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  1. Not sure what you actually are asking. But if you just want phases to last longer, decrease Alientickerspeed on Gamegonfig.xml
  2. If that doesn't work, https://we.tl/t-LOEsBQ6CbK
  3. Aliens already have quite long viewing range but .../xenonauts/assets/mods/X-Division/aiprops.xml and sightrange
  4. Snipers suffer accuracy penalty if moved during turn.
  5. Everything comes to those who wait. And we mean everything. (game console ad somewhere 90's)
  6. Like Dragar said, you'll need t capture Xenomorphs alive. Additionally you can use shotguns or shock weapons (Phase 2 stuff) too. Corpses etc sold at end of mission are not added to inventory. Result screen will tell you if anything has been sent to research division. Just remember you cannot capture robotic Xenomorph (bit of yellow on head).
  7. I haven't managed that yet. Live Facehugger gives research topic but dead one is just useless corpse. Pretty sure about that one.
  8. Aircrafts.xml at least. You must edit amount of weapon slots and also edit their positions. That's all I can remember however...
  9. No idea about that, works for me. May be older version of Xenopedia or Palu's shining Xenopedia is inactive.
  10. Try to use different resolution when launching game. Small base operator and outpost operator are same alien. Game uses mostly small base operator. Alien base have (always have, I think) medium base operator and interrogating him should also unlock small base operator interrogation. Landing ship may contain landing ship operator, but (possibly?) not always. Not sure about that one. Landing ship operator unlocks data hacks (probably that Caesan data hack 5) that may unlock Plasma rifle MK3. All operators unlock data hacks that are not critical but "nice bonus".
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