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  1. As this is an important topic and I want to ensure it's seen by the developers ASAP, I apologize that I triple posted this across 3 sections of the board. While installing the CE mod, I discovered it contains a virus. Please see below thread for details!
  2. As this is an important topic and I want to be sure it gets the attention from the developers, I apologize that I'm triple posting this in several board sections at once. I detected a virus while updating to Xenonauts CE. Please see this thread for details.
  3. Please note! I decided to try the Community Edition today and opted into it on Steam. While the download was running, my anti-virus software popped up telling me it had detected a severely dangerous trojan. When I checked the details, it was coming from my steam download! I attach the screenshot of what was downloading and the error I got, as well as the error details which I paste below. Trojan: Win32/Dorv.D!rfn The following error occurred: Error code 0x80508023. The program could not find the malware and other potentially unwanted software on this computer. Category: Trojan Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. Recommended action: Remove this software immediately. Items: file:C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\downloading\223830\assets\mods\xce\GCSubmapEditor.exe file:C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\downloading\223830\GCSubmapEditor.exe
  4. The most painful (most clunky and less optimized) part of the game for me is the soldier selection screen. One of the biggest causes of this is when you assign or un-assign a soldier from a dropship, it jumps to the top of the list. If you have 2 pages of soldiers, you have to scroll down once more each time, for a total of 16 times (8 un-assign of old people, 8 assign of new people) Also it would be great if this tab worked like Excel sorting does. Sort by column A, then by column B, it maintains the order of A in each grouping of B. So if I sorted by soldier name (A, B, C) and then by type (Sniper, Scout, etc), I would have A, B, C for Snipers, then A, B, C for Scouts, etc. Currently it loses the first sort order and reverts to a default sort order, by B. Third, there's no way to rename a soldier from the soldier management list. You have to go into the equip soldier list, and here you can't see their stats comparatively. I rename my soldiers per their role, and rank them A, B, C based on who's the best. I have to keep switching screens and looking for the original names to do this, which is painful.
  5. Almost every combat mission I fight, I will encounter this bug. During the alien movement phase the foot step audio for an alien will start looping, and continue looping until that specific alien is killed or the mission ends. It is not limited to a specific alien type, and could be the sound of walking or running (if there's a difference) I cannot reliably reproduce this, or predict it. And there is nothing specific I've noticed that might be a cause or co-symptom. System: Win 7, SSD, running in Steam. Intel Xeon E3 cpu, Intel DZ77RE-75K mobo, 8GB DDR3 ram, EVGA GTX 970 video card, on-board motherboard soundcard using 5.1 speakers via 3 phone connector audio cables.
  6. When I try to sort by name or rank, it does not work. Not much more to add.
  7. An update on this bug. I tried numerous times to get around this so I don't have an alien group flying around forever. Even over water it didn't help. Then I engaged this same group with my 2 planes and just took out the 2nd fighter. Then I engaged the now lone Corvette with 1 plane and when I popped it I didn't CTD! Could the bug be caused by a conflict between auto-recovering the fighter datacore and spawning a crashed corvette? (As I now have the corvette crashsite to investigate) Maybe you can't do both at once?
  8. I am having a similar problem. I engaged a "Corvette & 2 Fighter escorts" alien group and knocked out one of the fighters. Then I saved my game before my second squadron hit them to finish things off. Now when I load the game and win the second engagement, whether through auto-resolve or manual battle engagement, the game crashes. The save game file is available at this link for now, as I'm unable to upload it to this thread. Just load it, speed up time till combat and win for CTD. Playing v20-H2.
  9. In my case it's a rock but the same problem. In a combat mission, hunter's pathfinding sends it over a rock, and as soon as the two meet the game crashes. I've had it run over crates and chainlink fences ok, destroying them in the process... So I'm not sure if it's supposed to be able to do the same for rocks or should go around them. Here's a screenshot, if I click move... *CRASH*
  10. Been playing for 2 days now, keep up the good work. I'd like to see a return to simpler and smarter controls in combat. An example of this is the TU reservation panel. Instead of a slider showing all options in the game with some greyed out, how about the mechanic used in X-com with buttons. And you only see the buttons for those options you have. Clicking is a lot easier than positioning over the slider, holding the mouse and then moving up or down. The analogy I can give are games you play where you have to log in and on the title screen you have to click on the password field before you can type it in instead of having the cursor already there. It's a small step, but when you do it hundreds or thousands of times it adds up. Imagine a game you log into 4 times a day, it would get annoying fast. Thing along similar lines for all other controls. Oh, and make the scroll bars wider too. Mousewheel doesn't work too well, it scrolls down the list and changes the selected soldier/item. And the current bars are so thin (I play at max res) they are hard to catch.