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  1. The condition to trigger this is to look for aliens which usually only spawn once in a mission, praetors for instance. If you capture a praetor on your first attempt then you have no corpse to research whatsoever. Since the corpse only leads into an xpedia there is no actual research loss, but you still dont get a corpse and no Xpedia. And at this point you can say that its "logical" because the humans didnt kill the praetor, and it becomes a simple "logic" argument. Looking at it from a gaming perspective you can say that not getting a corpse while getting an alive alien will need you to redo another mission, which might be hard to spawn. For people who like to complete everything a real pain in the ass. And at that point its just a minor thing. One note though, from looking at the code there were containment buildings planned so it might have just been that, some buildings not finished and with a "kill" button.
  2. I think you are all not getting the OPs simple note that captured aliens dont unlock Corpse research, although it should from his standpoint because whatever happens after the interrogation you should have a corpse afterwards, unless the interrogation is more intense than bullets piercing through your body in the battlefield. The possible simple fix for that is to make an captured alien also unlock the corpse research, if we go along with the logic of the OP.
  3. @KyzerI can also host proper teamviewer sessions where we can work together side by side.
  4. Sure, just ask ahead. Thats why i told you to send me the file. There is a proper medication system for the next version. Medikits wont increase in weight that drastically anymore, for starters, and patches got a good niche.
  5. I have none, i don have the time to revise them or even look at them, we are in a different development circle right now. @drages could look at all of them whe he has time and wants to do that. If it makes him happy . Sure, just whatever you like. If you can write like an angel you could write some lore. If you dont want to torture your brain we always have some strings to do. If you want to map you can join our mapping team. If you want to test we got the latest version inofficial ready. The thing we need most are writers right now.
  6. I think the proper solution would be to replace the intital stun damage with stun gas, which makes 10 charges not do more stun damage than 1 per turn. Add a high dissipation chance and the exploitis fixed while everything else stays the same. We would need to change up some lore for that but thats ok. Ill put it on the list to get revised when we come to that. Thank you for the feedback. Ill immediately revise the melee ones, but the others will have to wait until we have more manpower or are at the point of revising those.
  7. Yes, thats what i meant, most explosions destroy charges. Looks like the EMP damage is not to trigger the explosives but not to destroy the item ? We can always nerf the shock charge exploit by adding more limited manufacture requirements, like energy cores. What are your suggestion ? Congrats, you found an exploit . Now i have to think how i prevent that . This is why i love the community, nothings impossible for you guys . Otherwise you are playing ironman ? Feel free to suggest changes than.
  8. Has already been revised for the next version, lighter than the hmg and double the original damage. Eh, @Phoenix1x+52 ? This has been deliberately made this way. Rockets still have a good range, and can be shot beyond vision. But i think you are right, having obstacles in the way with even a 10% block chance which would hit your own men ... is risky. I havent actually considered the tactical option to trigger a charge with another explosion. Too unreliable because of the game/engine calculations ... but using shock grenades may be a new invention. So you say you reliably get the damage of the charge ? Yes, we made them smoke grenades right, and that the AI doesnt shoot if the % fall under a certain number is definitely something which can be exploited ... @drages ? I think we are on the same page with this, a change is overdue. Yes, i know your feeling, a change would do good. Unfortunately i dont have the permission to change anything there. Good feedback. Arent Katanas cool ? Ofcourse, we cant balance everything perfectly at the first shoot, thats totally a community effort and achievement if we get a reasonable balance right ( props to you guys ) . As far as i can see i made the manufacture requirements pretty high ? So capturing praetorians must be a piece of cake ? I also believe that this might be a slight save/loading issue. There are a lot of powerful tools available because casualities are inevitable. If you get hit by a blood grenade and then reload its another story ofcourse. Equipt your scout with a katana ? The next sebillian grenades blasts your whole valuable equipment to smitherens. Althought all of this is no reason to not balance them . Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, that doesnt seem right. I carefully balanced everything that in Phase 4 you have everything available to research everything of importance. Yes, i would need to revise the antimatter tech tree, its quite unresearchable at the moment. It needs very precise conditions, which once you have passed them are even harder to still get, and at one point impossible. Its a story tech line, so quite hard to figure out interdependencies to still make a straight line. The Enforcerer seems to be hard to get, here are the requirements: Researches.AlienAlloyHardening(AND)Researches.AlienElectronics(AND)Researches.AlienFusionReactor(AND)Researches.AlienSingularityCore(AND)Researches.AndroncontrollerDisassembly(AND)Researches.AdvRailTechnology(AND)Researches.AdvSonicTechnology(AND)Researches.PraetorInterrogation(AND)Researches.AlienAncientTechnology(AND)Researches.AdvAlienAncientTechnology(AND)Researches.AndronEliteDisassembly(AND)Researches.AndroncontrollerDisassembly(AND)Researches.Andronintel(AND)Researches.SebillianDataHack10(AND)Researches.SebillianDataHack11(AND)Researches.SebillianDataHack12(AND)Researches.CaesanDataHack10(AND)Researches.CaesanDataHack11(AND)Researches.CaesanDataHack12(AND)Researches.SebillianheadengineerInterrogation(AND)Researches.CaesanheadengineerInterrogation Maybe its bugged. I can unlock any tech for you if you want to see all the content, just send in your researches.xml and your desired techs. I would appreciate more exact examples, so i can make more exact fixes. As of right now the mothership should just have the same content as the battleship. Dunno, you must ask the community for that. I designed the loadout so that it is not able to get taken down, because it didnt have a Crashsite, but now it does, but it hasnt been tweaked for that, i think.
  9. 3.3 Troubleshooting This mod is %98 stable. If you got any weird problems like aliens without guns, strange visual errors, game crashes, they should be about wrong install or mod loader issues. Be sure that you got X:CE, X-Division and X-Division Patch is installed and then come to our topic with your save game and we will help you. Sincerely yours, Drages I think i got a bug, can you help me ? If you want some help when you make a bug report or think that something is not the way it is supposed to be, add full screenshots of your whole modloader and your savegame ( geoscpae only ).
  10. I think nobody has gone that far with the system. Dunno, looks like nobody else has done this before, at least i didnt see any other mods that have done what you attempt, you are on virgin lands. Last option would be to look for non visible bugs, like a lot of vanilla files have. Summa summarum: I cant tell you if thats the limitation of the system or if an invisible bug hinders your progress. Thats your adventure :).
  11. You seemed to have missed my point, there are basically 2 types of files 1. Spreadsheet 2. Plain text ones Both of them are following different rules. 1. Spreadsheet files dont take any commands ( seems to be wrong ), while 2. are capeable of doing so. Researches/Xenopedia/strings are spreadsheet, weapon_gc is plain text. ... Reading throught the OP again lets me realise that i cant help you with the topic in question, because i have no experience in that. Posting screenshots about what you did with the researches and xenopedia would be helpful.
  12. Dont use any command for the strings file. Its something like a hybrid between a spreadsheet and notepad file, but is considered a spreadsheet. No commands are needed for spreadsheet, if you the identifier is something known, it replaces it, if it isnt, it inserts it. If you want to know more in more detail read @llunak thread or read the Modders Wisdom thread from this guy called @Charon. Research and xenopedia are spreedsheets too so dont use any commands either. Can you show me what you mean you update different things without text conflict ?