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  1. This thing shouldn't be possible right?
  2. Auto healing medikit can be engineered multiple times despite once is enough.
  3. On the opposing side. Bleeding unconscious soldiers don't bleed, but the popup still shows and cannot be treated by medikit
  4. Nope it works fine. Medical center says it's 33%(?)
  5. I had instance of hanging on 93%, had to close the game. Sometimes it happened few times in a row.
  6. Probably at night only, when you select a unit without grenades like for example MARS, and using Tab select a soldier that does, the grenades he is carrying (including flare) don't show on the UI. You need to tab from soldier that also have those items.
  7. Just go into the transfer screen from this save, auto_strategy_funding_report-91.json
  8. For whatever reason, if I enter the room in the image and I switch to a soldier that is on other level there is a CTD It only happens when MARS enters the room crushing the door. Otherwise it's perfectly fine. auto_groundcombat_turn_8_start-315.json
  9. Figured out, it is aircraft alenium explosives engineering project that causes CTD
  10. Ok, it's not related to alien base, but something is still happening as I'm getting fairly regular CTD around day 166. Try reproducing with hiring engineers to the max and proceed with whatever is queued.
  11. I'm getting occasional CTD. Happened 2 times in a row when probably when alien base spawned (day 166) auto_strategy_funding_report-21.json
  12. When changing loadout through barracks I've noticed that my units that had equipped stun batons throw them into trash bins. I think the reproduction would be like this. 1. Have a loadout that has baton in one hand 2. Go to barracks 3. Change the loadout for this character to another 4. Change someone else to the loadout that should have baton. 5. Baton should be missing.
  13. What is the difference between abductions and terror missions? In both aliens kill civilians.
  14. Please remove the ability to throw grenades when unit is suppressed it makes absolutely no sense or at least create a big penalty to throwing accuracy. Its stupid that you suppress enemy only for him to kill you from across the map. Secondly also provide penalty to shooting while being suppressed. Being sniped from long range consistently makes no sense
  15. Neither of the games you mentioned have any issues with monetary income. In fact you can do nothing and still earn a profit (for a while). Stating "you play wrong" without any reasonable explanation, disqualify you from this conversation. Good day sir.
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