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    Thread: Three Builds to Beta!

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      Forum Moderator Max_Caine's Avatar
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      Nov 2011
      Time to new build (t) = Time to create build (cb) * Time to upload build (ub) * Time to validate build (vd) * Time for Chris to poke validators (pv) * Time to watch a boiling kettle (inf).

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      So what? like a couple hours or days?

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      Commander thothkins's Avatar
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      Mar 2012
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      surely t=(((cb+ub+vd+pv)*inf)*moan)

      where moan = whine*(demot+ven)

      moan= overall time lost due to detractors from message boards
      whine= sum of posts in forums wondering why it's not done yet
      ven= viciousness of said posts when deadlines that may only have been hinted at are not met
      demot= demotivation form reading comments on message boards.
      "...not having to believe in a thing to be interested in it and not having to explain a thing to appreciate the wonder of it."

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      Forum Moderator Max_Caine's Avatar
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      Nov 2011
      ttom154. Once Chris announces the new build, it's usually within the same day-period.

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      WishfullThinker Gorlom's Avatar
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      Dec 2011
      Quote Originally Posted by ttom154 View Post
      In how much time do you guys think the new build will be out?
      Chris said on page 7 that he would upload the game "by tomorrow" even if the bug wasn't squashed by then. So I'm expecting a post by Chris shortly about it being uploaded and then waiting 1-2 days until the guys at Desura wakes up and validates the version.

      (note: the definition of a day when Chris uploads a new version is that the day doesn't end until he goes to sleep... so technically he can prolong "tomorrow" for an additional 72 hours. although he has never done that to my knowledge)
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      Sergeant Moxar's Avatar
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      Jun 2012
      near Paris, France
      Our project leader is truely a proffessionnal!

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      Beloved Leader Chris's Avatar
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      Oct 2011
      London, UK
      It's up now. Would have been up earlier but my friends hauled me into the longest game of DOTA 2 I have ever played in my life.
      Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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      DOTA rules, but Xenonauts rules more.

      Thanx Chris.

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      any idea if/when there will be new types of planes available. I think adding things like a refueling plane or an aew&c plane would add quite a bit more depth to the air combat. you could have the larger planes drop paratroopers, to allow for quick deployment to a battlefield that's far away.
      I was hoping for something the fighters would have to escort and defend the slower planes against attack when inflight.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
      One of the show-stoppers is fixed. The other isn't. I'll release the build with it in it anyway if it's not fixed tomorrow simply because it's an obvious bug but won't cause crashes if you know about it...
      Yes, it's very obvious that the game crashes when you start ground combat. I'll make sure to avoid it.

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