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  1. Thanks chr Thanks for that Chris! Will there be some announcement when you are interested in HM bug samples? I'll gladly take some time then and produce bunch of saves :).
  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure if a bug so posted about it here instead.
  3. I honestly like the ghost idea, reminds me a lot of the old xcom indeed (I need to make the time and try openxcom some day ha! I have fond memories of TFTD) and if this will be communicated clearly shouldn't be causing much confusion. Right now it for sure confused me, as on one end my guy cannot see the alien, and yet he could hit and kill him just fine, and despite having no vision on the target I saw the hits and alien death.
  4. I quite like the current AI, it's pretty aggressive, moves on your troops and this puts a bit of pressure instead of letting you deploy and move troops in peace. But i have one issue with that behaviour and that's during ship/base assaults, as this means right now I did not have once to actually enter a ship (not to mention go and clear rooms, which is a high risk play), as all the aliens will come into the front room and I can just kill them from the outside form up. This is even more obvious when assaulting alien bases, as all the 3 times I went through that mission all the aliens simply converged at the entry room which while results in a very intense fights (there is a lot of dangerous aliens in that base) it also means that once you fight your way through that horse the base is, well, empty, with usually just one alien at the far edge of the map. IMO that makes for a bit of weird base assault where once you are past the insanely hard initial fight, with what seems to be endless amount of enemies, then you can just walk through the base relatively confident that there are no more enemies to jump you, instead of going through the base and fighting on room-for-room basis.
  5. I've just ran into the same problem, attaching save game (just wait for short while when the manufacturing finishes. Annoyingly my game doesn't produce the output log so cannot attach it. I have one MARS, no ARES. I tested selling the MARS and then the game crashed still once the upgrade was complete. user_1-16.json
  6. The visible alien has shot at my guy behind the former rock in this screen: And yet those shots from alien were covered by the "hidden movement" plaque and fog despite being clearly in plain view of my troops. I don't know will it reproduce with every turn end, but uploading turn end save in hope that it will make it easier to spot. auto_groundcombat_turn_2_end-337.json
  7. This is as simple suggestion as they get, right now all squaddies can follow the lead of singular scout (hello MARS!) and without any penalty take shots at whatever alien gets spotted, no manner how far of their own vision as long as they are within weapons range. I think that it's a bit too easy, as even though you are still blocked by LOS and so on, I would rather see some penalty for using that instead of having direct vision. To not make it too annoying the other way around, maybe it could change based on weapon equipped? For example: Sniper rifles - no penalty for using squaddie vision, they have those fun scopes and long range optics which they can train on the enemy. HMG/Assault rifles - small penalty as those still usually come with optics that work perfectly fine up to 200 meters. SMGs - massive penalty as those are usually fitted with reflex/iron sights or even laser pointers, not suitable for long range fighting. Pistols/Shotguns - can't be used with squad vision I think this would make sense in terms of perceived realism and put even firmer distinction between different weapons and their purpose. Maybe even buff the now a bit less useful pistols shotties and SMGs when in close range?
  8. No eggs, and all of the fighting was in the entry corridor with exception of the one alien in very last room. Maybe the egg is there and just doesn't render? Would explain it.
  9. Trying to navigate to stack a line at the doors, but this isn't exactly going according to plan: I tried waiting a turn, clicking somewher else etc, no luck. And there is nothing in the room blocking the road as far as I can tell. Attaching save. user_weird_path-16.json
  10. I have in xenonauts sound settings set to be of reasonable level of noise (30% master and then 50% sfx, music off), but so far I've noticed that: 1. Rocket hits from MARS rover 2. Rocket hits from the walking machine aliens Seems to be ignoring the settings and instead just blast at full volume, to shaky results of my house. I assume that's not intentional?
  11. As per picture, I was able to shoot at the alien which apparently my soldier cannot see, but it was spotted by my other squadmate (before, since then he has retreated). Attaching screen and save, either the view indication is broken and my soldier was seeing the alien, or he shouldn't be able to shoot at it, i think, or at the very least this should incur serious aim penalty but it doesn't seem to. user_odd_view-7.json
  12. Puciek

    Dynamic window resizing

    Can't ask for more than that! It's not a big issue, but a nice to have when possible . PS, congrats on parenthood!
  13. So... Can you post those screenshots where HM screen blatantly hides something you should've seen?
  14. This is sort of a feature request, but would it be possible to allow the xenonauts 2 window to be dynamically resided? I found that I cannot do that either by hand, trying to drag the window corer, or by using software like divvy (https://mizage.com/windivvy/) which allows you to "slot" applications on your desktop, very handy for larger screens when using apps/games when not in full-screen mode. It would be great if xenonauts2 could work with those applications so when I don't want xenonauts 2 in full screen mode, I could neatly slot it with the other windows on my desktops.
  15. What it says on the tin really, that's a very bad thing from SEO perspective to have it broken, it will notably hurt google ratings, and greets users with a big warning that the site may not be secure.