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  1. That I think started to happen from last game patch. At least that's when I started to get it.
  2. uh oh, is this base done for? I wanted to test and see if I can place the base else were, thinking that if the command center is never built then the base would go away. It was in the process of building the command center and I right clicked it and selected yes to destroy it. Now I can't build anything in this base.
  3. Ahh, I never changed any values in buildings.xml. I wonder why it worked in the default game, oh well. Thank you for letting me know. Oh I understand and have been through the mod, a brutal challenge nonetheless. This is just for personal fun.
  4. Loving this mod, but can't get "gameconfig.xml" to behave properly. What I'm doing is changing the lab and workshop space per building to 50 each. In the normal game this works, but with this mod gameconfig.xml file, it is not taking the changes in game. They are all still at 10 each. Am I missing something with this?
  5. T04dSt0n3d

    Anyone play garry's mod?

    Cool, thanx guys I'll check it out.
  6. T04dSt0n3d

    [V1.07] Skitso's Improved Tree Stumps

    I have to say, you do some fantastic work. Thanks for sharing.
  7. T04dSt0n3d

    Anyone play garry's mod?

    For years I always see it, but I never got around to play it. Is it worth the time?
  8. T04dSt0n3d

    Some Xenonauts Concept Art

    I can see an expansion pack made from these concept arts.
  9. Ah cool, thanx jaZ.
  10. When on the geoscape screen, if you press the build base button, you are unable to cancel that option. I press the ESC key and only get the options menu. Pressing the ESC key should cancel the build base option. And if I click other tabbed buttons after I click the build base tab, the other tabs do not respond.
  11. T04dSt0n3d

    Build V15 Released!

    So far the only thing that bothers me about this game are the UFO's, I just hope in later releases that gets balanced/fixed. Looking forward to this release, thanx Chris and team.
  12. So my work pc is not the greatest it’s a Dell E6320; Windows 7 64bit, connected into a docking station with a 22" external monitor @ 1366x768 for the laptop screen and 1920x1080 for the external monitor resolutions. When executing the game, the launcher will start, but when I click full game the monitors will both flash repeatedly and not load the game. This is with the non Desura download. Heh I guess my work has it blocked; v13.x works fine, but not with this version. I just tried to run v14.1 with only the laptop screen and the game just crashes when I press full game.
  13. T04dSt0n3d

    Where is V14?

    Sweet, gotta love new releases.
  14. T04dSt0n3d

    V13.2 hotfix released!

    Only way I found is, don't navigate away from the page.