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  1. As explained in the screen shot--game hung during the second or third alien activity phase. I attach the output log and what I hope is the last save. I still haven't made it through this scenario without something going wrong, and the code keeps coming up with new ways to screw things up! output.log_1.acd0525618441685d444667045c16bdc groundcombat-96.json
  2. When I brought this up before, no one seemed to know the answer. What are the "Hidden Movement" (HM) graphics (big box with X1 graphics covering most of the screen) during the alien turn phase in combat, supposed to mean? In X1 they appeared once per turn, and seem to simply be a heads up to the player that aliens are making, well, hidden movements. Currently however, the graphic pops up repeatedly during the aliens' part of a turn, with no discernible reason for appearing. Alien movement outside of the squad's line of site (LOS) take place without a need for the hidden movement graphic. I've had the HM graphic block an alien turn phase combat which involves aliens running up to my troops and shooting them at point blank range--how can that be considered "hidden" movement? This issue is something that has really decreased my enjoyment of combat. Has anyone found it desirable?
  3. This is not an exhaustive list. In the 10.1 build, I really like: - Graphic of new aircraft being constructed on runway at base - New drop ship graphics - New layout of drop ship - Improved AI of aliens—esp. waiting when humans have good defensive positions, instead of charging at human troops Would like in the future if possible - Aliens that use smoke - Civilians who don’t run around aimlessly—instead head for shelter or friendly troops or the drop ship
  4. I just was handed a defeat after about 3 turns without losing a single soldier (see screenshot below). Four members of the "local defense" are still alive. All the civilians are dead, apparently--most of which I never saw. Was I defeated because of the civilian deaths? Previous to this battle, civilian deaths had no impact on the outcome. Thanks for any clarification.
  5. Thanks for the file and fix, but unfortunately, I think I have only been able to research and then engineer a skylance once in 9 or 10 games. Since skylances generally haven't appeared, what I've used are a mix of Falcons and Foxhounds with as many upgrades as possible. Is a falcon-foxhound mix inadequate even with the new file?
  6. Ah. I do all air combat with autoresolve, since I don't find the air battles fun. The X1 manual talks about being able to see what the odds are before one decides to engage or not, but I don't see that in the X2 autoresolve window. If I knew the odds, I wouldn't throw away 3 aircraft at a time.
  7. The fights? You mean ground battles? Handle in what way?
  8. Exactly. If they're civilians they ought to hide and stay put, or run towards the drop ship, or run behind the X's "battlefront." if they're civilian soldiers and disorganized/demoralized, they should act like civilians; if not, they should at least take cover and shoot with a weapon equivalent to a pistol or something.
  9. I'm having the same problem, and I do all air combat with autoresolve since I don't find the air battles fun. By the time 3-6 ground battles have gone by (I'm at 01 April) even 2 missile and 2 fighter jets with upgrades attacking at the same time get shot down (that's all the aircraft gone at once--which happens as fast as I can build them at this point) . I don't have a phantom interceptor in my research or engineering list. I do have a Laser Lance Interceptor on the engineer list, but I need alien materials to build it, and guess what I can't get more of because all my aircraft repeatedly get shot down? It's a Catch 22.
  10. This has now happened three times in terror combat in the scenario with a gas station and supermarket. See save and log files. One of the 3 or 4 alien disks in the scenario shows no odds when targeted, and when soldiers fire on it, they shoot into the air. See screen shot of disk that I'm targeting and my little guy shooting straight up (blow-up to see detail next to him). I thought this was just a one-off bizarre end of battle glitch the first time it happened, but I have now seen it earlier in the battle, and several times. If anyone else is seeing this, it would be nice to know I'm not nuts (well..). groundcombat-194.json output.log
  11. I went through a start (full screen), close, then start and close again (with an hour or two of gameplay in between) with no problem. At my 3rd start, the Freeze at 24% happened again. I closed and started windowed, and it loaded without problems.
