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  1. I had something similar my heavy was MC'd by aliens and I walked in front of him. he should not have had the TU's to fire and when I passed him he tried to fire and I just got the firing sound repeating. had to close and lost out all progress on that mission. Wolf armor and laser MG facing south east.
  2. Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B298zf7x6m9say1Hc083THA4RXM/edit?usp=sharing this is the save that has the base defense. If someone with time on their hands cares enough download it and try to find the last aliens. If you find them great it is not a bug they are just being pricks. if you cannot find them then this should be considered a bug and a post should be made in the bug reports.
  3. Assault: Wolf armor, Highest tech rifle equipped, highest tech shotgun/carbine in backpack, 1-2 C4 based on strength, at least 1 of each grenade, couple of spare clips, medkit, stun rod if possible. Shield: Wolf Armor, highest tech pistol equipped, shield equipped, backup shield in backpack, 2 C4, stun rod, at least 1 of each grenade, couple extra clips, medkit. Sniper: Wolf armor (not researched sentinel yet), Highest tech sniper rifle equipped, possibly backup rifle in backpack, medkit, at least 1 of each grenade, couple of extra clips. Heavy: Predator if possible (only one set at current) or Wolf, Highest tech lmg, spare clips, at least 1 of each grenade(not for predator), C4 (not for predator), backpack full of rockets (predator only). Rocket: Wolf armor, RL equipped, split between explosive and gas rockets. 8 Man team: 2 shield, 2 assault, 2 sniper, 1 heavy, 1 rocket. Shrike team: 2 shield, 2 assault, 3 sniper, 2 heavy 1 rocket, 1 scimitar w/plasma.
  4. Am in the middle of a base defense and I have explored every room in the map and cannot find the last few aliens. I don't want to report this as a bug in-case I am just a derp but I saw an andron blowing stuff up in a lab, he blew the door shut, and then when I move in through the other door there was no one in there and the other doors were shut indicating no-one left. Any suggestions?
  5. Ever had a terror mission that was just going on forever? I am currently in one that I think I have finally finished but the aliens still seem to have a turn. Maybe there is one lonely guy hiding in a corner somewhere. This actually brings me on to suggest that there should be a third type of finish for terror missions: "Local forces secured the city with help from Xenonauts". The set up would be something like there are one or two aliens left on the battlefield when you abort. This way you don't have to dick around forever trying to find that one guy. It also means that if you are low on ammo and don't think your guys can handle it you can be like "There you go guys just a few left to mop up. We are off for tea and biscuits." It would grant less of a boost than clearing the terror site but significantly more than losing it. Opinions?
  6. Ok cool. I thought that would be the case but if it was a problem with the carbine I thought the devs should know.
  7. Not so much my lucky shot but definitely a moment of "Oh thank God!". Sebillian rounds corner in front of one of my snipers. Literally 1-2 tiles away and manages to MISS EVERY SHOT. Sniper ran away and my heavy mowed it down but that was a "Oh Sh****t. Wait, Oh GOD YES" moment.
  8. I am overly careful and pretty much cover every available place in my bases in AA defenses. I would rather not get attacked in my base and possibly lose my best guys so I lose massive income due to a large number of defenses. It is really up to you if you are willing to sacrifice space and money for troop survivability. My first base typically has 6 hangers (1 transport, 2 "interceptors" (condor, corsair), 2 Foxtrots (have not got to better replacements yet), 1 spare for construction), 2 Labs, 2 Personnel quarters, 1 Workshop, 1 Storeroom, 1 Medical, 1 Garage, 2 Radar, and the rest AA. I lose a lot of money but in my opinion that is better than losing a Col. due to a Ceasan assault party.
  9. According to the mouse over in the barracks outfitting screen the laser carbine has the ability to burst fire. I seem to have no option for this in ground combat. I can snap shot or normal shot but no other options. Either the hover over needs correcting or the weapon needs to be fixed. I might be mis-interpreting the text so if I am wrong let me know.
  10. So it seems that during a base defense if an open door gets hit with an explosion then it locks up tight. Cannot be opened unless blown to smithereens. This part I love. The part I consider a bug is that it will close on units inside the door which will prevent them from moving or shooting. My Major sniper got herself trapped in a door while fighting the last two androns (one with a plasma launcher thing and one with a plasma shotgun) and the plasma launcher guy blew the door to smithereens which somehow did not hurt my Major. Then the other andron shredded her to pieces. I don't know if the "Blast Door" effect is a bug or not (I do not think so) but certainly closing on a soldier and trapping them is.
  11. Well I can certainly recommend it should you get a decent squad. My first squad this time around all had strength over 60 apart from one guy (sniper with pretty decent accuracy). I loaded them up with flashbangs and went for it. If you can get one in a place where you can keep hitting him with flashbangs then do it. Nabbing them early means that you can start to ignore the stun weapons which are useless against androns and drones. This means that you can load up on heavy weapons for those terror missions. Thanks for all your input.
  12. No problem. Making this the best it can be is always something worthwhile.
  13. That is probably (don't quote me) because they have no description at the moment. I know the vehicle after the hunter scout car says nothing other than ### when I select it for research.
  14. The flasbang has a certain amount of "Stun Damage" and a fair amount of suppression. The stun grenade is a gas grenade. The key difference is that flashbangs are a one-use item. Their effect does not linger and it is not a valid area denial weapon. Gas grenades do not include a suppression effect and as such don't really have any immediate effect besides a bit of stun damage. The stun baton has a large amount of stun damage but no range so if you are up close and personal zapping them is better than trying to throw a stun grenade. As for the answer to the question issue Gorlom, I was thinking more along the lines of "Do you think that rushing those perks was a good idea risking all of my units." Given that I had to get up close and personal and had Bugger All equipment and skill. It seems to have worked and I would recommend it for a valid strategy but I wondered what you all thought.
  15. So I just started a new game (again) and I had an interesting thought. "Can I get a live alien on my first crashsite?" Now I loaded up on flasbangs and went for it. My first crashsite was a local forces crashsite with sebillians. After clearing the outside of the ship I just spammed flashbangs inside and managed to eventually knock one out. Then the second mission I did was a ceasan ship and I nabbed a live one there as well. My question is, was it really worth it to rush the live aliens like that? I know sebillians give the better medkit but is it really necessary immediately? When all of your units will probably die immediately?
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