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  1. That's what I never understood about the IM cheating - you are only cheating yourself. Want to save, do, don't want to - don't. I am kinda against having an iron man as a mode in games in general because it puts unnecessary pressure to play with it on, even if someone may not like it. And if you want that challenge, you can do it just fine with self-discipline.
  2. I like the way new total war handled it - You have one main "directory" per playthrough, and then all saves dumped in there - with a checkbox which can be enable to show autosaves, hidden by default. This way you normally do not get clutter but also doesn't complicate it any more than it must be. To expand, I am just not big fan of folders, always found that I end up doing a lot more clicks overall than I would with just even a messy structure. And that option to hide/unhide autosaves seems to do the trick.
  3. Simple idea to allow us to configure autosaving, or just autosave more in general. Couple hooks that should trigger an auto_save, and name the save accordingly: before_interception - Before entering air combat after_interception - After air combat before_mission_start - Before combat starts, when you load it, you are exactly as you were just before, including any squad changes after_mission - When combat finishes. mission_turn_X - At the start of every turn of mission This would help greatly with testing, as not only you always have a save to submit from before/after, but also if the game crashes, you didn't really lose progress.
  4. In the attached save if you will detonate the planted C4, the game will CTD. Happens every time. output.log 2.json The relevant part of Log, I think: 2019-07-22 15:18:05,275 [FATAL] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Screens\XenonautsMain.cs:523) [INITIAL CRASH] System.NullReferenceException: A fatal error occurred during Update[] - - Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xenonauts.Common.ImpactPrefabKey.Key (IComposable composable) [0x00002] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Screens\Common\Content\Keys.cs:285 at (wrapper delegate-invoke) System.Func`2<Artitas.IComposable, Artitas.Utils.Optional`1<string>>:invoke_Optional`1<string>__this___IComposable (Artitas.IComposable) at Common.Util.KeyFactory.Apply (IComposable composable) [0x00008] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\Assets\LookupKeys\ILookupKeyFactory.cs:287 at Common.Util.KeyFactory.Construct (Common.Util.KeyStatus& valid, Artitas.IComposable[] composables) [0x00018] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\Assets\LookupKeys\ILookupKeyFactory.cs:224 at Common.Util.LookupKeyFactory`1+ConstructedKey[UnityEngine.GameObject]..ctor (Common.Util.LookupKeyFactory`1 parent, Artitas.IComposable[] targets) [0x0000b] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\Assets\LookupKeys\ILookupKeyFactory.cs:412 at Xenonauts.Common.ImpactPrefabKey.Construct (IComposable weapon, IComposable surface) [0x00010] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Screens\Common\Content\Keys.cs:304 at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.DamageSystem.ProduceImpactEffectDueToProjectileEvent (Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ProjectileImpactReport report) [0x000bd] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Screens\GroundCombat\Systems\DamageSystem.cs:398 at (wrapper delegate-invoke) System.Action`2<Xenonauts.GroundCombat.DamageSystem, Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ProjectileImpactReport>:invoke_void__this___DamageSystem_ProjectileImpactReport (Xenonauts.GroundCombat.DamageSystem,Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ProjectileImpactReport) at Artitas.Core.Utils.ExpressionUtil+<ActionFromMethodInfoFactory>c__AnonStorey1`4[Artitas.Systems.EventSystem,Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.ProjectileImpactReport,Xenonauts.GroundCombat.DamageSystem,Artitas.IEvent].<>m__0 (Artitas.Systems.EventSystem target, IEvent param) [0x0001c] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\Utils\ExpressionUtil.cs:151 at Artitas.Systems.EventSystem.HandleSubscribers (IEvent event) [0x00050] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\Systems\EventSystem.cs:49 at Artitas.Systems.EventSystem.Handle (IEvent event) [0x00003] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\Systems\EventSystem.cs:26 at Artitas.DefaultProcessStrategy.Process (IEvent event) [0x00202] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:888 at Artitas.DefaultProcessStrategy.Process () [0x00023] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:826 at Artitas.World.Process () [0x00007] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:695 at Common.Screens.DataStructures.WorldManagedScreen`2[Xenonauts.GameScreens,Common.Screens.DataStructures.IScreenParameters].Update (Single deltaTime) [0x00032] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\Lifecycles\ScreenLifecycle\DataStructures\WorldManagedScreen.cs:49 at Common.Screens.ScreenManager`1[Xenonauts.GameScreens].Update (Single deltaTime) [0x000f3] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Libraries\Common\Code\Lifecycles\ScreenLifecycle\ScreenManager.cs:150 at Xenonauts.XenonautsMain.Update () [0x00066] in D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.47.3\Assets\Code\Screens\XenonautsMain.cs:443
  5. Puciek

