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  1. Hi chris splendid work, i would only say: remove the text-windows that appears when hidden movement come, often i cant see what happens on my soldiers. I dont know if is a bug, maybe you can add only a text that not hides all.
  2. mitrida

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    patch notes for v8?
  3. hi chris, i suppose that steam key has been sent, right?
  4. hi chris i made a mistake, accidentally i have click on GOG but i would have steam version, so i have opened a ticket to xsolla for change my decision. is that correct? thanks
  5. mitrida

    air support

    It would be a great addition to the game devs: air support, like air strike, bombing, drone reconissance during missions. what do you think?
  6. sorry tactical the file stucks: XNT Into Darkness V5.0 Expansion Pack.rar Caricamento file in corso...
  7. i dont find the download link... where is? thanks edit:ok i saw now, " under validation"
  8. mitrida

    Unlock soviet weapon

    in the build 4 i have seen - Fixed missing AK47 GUI image, but there are no soviet weapon in the game , only m16... etc