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Thread: New UI preview!

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    New UI preview!

    Here's a preview of how the new UI will look. This is more to keep everyone in the loop as to what we're up to rather than to solicit much feedback at this stage. The UI has gone through enough concept iterations now that we know pretty much what works; in fact in this iteration we've stayed much closer to the present design than previous designs have.

    The main changes are:

    1) A consistent topbar across all the screens. This improves on the current design which only has 4 tabs on the Geoscape, and vastly improves on the previous "immersive" concept which would have awkwardly used a sign on the wall for navigation. It means that the navigation buttons and the date / money information is all in a consistent place on every screen, which is key from a usability point of view.

    2) We've implemented a tabbed "speech bubble" menu type on most of the screens. This has two advantages - it keeps the UI clean as we don't have to have all the information on screen at once (the player can just click to the desired tab) and also it adds more character to the game. There's now a chief on most of the screens, which involves you in the organisation a bit more.

    3) It looks a lot nicer. Our painted background are nicer than our previous ones and you can see more of them than before, and the light background works better than the dark one we currently use. It's just much more coherent than before.

    Some of the art is placeholder. The topbar name is the same on each page because there was no need to update it, plus the background art repeats on the right-hand side.

    I can't be bothered to go into details on aspect ratios, but if you have a 16:9 monitor you'll have the ideal experience from the game. If you have at 16:10 then the actual playable area will remain the same, but there'll be a band of background on the left and right of the screen that will be hidden.

    So, here's the UI:

    Laboratory Screen:




    Soldier Equip:

    Vehicle Equip:

    Aircraft Equip:

    Base Screen: (this does not yet have a painted background, it's just a layout!)

    There's also the Geoscape and Xenopedia screens, which are not yet complete. The Geoscape is being concepted up at the moment. Here's the current concept for the Geoscape screen:

    EDIT - if you want to come up with your own alternative concepts (as I'm not tweaking these concepts any more) then you can download the Photoshop files for the UI screens here and have a go:
    Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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    cheers Chris

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    great stuff Chris!

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    Looks very nice!
    It's cool that scientist has a sidearm, it adds to the atmosphere of constant danger.
    I also like the geoscape concept with people working beneath the big screen.

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    These look fantastic! It's nice to see the pre-set loadouts on the soldier screen, I've been doing this manually. I hope they are customizable!
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    Some feedback:

    Can we please have the black background windows back, or at least the option for it? All the white is kind of in your face.

    Is there a max capacity for each storage room? I still can't see it listed anywhere...

    Other than that: Looks great

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    That's a lot of Chris Englands. Stockpiling backups or preparing for a galactic conquest?
    Hey, space is a tough place where wimps eat flaming plasma death.

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    Nice and clean look! Good work.

    In order to make these look more like a game, not a corporate medical analysis software i would
    - make the weapon backgrounds a little transparent
    - make all text stat screens a little transparent
    - make text have stroke and fill color
    - bring out the contrast on the weapons colors a bit.

    Like this:

    Basically the UFO Defense dialog box way:

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    I hope the geoscape map will retain its current build look, i really like the filters and the terrain detail on it as it is. Please dont go all slick and clean on the new one.

    Also the barracs art... that guy has his legs spread a bit too wide? And i cant tell if hes an amputee or his left arm is akwardly hidden behind his back. Im cool with the amputee aproach, but his pose needs to be reworked i think.

    Most often i play at nights so im not a big fan of white UI. It would be great if you made a grey or some other darker skin as an alternative.

    All of these are minor nit pickings but i felt like mentioning them as the majority of replies to these update posts start to seem as mindless praise with a whole lot of adressing you by name. No seriously Chris i've never seen any other community do that to this extent, its becomming obsessive, Chris.

    Other than that, great job, Chris!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApheK View Post
    These look fantastic! It's nice to see the pre-set loadouts on the soldier screen, I've been doing this manually. I hope they are customizable!
    They have been customizable since V17. Click on the Big Red A.

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