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    Idea: Conceal Mechanic

    So uh, does that mean we agree that a concealment mechanic is bad, because I REALLY don't want to deal with Pheonix Point Tritons in Xenonauts
  2. Title, why was it removed? I thought it was a very good interceptor as well as showing what humanity was capable of without using any alien tech. It also showed off some Soviet stuff which never makes a SINGLE appearance anywhere else. I mean, what even is the point of the Cold War if we don't show some Soviet equipment too at least.
  3. Actually, in the first game, they made it very clear through in-game lore that the reason why the aliens didn't bring out their best was because they needed to slowly convert their starships to be capable of atmospheric flight. Also remember scouting becomes a whole lot more important when you are landing on a world totally alien to you with no context whatsoever about their military and economic capabilities.
  4. One of my favorite featurs from Xenonauts CE was the removal of the "Hidden Movement" box. Is there a way to remove it in Xenonauts 2? Surely I'm not the only one who absolutely hates it.
  5. I'd still like it to be a feature where if you shot down UFOs fast enough they can't do certain missions. I for one needed that because I liked to have a lot of fighter bases scattered throughout the world and 1 single large base for storing soldiers. Those other bases NEEDED to be able to shoot down attacking UFOs or else they would be destroyed by base raids. Im very OK with simply making those other two missions you mentioned not require a UFO to start. As long as base assault always needs a UFO and its always somewhat obvious that a UFO is approaching, I'll be fine.
  6. Just wondering since I haven't seen an andron for a while, but is the andron in the image I attached still the andron image in-game? I remember a while back the androns were very tall and thin-looking, which for some reason I just hated a lot. This andron looks a lot more reasonable and I was just wondering if the final andron will look like this.
  7. I think the idea of helping certain factions on Earth rather than putting all resources into fighting the aliens would take away from the game experience a lot. It would create a PP like situation where you fight other humans more than you fight aliens. I'd prefer the geopolitics to be left out and have the game's funding regions be simple and straightforward like the last game.
  8. Comrade

    Idea: Conceal Mechanic

    I don't really understand this. The point of a sniper in Xenonauts is that they can shoot from farther away and more accurately. It doesn't matter if the alien can see you because the sniper is halfway across the map outside the alien's effective range. Personally, I actually found snipers to be very good by just sitting them on top of a roof and letting them pick off any alien that shows itself, avoiding return fire by simply being far away. As others have stated, this camouflage could be very easily exploited and if the aliens have access to the same tech (why would they not), I could easily see it becoming one of the most annoying mechanics in the game.
  9. Any estimates yet? Its ok if its vague. Just want to get a general road map of when we should expect Xenonauts 2 to come out. Will it arrive before the end of 2020?
  10. As of right now, is there a way to change the starting soldier stats? Asking because one of my favorite things to do in the first game was to set all the starting stats to around 100 as a minimum so the soldiers would act more "realistically." I also enjoy removing any level up bonuses for stats so the soldiers become more expendable. When a new recruit is as strong as some veteran, the pain of losing soldiers becomes a lot less and you can burn through them, which is how I enjoy these kinds of games.
  11. This is a bit offtopic, but does the hevy still destroy corpses and loot from aliens? I thought the fact that in the previous game you were rewarded with more money from alien equipment if you shot them rather than blowing them up was a good feature. I feel it solves an XCOM quirk where there was no reason to not abuse explosives as even if you missed you would still kill your enemy. It seems like alot of these XCOM esque games really make explosives good simply because the soldiers cant aim for shit with projectile weapons.
  12. Comrade

    selection sound

    It's both, both sounds are very high pitched and it grates our ears. It reminds me of selecting something on a phone with the weird sound and vibration. Either way it's only a minor complaint and like you said you get used to it after a while. Change it if you want, but of course its a very very minor change.
  13. Comrade

    selection sound

    Most definitely, if a sound could assault your ears, it would definitly be the selection and click sounds.
  14. Heres a simple idea. For the sake of fun and gameplay (Maybe not realism) could we have the grenades ALWAYS land somewhat near the target? It could be a small radius around where you aim that may not be that large or that small. This way a grenade will never land at your feet or next to your ally. A lot less frustration and grenades become safe to use once more.
  15. Comrade

    Early terror mission balance

    It appears that they finally tweaked it so the reaper does need to kill to zombify. That is probably one of the BEST changes from Xenonauts 1. No longer will your immersion be shattered when some weird-ass bug with chitin claws manages to 1 tap your full predator armored tank.