    My thoughts on the closed beta

    I'll yield to your expertise then, I am just a civvie shooter + airsoft player, and on the shooting range I just don't see much difference between crouching and standing for shooting single shot. Auto always leads to everyone at the range panicking and few pigeons falling down for dinner ;).
  6. Puciek

    My thoughts on the closed beta

    I personally like that you don't crouch for aiming bonus anymore, I have no clue where that idea originated, but crouching makes handling weapon quite... odd, hardly a massive accuracy boost. It makes it a bit better to control recoil but makes wielding any gun quite weird compared to just outright standing. You crouch to decrease your profile and thus get a defense bonus - which I like a lot.
  7. As much as I love GTA - they are fantastic games, they have nothing to do with gun realism, never even stood on the shelf next to it ;). For example irl you only would fire on full auto when laying the supressive fire, and not even then all the time, because it's absolutely inaccurate. Not to mention dual-wielding auto-firing weapons. But alas let's not diverge this topic further, not what I intended, just wanted to help steer into where niche for SMGs may be at, and why you really want a pistol as secondary, and a small one.
  8. As on the tin, load the save, let the game time flow and as soon as the day turns (can be 3 minutes in, can be 8) the game will CTD. 1.json
  9. Do you mean mac-10? It's still pretty long, and that is the major issue with holstering and drawing, as a pistol you can firmly affix to your body (on a belt, thigh etc) which means that draw/holster is easy as the holster itself is firmly fixed. While stuff like Ingram held on shoulder rigs, which are not stiff or rigid which means that both draw and holstering usually takes more time (and more space, important if you are drawing secondary while also retaining primary). That and it also dangles by your side, not very comfortable idea.
  10. We are a vocal minority for sure! And a growing one too because, well, ultrawide is the way to go, way better for gaming than 4k [citation needed]. Can't wait for future patches to iron the few issues!
  11. Aw shucks, I will see if I can find a cheapish 2nd hand UW if that will help you test! And yep, as I said there are no big issues at all, and I am very happy how it's functioning!
  12. Maybe a parallel to how secondaries are used IRL will help. Why most people opt for a pistol, and a compact/light one with semi-auto only is the small added weight and speed of draw. As you will use your primary almost all of the time, the switch for secondary happens majorly for one of two reasons: 1. Primary weapon malfunction 2. Entering a tight location where primary is too unwieldy to use (using an assault rifle in tight corridors is cumbersome to say the least) If you are in a firefight with your primary and you run out of ammo, you are generally better of leaning back behind cover and reloading it rather than switching to an inferior weapon. So with that in mind, I can see a few ways how to make both SMGs and Pistols viable sidearms: 1. Make weight matter a lot more. Soldiers are extremely careful about their loadout, shaving anything they can to make it lighter (100g here and there very quickly adds up), and if you do not you will very quickly tire and not only your movement will suffer but also accuracy. I like the idea of SMG sidearm, something good for positions like sniper who has time to take careful shot, but for sure not an LMG operator or frontliner who is already running a very heavy load. M60 alone weights 9-10kg alone (depending on variant), then you will want some sort of optic on it (lets call it 200-300g) and multiple belts which can easily go into few KG each. Having to also carry an smg with you would be borderline torture. 2. Make draw time a thing. Proficient shooter can let go of primary (if using a sling), draw and fire accurate shot in just above 1 second with a compact pistol. SMG would take substantially longer, likely in few seconds range, but then once drawn you can lay automated fire at the enemy. This is kinda also what makes SMG's niche as primary weapons - they are a lot lighter and more compact than assault rifles, making them perfect choice for fighting in tighter areas. Maybe this could be represented by having weapons modify look-ap-cost and cone of vision? Having working ARMOR/AP also would go along way, as most SMGs use low-penetrating calibers, which in turn are also a lot lighter (can be as big of a difference as 40% of weight per mag).
  13. So I couldn't help myself and gave xenonauts 2 a swing at fullscreen to see how it will handle ultrawide. You can see the results in the album right here: https://imgur.com/a/sKSW1v5 (i think I got all the available screens) but the text tl;dr version: 1. Tac screen seems to work perfectly on ultrawide = awesome. 2. Air combat also seems to work well, though suffers from the black bar on sides. 3. Geoscape, it screens, main menu, loading screen all suffer from sidebar issues where the picture starts to loop on the extra space in a pretty odd way (best visible on the main menu: https://i.imgur.com/F3tDJNk.jpg and archives: https://i.imgur.com/G3K9REa.png). But overall it works well, those issues are minor and most importantly the tac screen works flawlessly so... hip hip hooray!
  14. Puciek

    Make both site playable

    Adding squad on squad multiplayer/solo with switchable sides should be relatively easy (UI might need some changes) because, fundamentally, aliens play by the same rules as your troops. But adding a campaign sounds like a lot of work, so I'm not so sure - maybe a DLC?