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Found 23 results

  1. yeah i want a button to detonate all thrown grenades! Sux having to throw lots of grenades to be sure you kill that green guy! And before it got changed i used elektroshok grenades for suppression like Flashbang, because emp's are just much better for that job. So pleeeaase give us a little button to blow'em all up.
  2. I find that grenades are almost useless in certain situations. My soldiers are unable to throw a flashbang as far as a flare and although they should be used to breach sometimes they are not as effective as I would like. Is there any reason for the throwing distance to be so low and can it be improved?
  3. So, whenever the player throws a grenade of any type right now, it's always a big heavy lob that sails through the air like a beautiful pop fly, ready to deliver death/stun/smoke/flash to whomever the grenade lands next to. This is good. It is as it should be. Except when it shouldn't. What I'm talking about here, are roofs. And Namely that a lot of the time on throwing a grenade, the grenade sails through the air, and through the upper floor or roof of a structure, into the spot where it lands. This . . . this is problematic. The obvious fix that needs to be implemented is in having the level architecture stop lobbed grenades that hit surfaces in the air mid-flight, but in order to fully resolve this issue, another aspect also has to be considered: creating an alternate type of grenade throw - the pitch. Basically, as with guns you can right-click to select different kinds of shot, so here, you right-click to select different types of throw. The advantages of the Pitch Versus the Lob is that it is a straight throw, and so it should be necessary when launching your exploding rocks into buildings where a lob is going to hit an over hang. In fact, pitching should act in general, like a gun in this regard, and high cover points will stop a pitched grenade dead in their tracks. Also, a pitch should give some increased distance on the throw, at the cost of some extra TU to be fair (for the wind up of course). Oh, and if you actually hit someone with a grenade, as in it hits the alien, not just the location, a pitch should do a little extra damage is it's going faster and has more force. This difference in throw types gives the user some increased versatility with grenades, and importantly, if the collision issues with lobbed grenades are ironed out, then it creates the necessity for such an ability.
  4. Hi all, First I'd like to start by saying that this game is absolutely fantastic, and has managed to do the seemingly impossible: improve upon X-COM. Since it's pretty late in the development cycle, I'll limit myself to suggestions that should be straightforward to implement and won't change the game in any fundamental way. I've only just started V19, so I apologize in advance if any of this has already been addressed. - Grenade throwing accuracies. Sometimes the thrown grenades land *way* off from where they were intended to, to the point where it damages the immersion for me. Rather than making them more accurate overall, I'd suggest putting a cap on just how far off they can land. After all, your soldiers are all top-flight special forces operators, so they might not be able to play horseshoes at a professional level, but they shouldn't have a grenade land more than 4 or 5 tiles away from where it was intended to go, IMHO. - Friendly fire at close range. It sometimes happens that shooting over a squadmate's shoulder results in a friendly fire incident, for instance if the 2 units are in diagonally adjacent tiles. See above comment about how these guys are all special forces, and should be able to shoot over each others' shoulders. The proposed fix would be to disable friendly fire in a 1 or 2 tile radius around the firing unit. - Extended kneeling for heavies. The non-moving bonuses for heavy weapons (snipers & machine guns) make more sense if they only accrue when the unit starts out in, or gets into, a kneeling position. In return, kneeling for them would take a lot more TUs, say 12 or 15. Also, a sniper would seem a lot more like a proper sniper (IMHO) if they get a long (maybe 2x), but narrow cone of vision, at the cost of not being able to swivel. Ideally, there should be a separate prone position for snipers and machine gunners (those guns have little legs on the front!) but sadly that would require more animations, which appear to be a bit of a bottleneck. - Replacing experienced KIAs. Early on it's easy to keep playing when one of your guys gets killed, but once you get a squad of battle hardened killers, it's a lot harder to not reload when one dies, the reason being that rookies absolutely suck. They can't even keep up with the rest of the squad when they have half the TUs, making it harder for them to get any kills. My proposal would be to add a few recruits to the pool just below the rank of those who are killed, so that those losses are not the end of the world. (Or maybe don't make it so baldly related to your KIAs.) This also means you would want to check the recruitment pool every so often. You still take a hit because the new recruit won't be as good, and of course, you lose the character you've grown attached to. The logic would be that as Xenonauts gain credibility, they get access to better recruits. - Starting off face-to-face against Battleships. It almost always happens that when the air combat vs. a battleship starts, my squadron is so close to it that it simply isn't possible for my foxtrots to turn around and escape being one-shot-killed. It's odd to think that the pilots would stay on autopilot until they're so close to the enemy that they can't even turn around! - I haven't verified, but the update post says that destroyed interceptors are recovered after 72 hours, and repaired. (yay!) Does this also apply to those that run out of fuel? - More specific attack instructions. It would be nice if you could give the fighter instructions other than "Go to waypoint", or "Attack target", such as, "Attack this target from the rear" or, "Approach this waypoint from a specific angle", which would allow some more interesting tactical maneuvering. The way this would work is, when you click on the UFO or waypoint to designate it as a target, you could also specify an approach vector, or at least, an approach quadrant, or something like that. In such a case the fighter could follow a B-spline rather than a straight line, if that helps. Once again, thanks a lot for a great game. I'm hoping that if this game sells well you'll do a remake of TFTD as well, though maybe we can leave that to the modders. Or who knows... DLC? I'd pay for it.
