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  1. nutbarz

    Indestructible interceptors?

    Agreed. It's my least favorite part of the game and I dread it at times.
  2. I have come across this in 18.4 as well, when using any weapon with snap fire active, and swapping out the weapon by dropping the medkit over the weapon (which placed the weapon in the backpack) then using the medkit on another soldier, I find that once I get to that weapons snap fire value, I can not use the medkit anymore, even though it shows None for the reserve units. I have to click on None again to make the medkit use the reserve units for snap. Also, TU usage seems off. I did not see if this was brought up before. On Screen Actual usage Shows 11 Used 9 Shows 9 used 5 Shows 6 used 2 This was all with the Basic Medkit. The Snap Fire was with both basic and advanced.
  3. I've noticed this in prior builds and see it still in 18.5. When trying to change roles for a soldier, if you do not right click in the uppermost left corner of the symbol ® it will remove whatever the equipped weapon is. I think the graphic mapping may be off for right click removal of weapons, it seems to be taking over a large part of the screen for removal of the weapon. Its a Bit irritating when you are trying to set new defaults for the riflemen when it constantly removed the weapon.
  4. Found one so far, On researching the light scout Datacore, Paragraph 3, sentence three starts "It is also has..."
  5. Don't know is this has been brought up before, I did not see anything about it. But, if you complete an Air Combat and return to the Geoscape, you can not click on any of the upper Tabs (Base, Research, Workshop, Xenopedia). What I found is that to fix this, either change the speed of the geoscape, or click on the build new base, or intercept tabs and then cancel, then they all function. Its Minor, but Its worth noting.
  6. Had Carrier Mission in 18.5 as well, no Aliens.
  7. nutbarz

    [v18.5] Second Quick Slot

    I Believe the second slot is only for the extra clips for the primary weapon.
  8. Experiencing this as well now, also on a Terror Map, when it switches to Hidden Movemement I hear One "Step" and then it seems to lock up, but the music plays on. Tried reloading from the Autosave file to see if I could push through the mission, Looks like I can not at this point. Tried it about 6 times so far, same results, whether I move my troops or not. Tried again - this time no snap shots, moved my troops full out of TU. Watched where the footsteps came from, it was a Reaper victim that moved to make the footsteps, then nothing. Froze. Hope this will help.
  9. nutbarz

    Burst fire as reaction

    Always Just a single shot. Probably a blessing when the Alien Drones react...
  10. nutbarz

    Xenonauts Balancing Process

    I Like Squad Sight, I like the Shots from across the Map. Is it realistic? Maybe not, but it is part of the fun I had playing the original all those years ago on my Tandy. And if I have a 0 percent chance to take a shot at someone clear across the map that Bob sees, but Vera can not, I make Vera take the shot. She just may get lucky, or she may take out that hay stack Bob has to shoot around. What would I improve on the ground Combat right now? Lets See... 1 - The Row of aliens waiting behind the door of the ship, waiting for your squad to come into range should not be susceptible to stun grenades thrown at the outside of the ship. Though I find it really a neat exploit right now to stun 3/4 of the crew on the cruiser by using a bunch of stun grenades thrown at the door. 2 - With the AI - right now I know there is a flaw with it, and the first alien turn takes so long, as every alien on a terror mission is firing everything they got at all the Civilians, no matter where they are on the screen. Seems they should know enough to not shoot through the wall of the building. I'm sure this has been fixed already. 3 - Alien Squad sight needs a little tweaking. Just so they stop killing each other in the ship before I have a chance to see them as they destroy all the good artifacts on the ships. I think this is/Has been addressed as well. 4 - Better Civilian AI - Why must they always run into the middle of a battle. 5 - Hooray for letting me Stun the Civilians and not have them count as casualties at the end of combat. That was always so frustrating 6 - Who gave the Local militia Laser weapons? I had one mission where the Local's were shooting off laser rifles. In Fact I took one or two of them after the first round slaughter of all humans 7 - I Read in another thread that spinning your units may cause reaction fire from the aliens. I have not tried it to see. If it does, I think it should be fixed so it does not. 8 - Map Selection - I Don't know if all the maps are available, but I seem to get the same ones for certain ships. Like the Carrier is always in a Farm, and Its always the same map. Don't know if that's Really Ground Combat. 9 - Love the Fog of war, would like to have a small overview of the whole area that would show the "explored" areas of the map - Probably too late for that now. 10 - Keep up the great Work - Maybe make it harder for the reapers to convert my units... Let them have a save percentage based on their bravery or something, and each reaper attack would half their bravery (So if its 70, there is a 70 percent chance the unit will survive the attack and not change, then on the next attack the bravery would only be a 35 percent chance to survive) And if by some miracle they survived 2 attacks and there is a third attack, it would be an 17.5 percent chance to not change. I Get attached to these little buggers... Ok, That's some thoughts, Hope it may help. Lets remember this is supposed to be a Fun game.
  11. nutbarz

    change facing?

    I think it worked that way with the original as well. And it takes TU's to change facing. which is why it draws reaction fire, though with the current AI, (Still have not applied Hot Fix for 18.5) they don't shoot at me unless I move.
  12. I Ask because The flavor text seemed to imply it would function like an EMP. Well, would that not work to shut down a Drone? 12 Grenades at a drone and it still moves around and shoots, I Manage to suppress its fire.. but it never drops. Just asking because maybe it has another use... the one I am trying is not working so far. lol
  13. My Thought would be, on the larger ships, you may be on that ship for 6 or more turns trying to clear the aliens! Maybe not a cool Idea.
  14. Adding this here as well, CTD after the Mission Status Screens, and Updated soldier stat screens. This seems to happen occasionally on a Save Load, (even when loaded from an autosave) and also when the AI turn has the last alien passout from the stun grenade. Don't know if it helps or not. Confirmed - Repeatable, When using Stun Grenade, Last Alien Passes out from stun grenade. End Mission screens show, and I hear the "Bing" for the geoscape and then ctd.