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  1. Strange but good that problem is solved, at least for now
  2. There shouldn't be any errors during installation. I think that is something to do with permissions and such. You don't have to extract RAR files into "correct" folder as any folder (except game folder or folder with restricted permissions) will do. Screenshot from installation error(s) would greatly help.
  3. Inside RAR package, there is assets.7z package that contains almost everything. Rest is on images folder. For updates, almost same applies.
  4. Yeah, there should be activated on Modding tools: X-division Palu's Shining Xenopedia If not, then Xenopedia is pretty blank. You are of course using latest or at least 1.00.10 version.
  5. Oh yeah, thanks for pointing out that despite Charon has officially retired from project, he is still updating this Day 978 should have been last patch. However that update seems to be WIP and so that Might be reason why there is problem with engineer spawns or something else.
  6. Pretty gamebreaking yeah unless phase 3 engineers spawn normally. Starting new game is recommended. Noticed that you had used mod called "shorter range shorter turns", not sure what that is but surely something that is not default: ON.
  7. Didn't see any problems. Next wave I shot down large ufo with Caesan engineer. Also there is Alien outpost available, it surely contains engineer (in case that is Sebillian or Caesan base, Andron base probably does not) so that's one solution for problem. Since aborting mission is not cheating, you can try many times until you get base you want. Just abort mission if there are "wrong" enemies and come back. If Caesan or Sebillian base does not contain engineer, then you Really have something wrong.
  8. RNG is pretty much random and will mean player is likely to miss Something and get tons of Something Else. You are probably just unlucky. I could easily try with your save game if you can share it.
  9. Ruthless Reuban

    X-div 1.00.10 BUG, Not get ranks

    Could you share savegame file?
  10. There is nothing wrong with balance. It's not Firebirds yet, it's Firebirds still as Firebird is phase 1 aircraft. You can get Firebird research shooting down and capturing Terror battleship (phase 1 alien terror craft). Building requires shooting down and capturing another since research division destroys first one. That is only 4 alien crafts on wave, "normal" is 5. Also there is always 10% chance that aliens will deploy something you have (very) much difficulty shooting down for certain missions. Terror battleship + 2 light shuttles is not that hard. How about Terror battleship escorted by 2 Terror battleships? Or Corvette escorted by 2 Terror carriers? Those were not jokes, have seen both. So total you have 6 Asierus, 9 Foxtrot, 8 Fighter and 6 F-17, and weapons from Phase 1? That just is not enough. You need more Asierus and Foxtrot aircrafts, and some Firebirds too with good weapons. Playing - difficulty (that makes money problems and harder to build aircrafts too) my setup on start of phase 2 (when first phase 2 alien crafts arrived) was following: - 12x Foxtrot: Alenium torpedo * 1 - 12x Asierus: Plasma blaster * 2 - 6x Fighter: Anti missile *1, Plasma blaster * 1 - 2x Firebird: Anti missile *1, Alenium missile *1, Plasma blaster * 1 That kind of air force is something that could probably shoot down two Terror battleships, even with Light shuttle escorts. Needless to say I build more when Phase 2 progresses. Another important thing is bases. With 4 bases you will have difficulty maintaining air superiority. I had 7 bases with 69 hangars total when phase 2 started. That was 30. November to be exact. So yes, there is nothing wrong with balance. You have option to shoot down Terror ships OR battle ground missions instead. Shooting them down requires MANY aircrafts, bases and hangars. And that makes harder to maintain good amount of research, engineering and good stuff for ground forces. Enemy AI is excellent, perhaps best I have seen on any game so far. You just have to adapt that aliens know your troop locations and play accordingly. So: place your soldiers so that enemy on other side of wall cannot throw grenade right into your soldiers even enemy knows where your troops are. Not harder than that. Overall I say that cheating is necessary to make good AI, since if aliens are just playing fog of war, human AI would rip them apart. Remember that outside grenade throwing AI does not use indirect fire, something player should do very often.
  11. You can activate no airgame or easy airgame from modding tools. Light shuttle has no match for 3 asierus/fighters, it may one shot some of your crafts but not all as it's "shotgun" has pretty high reload time. Terror ships can also be shot down, you'll need more than one craft for that though but you can repair downed ones. Light shuttle is pretty fast, faster than Firebird yeah. Just launch everything you got and eventually some will get into it's flight path Firebird will shoot it down pretty easily if is able to engage. It's faster than Firebird because Firebird can carry much better weapon loadout. Of course X-Division could build craft that can catch light shuttle but with very poor weapons (single cannon) that would be mostly useless aircraft...
  12. Well, that was not exactly my point. Problem with Gatling laser and Fighter beam is that they consume resources that are quite scarce on early Phase 2. In fact start of Phase 2 almost everything is tight supply.
  13. Personally I tend top stick with Mausers only as they are very cheap and good enough for Phase 1. I stay clear from Fighter beam and Gatling laser because, well, Phase 2 will give answer at least on NG+2 and - difficulties. That manufactures editing is OK with few items, with all items my trick is much easier. For MK3, items.xml might also need editing. Problem is that you need MK2 to manufacture MK3, so MK3 weapons are exception.
  14. For 2 I didn't understand what that does mean. You can save soldier loadouts though. For 4, no idea about multiplier. You could also alter all manufacturable items for less man hours but that would take ages. So simple solution: 1. Open \xenonauts\assets\mods\X-division\buildings.xml Find: <Cell ss:StyleID="s67"><Data ss:Type="String">Workshop</Data></Cell> Below that find: <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">20</Data></Cell> Change that 20 into, say, 60. Now workshop can hold 60 engineers. Find: <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">NanotechWorkshop</Data></Cell> Below that find: <Cell ss:StyleID="s66"><Data ss:Type="Number">25</Data></Cell> Change that 25 into 75 (assuming 3 multiplier) Find <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">LivingQuarters</Data></Cell> Below that find: <Cell ss:StyleID="s65"><Data ss:Type="Number">50</Data></Cell> Change that 50 to something like 150 so living quarters have space for 150 people 2. Open \xenonauts\assets\mods\X-division\gameconfig.xml Find <technicianCost value="7500" comment="The initial hire cost for an engineer and his monthly wage." /> And change 7500 to 2500 so engineer salary and cost is 1/3 of normal That way engineers take same time to manufacture items, you just get 3x more of them for same price.
  15. Sebillians do have low sight but that is relative to other aliens. So Sebillians may have better sight than your soldiers have. Sebillian equipped with snipe, will probably engage at long ranges. As for chemicals, Sebillians have relatively low chemical resistance compared to kinetic resistance. Not to say that is weak in absolute terms. Also chemicals do work for Sebillians, just use strong enough chemicals. On phase 2 that is something else than "Chemical grenade" or "Chemical rocket"