  5. So, I thought I'd throw this out there, but couldn't we mod frag grenades to throw fragments and have them be like shotgun pellets? Have it throw 25 in a 360 degree arc, range 45 feet?
  6. I think grenades should weigh slightly more, a 1.5 KG vs 1 KG type situation. Suppression needs to be switched to a gradient scale that reduces TUs instead of Success/Fail. Reaction fire from Aliens need to be added to everything a player does, tossing grenades, turning, everything. (If it is, I havent ever noticed it, which should indicate where to start fixing it) Suppression is ducking behind cover and not being able to move out of cover for risk of being shot, and not being able to easily return fire due to not wanting to get shot. It has nothing to do with being in a "harmless" state if a guy walks up to you and starts clubbing you, the other bullets flying over and into your cover arent going to prevent an Alien from shooting you in the face if you try to melee them. The "accuracy" of grenades needs to be reduced/changed. If you toss one towards your max range it is going to have poor accuracy, it isnt going to land at the Aliens feet 90% of the time. They should suffer a varying accuracy penalty based on range. Also STR progression I know is being discussed. That could be changed to a situation where average starting STR was around 50, and increasing from 50-60 was at a pace of 1 STR per mission. 61-70 would be a half point per mission, 71-80 would be a quarter point and so forth. There are several reasons why grenades are OP, and adjusting the various reasons is going to give better results than going crazy on a single reason in an attempt to fix it.
  7. I'm in the middle of January. So far I've not invested a cent in armour or weapons for the troops. At first this was so I could get bases up and running (not so much a choice as a funding necessity). However, now I find I've simply waiting for the top tier equipment. The reasons are the magical grenades and missiles. Once the research into the "Explosives" topics has been completed you get infinite grenades and rocket launcher missiles of that tier. I nearly caved in before plasma tech came around, but I'm glad I didn't. The soldiers are extremely accurate with the grenades and the plasma missiles wipe out anything that's a threat. As long as I'm cautious, there's no technology imperative to upgrade as the game does it instantly and magically for me. I'm also not having to ration the grenades or missiles, which was always a big thing for me, as they are free regardless of any alien components. It's a far cry from the builds where every weapon was taken along as each had it's place. Now, I wonder why everyone doesn't carry a rocket launcher. I also find that in larger ships I don;t really need the breach trooper very much. The aliens are either coming out of the craft or are falling back far enough in the ships that there's not the immediate threat there was in the smaller craft.
  8. It's the third week in January. I've just had the largest wave of UFOs yet. I'm about to take off for a terror mission, when I see a landing ship angling in towards my base. Sure enough, it's a base attack. Glad I held off, as several builds ago I had to defend with three injured soldiers. After the base attack, it's off to a landed Cruiser. Then it's off to a terror site in Kiev (I take on the UFO). As I'm returning I see that there's a landing in Canada. Do I have enough fuel? I surely do, and it's another Cruiser. While getting to the Cruiser my interceptors take down a UFO just over the border in the US. Alas, it's only a Heavy Fighter, but I would probably have had enough to get there too, had it been a crash site. That's probably the longest the Chinook has been up for me. Never mind all my posts about grenades. I really, really needed them all here. Note: I look out for the Base Attack just from experience with the game. In waves of UFOs it's going to catch out a number of players with a Chinook in the air. Now, if I didn't have a few spare soldiers that would be game over. Just something to think about.
