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    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Korpah
    This PC Gaming Channel will bring you let's play and walkthroughs of games new and old.
    For some games that I enjoy or I get a lot of questions/requests for will gain their own let's play series for you to enjoy.
    So let me know what games deserve their own let's play series!

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  1. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.05 HF Released!

    with the game officially been released, how long will the patch remain in the experimental stage?
  2. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.04 Released!

    very good news! think ill restart my current campaign
  3. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.03 Released!

    sounds cool especially the cost of the base found it that it took to long before i could get more bases up. also i was missing the terror missions so that seems good as well. more testing
  4. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.02 Hotfix Released!

    more good news! keep up the good work!
  5. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.02 Released!

    i wonder which well known reviewers will review it. i know Xenonauts is on my list ones i push out the one i am working on, and so far i haven't had any crashes or other odd stuff (the invulnerable alien i had it one time in build 1.00 but after that i haven't seen it since.) an explanation of the buildings would be very handy indeed though. keep up the good work! The game is already amazing and very, very much enjoyable! (i love the interrogation art from when you complete a interrogation research)
  6. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.01 Released!

    will there be a topic on the forums with the press releases? and fixing things is always a good thing
  7. Korpah

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Awesome news and congrats to the development team! time to get reviewing and enjoying! For those that are interested, my review will be up within the first 1 to 2 weeks of June Youtube channel: Korpah the Dutch Gamer Click here for to go to my Youtube Channel Click here to subscribe to my Youtube channel This PC Gaming Channel will bring you let's play, walkthroughs, previews and reviews of games new and old. Contact info: Click here to send me an Email Click here for my Steam Profile Click here for my Twitter Page
  8. Korpah

    So, when should I start playing?

    happily i marked the date in my agenda good to hear its still 1e of june! been waiting for this awesome!
  9. Korpah

    V22 Experimental 10 Stealth Fix!

    great another patch! the release date of 1 juni is still in effect?
  10. <3 more changes to test!!! keep it up tip always validate the files before playing a new build
  11. paypal came to earth, and builded a base, some say there still on this planet
  12. probably repaired, as the xenopedia mentioned its alot easier replacing armor pieces then it is to replace a soldier, although there should be a "repair" time
  13. Korpah

    3rd base

    still wonder to who you sell this stuff
  14. that north america gets t he most ufo's in the first month and always gets the biggest drop in funding? or that no more scouts apear when the send in corvets?
  15. what mode you play? on normal mode i have no issue what so ever, i don't lose soldiers until the come up with plasma cannons and heavy armor, and i don't lose plains till the come with heavy fighters this is on normal mode (iron man) and i'm an x-com vet, but that shouldn't mather much, try when you have no ufo's on radar to send "scout" planes ouside your rader range, the chance of catching a ufo on radar is slim but its there, also make shure that you send a scout to the events that happen also a chance to catch a ufo, scout outside your radar range to detect enemie bases. and i never try for getting another base up until i got my first funding, also i rush the basic armor first, after that i build 2 foxtrot's, after that i save for enough money to build a second base + 2 hangars + 1 radar, this i expand to another radar and 2 missile defences hope this helps a bit