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  1. I recorded a video and made it unlisted so only people clicking through this forum can access it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ihLVf0HItM (timestamps are also in the youtube video, so you can jump right to the bug there) 0:52 still possible to cancel first base 1:28 hangar still highlight and clickable only left half 4:10 really unintuitive that clicking the Armory button does not return to the “aircraft screen” 5:50 at first glance no roles displayed is a little confusing 6:15 if I choose the “secondary tab”, then I return to the Armory “aircraft screen”, and then back to soldier equipment screen, both the “primary” and “secondary” tabs are highlighted. (same problem for belt etc.) 8:00 renaming soldiers the cursor is a little off position, writing corrects the position 8:23 during name writing the text position changes slightly in height 8:50 no aircraft displayed (probably because I canceled the first base) 9:45 the dots in message screen are different length in each row 10:10 “launch aircraft” button has a UFO picture although the target is just a waypoint. No interceptors are shown (probably because I canceled the first base) 10:30 day and night zones should be a bit more differentiated in darkness in my opinion 12:00 not showing TUs left at the end of movement is a major usability problem 13:20 I really miss the click and drag battlefield scrolling 16:40 I really hate the Hidden movement picture obstructing the screen. The Alien tur on top is enough 20:35 saving on ground combat does not work 22:35 probably the wrong “ufo door” sound playing 23:45 cursor not visible behind obstacle 33:53 there should be some feedback like “game saved successfully” 36:20 no instructions how to control the air combat, at least some button should be displayed 36:58 after not shooting down the UFO, I cannot click the squadron an tell it to fly home, olny the UFO is clickable 37:15 scroll wheel zooming was not fluid other info: 4K monitor, Threadripper 1950X 4GHz, OBS loads cca 30-40% of GPU
  2. I recorded a video and made it unlisted so only people clicking through this forum can access it. My list of bugs in the first build (timestamps are also in the youtube video, so you can jump right to the bug there) I have a 4K monitor so many of the geoscape visual bugs are likely caused by the high resolution 2:35 it is possible to cancel the first base, that is confusing and a newbie may not find the „build base“ button 3:00 „health bars“ of continents display elsewhere 4:05 without building the first base the „launch aircraft“ is active and the possibility to launch Skyranger appears 4:35 Africa base displays elsewhere on the geoscape 7:40 role change and equipping role gear does not work 8:00 can unequip a weapon by right clicking, but cannot equip a weapon by right clicking 8:05 when I grab a weapon the small image is show elsewhere 9:00 it is confusing that the armory and manage space in aircraft is in the same button 9:20 changing the time flow works by clicking the 1234 keys (not on numpad) but the change is not visually represented on the bottom of the screen by highlighting the corresponding arrows 12:10 it looks like a “main base” and the base that I built both exist. Skyranger is in the “main base”, falcon is in the new base. 13:00 the Skyranger and “main base” icons on the map are displayed elsewhere than the “source to target” line 14:00 Falcon and UFO are not displayed, probably again displayed elsewhere (off screen) 15:10 construction of living quarters take like 2 days instead of 5 days 16:00 (not native English speaker) maybe there should be “sell” instead of “sale”? 16:55 I have no idea how to control the air attack. (maybe some buttons off screen?) 17:40 the graphical representation of 0/100 is the same as 6/100. There should be something like “destroyed” displayed 17:50 Aerial battle result says “-0HP” instead of “-100HP” when my plane was destroyed. I did not find a way to buy a new aircraft 18:15 minor graphical bug – highlighting the hangar only highlights the left half 23:50 minor graphical bug – number of dots top and down is not the same 26:35 graphical bug – straw over cart 26:55 graphical bug – black seam line 29:40 cannot see behind a building (there is no hint that E is used for rotating) 32:20 graphical bug – exploded hay 35:00 it looks like soldiers have a very long range for throwing (and throwing is very TU cheap) 35:30 saving on ground combat does not work 42:50 why did my soldier stop moving? peripheral vision of an alien? there was no “alien spotted” icon 45:05 my soldier appears on a tile twice with different postures 46:30 graphical bug – cabbage through floor 49:10 walls are destructible but door not? 53:45 mission with a Skyranger with only a few soldiers alive crashes the game
  3. OK, I will not release such video. Until you give it a go.
  4. OK, I will respect the no streaming. Is it okay to make one youtube video clearly labed as "first look at early closed pre-beta build"?
  5. janprusak

    cursors x-com style 0.1

    I like this a lot.
  6. janprusak

    End Turn Autosave option

    Agreed. An option to autosave on the end of turn (disabled by default) would be great.
  7. janprusak

    [X:CE 0.30 HF1] - HP bug?

    Screenshot I'm using Skitso's map pack, Soldier roles in minibars, x-com cursor style, Skitso's Sleek AI Turn I think that's all.
  8. janprusak

    [X:CE 0.30 HF1] - HP bug?

    Why are you linking me to a forum this thread is posted in?
  9. janprusak

    [X:CE 0.30 HF1] - HP bug?

    Then I think It should be fixed.
  10. janprusak

    [X:CE 0.30 HF1] - HP bug?

    Hi, I have experienced multiple times that I begin a ground combat and one or more soldiers have for example 69/67 or 87/85 or so HP. Can that be caused by a soldier not on full HP being sent on a mission and him being healed while in the dropship? Nevertheless it should not display more/less in ground combat.
  11. Hi, I have experienced two bugs while being on higher floors in buildings. I'm using Skitso's map pack. Situation 1: An alien grenade landed nearby destroying the tile right in front of the top end of stairs. This made it impossible to walk back down resulting in 3 soldiers being stranded on the top floop of a building. The pathfindig still showed the way down the stairs but soldiers did not move. It was this building http://i.imgur.com/pZnWUgc.jpg in the top right area. Situation 2: A plasma canon destroyed a sidewalk in the first floor and an attached wall with another sidewalk on the other side of the wall. A soldier was standing on that sidewalk. The soldier did not fall, remained where he was when the ball hit. Strangely in this case he was able to walk on the evaporated sidewalks while acting like the destroyed wall was not there. Is there no falling implemented? Another minor bug - I once loaded a game on the geoscape and wanted to intercept a UFO but at a Corsair there was written "Fueling -13246548651354%" (or a similar meganumber). When I closed the intercept tab and opened it again, it was already OK. I'm making a Czech play through and have all situations on video if anybody would be interested in details.
  12. janprusak

    X:CE 0.30 Release Candidate 1

    I'm not sure if this mod will be in XCE 0.30 http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11243-X-CE-0-24-Soldier-roles-in-minibars I think it should be. Btw. great changes. I'm currently recording a playthrough of XCE and these fixes pretty much answer all my complaining.
  13. janprusak

    [Suggestions] Interface improvments

    Totally agree with the suggestions. Those are very important.
  14. janprusak

    Xenonauts V1.09 Released!

    No new patch in the last 3 weeks? Are there any more known bugs?
  15. This version seems to be quite buggy. 1) In a night mission, at the beginning of the mission or after hidden movement, it takes some time to update the LoS of Xenonauts. 2) No damage taken by Aliens is displayed. 3) When shooting through some object with 100% to block, the target still shows 1% to hit probability. 4) Soldier development sometimes shows "BRA" and sometimes "BRAVERY". Why? 5) New soldiers still have stats 45-55. 6) The game froze in Soldier equipment tab once. Had to kill the process. If needed, the bugs are in this video (czech commentary, enjoy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1KkEam0_Cg