  12. See attached log file and screen shot. At the beginning of a turn (I think), all the squad portraits (meaning pictures of the soldiers) at the top of the screen had disappeared. Cycling though soldiers, moving camera, etc. didn't restore portraits. This is not the same as another bug I reported where the pictures AND all other graphic info at the top of the combat screen were not present for two (still living) members of the team. output.log
  13. I had the same problem, on the farm, my third downed saucer combat (see first screen shot). The ufo was either the smallest or next to smallest. Only one of my guys was stuck, over a wheel (see second screenshot).
  14. As in the screen shot, some portraits of the squad disappear and may or may not return during a particular conflict. Didn't get the file, sorry.
  15. It works! Game loads now without problem. Thanks to whomever!
  16. Yes, the soldiers were definitely in the mission. I'll file another bug report if this happens again, and get files.
  17. Same thing happened to me, see bug report below. As of 11:30 PM Eastern, 12/6, it is still failing to load a new game. I tried Chris' suggestion about a windowed start-up, but there was no change, the game still hung at 24%. [V10.1 - General] Game fails to load after main menu. See log file. The initial settings window comes up, I clicked on the “full screen” etc. choices and hit return. The main menu appeared after 10 seconds or so. After the main menu (new game/saved game/etc. screen) came up, I chose “new game.” The (new) window that lists different difficulty levels came up. It would only allow the “familiar with game” choice. After I clicked on the difficulty level choice, the loading screen (with the troop carrier background) appeared, and the progress bar started. After about 15 seconds the progress bar reached 24% and stopped. I waited for 2 minutes to see if the progress bar would move, and it did not. I attempted to Alt-Tab out of the game’s window, and was unable to do so. After about 30 seconds of trying various ways to get out of the game program, the window came up with the “this program has stopped responding—wait or close it down?” message. I closed the program. I went into my X2 files and copied the log file (attached). I also deleted all my previous save files, just in case there was a problem there. It made no difference. I tried to start the game twice more with the same result as described above, with the game hanging at 24%. output.log
  18. I know the answer sounds obvious, but the game is already able to hide aliens and civilians who are not in line of sight (LOS). If the "hidden" units are are not in LOS, why show a large "hidden movement" graphic? Is the game unable to conceal anything once it's moving? Also, the "hidden movement" graphic sometimes hides attacks on friendly soldiers, so when the graphic goes away, I have wounded or dead soldiers with no idea where the attack came from. Is this supposed to model enemy fire that cannot be located? If so, I don't understand why I can't watch my soldiers get hit but with no bullet trajectory animations to show enemy location. Couldn't we just hear some noise from the general direction of the enemy? I looked in the X-1 manual and couldn't find any explanation. Thanks in advance for any insights!
  19. Thanks for the info--well do I remember the original X-com! And now we get Xenonauts 2 and Phoenix Point!
  20. This was the weirdest thing I've seen so far. On a terror suppression mission (see screen shot) an alien disk (or whatever it's called) suddenly becomes impervious to attacks. The mouse-over to judge attack odds and LOS doesn't appear above the disk. And if a soldier then fires on the disk, the soldier shoots into the ceiling instead of at the disk. after a few turns of this, the disk disappeared and I believe that there were no more aliens left, but the game never showed the mission accomplished screen, and I had to exit the battle. I include an earlier save and log. groundcombat-106.json output.log
  21. [V9.3 Ground Combat] Freeze during Raid in container area with Andron/Gundrones. Maybe similar to above; the freeze happened during the alien turn. I didn't crash to desktop but the game froze and the only way to exit was by closing the window. See files. output.log output.log_1.5ea8c942819492744c6b0deb912c5b3f strategy-17.json
  22. Can anyone tell me how stores are supposed to work? I have figured out that "STORES QTY" is the amount of whatever actually stored, and STORAGE is...? It can't be the storage capacity, because (see screenshot) the STORAGE number is less than the number actually stored. The STORAGE numbers increase in some kind of progression, from Alloys to Corpses, but I don't see any logic to it. Thanks in advance for any clarification.
  23. Thanks for the responses. It would be nice if it was a bit clearer in either the supply screen or manual (eventually).