let me know some that could fit the bill. If anyone that is great at Modding wants to get together to talk about some concepts I would love to add an element of realism that my real life experience in non alien fire fights could help. John
  12. Heres the truth of the matter of Women in combat roles, It has become political because every politician wants to preach about equality but has never seen a women preform in combat nor has ever served in combat. Everyone speaks of women in Israel serving as front line troops. This is an exaggerated fact. Women were/are required to serve in the military. Not as infantry or or as "front line" troops. Yes they receive training and some have found themselves in combat, just as some women have found themselves in combat in the USA. But no Israel and USA do not have women as combat arms currently (and for good reason lol) I speak from experience as well. 7 year active duty Navy SEAL
  13. I just figured out how to install the new tiles and that seems to have fixed the invisible UFOs now the game has UFOs what a difference!
  14. Ok when we are talking about Spec Ops type moving, Situational but often yes we do acknowledge that we heard a movement order and let our fire team leader know when we are in position. Example Fire Team leader: John, punch left Me:Rodger, Punching Me: In position Fire Team Leader:Rdgr When we are being quite we will still talk via coms but everything is slower and use common sense, yes we are not going to whisper outside a door we are about to breach. 7 Years active duty Navy SEAL
  15. Thanks for reply, It really the UFO thats making every level weird no UFOs in any game! lol I understand this is a work in progress, Im just excited to be able to actually sink my teeth into this as I bought this game a while back but couldn't get it to work for MAC until just recently. Also new bug I found any time I try to move ammo into the primary weapon slot while there still is a weapon, game crashes every time. PS Chris I think I just sent you a message on facebook
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