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  1. Like Dragar said, you'll need t capture Xenomorphs alive. Additionally you can use shotguns or shock weapons (Phase 2 stuff) too. Corpses etc sold at end of mission are not added to inventory. Result screen will tell you if anything has been sent to research division. Just remember you cannot capture robotic Xenomorph (bit of yellow on head).
  2. I haven't managed that yet. Live Facehugger gives research topic but dead one is just useless corpse. Pretty sure about that one.
  3. Download links seem to be working...
  4. Aircrafts.xml at least. You must edit amount of weapon slots and also edit their positions. That's all I can remember however...
  5. No idea about that, works for me. May be older version of Xenopedia or Palu's shining Xenopedia is inactive.
  6. Try to use different resolution when launching game. Small base operator and outpost operator are same alien. Game uses mostly small base operator. Alien base have (always have, I think) medium base operator and interrogating him should also unlock small base operator interrogation. Landing ship may contain landing ship operator, but (possibly?) not always. Not sure about that one. Landing ship operator unlocks data hacks (probably that Caesan data hack 5) that may unlock Plasma rifle MK3. All operators unlock data hacks that are not critical but "nice bonus".
  7. Ah, androns. Well, Androns are supposed to be very resistant to ballistic weapons. Nothing wrong there. However your save game was pretty much messed up. You missed some research projects and had some you really shouldn't have at that point. Quite possibly your installation has something badly wrong.
  8. When damage is not enough to penetrate armour, it should say probably "slowed" or at least "resisted" if there are no damage visible. Unless you're playing on - difficulty, there should be damage indicators with shotgun too. Upload savegame somewhere and I could check if something is wrong there.
  9. Seems to be November 2020.
  10. Screenshot? Resolution is?
  11. Most aliens have fixed amount of grenades, that is, 1. It may be hardcoded in game. However I think you can make "copies" from alien grenades: human grenades that just happen to have same stats etc that alien grenades have.
  12. Mod makers (probably gone) might have better idea for this but usually in cases like this you are either missing something (some file(s) are missing some information) or something is named wrongly on some file(s). My suggestion: Replace. First try to make it work just by replacing one human grenade (say, fusion grenade) with one alien grenade, not making new grenade. Start modding one file at time (researches.xml, manufactures.xml, weapons.xml etc) adding alien grenade stats and see that it works. When/if completed, add back human grenade you removed. If works, add another alien grenade same way. When/if all alien grenades work, then add all human grenades back, they should work for obvious reasons. Should.
  13. Foxtrot HAS only 1 heavy hardpoint. No question about that. Since you are supposed to be using 1.00.11c version, you can easily check it on patch files ( assets.7x > /X-Division/aircrafts.xml ). Just downloaded latest patch and as expected, Foxtrot has only 1 heavy hardpoint. So you really have something messed up. Again, we are talking about X-Division, not vanilla X-division. And yes, it only has one hardpoint and it cannot use anti-missile with heavy weapons. And yes, it will probably get shot down before firing all payload. That's another problem to solve, that's what X-Division is all about. Foxtrot have had 1 heavy hardpoint since I started playing X-division, like three years ago or something. No. Another indication that something is wrong. Lancers have much more durability and can take one hit from big badass whereas Foxtrot cannot. Therefore Lancers have some use. For Sonda, I disagree. It has two normal hardpoints. Checked that patch file again and it has two normals as expected. Corsair is Asierus replacement.
  14. Looks OK. Hopefully reinstall will solve problem.
  15. Agreed, same happens on my installation. Probably something badly messed up. Mod load order?