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  1. Hey Guys- I was hoping for a word of advice. With the new builds coming out should I do a Lets Play for every build? Wait until Beta? Delete my old builds as I go? Seems slightly repetitive but when I think about it- my main goal is to attract more ppl to Xenonauts, and I'll be playing each new build anyway. What do you think? The only thing I worry about is the number of bugs. Since Chris is focused on features and not fixing it may not be the best time for a lets play, or showing it to new ppl. It was pretty much save game bugs that finished my old Lets play.
  2. sorry guys- never noticed about the flashbangs
  3. As my my entry team stacked up against the doorway of another nest of alien scum cowering inside their pathetic ship I thought to myself, "o man am I excited for shields." My original plan of taking care of the aliens was stacking wood up against the entrance way. Then setting fire to it, and waiting outside patiently, smoking out the vermin like a bear. But not only would this probably not be allowed by devs, but I'm sure the aliens have some sort of alien ship ventilator or something. Then another idea. Flashbangs! Flashbangs? FLASHBANGS! Its the perfect assault weapon to match a shield and stun gun wielding valued xenonaut assault team member. Bad idea? Too effective? Leave Chris alone he already has enough stuff to put into the game already?
  4. Understandable feelings to have. I think that if Chris actually made a 'next on Xenonauts Alpha' post then it might make the wait even harder. Plus you might be sad when some features that were planned didn't make it in the build.
  5. Figured out a workaround. Sell the dropship
  6. Hey guys I need your help. I cant continue recording episodes because I have encountered a pretty brutal bug. In my soldiers screen I can only see 4 soldiers inside my Chinook that I can select, Even though it also reads as being full. I cant assign people from my personnel screen and when I check my aircraft->dropship screen I see the 4 inside the ship. But there are a couple of portraits on the bottom. When I click on them it causes a crash. Does anyone have a workaround for this? It would stink to stop the lets play after only 3 episodes
  7. Episode 2 is coming up. This one might interest the veterans more because I am actually fighting some more serious enemies. Thanks
  8. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am starting a Lets Play feature of Xenonauts. If you actually know what you are doing you might not actually want to watch it, cuz I have a terrible mic voice. The purpose of it is to grant a tutorial to newer players. However, it's my hope that with my addition to the other Lets Plays I can contribute to development by promoting Xenonauts. Thanks:cool: You can definitely tell that its my first uploaded video lol
  9. honestly I dunno why people are complaining about desura so much. You realize that desura is a slow process....and then you move on. It sucks you cant have instant gratification, but its really not such a big deal is it? Just walk away and do something else if it bothers you. Or just play another game at the same time
  10. A word of advice for this build folks- The scout (not light scout) has been beefed up and will take out a single interceptor- you will need to treat them more cautiously this time around EDIT: actually Noticed some bugs. That 0% aim bug is still around, but this time it wont crash the game. Also I've tried recruiting soldiers and when it says recruit from the list there are none to select-anyone else having this problem or is it caused by negative faction relations?
  11. Caesan #857462 looked up at the sky with dread. Just the other day he had been mind-speaking to Caesan #857463 that there was a possibility that the humans might retaliate. Pink skinned demons had haunted his dreams ever since the fleet had been destroyed in the Sol system. The pink skins had learned their technology and improved upon it, bringing disgrace to their mightiest warriors. Caesan #857463 had laughed at him, thinking him a fool and that the pink demons could never find their planet. He was wrong. Looking up at the burning sky he could see the mighty Human warships warping into view and releasing thousands of tiny shuttle craft into their orbit.He thought of his son, Caesan #857462jr, and his wife, Caesan #857462f. A surge of dread rushed through him as he thought about what the Xenonauts would do to his family, probing and cutting through them for their own nefarious ends. They were doomed. Unless, somehow, they could unite their broken alliance with the other races and fight back. Allienance: Wrath of the Xenonauts
  12. "Irregardless is an informal term commonly used in place of regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since the early twentieth century, though the word appeared in print as early as 1795. [1] Most dictionaries list it as "nonstandard" or a word which has become socially acceptable. "Nonstandard" means the word is a colloquialism, not "incorrect" or not a word" Irregardless sounds better- but I shall concede the point to you sir!
  13. Just guessing based on what I've seen in the past builds released...probably some time this weekend. I wouldn't worry overmuch about it. Chris releases builds fairly often and if there is a greater gap in between releases, well, then, there is a greater amount of changes in the new release. Also- why has this whole female soldiers conversation gone on for so long? Irregardless of your viewpoint in the matter you will be ultimately satisfied in the final build. Why? because people will mod this game like crazy. Don't want women in the game? Prolly be a mod for that. Want to change the male to female ratio? Probably be a mod for that too. Only want female soldiers with yourself as the one male soldier with the name Charlie and the female soldiers named angels? What the hell- why not? If anything I want a mod where I can play as aliens and I have to deal with those pesky Xenonaut invaders landing on my planet- what a bunch of jerks!
  14. All soldiers must have yellow hair!