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  1. These changes would turn your game into the official one, just a suggestion.
  2. @vasig Let me take at your modloader order ?
  3. You can use OBS tp record stuff. The battle scanner counts 11 aliens + 9 infected humans * 2 ( yes, parts ... gross ). That is after the battle is over. There is still enough room for 11 aliens.
  4. I count 11 units, i think thats reasonable ^^.
  5. Yes, thats correct - copy and paste error. Revised the patch installation instrunctions: Installation: 0.99.4 is the current version - there is currently no patch available nor necessary !
  6. New Version is out and it requires a new installation. DAY 256 Version 0.99.4 "Enemies inbound" Link Increased damage and stun damage for shotguns/carbines by 15% Terror Battleship: Increased Turn Rate, Added Drones Lotus: Change weapon outload from 2 heavy and 1 normal to 1 heavy and 2 normal weapon slots Increased the speed of all drones Increased recovery threshold of soldiers to the intended level, soldiers have a chance to be recovered to up to 49 damage points below 0 hp Moved the shields to the new One Time Updating system Buffed First Aid Kit Aircombat Radio Sounds 2.1 V1.0 integrated Revised medipacks and first aid. Medipacks now have 4 stages and the feedback from the community has been integrated. First Aid is now good at what it actually should be: quickly patching up wounds while having less healpower per weight than a regular medipack Revised the bleeding system, increased bleeding chance, decreased damage per wound Anti missiles are now infinitely available increased alien surival chance on UFO crash = more aliens, lower chance that valuable operators gt killed during the crash Race research bonus increased,tweaked and normalised to around +20% per race, catching the maximum amount of different units yields the maximum bonus, medics have a seperate +8% bonus The Hive updated to 0.9, new models, new units, completely revised stats and AI, new gas animations, new abilities .. and more .. New and revised andron race into andronx, new units, new AI, .. you get the drill ... New, flat suppression system Increased bravery gain per medal from 1 to 3, making medals more than a armour decoration Decreased weight for all flamethtowers and their ammo to be below a hmg, and increased its damage by 100% It is now possible to retake xenonaut bases within 48 hours if you at least put up a fight to save it. The retaken xenonaut base will lose all of its scientist/trolls/aircraft Increased Game losing condition from mostly 4 lost countries to: 9/9/8/8 It is now possible to retake lost countries. Once a country gets lost an alien base spawns in its parimeter. To retake a country all alien bases have to be eliminated - including the spawned one. Psi Game v0.5: Decreased chance of berzerk happening from 10% to 1% Decreased stabilisitation from 40 to 20 points decreased Moral regeneration per turn from 10 to 2 Basically doubled the bonus for the highest officier on the mission from maximum 20 points to 40 Increased Vehicle loss malus increased chance for an moral event happening for every point below 40 from 1.75 to 3.5 The most important change is that suppression fire no longer reduces moral, but by 1 - 2 points. Wounds also only do half of teh damage in moral points increased bonus for aliens when killing civilian/xenonauts/locals. If you encounter an alien on a rampage it might be very hard to suppress him Decreased fear damage from -80% to -50% decreased message duration overall. This can be further decreased Brand new code: Safety in Numbers: At the start of the turn, the game looks for the highest 2 (!!!!!!!!!) ranked soldiers in range of every soldier and adds a bonus threshold of both values together. If the highest ranked soldiers in range are a captain and a major the bonus pool will be 5 + 6 = 11. This bonus will NOT (!!!!!!) get taken into considerations when calculating % reductions like fear. If a soldier has 50 moral points and gets a bonus of 11, then a reduction of 60% means -30 points and the total moral points will be 31. The bonus pool cant get reduced. This means if you have a bonus of 11, then you will never be able to have less than 11 moral points, no matter the circumstances. The Safety in Numbers code line is not so much as a bonus pool, but rather as a failsafe net, which lifts you higher up and prevents you from falling below a certain value. It is a quite THE prevention for your soldiers to fall below a certain value and panic. So ... dont go alone, take some comrades with you ! The bonus pool will get cleared and refilled at the start of every turn again. This happens BEFORE the chance of an moral event is calculated. This means you could lose moral points if you went away from your squad, and it could mean that you will gain moral points when the soldier gets into the range of higher ranked officiers again. revised antimatter weapons Implemented human stun variant with 1/2 of the damage All stun gases now have multiple per tile properties - this makes the alien stun gas an powerful position denier tool changed manufacture requirements for all upgraded grenades/ockets to need its predecessor increased TU cost for alphareaperclaws from 30 to 40 %TU, same for omega and zeta reapers Improved tooltips design in the soldier equipment screen a lot more Charons Changes mod: Increased AI aircombat thinking chance on veteran from 0.5 to 0.7 Fixed Phase 1 Division and Laser MK3 being in the wrong category Added different requirements for Phase 2 MK3 weapons New visuals for aircombat Increased crouching consumption from 3 TU to 10 TU, and turning while crouched from 1 to 2 TU, increased the bonus while kneeling from +20% to +30% accuracy and +20% to +30% cover. This change is to demonstrate that you cant simply make a sprint then throwing yourself into a crouch and still expect to have better aim. It