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  1. Comrade

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    When will you consider balancing some of the ground combat units? Those floaty orb eye things still feel like placeholders and the new androns are not necessarily appreciated. Either way, I'm loving the game so far! I am definitely pleased that you decided to keep the core gameplay of Xenonauts 1. After all, don't fix what isn't broken. Anyways I hope you cool dudes enjoyed your Christmas vacation, and have a happy new year.
  2. Comrade

    Training Mode

    Not gonna lie, I think you are the only person who loads up games simply to pracitce. Usually, losing a soldier is either a quickload for me so maybe thats why its not a problem
  3. So Phoenix Point is a massive disappointment and I've already played the XCOM games That being said, can we have any sort of estimated time of release from the devs. They seem awfully quiet recently and I'm worried this game will just turn into abandonware. I really hope it comes out soon, cause I've run out of XCOM like games completely, and this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for
  4. Comrade

    In the Defence of Armour

    What about adding some sort of flat damage reduction. For example, it is said that the wolf armor can tank a 50cal at point blank range. For the wolf, we would simply add ignore certain amount of ballistic damage as a flat value. This system is easy to balance and it makes single shot damage weapons more viable, as 1 big damage only gets reduced once, unlike multiple strike weapons like a machine gun. This system would make getting new armor much more rewarding, as previous alien weapons May not even scratch your new suit.
  5. TBH Alien smoke seems like it could either be really annoying, really useless, or maybe very OP. In general terrain modification probably shouldn't be a tool given to the AI because of how dumb it is. If we give the aliens smoke grenades, I wouldn't be surprised if they just covered the entire map in smoke.
  6. Comrade

    H.E.V.Y Fun

    As of right now, the HEVY launcher's base accuracy is WAY too low. Equipping a soldier with this weapon is basically suicide because they're more likely to blow themselves up than the enemy.
  7. Watching some of the youtube videos of Xenonauts 2, what happened to the Androns? When did they go from footsoldiers to basically mechs? The new model is a bit immersion breaking and the fact that they walk through their own UFO's walls is also not very helpful. Also why do they explode when they die now? Isn't that mostly supposed to be something the drones do? TLDR: The new Androns are immersion breaking and I don't like their art style or balance changes.
  8. Comrade

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

    Yup, enjoy the New Year too!
  9. Comrade

    Elements of Apocalypse

    I think adding companies would ruin part of the atmosphere of Xenonauts. You have to remember that this is a much more legitimate, much less back door program, unlike XCOM. We cant even sell things for a profit and we get all of our funding from countries, not companies or private individuals. Having to manage individual companies would really take the scale of the game down a peg from a global organization to more of a national organization. For example, if Lockheed Martin got infiltrated by aliens, that's the US government's job to deal with them, not the Xenonauts.