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  1. New maps are quite awesome. Really enjoying experimental builds despite some bugs. Can't wait for final product.
  2. You're right, it does seem to involve changing role first. It definitely still happens to me that way
  3. I am getting these crashes too in v20.3. Usually happens when I first create a load of jackal armor (as that's when I first need to go and select my troops one by one). usually after a few the game locks up.
  4. More minor stuff. I think some info might be flipped on this barricade tile I often use these concrete barricades to hide behind. I don't know if they are all this way, but on this scout desert map, a xenonaut unit will walk through the front or back of these barricades as if it wasn't there, however, they will play the vaulting animation if it is crossed the long way.
  5. a minor thing. I don't know if there is an easy way to re-slice the graphics for this one...but look how the bottom of the entrance overlaps the units.
  6. I get this one as well. I can't get more than a couple of missions in before I get a hidden movement hang. The good news is, I think they know what causes it--they've been good at eliminating it in the past. Probably some stuck units on the new maps
  7. Awesome! Can't wait to try it out. That is a ton of changes!!!
  8. I know we're not going to throw out all that sweet animation/rendering/painting-over work, for so many frames in 8 directions, times possible weapons... just because of a bit of xenopedia text. Maybe the xenonauts just never got it on tape ?? I think they should be able to take cover...just a lot less inclined to do so.
  9. Whoa Nino! That's what I was wondering. I just started a new game, and I'm having hard time not going broke with only three bases (2 just interceptor bases), good to see that it is possible to do more. I must be managing my money poorly, because I'm definitely knocking most of the UFOs out of the sky. I'm going to try and be super careful and see if I can get that much coverage
  10. Not sure if you already tried this, but I noticed the ground past the door looks different on your picture than it did for me. If you destroy both of the power cores in the 2 side rooms, the floor beyond that door should become grey, and if you move all units to it they will teleport out of the mission. Once everyone is gone, the mission ends. Not sure if the tank is causing a problem, I blew mine up on accident, but it shouldn't be able to teleport if the cores are still intact.
  11. If a Hyperion tank is destroyed, the graphics will be those of a destroyed Hunter Scout. Hyperion was facing the upper left corner when destroyed and was on final mission tile set.
  12. If you load a ground combat where previously your guys were getting hit with "feeling of dread" each turn, the morale attacks stop coming, even if no actions have been taken.
  13. Not sure if it is really a bug, or just a work in progress. But you can launch and complete Operation Endgame more than once. and the geoscape keeps chugging along like nothing has happened. Also, the reapers in the last mission only come in one small group. Not sure if they are supposed to keep coming, but the text made it seem like they would become a big problem if the objectives aren't met quickly.
  14. I've found that what works best for me is to go with two bases, one as a "real" base, the other as just an interceptor base, built in the second month, with nothing else going on really. I keep 5-6 planes in each and I usually have only one foxtrot in each base until it is replaced with Marauder. I'm able to shoot down most of the UFOs this way. Doing this is the only way I've been able to ever get far enough to research everything AND unlock the final mission before the UFO waves and country unhappiness gets out of hand. Are people making it work with just one base? Are you guys doing well enough to sustain three bases? I haven't had much luck with any other strategy.