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  1. 20:40 - Charon: the point is that every time a base gets successfully raided the countrys relationship bonus gets set to the value which gets defined in the gameconfig EDIT: instead of only when the country is lost. Mind that only the last base in that country should count as retaking the country, not that every single base in a country has the possibility to retakea country. Thx
  2. The moment you abort a mission it disappears.
  3. 2 examples of a single research.
  4. Are we talking about retaking xenonauts bases ? I have never seen such a thing, anywhere, and im sure we wouldnt have missed such a point in our whole development. Where is the code ? And how does it function ? +1.
  5. We worked like [animals that have a reputation to work hard] and because of YOUR 0.34.2 we have now 2 gb of game content ready and thats all your fault. ... if you get what im saying .
  6. We finished with everything. The only things we have to do now are the ones which dont work, AKA gas and the country retaken code. I dont know if i was dreaming, but did you actually say something about retaking xenonaut bases after they have been lost, and that it actually works ? Oh right, and i almost forgot about special missions, when are they coming ?
  7. This is the most neglected modloader i have ever seen. Why do we even make an installation instruction ? Read the installation instrunction in the OP.
  8. Alwyas post your modloader if you report something. If you report something state what were the last actions you did, and the features of the crash.
  9. 1. Post the whole modloader. 2. Your modloader is wrong.
  10. Just calling it out, but X-Division changes this campy behaviour, we have the most experienced AI developer on our team, and even if it occurs it gives you adequate tools to deal with this kind of situation. Heres an example of an attack and counter attack on an alien carrier with and agianst aliens: While the aliens certainly tried their best i was just deadly prepared for it. But you should be able to see that the aliens try to pick a good opportunity for a counter attack, while still not committing everything, so their behaviour cant be exploited, but can still catch you offguard if you have even the tiniest bit of hole in your defense. SECONDLY ! X-Division doesnt have aliens which run or hide in the last corner of the map. They have a goal, which is to destroy you, and they try their best to achieve that in a group fashion. Again, this is all due to our AI programmer @drages. I also give input if im not satisfied with the AI. Ofcourse if their numbers get low they get a bit demotivated to play ultra aggressive, but that would the optimal behaviour anyway. They will always try to find a good angle to shoot at you though. Here is an example with only a low amount of units: @Pave You may be right, and in your playing style as well. I have played the ultimate game where we addressed all these issues for so long, that i may not be up to date to vanilla/XCE flaws anymore. Thats possible right now, and fire in the hole makes top tiles on UFOs destroyable, so there goes your entrance point.
  11. Search for the group X_Division on steam, im the administrator there. Twitch is ... Charon117 i think.
  12. Twitch is another option too. Both way, i can play and you learn, or visus verca.
  13. Well, i had a beginners "i take you by the hand" video series in mind, but if you are on steam you can stream and chat with me while playing. How does that sound ?
  14. This seems to be exactly what im talking about, instead of facing a problem with casualities you distort the result by backtracking time. In the end its just a matter of choice about playing style. All in all i think we are pretty much on the same page. Its all cool, i just want to tell you that you miss out on a different kind of experience and the maturing of skills which comes with it. Just calculate everything manually, its not that hard. There he goes ... . There goes another player which was educated by todays games to not think himmself out of a disadvantageous position. Its not fully his fault though, there is practically no other guidance available.