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  1. So far I found this bug pretty much prevents normal playthrough testing, unable to pick up bodies (which I assume is how the Infiltrator Ambush captive extraction works?), swapping items, healing.
  2. There is a pink ground tile under one of the crates (screen 1); When loading a save, the fog of war seems gone until a unit moves (screen 2->3);
  3. Might be a mess, but its my favorite biome by far with how it has captured the rural feeling
  4. The desks with collectibles got weird pink flicker to them; It disappears for the most part after collection (the printers are still pink), so I assume its related to highlight overlap (in previous version, collected desks disappeared altogether); It reappears on all desks after reloading the game, even the collected desks; auto_groundcombat_turn_8_start-34.7z
  5. @Chris The mission is not automatically ending despite 25/10 items transferred to dropship and all xenonauts on board. user_day_21_cleaner_intelligence_hub_manual_save_how_to_extract-8.7z
  6. Sometimes the shield is being held incorrectly as if it was a gun, I remember it occurring in previous versions.
  7. Specific Middle East tiles are not rendering properly: The one with black stains keeps flickering, also is noticeably thinner than other wall tiles (GIF below); The other is completely black (like undiscovered tile) until you get on the other side of it, then it turn invisible altogether; Middle East roads got some weird, box-like lightning render, even when looking away; Ground Combat bad render walls.7z
  8. Walls destroyed by Demolition Grenade sometimes still provide cover, though no longer block vision and can be passed through. Possibly applies to non-grenade destruction too. auto_groundcombat_turn_5_start-9.7z
  9. Whenever mousing over any ammo in Armory, an error debug window appears for a split second in the bottom-left corner. GIF of the error below: Happens both in normal and debug game launch, happens regardless of whether troops are in base or on dropship, happens for normal and HEVY ammo, but not grenades. Logs and save attached. Geoscape ammo debug flash output_log.7z user_day_8_manual_save-6.7z
  10. +1, I also have the same crash when trying to open the inventory. Rushed the mission to the same point to recreate, thinking it was related to looting enemy body, but it seems replicable at any time: It seems to be still related to combat knives? output_log.7z
  11. Thanks for the update, looking forward to V23!
  12. Description: CTD after local (armoured) soldiers die during Terror Site (100% repro) (A fatal error occurred during Update[] - Object reference not set to an instance of an object) What Happened: Game keeps CTDing during ground combat a moment after any of the local soldiers drop dead. Further information: I suspect its somehow related to the fact its an armoured-up local as death of the plainclothes ones in previous missions did not result in any CTDs; Initially I thought its related to the reaper infestation of the soldiers, but wiping the reapers did not help; I found that the bug can be reproduced on demand by manually killing a local armoured soldier: 03 bug - CTD when a local armoured soldier dies.7z
  13. Description: Servosuit's bonus strength does not raise carry weight limit (100% repro) What Happened: Equipped Servosuit's +20 strength bonus applies on the stat sheet (strength went from 68 to 88, blue bar extension) but it does not increase the the carry weight limit (remains 98 in both cases) Further information: The bug persists in combat; The +5 TU bonus applies correctly both on Geoscape and in-combat; [BONUS] Servosuit sells for only $1, but I have already deleted that campaign so no campaign screenshot, have the .json one instead:
  14. Description: Using SOLDIERS tab to switch soldiers' loadout instead ARMORY tab deletes their worn armour / limited quantity items (100% repro) What Happened: Created a new BASE ASSAULT loadout on my Sniper, she kept her armour after loadout switch from ARMORY tab; As did the 2nd Sniper when switching loadout from SNIPER to BASE ASSAULT via ARMORY tab; The heavy and all remaining soldiers whose loadouts I switched via SOLDIERS (barracks) tab lost their worn armour; Further information: Tried switching back to previous loadouts, but armours did not re-appear; Checked all soldiers in reserve, but none of them had armours anymore either; Confirmed there are no armours in any of the storages; Tried dropping into ground combat to see if its some kind of visual bug, but the soldiers wore their tactical suits; Checked an earlier save and the issue can be reproduced 100% of the time; It seems to affects ALL limited quantity items like armours, undersuits, crafted weapons; Massive pain because it removes the option of mass-switching of the loadouts but at least now I know how our gear keeps disappearing.
  15. Gotcha, was just surprised that fairly simple tech foxtrots required UFO equipment to work Do we get access to better stun tools than the basic stun baton and stun grenade/rocket? I'm at start of phase 2 and I find enemies to take obscene amount of baton swings to go down.
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