also makes a real decision, because crouching and uncrouching now takes away 20 TUs, which is substantial. This makes the alien way more dangerous when suppressed - so take care, commander Revised character panel drag costs: Into hand: from 12 to 4, Into Backbag: from 4 to 10, Into Belt: from 4 to 2, on the ground: from 0 to 0, quickthrow: from 8 to 8 Increased recover time for destroyed airplane to 144 hours 3.1 Installation 1. Make a fresh install - just to make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be. 2. Install the latest XCE version. For steam users right click on Xenonauts in your library > Porperties > Betas > coomunity - Xenonauts: Community Edition branch For GOG users follow the latest installation instructions here: 3. If you downloaded the steam workshop support mod install it now. This is to show some support but has no other purpose than that. 4. Download all 3 parts of X-Division 0.99.4: Download ( Part 1 MD5: ad4da0a00434208b0069f9f51474f714, Part 2 MD5: e635e5ada7cc9bafca2131149ba7baea , Part 3 MD5: eb7a87b4801c18917038e7d686c3a7f2 ) 5. Unpack the multi rar file and put everything into your Xenonauts folder: 6. Delete your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal folder every time you change or install something. Like right now. (windows, i dunno about other OS). Ubuntu 16.10 : /home/USER_NAME/.local/share/Goldhawk Interactive/Xenonauts/mods/internal/scripts This is important - every computer has these files. 7. Start up your game, and bring your modloader to EXACTLY this state: There are some optional mods you can activate/deactivate. Lets go through them one by one: 1. X-Division Easy Airgame X-Division Easy Airgame increases all autoresolve winning chance calculations by around 70%, totally throwing off my balancing and making you a favour. Additionally the dmg to the winning squad gets reduced from 30% to 20% and the coeff for the winning squad is set from 2.0 to 1.3. 0% winning chance is 0% below 0.875 and 100% is above 1.25, meaning that when the autoresolve calculator shows 100% you have a reasonable chance to emerge without any harm from the Airfight Recommended state: ON if you want the airgame to be easier autoresolveable. 2. COM - Ambient Sounds/COM - Ambience Forest This mods add ambient sound and add the least amount of instability to the game - it still makes the game more unstable. Recommended State: OFF if you dont want to risk a higher instability for beautiful sounds. 3. COM - [V1.08] Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack Adds alternative soldier faces to the game. Deactivate Khall´s more Portraits if you are using this to avoid art inconsistencies Recommended State: OFF if you dont want to play with more realistic faces. Checklist: You only have X-Division Workshop Support if you subscribed and installed it from the steam workshop The modloader needs to be EXACTLY in this Priority order. ALL mods you want to play with need to have a "YES" in the Active column, if you want to play with X-Division Easy Airgame you have to activate it ( I dont ) You shouldn`t play X-Division with any other mods than stated. Only cosmetic mods are allowed and only if you know exactly what you are doing. Keep in mind every savegame is unique to its mods its saved with. 8. Apply the latest available patch - 3.4 Latest Patch section ^^. Every patch contains all prior changes as well. You did it. Welcome onboard, Commander !
  7. That doesnt exist here, All kinds of damage get evenly spread as far as i know. The center does 100% while the farthest tile does 75% - this is in the config file. Additionally every gas tile is the same.
  8. MAINTENANCE scheduled for 4/23/17
  9. Come again ? I didnt get your question. whats an independent range factor ? What mods have you been using ?
  10. aiprops: The "Abilities" line only works for units, not races weapons_gc: In case a unit may receive emp damage the game calculates if the normal or emp damage is higher and applies the higher one
  11. weapons_gc: Melee weapons cant do emp damage psionicpowers_gc: The "dread" ability is a praetor race exclusive one
  12. @Elarion made these charts to better help him understand the game: Aircraft: Autopsy: Interrogation:
  13. @Chris will handle it, i guess. Prepare to send the email prove to him and you may receive an steam key.
  14. @Xplodingducks Sure, i like it. You should rethink using exact values though as they will always be subject to change. And some values are and paraphrases are not correct - the alien fighter flies at whooping 2970 mph and the maximum damage of the fighter beam is 400, compared to 500. You seem to like to address the player directly with air comabt manouvers. I think you could make it a kind of a design how you deliver this information to a player, with a fancy name and a recogniseable writing pattern. Maybe refrain from addressing the player too directly and more like " Here is a report, i suggest you read it but thats up to you".
  15. Latest tests suggest that the ability "Robotic" does not provide the andron immunity to stun nor does it make it vulnerable to emp. [6680] Soldier (AI 67) hit melee: [6680] random value (83) > chance to hit shield (0) => hit unit [6680] armour damage reduction (0) = max(0, armour resistance (0) - armour mitigation (100)) [6680] damage (1) = max(0, damage (1) - armour damage reduction (0)) [6680] Unit HP (14) = max( -20, unit HP (15) - damage (1) ) [6680] Unit stun HP (15) = max( 0, unit stun HP (15) - damage (0) ) [6680] stun damage (11) = max(0, stun damage (11) - armour damage reduction (0) [6680] Unit stun HP (4) = max( 0, unit stun HP (15) - damage (11) ) [6680] Trying to play animation injured_ENY [6680] morale change by (-0.500) = damage (1) * moraleRate (-0.500) [6680] morale (100) = max(100, min(0, morale (100) + value (0))) (alien: AI 67) [3276] InputReportBuffer:3, 1, ed, 64, 0 So how do i get the robotics trait on my units ?