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  1. As per title really, attaching savegame groundcombat-1.json
  2. I have lost a few in 8.0 build without a crash, but that was my first plane loss in 8.1. And thanks for the explanation! Makes sense.
  3. Yup. Reproduced it both ways multiple times, CTD every time on this save.
  4. In this save after you shoot down the UFO (either by manually guiding your planes or auto-resolve), the game will CTD when you press "ok" on the post-interception screen. strategy-28.json
  5. Right from the start of the game, I got 2 raid missions, and even though I sent skyhawk out instantly, it did not reach the site in time before the mission expired. That doesn't seem right.
  6. I sent 2 interceptors against an observer, each armed with 2 skylances. While some hit, and sstrategy-22.jsonome missed, the hits triggered the correct graphic but caused no damage to the UFO whatsoever. Attching save from just before the interceptors catch up with the ufo.
  7. I have blown side of the ship with a breaching charge, but the wall is still blocking shots (on the same round as blowing it up), even though it's not there. It seems to only affect the edge wall. user-2.json
  8. Puciek

    [V8.1 combat] No gun sounds

    I restarted the game and the sound is back. Weird. I will try to grab a log and save if it ever comes back.
  9. Puciek

    [V8.1 combat] No gun sounds

    Sorry, just for the starting soldier weapons so far. I can hear the aliens shooting just fine.
  10. As per title, there are no gun sounds in combat, all other sounds seem to be in place.
  11. Sadly that's not it. I even restarted the game and it was still showing the basic cannons.
  12. So I have built few weapons for the aircraft, but I cannot replace them. When I select the plane and click on one of the weapons, the box with available weapons expands, but clicking on any of them simply makes the box disappear, and loadout remains unchanged. After clicking weapon: And after clicking either the skylance, or energy lance, it won't change, just close the selection box.
  13. When I hit "commence mission" on alien terror, the game seems to progress just fine, loading screen goes all the way to 100% and then the game CTDs. Attaching save, simply load it, hit "commence mission" and observe. I tried to attach the logfile but that refused to upload, just stuck at "queued". Edit: Managed to upload the output.log strategy-22.json output.log
  14. Puciek

    [V8] Can't load saved games

    Ah got it, thanks.
  15. Puciek

    [V8] Can't load saved games

    Those are new saves as you can see on when they were saved. Guess something went wrong when savegame was made and wrong version was put in, but they were made in v.8.