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    Unix/Windows admin, previous game developer, and lover of RPG and RTS/SIM games.
    Used to be a beta tester for MicroProse and UFO1 and 2 (:
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  1. <p><p>Happy birthday!</p></p>

  2. The ability to assign Roles as a template to your soldiers, makes for a much more strategic element. A more sensible research tree structure Better movement , like jumping over a low fence. Thats just a quick three.
  3. I'd go with metric.. most military and scientific organizations use metric as the standard.
  4. My only criticism.. the research and the workshop have an awkwards cut/wrap on the right side. It looks like a wallpaper that is too small for the screen and is being repeated again. Research shows this really well with the computer terminal and the desk it is on (right hand side) just appearing with a hard line and total break in continuity of the flow. Otherwise like it.. a lot.
  5. oh gawds yes.. I had a few boot floppies for different games so I could allocate and load only what was needed
  6. Looking forward to is as always Be good to try some concentrated tests.
  7. I'm just hoping we don't get a corrupted save file at that point.. can you imagine saving at the choice, then not being able to catch it again?
  8. Do you not have the option for the ZIP file at http://www.desura.com/games/xenonauts ? Should be on the right... There is no direct link we can give to it as it is keyed against your Desura account, but you should be able to get that (the ZIP file) at least..
  9. The 17.1 full download from Desura is the latest standalone. You can get it from Desura after you have created your account and linked it (which I'm assuming you have done). Just go to the games pages in Desura and look on the right hand side for the big ZIP file , and as noted it will say version 17 in the load screen as the executable was not recompiled. You will need to have either the Desura client install or the standalone ZIP file on your system for at least V16.1 before you can patch it up.
  10. I;ve had the message when I had too many units selected, but reseting it to one had the correct action happen
  11. Wow... I love my browser it's showing every date as on EVERY post as yesterday.. *sigh*
  12. Which OS are you on? 17.1 is the latest for Windows..and I am pretty sure all others.
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