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  1. We have revised the armour system, introducing armour classes with very specific features and roles to take on. You will be able to try them out in the next version.
  2. Yes. it is a terror unit. Too excessive ? Thats terror units for you, i think thats a nice touch.
  3. confirmed the bug with the save. I guess it definitely has something to do with the reactionmelee. And with loading a save. Here is an example below that verifies that reaction shots at melee range are definitely possible without a freeze - while i also confirmed that the reaction shot from loading a save freezes the game. I guess this is yet another example of what goes wrong when you load a save. It might help or not but the most stable saves are manuell ones. manuell > auto > quicksave.
  4. invisible walls wont get fixed by me, if somebody else has the time though ;). screenshots: win 7 ? deactivate aero, otherwise google your OS + take ss in game There is a known bugs section in the main page, otherwise we immediatelly fix most bugs or put them under the known bugs issue tracker and try to fix it later ( main page ) or state that this won´t be fixed, at least not by us
  5. You are welcome, your game looks to be perfectly set up, so everything should be working now. if something happens we can properly troubleshoot it. good luck
  6. grenade.knife
  7. i agree, but i also had a case where someone extracted each individual rar file - which is not the point in a multirar file. Onto the knife issue .
  8. your logfile says everything is perfect, so your game must be as perfectly set up as any other. Ok, now onto the knife issue, i would greatly appreciate screenshots or videos, with a more detailed description of what is happening. and i still need to know how you extracted the multirar file. what do you click on ?
  9. What do you click on ? walk me through. as long as you get the right launcher it doesnt matter i think. but yes gog is in the xce folder, i think. you can give me more information if you 1. start up the game 2. new game > enter ground combat > alt tab out of the game 3. look to the folder where you deleted the scripts, there is a logfile, you can directly append it to the post.
  10. looks very ok. How do you extract the rar ?
  11. thats new ? old ? all ? please always append the modloader, everytime you make a bug report. also giving more information helps me to get to the bottom of this. I can say that your problems dont exist, i support multiple youtubers and their recorded experience on screen is ok. But we can go through it one by one. 1. did you delete everything before making a clean reinstall ? 2. did you properly upgrade your gog version to the latest one ( 1.65 ) ? 3 did you properly install xce ?
  12. well, i dont want to be sore, but ... this would mean a lot of fixing again :p. its easier if you would do a clean installation, following the instructions to the letter. you dont have to, but its not x-division you are playing. Either way, good luck and have fun . is there anything we could make easier for the installation ? @Phoenix1x+52 see. this is the reason an installer could really be helpful .
  13. check your tropical mod, wrong version. delete folder > copy right one out of the x-div rar. how did you downgrade your tropical version, since you are not using steam ?
  14. looks quite good. the xce ones are ok. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut .... i just noticed you are using not the right game\launcher. look at the right top and compare it to the official one. then search your game for the correct xce exe. its either in the xeno folder or in the xce folder. if you cant find it you are using an outdated xce version.