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  1. I didn't say it's a bad thing. However I remember when XCOM came out, many people where pissed about doing only 1 of 3 missions. So is it really successful mechanic? Long War removed this to only 1 mission. Long War Rebalance set that you can do all 3.
  2. By reading the changes this turns more into XCOM than the original.
  3. silencer

    Question about armor

    We have to agree to disagree. I think that current armor system is not good.
  4. But it also costs money to build a new plane, money you probably would want to spend on additional plane or something else.
  5. Here is the save user_s8-8.7z
  6. silencer

    Money for stopping Alien Raids?

    Do they? I wish it was shown somehow.
  7. If that would be the case I would receive a popup, but I didn't
  8. That's a little what? The better option is to get the plane shot down and get new one for free in 9 days.
  9. In April I see escorted bombers, in May I see Cruisers and Heavy fighters. Escorted bombers are very tricky with 2xAngel + Phantom, but it requires push for alenium torpedoes and accellerated cannons, and still this will make a tricky fight, because Angels are very slow in combat, and you really have to do well to get best result (no having aircraft downed or too heavily wounded). Heavy fighters are ok, because you could just "tank" them with Phantom and Angels could deliver the missile. The Cruiser on the other hand is not downable at this point. It has huge range. Maybe 3x Phantom could deal with it, but with the amount of money we get and the amount of money we spend doesn't help with getting many planes. Creating new satelite base is like 3 months of income to set up and you have to count construction time, which is slow. Belining research is also sort of no go, because you sacrifice then ground combat - not to mention you don't know the tech tree. Should it be that way?
  10. I had it too, but not in the position of the soldier on the above screen but one tile to the left
  11. Another problem found: Double doors
  12. silencer

    Xenonauts-2 UI/UX Feedback Thread

    The icons on bleeding, war mind need their own pop over message. Right now no one knows what War Mind does, how to "combat" this, what are the chance of panic, mind controll, resistance. If the general hint of HP bar interferes with this, then just move status icons somewhere else.
  13. Abductor has some issues with boundaries. This guy hopped down from the first floor: Then entered this black area: Strangely I could see him, the LOS shows I could shoot him, but the odds are 0%. If I move camera to first floor, it looks like the ground floor is perfectly accessible and I shouldn't have issues with shoothing him. Next turn he went inside the UFO, through the wall: Aso from the first floor, Andron hopeed down to this tile, which is also black and not shootable. And also from ground floor I could fire through the ceiling and hit enemy on the first floor. Not sure because of damaged floor? One last thing. Destroyed MARS still acts as low cover: