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  1. Don't know if this is intended, but one of my squad was killed while the "Hidden Movement" graphic was blocking the screen. Seems to me that the player should be able to see a friendly being hit, unless no information was available to the squad--for example, an isolated soldier is killed in a spot with no LOS to any friendlies. But as I say, maybe this was intended to be possible? If not, see log file. output.log
  2. Don't know if this is a bug, but as per the title, the Heavy Weapon silhouette under the solider portrait at the top of the battle screen is now the same as the regular rifle silhouette--and I think the Heavies had their own silhouette before.
  3. Administrators 477 8,290 posts Report post Posted yesterday at 11:02 AM Thanks for this. For point 1) I think the sensible thing to do would be to add a little image on the left of the element that shows the armour... We need to make the tabs in 2) more graphical too... Sounds perfect, thanks!
  4. Chris said: "I think instead the early game could be made more interesting by drip-feeding items in the early game, so when you research new weapons or upgrades you don't simply go to your workshop and build 12 of them over three days so your team is fully kitted with them for the next battle but instead you gain the resources needed to do so over the course of two or three battles. This means you'd have to choose which soldiers get the best gear and you feel like there's progression after every battle rather than every few battles like in X1." I very much agree. Also, it seems to me that I can armor up the whole crew too quickly. Some other balance-type possible issues below. Sorry if any of this has already been discussed to death. WEAK ALIENS IN EARLY BATTLES The aliens in the first couple of downed ufo battles are too easy to kill, at least for someone who has played X-Com or Xenonauts 1. The player can throw a smoke grenade that blocks an alien's LOS, taking care to have some soldiers save TUs for opportunity fire. The alien will then predictably walk through the smoke, if not on the first turn, then the second, and into deadly fire. If, when aliens are confronted with smoke which eliminates LOS to enemies, could the aliens either wait until the smoke dissipates or attempt to go around the smoke? OTHER ALIEN WEAKNESSES Also in the early battles (it's hard to get to later ones with new builds coming out, not that I mind), the aliens don't seem to coordinate in any way, allowing them to be picked off one by one. One way this happens is that the aliens will have LOS to armed soldiers on one side and some civilians on the other, and they then choose to shoot the civilians even though the greater threat is the troops. I understand that the aliens like to kill civilians for some reason, and I assume dead civilians will eventually contribute to their "score," but it can be suicidal on the alien's part. Could human enemy in an alien's LOS be prioritized over civilians? Another advantage the humans seem to have in early battles is that the aliens don't seem to have any kind of ranged explosive weapons like grenades or rockets. This allows humans to bunch up: that may casuse them to get in each other's way, but it also allows more concentrated fire by the humans. If even one alien in every 4 or 5 used a ranged explosive once in a battle, it would force a careful player to keep some spacing between soldiers. I realize that someone who is playing the game for the first time, or who has no experience with turn-based combat will welcome any advantages they can get, so the issues described above probably don't apply to neophytes.
  5. I don't know if this is a bug, so I thought I'd ask. I hadn't seen an "Interception Result" window where the result was "UFO Escaped" before. When I did see that result, I didn't notice that the aircraft's health was 0, and I didn't pay attention to the graphic which shows a fighter going down in flames. What I did notice was that there was a fuel level. (see screenshot), and that the window said "UFO Escaped," not "Fighter Shot Down." When my Launch Control window showed 0 health for the fighter that was shot down, I was puzzled. I went to the Base section and the graphic of both fighters was still there. I went to the Aircraft section and the graphic of the pilot and the aircraft were still there. I initially didn't notice that there was zero health. I don't know if this qualifies as a bug, but it is very confusing. Maybe someone can clarify? Thanks in advance.
  6. First ground combat seemed okay--being able to carry lots more grenades didn't seem to unbalance anything, since there were almost no situations to use anything but smoke. In general, I use the smoke grenades the most, especially to cover the disembarkation of the troops. It sometimes feels like we have too much smoke--I depend on it to deprive the aliens of taking many shots from a distance. Of course, it cuts off my distance shots too. In this first ground combat, two aliens with an LOS to the drop ship killed two of my troops with one shot each as soon as they had stepped off the chopper, but that felt simply like a bit of bad luck. Players might get frustrated if that happened too much, especially in their first battles. Two interface changes in V9 that bothered me (see screen shot): 1. Since the Tactical Armor has been removed from the other loadout choices and put separately with a different mechanic (player has to click on a title, rather than a picture), I think it's much less obvious. 2. The tabs on the side of the box with the list of soldiers don't suggest (to me) that they can be clicked on, or what they refer to. The function (skyhawk v. base soldiers) is very useful, however.
  7. Very much like the new graphics for the people on the base (lab guy, etc.). The new charts (soldiers, egineering, etc.) are much cleaner and more visible, but also more bland--I'm assuming that they will be re-drawn to add a military/futuristic feel. It seems like the troops at the outset can carry an awful lot of grenades..will see how the balance is.
  8. Game Dev V8.3 I started my first base assault and the size of the graphics (scenery & figures) look about 4/5ths the size of those on the downed UFO assault screens. Is this intentional? What it did for me was to jar suspension of disbelief, since the change in size looked more toy-like compared to previous battles.
  9. Sorry, didn't see this...I don't seem to get notified of replies. With 9.0 out, will have to work back up to a base assault!
  10. "[V8.3 - Ground Combat] Soldiers stuck in helicopter floor on Terror Site Mission, with some initial graphics problems (NOTE: THIS WAS REPORTED ONCE BEFORE IN V8.1 ON 10/18/2019 WITH NO RESOLUTION NOTED. (AND ANOTHER NOTE: I just noticed that someone else reported that the old X-1 chopper graphic is the landing craft for this mission--hadn't noticed that. The old chopper only has 8 seats, so the last two guys are stuck through the floor in the back. Doh! That should save you some time). At the very beginning of a Terror Site Mission when all troops are still aboard the helicopter, the last two soldiers at the back of the chopper both appear to be standing on the ground (glowing green mark), although their upper bodies are in the chopper. I tried moving them, after all other soldiers had disembarked without incident, but could not get them to move, and no pathing graphic appeared. They could still be rotated, and their profile appeared at the bottom of the screen. I tried various things including firing (they wouldn’t fire), trying to move after all the other troops had moved, etc.—nothing worked. During the first two alien and friendly moves, the Hidden Movement screens seemed odd—the title screens appeared intermittently, and occasionally the screen was entirely black with no other graphic, or entirely black with only the the small hit and miss lettering appearing in one spot or another. The Hidden Movement screens returned to normal after the first couple of move cycles. I played the battle out until the end with no further problems except that the two stuck soldiers remained stuck until the end, despite tries to get them to move. I loaded the last save (at the “commence mission” window in the Geoscape) and had the same results. See attached screenshot and save/log files. Wasn't sure if you wanted the .txt & .log files. output.log output.log_1.a286dba966bc9e3f79353e23e428082c strategy-50.json
  11. During entry to UFO, after last soldier takes position outside inner doors (see screenshot), game crashes to desktop. I assume a crash report was sent, but my recollection is that sometimes crash reports aren’t collected at the end of the month? Tried to reproduce the crash & couldn't, although I might not have repeated all the troop moves in exact order. Didn't remember to get save file, sorry. See output log. output.log
  12. Indeed--all that my troops need is a little more room in the back of the chopper!
  13. Thanks for the info!
  14. maxm222

    Base Construction Question

    Move the troops from where to where?
  15. Answered my own question again. Keep up the great work guys!
  16. DO CRASHES AUTO-REPORT? Playing 8.3 I had my first crash in 40 hours of playing 7.4 and 8.X--during the second land battle mission. I'm assuming that the build sends a crash report to the devs? Do you guys want any other information when the game crashes? I also wanted to mention that even in its current form the game is totally addictive for me as a turn-based fan. The movement mechanic is one of the easiest I've seen, along with equipping the troops and comparing their stats. If this was the final build, I'd still buy it--if I weren't a Kickstarter backer. : ]
  17. Thank you! I've been out of touch--obviously.
  18. Thanks very much for the update. My closed beta on Steam comes up as V7.4--am I supposed to have V8.0? I just played through the version I have up until the first psyon (?) autopsy report, and I didn't run into any crashes and no glitches except a little stuttering of my crew moving about the map at times.
  19. I have the March 25 closed beta V3.2 hotfix build (Kickstarter contributor) and see no tutorial or any other practical guidance except for the "Alien Invasion-Phase One" briefing screen, and the minimalist list of key bindings etc. in the start-up box. I did a google search of Xenonauts 2 and could only find one of those soundless demonstration Youtube videos, plus the combat demo from last year. If the game goes into early access in three or four months, when will the Goldhawk devs test any kind of tutorial? Ideally something that is completely integrated into actually playing the beginning of the game plus some text for those few who like to read, but at least something that a number of playtesters who have not previously played Xenonauts have said is an effective/quick way to learn the basic play mechanics? I can't tell you how many games I've given up on when I can't figure out how to do something--and moved on to some game that may not look as cool, but at least I can understand what I'm supposed to be doing. The dev writing the latest update worried that a bad first impression on Steam early access would be a significant problem, and I totally agree. All the more reason why the tutorial or instructions have to nail it in this area. Good, unobtrusive tutorials take a lot of effort and testing to write..so when will the early access tutorial/instructions be tested in the closed beta or with playtesters?
  20. Okay, thanks for the feedback, will see what I can do.
  21. Sergeant, thanks for the information. Just by way of background, I've played computer games for decades including the original X-com and all the recent ones. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I think that most of the game is not intuitive--intuitive meaning that with only the information (text, graphics, etc.) in front of you, most people unfamiliar with the specific game would see what to do. Most of the controls do not even have labels that appear when you mouse-over them that tell what the button or bar is supposed to do. If one has to experiment by clicking on different on-screen buttons without knowing what they do, or try a right mouse click, then a left click, then the mouse wheel etc., etc., that's not intuitive. I'm also developing a game, and have seen how players new to the game miss details that I think are absolutely obvious. Unfortunately, no one can tell what is intuitive for someone else, you have to rely on playtesters. Thanks for the info concerning the missions game, that's useful. But I've played hundreds of hours of turn-based games like X-com, and did not understand some of the basic control indicators like overwatch, e.g., does a lighted icon mean something is turned on, or off? Why do only some icons light and not others? How does one save civilians? When you throw a grenade over too high an obstacle, surprise!--it bounces back and detonates next to you, something so dumb that I would expect to at least be warned by the game that one of my troops can actually do something that stupid. I could take screen shots and write comments on them (which I've done when I've been a playtester), but the closed beta in its current state is so far away from providing adequate information that I'm just going to hope that the devs will not release anything like the current build to early access.