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  1. I feel this mechanic would do nothing but add unnecessary item bloat. X1's streamlined economy was one of the main reasons I played it instead of OG XCOM.
  2. Sometimes a simpler system is better as it allows other areas to stand out more. Also I'm not sure I appreciate Charon's attitude. I for one did NOT like his mod so people who do not appreciate his ideas exist. Just because he made a submod does not mean he is entitled to lecture the devs on his idea for Xenonauts. If he wants his vision, let him remake his mod instead of putting it into the base game.
  3. Theres a reason I love to change soldier stats using modding. If theres no difference between a rookie and a comando, then I won't get attached to my soldiers I enjoy using them as mere machines rather than dealing with their "humaness" Besides, these soldiers are supposed to be spec ops, so experience shouldn't matter anymore.
  4. While these seem like well thought out ideas, lets remember Xenonauts is a grounded game If I saw an eldritch abomination, my immersion would break immediately because that's not how the aliens look Also slamming as many "cool" weapons as you can doesn't really make combat more interesting. Often times by adding too many types of alien all of them become less unique. I urge caution and moderation when adding new enemies.
  5. Do you guys think simply replacing the hidden movement image with a transparent one would work? It's one of the main reasons I got Xenonauts CE, to remove the image completely
  6. How hard would it be to completely remove the hidden movement graphic through modding? I don't imagine its as simple as modifying the stats for a gun.
  7. Um, not to get too off-topic, but as a proud PC gamer your argument about War Thunder and not using a mouse causes me physical rage. I mean, you said fly like a UFO, that sounds like an Arcade problem and not a mouse problem. Also the fact that the mouse is better than the controller just proves that it is, and if console people get salty about being at a disadvantage for refusing to use a superior control scheme, that's their fault, not ours
  8. Do they still 1 shot you? Because if so that's not a good feature and should probably be changed. Reapers not only broke immersion in the original game by 1 tapping predator armor boys, they were also the most hated enemy by far in terms of how annoying they were. They weren't even scary, they were just annoying when they turned a soldier into a zombie you would then have to kill.
  9. As long as the aliens are grounded and not too "out-there", the game should be fine Basically no codexes or watchers from XCOM 2
  10. So to get your point straight all of these "quirks" like the laser not being reloaded or the plasma losing charge can be modded out EASILY right? Also you mentioned plasma has the highest DPS. Did MAG weapons get removed?
  11. Can we lock the thread "Has the community dragged this game back to Xenonauts 1" now? The post was made last year and the conversation has long since moved past what the title said. Lots of topics brought up inside of it get buried. If we locked that thread, people would make new threads discussing their own ideas and it would be a lot easier to read the suggestions. I know this a weird way to ask for this, but these forums don't have a DM feature so this is the best way I can think of to request this.
  12. This Flares were fun for a while in X1, but after a while they just got old. Even the late game armor like predator and sentinel had limited vision when it was night time. Like of all the alien tech they reverse engineered, night vision wasn't one of them? Come on the aliens can see at night using their tech, why can't we after yoinking their technology?
  13. Well its refreshing that they decided to keep the old system. One thing though, how annoying are these "flaws"? In the original game the only real flaw was less ammo, which wasn't that big of a deal and could be easily ignored. The laser weapon recharge mechanic on the other hand... My god is that annoying. Is there any planned flaws for plasma and mag weapons?
  14. Uh pls no. That would completely ruin the hard ish sci fi aspect of Xenonauts
  15. Right? Right? No more alien mind control of your soldiers? My god that feature was cancer in the originals. Once a soldier got mind controlled, it was basically impossible to do anything but shoot them or run away. Things like beserk, panic, and flee were annoying but at least a little more fair. But total, complete mind control? My god that was annoying.
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