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    Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.34

    Mod is very good, have only one questions: Are flamer and plasma torch planned to be incorporated into CE As it is almost canon that would make its usage widely acceptable as while there is already a mod for implementing it, it does not seem to get much interest though the assets are there seems to be a valid weapon type
  2. Looks amazing, must replace default sprites from now on Always had an uncomfortable feeling with the blue uniforms though I guess they get a kind of UN theme going for them but these look more realistic and cool, thank you for making them!
  3. zolobolo

    Modified Laser Weapons

    Yes I only meant visually. Since I saw this mod from endersblade I can't help to notice Eisfunke's mod is also nice, just like it if the art theme is consistent Anyhow with the additional weapons, armor and tiles mods the game improves quite a lot so THX again
  4. zolobolo

    Modified Laser Weapons

    Great images, this is a must have mod Does the sniper rifle require iron sight though? There has been a discussion regarding this on the ballistic weapons part and can't get the bug out since Are you also going to do plasma weapons?
  5. I did not dislike it in the OG per say - it added to realism, but it would be nice if it would get a proper place in the game if it be re-introduced - that again adds to complexity though I could imagine it as being a relevant parameter if it would be decreasing with each turn until it drops to 50% for example. Its relevance would be that of the OG + being a timer on hard difficulty preventing over defensive gameplay
  6. zolobolo

    Modified Laser Weapons

    Really nice pics, thanks for them! Rifle has a nice Alien kinda theme going on Lasers did really need improvement just like plasma (MAG I find are quite nice)
  7. zolobolo

    X:CE 0.30 Release Candidate 1

    Thanks guys, great list of changes One question: How do you get this running on a windows/steam install? Steam does not seem to update to this version and if downloaded and fed into the mod tool manually the game does not start
  8. Nice ideas. The indicator of bleeding damage/turn would be very useful Indication of leader and inactive soldiers might also be done by changing the status bar container color to gold/gray respectively
  9. zolobolo

    [Suggestion]: Better allies

    Sound like a fun option - it would give way to some immersive mods if the modders can specify what kind of local forces occur on specific map types. e.g.: Military base maps would accordingly have some more higher-ranking troops stationed (how many is already possible now per my understanding) What this could also enable is more immersive global effects mods - where the actions of the player or even random events could influence the local troops. e.g.: If you sell enough laser guns the local troops will run around with those guns instead of when a time runs out. Some countries could also request equipment and if you comply their local forces can rank up with those items. Naturally more local forces would break balance but if there are several types, they could rank up without breaking it from the get go.
  10. zolobolo

    [Suggestion] Small GUI changes

    Thanks Mikhail, weapon selection bar worked like a charm I have used a multiplier of 1.07 this seems to fit the vanilla ballistic roster the most naturally The personnel clipboard seems to be immune to the changes to personnelview.lua though or at least to the parameters mentioned in the link - have these been moved since then to somewhere else?
  11. zolobolo

    [Suggestion] Max overload for transport

    That seems more then acceptable - the possible benefit is lower than the effort of micromanagemenet involved. Needless to say the original concept of a capacity per dropship limiting amount of equipment and creating a pile of unused stuff in the door is the most flexible - but this would be damn close to a balanced situation I mostly used rocket stashes in alien bases since from the beginning I could then bombard the other side with a lot of covers to the ground but it is much more exciting fighting it out
  12. zolobolo

    [Suggestion] Max overload for transport

    Sounds awesome Anywhere around that Intervall seems fine - thus there is a fair amount of overload can be done if the player wants to (anything around 10-20% seems fair since above that it is probably hording )
  13. zolobolo

    [Suggestion] Max overload for transport

    If a cheat is defined as an action to circumwent game mechanics giving the player an advantage not intended in the design of the balance then this would be such a thing depending wether the game designers took this feature into consideration when desining balance. Since I do not know if it was the DEVs intention for the players to do such things I am guessing that it wasn't based on the experience that several aspects of the game have been streamlined to avoid micro management (free ammo, and auto upgrades). Since this task requires a lot of micro-management but a mechanic is missing to restrict overall weight my guess is that it was unintentional. Nontheless we have discussed in another thread that this aspect would not be a priority for CE and I must admit it is really up to the player if it takes advantage of it. I guess we all have to learn some self control and that will be it
  14. These four have also been done by a few mods and are probably easy to do without effects on other elements: - Extension of the weapon selection list so all default weapons are comfortably displayed - Showing kills and missions on the soldier inventory page in combat and maybe even make them more apparent on all places being an important indicator for the user how valuable the soldier is (is one of the few elements enhancing role playing aspect) - In the soldier list screen make both (all three including the memory wall) options identical when selecting - currently the inflation table as well as the selection window jumps up and down since not all pages are formatted identically - Extend the soldier list page so that it can host at least 12 soldiers making scrolling and least till the endgame unnecessary There may also have been a mod which describing how to do the above thing, if someone can point me to that it would also be greatly appreciated so I can set these myself until it would become the norm
  15. zolobolo

    [Suggestion] Alien Base Blackouts

    Both sound really cool If light is turned off by environment change it ads more to the tactical layer and a lot to immersion If they are turned off by default, it ads to difficulty (which is always fine unless the AI cheats to transparently) Mood lights would add much to the visual quality making bases more menacing and showing off some light affects. Most of us probably avoid night missions per default so this would be a nice way to show off this mechanic even if one is playing very carefully.