  9. Some things I would really like to see implemented: Posting grenades through doorways/windows - As a soldier myself I wouldn't stand in the doorway and expose myself to whoever might be inside while attempting to grenade a room. We stand to the side out of the line of fire and roll a grenade in. Also the amount of time units in game it take to prime and throw a grenade is unrealistic. At least add the option to prime a grenade on game turns prior to actually throwing it. There should be no time delay on detonation like in original x-com though as a grenade fuse cant be adjusted. Machine Gun - The amount of rounds fired from a machine gun is fairly low in respect to the time units the xenonaut has. A machine gun is a suppresion weapon and very formidable once set up in a decent firing position. I would like to see at least 2 bursts being able to be fired per turn but at a much reduced accuracy. Also 99% of the time the weapon would be fired from the prone position, to hit anything from standing or kneeling would be a miracle or extreme luck. Unless it is mounted on a tripod in the sustained fire role. Cover - once next to cover xenonauts should be able to hide from fire, currently you can still be shot at even if in real life you could choose not to expose yourself .
  10. my first alien base, i go in with my brave xenonauts, i clear a few rooms, and since i am that kind of guy that checks corpses for awesome l3wt, i found this item! Alien advanced grenade >=) and it does make a big boom! and very nice explosion visual i am sorry for the xenonaut that gets this thing thrown to its head! http://rapidshare.com/files/2458582734/xenonauts%202013-06-19%2002-11-34-01.jpg enjoy =)
  11. I Ask because The flavor text seemed to imply it would function like an EMP. Well, would that not work to shut down a Drone? 12 Grenades at a drone and it still moves around and shoots, I Manage to suppress its fire.. but it never drops. Just asking because maybe it has another use... the one I am trying is not working so far. lol
  12. I have the feeling that grenades need adjustment. Things that come into my mind: 1. Our throwable objects seem less accurate than they should be. Grenades and torches miss their target too often. Flares at least should be very precise 2. Grenade types seem underpowered. Need 3 stun grenades to put the smallest alien to sleep. Grenade should probably be something for crowd control - larger area effect even if the damage is not too high 3. My soldiers often hit a nearby object with their grenade which bounces back on them. Maybe repositioning the soldier just to get a better chance to throw the object to the location you want to should not be such a necessity 4. I haven't seen any aliens throwing grenades. This may be due to the Normal difficulty level, but they should use those sometimes if we mass troops together or play to defensively, maybe even time them to give us a chance to escape - that would be neat . I guess this point goes under enemy AI and making it fight more aggressively
  13. Xenonauts and aliens can simply throw them too far right now. It should be based on strength. This is something that bugged me about the original series and now this game. You can literally toss a grenade past the effective range of a pistol or shotgun. This makes no sense at all. Grenades are/should be close in weapons. I'd make the maximum grenade range = 1 /tile for every 10 strength. If you try to throw the grenade ought land in the tile that's at the maximum range OR you simply shouldn't be allow to target a tile past your maximum range. For lighter objects like flares, I'd make use same formula with the final result multiplied by 2 or heavier objects the same result divided by two.
  14. I remember fondly in TFTD (more than others) when alien would stuck on a narrow passage or having to use guarded lift and a lot of soldiers would die trying to pass (usually major Alien UFO or Alien BASE) i used a suicidal tactic: I would put one grenade in each hands of a soldier (usually a recruit) set them to blow at end of turn and run towards them and stop near them. Sometimes they would shoot me before getting there. But most of the try the alien would shoot the guy when near them, and the nade would go off at the end of their turn killing some or all of the defender. Another side effect was sometimes (usually killing more than one)the suicidal run would scare the sh!t out of the aliens and they would panic. Was pretty fun. Ims AllaH! I don t see how to reproduce this in Xenonauts.
