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Unlock soviet weapon


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There aren't specific soviet weapons (AK47 aside, which is used by ground forces), because there also aren't specific NATO weapons - there's just alternate Soviet art for the general weapon classes. The Soviet Weapon mod is just going to be an image swap for the existing starting weapons.

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As an FYI, it's *really* easy to make the AK47 appear as another assault rifle in your armoury considering pretty much all the xml files are there thanks to being able to pick it up during a ground battle and use it with your troops anyway.

Been a while, but it was a couple of tiny tweaks to the items.xml and I think possibly having to add one xml entry to the xml file that controls the armoury (weapons.xml).

Of course, adding new magazines for it is a bit more involved, but no more than about 10 mins work in all.

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