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Going Viral--Plus--Another Take On The *Broken*-Not-Just-Annoying "Hidden Movement" Graphic

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I'm putting slightly differen versions of this in both general and bugs since I think it applies in both.

It's been a while since I've commented/reported anything, but I've managed to avoid the current plague, and although my 100-year-old mom tested positive at her old folks residence several weeks ago, she's actually doing fine now.  Anti-bodies may or may not protect her after this infection (no one knows yet), but in the case of my mom, we're hoping.  
Still can't visit her yet, of course.  And others at her residence have not done so fine--protect your elders!

In any case, I hope all of you and your loved ones are healthy and hanging in there--and not totally broke yet.  It's great to have games to relieve cabin fever and forget about where the rent might come from.

I reviewed comments that Chris and others have made over the past 12 months or so concerning the "Hidden Movement" graphic (HMG) that pops up to (supposedly) hide alien and friendly acitivity that are "out of LOS [Line Of Sight]."  
And I'm bringing it up again, since Chris said in Feb.: "keep reminding us [about the issue] every few months and you'll probably eventually catch us at a good time. : )."  So I'm trying again, since I just played the last build and the issue is still around.  

However, I want to check something I noticed in looking back: Chris (maybe--not sure) and some others appear to think that my concern is that the HMG is annoying as opposed to actually broken--and I want to make sure I'm not misinterpreting what is being said, because I'm beginning to feel a little crazy about what you guys think or don't think..not that this would be that unusual for me.

For example, Chris has said: "It's not a bug" and "The HM screen is only meant to be displayed if action is occuring that isn't in the LOS of your soldiers; it's literally meant to hide movement that is hidden."  
Now, I've noted the "meant to" wording, but other commenters have said sort of similar things along the lines of: "the HMG may annoy you, but it is just hiding stuff that your troops couldn't see anyway."

After a lot of tedious checking and screenshots I've shared here, I've confirmed to my satisfaction that--on my computer--many if not most times what the HMG does is to hide alien action which is clearly within the LOS of my troops--including even alien melee attacks on adjacent soldiers (how can that not be in LOS?).  
I've also confirmed that the HMG will pop up even over totally black (undiscovered and no LOS) areas where the player can't see anything anyway!  A couple of other members have confirmed these problems, but more seem to misunderstand what I'm saying, as mentioned above.

So if most of the time the HMG varies between being redundant (since the non-HMG LOS mechanic seems to work just fine), and hiding alien actions which are clearly within soldiers' LOS, that means the HMG is significantly BROKEN, not just annoying, right?  And yet, almost no else seems to be concerned about aliens getting to make sneak attacks in broad daylight with no cover--so to speak--and the player being deprived of information that is often important in making next-move decisions.  

The only reason I can think of for the lack of upset is that most members just assume that the HMG is working correctly, or maybe think that there is no way I am able to check on his?  
Any new thoughts?

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Okay, here we go--as specific as I can make it.  What is demonstrated here, happens in every game.  See also a couple more examples in the "bug" section.


We're fighting in the good 'ol container yard.  I include it here because it's almost unrecognizable after I get done with it (below).


Follow the numbers.  Basically, the alien turn starts, an HMG plops down on the screen, and when I push it partly out of the way
it turns out to be covering two aliens advancing towards friendly troops IN THE OPEN, IN LOS.  Maybe the HMG code is reacting to some other alien that should be hidden--maybe the LOS mechanic that works fine every other turn has suddenly stopped working and the HMG springs mindlessly into action to prevent vital secrets like what's happening in front of the squads' eyes from them.

It doesn't matter.  It's broken, and as soon as a player is aware that the HMG essentially acts like a dog walking in front of the TV and looking expectently at you, frequently, in no predictable way, it becomes, for me, a deal-breaker for the game.  If I saw this happening in a demo, or someone playing the game, etc., that would be it for me--I'd move on.  That's why I'm spending so much time and energy on this--I'm hoping that very soon anyone new who might play the game or see it played doesn't see a random blocking of battle action.
(Also, it really kills any fun left--for me--during the 200th play-through of a battle).

I know others will have other reactions and I respect everyone's preferences.  It's just that I'm guessing that both developers and players believe that the HMG is only blocking hidden action--and that's demonstrably not correct.

And that's the end of my advocacy on this issue--if my evidence isn't convincing, I'll go back to making pink and blue Covid-19 baby masks...



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