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  1. Xenonauts launcher, save location tells where save games are located. Without save game I thing you are missing some of following: - Flamer cannon - Flamer heavy - Sebillian guard
  2. Could you upload savegame somewhere I can download it? Another question: no problem.
  3. Additionally it's worth to remember that half of "red" damage is applied to stun damage (not visible but it's there). Of course that means applying only red damage will kill opponent. Myself I never used stun baton on phase 2, instead shock weapons/first phase stun rockets/alien weapons in addition to applying red damage first. Preferably with shotguns as shotgun will also apply stun damage. You can pretty much stun opponents with shotgun, not totally as it will kill unless pure stun damage is applied. But still, shotgun red+blue damage first (or just red damage) and then pure stun after it works fine. Just using pure stun is painful unless you have same phase equipment.
  4. Looks like you had fun. However it makes me wonder why you still have "only" Division Minigun MK-3 as that base assault was at least second one and you also had basic matergy weapons already captured. So you really should have Advanced Mag technology available at that time. Also you used Chinook, at that point, again, you should have better dropship available. Of course with so limited tech there can be more "epic" battle
  5. Everything is OK. All manufacturable interceptors require materials from alien UFO's.
  6. OK, it does seem that Facehugger requires some TU's to attack, applies to "reaction" attack too. If Facehugger has too few TU's left, it cannot use "reaction" attack and hammering it with baton is safe.
  7. Interesting, I will try this when I next time encounter Facehugger.
  8. Noticed same myself. Probably intentional because that's how Facehuggers are supposed to work: jump against it's target. Somewhat funny because I have never even thought clubbing Facehugger Using gas instead.
  9. There still seems to be work in progress so perhaps @Charon still reads this thread. Some Geoscape feedback. Playing version 1.00.10 (that is partially updated to 1.00.10b WIP) with - difficulty. Ticker multiplier is 1.0 and ATP's for phases are like on 1.00.10 version (300+300+300+300). As expected from my previous playthroughs on Veteran difficulty, Phase 2 began 30.th November. But Phase 3 seems to begin as late as 1.st April. That makes basically 4 months Phase 2, too long IMO considering ticker multiplier should still be 1.0. My whole base tactic have been "prevent ticker from growing fast" and on Phase 2 I have shot down every UFO (most of them very fast) except two that landed too fast. That does keep ticker from growing perhaps too well so I think alienAITickerIdle setting should be somewhat higher.
  10. aiprops.xml determines enemies psionic abilities. For soldier psionics, I have no idea.
  11. That is some kind of tutorial to X-division. If that is too hard, then you'll have very tough job actually playing X-division.
  12. Strange but good that problem is solved, at least for now
  13. There shouldn't be any errors during installation. I think that is something to do with permissions and such. You don't have to extract RAR files into "correct" folder as any folder (except game folder or folder with restricted permissions) will do. Screenshot from installation error(s) would greatly help.
  14. Inside RAR package, there is assets.7z package that contains almost everything. Rest is on images folder. For updates, almost same applies.
  15. Yeah, there should be activated on Modding tools: X-division Palu's Shining Xenopedia If not, then Xenopedia is pretty blank. You are of course using latest or at least 1.00.10 version.