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    Xenonauts V1.01 Released!

    I had the loadout CTD once after loading a game but without entering ground combat.
  2. I made liberal use of gas as well as cattle prods on the remaining guy in the save ([ATTACH]3871[/ATTACH]). The electro-shocks showed the number, but they didn't stun him. If this is by design, how is the user supposed to understand? Especially as, at least with the cattle prod, this alien as well as the little flying saucer show the stun damage number. The message would be perfectly clear, if they showed "immune". "resisted" would go in the right direction but imply that they resisted this one time, and might not resist next time. Fight2.sav Fight2.sav
  3. This is technically not a bug but a usability problem. The UI uses drop down boxes, for example to allow the player to change a soldiers assignment or a hunters guns. The drop down boxes work, if you click on them. It was not obvious to me though, that they were drop down boxes. I found out accidentally after hours of play. So, they should have an indicator.
  4. Maybe Berserk is the wrong name then. Being Berserk was considered desirable. "Most historians believe that berserkers worked themselves into a rage before battle, but some think that they might have consumed drugged foods." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berserker One might argue that only if the urge to fight was so strong that you couldn't hold it back even if you couldn't find an enemy you'd hurt your comrads.
  5. Of course they are. They may not be new to the battle field, but they sure are new to this world.
  6. I had a CTD on 1 of 3 runs. CPU: i5-3350P. GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series 9.012-121219a-152192C-ATI.
  7. I had the CTD at start of the first mission with V20C1 and CTD at opening the Inventory with V20C2. Resolution 1680*1050.
  8. Myth


    You might want to leave it in for the "easy" difficulty setting.
  9. Myth

    Mouse Pointer+Corners

    Finding the edges of the map is very reassuring. To me, that is. Being able to find them or having them from the start reduces my tension dramatically.
  10. Myth

    V17.9 Released!

    Havn't. Reboot as rarely as possible. I did exit and restart the Desura client, though.
  11. Myth

    V17.9 Released!

    I tried again. The Desura client marked Xenonauts as "not ready" and installed something. This time after choosing "Play" there was an error message. Pretty nondescript. The next try showed the above mentioned behavior.
  12. Myth

    V17.9 Released!

    Just downloaded it from Desura. It doesn't work. It asks me which version I want to play. I chose "Play". I see the Process in the task manager. After a few seconds it goes away. No error is displayed. End of story.
  13. It may be a tiny bit late for drastic changes, but the idea just came to me now and it might find consideration later, if time permits. The hidden movement phase has two functions: 1) It shows what the soldiers perceive during the aliens' turn, so that alien's the player can retrace aliens' positions from the directions of bullets and civilians. 2) the waiting creates tension. For me, the waiting also creates aggression towards the game developers. I don't like to be made to wait. I'd rather the soldiers did the thinking themselves. If they were shot at from some direction, they might just mark an area as potential alien ground. If they saw an alien pass them by, without noticing them, they might indicate, that an alien of type X went "that way". In game terms they could do so by overlaying the map (including the fog of war) with an arrow. This would also give the game more of a role playing feel. Additionally, the game could replay the soldiers memory of what they saw during the hidden movement phase on demand. It shouldn't need to be accurate every time though, as memory never is. If soldiers return fire, the game would need to show. But if they are killed or unconscious, it shouldn't, as they wouldn't live to tell.
  14. Myth

    Build V17.6 Released!

    I reloaded the autosave of the beginning mission, played it through and did not have the same crash. When I tried to exit the game it did crash though. After reloading the savegame and trying to exit the game again (after the chopper had been back to base) it crashed again. Downloaded via Desura
  15. Myth

    Build V17.6 Released!

    Same here. CTD after returning from the first mission. When the mission was completed the game showed the mission statistics. I pressed the space key. The Screen was black but for the top bar with the speed setting keys, the base, the crash site and the chopper. The chopper did not move, but a white circle returned to base. when it arrived the game crashed.