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V18 Hotfix 1 Available!

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This is just a small hotfix that fixes a number of bugs in the game courtesy of our ground combat coder and some work from Giovanni. To use it, just replace your existing Xenonauts.exe with the one in the archive file and then replace the existing vehicles.xml in /assets/ with the one in the folder too. If you downloaded the game via the Desura client you do not need this!

Archive here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/V18hotfix.rar

The fixed bugs are:

  • Aliens should no longer spawn inside solid objects.
  • Scimitar is now correctly a 3x3 vehicle instead of 4x4.
  • CTD when you walk through smoke is removed.
  • Grenade throw mode no longer disappears when you mouseover an alien.
  • Grenades should no longer occasionally just disappear when you try to throw them.
  • The auto-generated crashsites now no longer make the radar ranges on the Geoscape disappear.
  • UFOs are a bit less aggressive now. Only the air superiority missions will actively try to shoot down your aircraft.
  • When you click "Go To Aircraft / Vehicle" after you've built a new one, it now takes you to the specific unit just built rather than just to the general screen.
  • Ctrl key is no longer incorrectly "sticky" on screens with quantity arrows, so they'll only max the quantity if you actually have Ctrl held when you press the button rather than having pressed it at any point before the click.

We'll be working on other bugs for the remainder of the week, like the shooting through walls or spawning inside UFO walls (separate issue to them spawning in props), but that'll require updates to numerous files so that won't arrive publicly until we release V18.1.


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