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Thread for removed content from alpha/beta that can be modded back into the game

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So I've been thinking, there's a lot of interesting stuff that at this point isn't clear if it will make the final cut or not and at least some of it seems like a real damn shame to me. So I thought it might prove to be useful to create a tracking list for all the contents that has been slashed out of the game but could remain in the assets directory for possible future modding. This would make this thread different from this one in the fact that it deals with stuff thats in the game, only incomplete and not completely kicked out of the game (like the example of the Russian ballistic weapons).


So here it goes:




Colossus tier 4 heavy armor


Warrior tank

Archangel tank

Terrapin Mecha


Flame thrower

Plasma Torch

Alien Flame Thrower




Scuttler (this one seems to have been scratched out completely from day 1, but its name is still in the assets so i'm guessing that Chris and his team might have more on this in their archived dev versions)

If I forgot anything else, feel free to add it. Hope this gives ideas for some relatively easy mods for the game's future when its released :cool:

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double checked the assets directory
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You need to add the following:


Hunter (as it is in the folders the hunter is a Bradley APC clone, and actual hunter is called Ferret)

Archangel (only a dropship loadout image is left of this forgotten tank.)

Terrapin ( Dropship loadout image of a biped Mech/epic power armor. In audio folder are some big robot walking sounds not used)


Praetor Gun (only definition is left. Looks like an integrated short range awsome damage gun for praetors.)

Flame Thrower has versions in fusión, alien etc not only in plasma.

Edit: Alien advanced grenade looks to be really used , my bad. Praetor gun surely will be in game, only an entry in weapons.xml is needed for it to be active.

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Or a misleading thread when something is listed as removed that is just not actually finished yet.

Flamethrowers may not be possible to mod in.

Don't know if the actual code is finished but last time I tried to get them working they were an odd cone AoE explosive which leads me to think the template system and related code is not ready to be used.

That may mean modding them in is not possible in any form recognisable as a flamethrower.

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Gauldlike - why not use an explosive damage AoE like a rocket, only define its damage as incendiary/fire with increased values

Couldn't the cone be fine tuned according to the modder's choice ?

I think there is an angle for the cone set in one of the config files (didn't find that until later), the size may be set by the range of the weapon in weapons_gc but I couldn't tell.

It may just be a case of playing with different animations and projectile animations to make it look ok.

I didn't feel that an instant cone AoE explosion felt or looked much like a flamethrower with the (obviously placeholder) effect that was present at the time.

I didn't dig much deeper as we were still waiting for the template version of the flamethrower to be added.

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The mechanics may be ready to go, Chris mentioned that the choke point was that the animator to make the flame effects was no longer available for free lance work.

Maybe that meant the rest was done, or that it had not been started as it was unlikely to make it in.

If the mechanic is there then the rest can be modded.

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Gauldlike - From what I recall Chris indeed mentioned that the choke point was the animation. Otherwise I understood that the flame throwers are supposed to go in

edited OP with a more detailed list, lightgemini - thanks for your comments

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Plasma torch and Alien Flamethrower are the same thing. The other vehicles won't be moddable, because we never rendered them out or got the art done for them.

There's the infantry Particle Cannon, which has art and sprites done for it, and also the Soviet Weapons which have art (and the AK-47 has sprites).

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