  15. Molotolv cocktail - burns 3X3 area for 2-3 turns suicide belt- manually activated or when soldier dies I just like more options for genocide
  16. As my my entry team stacked up against the doorway of another nest of alien scum cowering inside their pathetic ship I thought to myself, "o man am I excited for shields." My original plan of taking care of the aliens was stacking wood up against the entrance way. Then setting fire to it, and waiting outside patiently, smoking out the vermin like a bear. But not only would this probably not be allowed by devs, but I'm sure the aliens have some sort of alien ship ventilator or something. Then another idea. Flashbangs! Flashbangs? FLASHBANGS! Its the perfect assault weapon to match a shield and stun gun wielding sucker....er.. valued xenonaut assault team member. Bad idea? Too effective? Leave Chris alone he already has enough stuff to put into the game already?
  17. I can't walk 3 steps barely have enough APs like 35-37 Ap needed to toss a grenade. I think any private ranked starting soldier should be able to toss 2 Grenades and higher ranked soldiers should be able to toss 3-4 Grenades. I think tossing a grenade should only cost 18 APs. I have a few soldiers who carry only pistols and medikits on the 2ndary hand and they can carry 4-5 grenades. It would be nice to be able to toss a grenade after i take 3 steps around a corner of a building. The AP costs now to toss a grenade is like 35-37 AP and sometimes i dont have enough APs left to toss a grenade to save my life after taking 3 steps which costs like 12 AP for 3 steps. Seeing as most private rookies start with 40-52 AP to beign with.
  18. During my efforts to kill a sebillian I decided to throw a grenade, using the quick throw button. The throw animation played, but no boom, then the screen was frozen as shown: I also had a pointer, in addition to the target reticule on the sebillian. It made clicking sounds, but nothing would happen.
  19. This is a quick, easy one. X-Com: EU has High Explosive charges which are very useful in their role. Even though you can't breach UFO outer walls with them, they do everything else you'd imagine that kind of equipment should including building breaching, demolitions, and a close-range weapon in desperate times versus tough enemies like Cyberdisks, kinda like throwing sticky bombs at tanks. Their short max-throwing distance coupled with their double inventory size and higher weight stops them from just being a bigger grenade. I noticed that no form of High Explosives appear to exist in Xenonauts currently and the lack of a timer function on any grenades, which is important for HE charges due to their short range, made me wonder if they were planned at all. Are you planning on giving us the option of High Explosives in Xenonauts and if not, why?
  20. Alright, I've been playing Xenonauts for a while, and still can't get the hang of using grenades without them exploding in the faces of my soldiers. Can someone explain to me how grenades work in Xenonauts, or at least give me some pointers towards not having my soldiers get blown up when they want to throw a grenade through a door or around a crashed UFO?
  21. How about an expanding foam grenade (becomes solid after a few seconds). Either to stabilize a structure, hold an enemy (either permanently or temporarily, fully or partially) or as semi permanent cover from enemy fire
  22. To my great chagrin, I didn't come up with the original idea. This time One question is how many classes of items are "temporarily used". One way to go about this would be: - You press "G" for grenade. - An overlay of maybe 20% transparent black covers the current weapon gfx on the main tactical UI. - The first and successive presses of "G" cycle through all types of grenades the soldier has in his inventory. - The current "temporary" grenade is displayed over the weapon gfx while you see the ghost of the original weapon - It can "cycle around" to having no grenade superimposed / selected. - No AP are spent at this time. You can cycle through this as often as you like until even the greatest klutz hits the right grenade type. Throwing the grenade spends the AP, including the AP required to move it to the mainhand. Some pockets may just be more advantageous to store grenades in. Throwing the grenade also resets this entire system to having the weapon displayed normally. The same could be done for "other equipment" like medpacks or... whatever else. Depending on how many "other equipment" there is, they could be tossed in with the grenades. This system could also be used to - reload normal weapons (only one magazine type) - reload rocket launchers with multiple types of rockets. You would use "R" to cycle through all magazine items that match your equipped weapon. Just click on it (use it) to reload that particular item or reload / switch to that particular rocket. A lot faster than rummaging through your inventory. It's not even such a great cheat with throwing grenades. Just imagine you are carrying the weapon on a sling and you would not stop to stow your rifle in your backpack before reaching for a grenade. That eliminates a lot of annoying micromanagement and the player can stay "in" the battle instead of having to leave it to shuffle items around.
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