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  1. I have ambient sounds completly turned off, just want to hear combat, but those little truckies on screenshot still make a lot of noise, so I guess they are lumped with the sound effects category, which doesn't seem right. Screen of sound settings attached too, and pointing camera directly over those trucks causes the engine noise level to be deafening.
  2. As old as the original ufo games are, and xenonauts proudly following suit, it is usually smart to over-pack your soldiers, and then on first turn drop the excess eq into a neat stockpile at the dropship. Stuff like more ammo, replacement shields, grenades, stun weaponry, what have you - just to give you more versatility while in the field. And fair is fair, well placed explosive by the aliens means that much more gear is then destroyed. The process is tedious to do in every fight, so why not expand the dropship with some storage that you can put gear into at base (within some sensible weight/grid limits)? Same result, so no balance changes, just without all the annoyances that go with the current solution of over-packing and dropping. If this feels like maybe OP, introducing full load weight limits into dropship would be one way to fix it, although if the locker is op, so is over packing, but that now quietly happens, anyway.
  3. I wiped out my gamex/xeno2 folder just to make sure there are no lasting issues. Then i start xeno2, I can hear music going, and it opens in a full screen as per default settings. I change those, and can see that display.json changes accordingly: { "Fullscreen": false, "Display": 0, "DisplayWidth": 1920, "DisplayHeight": 1200, "DisplayRefreshRate": 100, "Vsync": 1, "TargetFrameRate": 60, "SSAO": false, "SSAA": 0, "GraphicsQuality": 5, "Brightness": 0.0, "Contrast": 0.0, "ContrastRedChannel": 0.5, "ContrastGreenChannel": 0.5, "ContrastBlueChannel": 0.5, "Gamma": 1.0, "CameraShake": true } Now I exit the game, the file is still as seen here, and then mooment I turn it on again, boom, it's reset to defaults, same with audio.json etc. Seems it just resets them at every start, instead of once. And I can reproduce it every time, { "Fullscreen": true, "Display": 0, "DisplayWidth": 3440, "DisplayHeight": 1440, "DisplayRefreshRate": 100, "Vsync": 1, "TargetFrameRate": 60, "SSAO": false, "SSAA": 0, "GraphicsQuality": 5, "Brightness": 0.0, "Contrast": 0.0, "ContrastRedChannel": 0.5, "ContrastGreenChannel": 0.5, "ContrastBlueChannel": 0.5, "Gamma": 1.0, "CameraShake": true }
  4. Oh that would likely be it, otherwise didn't have such issues!
  5. Soldier 5 was turned into a zombie and his portrait just dissapeard, and then when I kill the zombie, it finally turns into a dead soldier portrait. Is that intentional? auto_groundcombat_turn_2_start-111.json
  6. As per title, load the save, CTD happens. Sadly my output.log didn't generate auto_groundcombat_turn_4_start-108.json
  7. This happens a lot in the first mission with the new enemies, they will end a turn on where the doors will close and hten get weirdly stuck in the door, where you have 100% chance to hit the door, but still see them. Grenades work just fine at disposing them :P user_stucker-1.json
  8. Because of a CTD bug (described in separate post) that I kept trying to reproduce my entire autosave from that base assault is just 5 slots of end of that turn, thus forcing me to replay the mission to try to correct the bug. Ideally it should simply replace the previous turn 5 end save then turn 5 ends for the 2nd+ time, thus preserving previous turn saves.
  9. Just load the save and press next turn, ctd every time. Resetting random seed didn't help either. output_log.txt auto_groundcombat_turn_5_end-199.json
  10. I've noticed that somehow one of aliens was wandeirng in the dark portion of the ship, and sure enough when I sent one soldier in there I was able to walk around there too just fine. Something is odd! Screen and save included It got weirder when I found the alien: But then I just walked forward and was able to shoot and kill it user_brokenship-15.json
  11. As usual picture tells a thousand words: That zombie literally just ran into the bus during alien turn. I hope he had a ticket. Save attached user_buszombie-12.json
  12. No problem, thanks for letting me know! I won't report similar ones then, until at least few patches come in. As for why imgur: copy/pasting images here in the past makes them tiny, or at least did in the past. Imgur keeps them raw and full
  13. Picutre says it better than I possibly can with words: https://i.imgur.com/LlQBid7.png And once I moved closer, the ship has rendered and corpses went away: https://i.imgur.com/wEgSNJs.png There is also a lesser issue that after loading the game from save instead of glowsticks I am getting the purple texture as you can see. Obviously attaching save with corpses visible and textures gone, move towards them to unearth the ship. If you need some other logs to track it down, let me know! user_corpses-3.json
  14. Are you alt-tabbing, especially during loading screens? It may be observation bias, but I've noticed that the game doesn't seem to do all to well with alt-tabbing while in fullscreen mode, so I've resorted to borderless fullscreen with pretty nice success so far.
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