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  1. Gotcha, was just surprised that fairly simple tech foxtrots required UFO equipment to work Do we get access to better stun tools than the basic stun baton and stun grenade/rocket? I'm at start of phase 2 and I find enemies to take obscene amount of baton swings to go down.
  2. Are Foxtrots meant to require arcane alien materials?! Something seems wrong here.
  3. Nothing. It was working fine until after one land combat mission. Then it started failing. The saves from way before are also failing.
  4. I am running into an issue: game crashes whenever I try load game after loading campaign. I can still load from main menu but after loading there are no more reloads lest it crashes: No idea what causes the change, I tried old-old saves to see if this issue appeared at some point but they all got same issue. Any ideas?
  5. Yea, my edit already contained the answer to my own question ;D though it asked more questions...
  6. Quick question, is it intended that on battle summary screen I get "Alien terror carrier datacore" but nothing related in research or workshop DSB? Despite all of the downed terror carrier equipment being intact (reactors, anti grav etc, pretty much entire interior bar some aesthetic consoles and crates), I got no techs whatsoever. Does that mean theres no technological gain whatsoever for downing targets way ahead of the phase? Terror carrier downed at 02 Dec 1979, but at the cost of four Foxtrot wings so I would be really bummed out there are no pay outs for such a tough target. EDIT: Nevermind, after few longer ticks (and one ground combat later) it added DSB to workshop and Terror carrier tech that resulted in Firebird... though that's it, can't even use it because none of the elements 'drop' from UFOs flying around.
  7. Thanks. When about does this Sebilian physician appear? UFO waves just started spawning medium corvettes (is this phase 1 still or phase 2?). Also odd thing I have noticed: my manufactured grenades keep going missing. I am bleeding the stock regulary. Did I miss that they are one-use only? Or perhaps when my soldiers are downed (stun damage), their gear gets recovered but grenades somehow don't? Either way, its mighty annoying and I need to find out how to avoid it.
  8. Quick question re: .50 beta. What techs are needed to unlock advanced medikit? Also those personal shields? I had couple researches mentioning both of those items, but never got any upgrades: Got following alien research done: I remember my .45 playthrough not having advanced medikits either.
  9. Done ; ] For humanity's sake, we trailblaze ahead...
  10. Oh! Can I volunteer for the testing as well? Might be good feedback since I will be doing a campaign from scratch.
  11. I can see "Brigadier General" etc on the stream. Afaik the normal ranks go up to Colonel max.
  12. Question, are those extended ranks part of X-Divsion?
  13. Speaking of next XCE version, whats the current schedule on that? And next X-div? Wondering if I should hold back on the mod if the next version is around the corner or the development has stalled and this is it for now? Cheers!
  14. Is it possible to edit soldier growth rate? At capped +2 per mission those pvts will take 10 missions to grow useful. And with the attrition rate (terrormission with purple androns, heaviest vanilla drones, teleporting snipers?) that's just no feasible. I wonder if any of the devs actually beaten the game
  15. What's the difference between them then? The description implies both have torpedoes, but Asierus have also cannons?