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  1. Picutre says it better than I possibly can with words: https://i.imgur.com/LlQBid7.png And once I moved closer, the ship has rendered and corpses went away: https://i.imgur.com/wEgSNJs.png There is also a lesser issue that after loading the game from save instead of glowsticks I am getting the purple texture as you can see. Obviously attaching save with corpses visible and textures gone, move towards them to unearth the ship. If you need some other logs to track it down, let me know! user_corpses-3.json
  2. No problem, thanks for letting me know! I won't report similar ones then, until at least few patches come in. As for why imgur: copy/pasting images here in the past makes them tiny, or at least did in the past. Imgur keeps them raw and full
  3. I tossed a stun grenade on a wound reaper and a frag grenade (it landed 2 squares north-west in current perspective from where stun grenade went off), and the moment it exploded the game crashed to desktop. Sadly I do not have the logfile, my game doesn't make them for some reason, but I did manage to snap the error with a screenshot: Also attaching closes in time save auto_groundcombat_turn_10_start-163.json
  4. Are you alt-tabbing, especially during loading screens? It may be observation bias, but I've noticed that the game doesn't seem to do all to well with alt-tabbing while in fullscreen mode, so I've resorted to borderless fullscreen with pretty nice success so far.
  5. So I had a bit of a weird situation, went to intercept a destroyer with low-fuel planes and sure enough few had to retreat. One was already at the edge of the north border and should've escaped easily... except the ufo followed it off-screen and killed it there, and then I heard shot and saw "ANGEL-2" hp go down, while all of them were past the north border. Meanwhile the other plane (ANGEL-1) safely exited through the east boundary. That doesn't sound right to me that a plane gets killed off screen like that? At the time when they started shooting at one another, both models were already past the border. auto_strategy_before_intercept-7.json
  6. Ok I've unplugged everything but mouse and keyboard (there is also VR plugged in but it's off, and to unplug this one would be way too much hassle) and sadly still no ability to scroll. I've checked with dxdiag, no other inputs left besides just the m+k. Tried windowed, full screen, full screen windowed etc, no luck with any of those.
  7. I have whole cockpit worth of flight sim hardware plugged in so maybe it's getting input confused with something like the pedals or the yoke, or the controllers, or the MFDs... I will try to unplug it later on and see if that helps, though that is a lot of usb hubs to go through, so bear with me, i'll ping you when I had a chance to test it without them (later in today). Either way, keys for scrolling will solve it for sure, and seems like more natural idea, and maybe some indication on the screen that it's scrollable?
  8. This is a weird one, I have an alien that was in stun grenade gas cloud, then took some hits, and now is showing as valid target for shooting, but the alien itself is not taking any action. The other alien i knocked out with batons do not react like this, so there is something weird going on. I wound up batonning him into a stun. Attaching save of when the stuck alien shows as target user_stuck_alien-14.json
  9. Annoyingly I cannot, nope. I didn't even know that it was supposed to be a thing, but I tried again and no luck.
  10. The visible alien has shot at my guy behind the former rock in this screen: And yet those shots from alien were covered by the "hidden movement" plaque and fog despite being clearly in plain view of my troops. I don't know will it reproduce with every turn end, but uploading turn end save in hope that it will make it easier to spot. auto_groundcombat_turn_2_end-337.json
  11. I just intercepted destroyer with 2 escorts and decided to try something else by fitting all 3 interceptor with torpedoes and setting them all right onto the destroyer. To my surprise as soon as the torps hit the destroyer and it went down, the air combat has abruptly ended with victory (even though the two alein escorts were still alive and mostly untouched) and the escorts just dissapeared of the map. That doesn't seem right, as this means as long as I can get the torps out on target, the escorts do not matter much, unlike if they were to continue chasing my planes down. Attached save just before interception. auto_strategy_before_intercept-44.json
  12. A shame. Any idea why my game would not be producing logs? I tried reinstalling, removing my games/xenonauts 2 etc, no luck.
  13. Screenshots in chronological order: https://imgur.com/a/THgKai5 In first screenshot before throw, in second after throwing one stun grenade, and then after lobbing the 2nd stun grenade (you can see them disappearing from the access inventory on right hand side), and the cloud they create seems to be of a smoke not stun grenade. Not sure if it's just visual or actual game confusion. Attaching save too, soldier used to try: number 1. auto_groundcombat_turn_9_start-161.json
  14. Oh that's weird that it pressed low res, seems to be because of the forum embed, so here's a link! https://i.imgur.com/ffRas1Y.png
  15. Since that I've tried scrolling with wasd and directional keys, holding mouse, nothing happens. Anything else you would want me to try? Re retreat speed, they do seem sluggish on retreat, though can the low fuel be cause of it?
  16. There is no more north anywhere on my screen, or scrollable as far as I can tell, so whatever is happening it's off screen o.0 (that's complete screencap, i am on ultrawide - 3440x1440 res). And yea, this was mid-fight screenshot just to demonstrate the screen limits, and described how the fight ended.
  17. This is as simple suggestion as they get, right now all squaddies can follow the lead of singular scout (hello MARS!) and without any penalty take shots at whatever alien gets spotted, no manner how far of their own vision as long as they are within weapons range. I think that it's a bit too easy, as even though you are still blocked by LOS and so on, I would rather see some penalty for using that instead of having direct vision. To not make it too annoying the other way around, maybe it could change based on weapon equipped? For example: Sniper rifles - no penalty for using squaddie vision, they have those fun scopes and long range optics which they can train on the enemy. HMG/Assault rifles - small penalty as those still usually come with optics that work perfectly fine up to 200 meters. SMGs - massive penalty as those are usually fitted with reflex/iron sights or even laser pointers, not suitable for long range fighting. Pistols/Shotguns - can't be used with squad vision I think this would make sense in terms of perceived realism and put even firmer distinction between different weapons and their purpose. Maybe even buff the now a bit less useful pistols shotties and SMGs when in close range?
  18. I quite like the current AI, it's pretty aggressive, moves on your troops and this puts a bit of pressure instead of letting you deploy and move troops in peace. But i have one issue with that behaviour and that's during ship/base assaults, as this means right now I did not have once to actually enter a ship (not to mention go and clear rooms, which is a high risk play), as all the aliens will come into the front room and I can just kill them from the outside form up. This is even more obvious when assaulting alien bases, as all the 3 times I went through that mission all the aliens simply converged at the entry room which while results in a very intense fights (there is a lot of dangerous aliens in that base) it also means that once you fight your way through that horse the base is, well, empty, with usually just one alien at the far edge of the map. IMO that makes for a bit of weird base assault where once you are past the insanely hard initial fight, with what seems to be endless amount of enemies, then you can just walk through the base relatively confident that there are no more enemies to jump you, instead of going through the base and fighting on room-for-room basis.
  19. Thanks chr Thanks for that Chris! Will there be some announcement when you are interested in HM bug samples? I'll gladly take some time then and produce bunch of saves :).
  20. Thanks! I wasn't sure if a bug so posted about it here instead.
  21. I honestly like the ghost idea, reminds me a lot of the old xcom indeed (I need to make the time and try openxcom some day ha! I have fond memories of TFTD) and if this will be communicated clearly shouldn't be causing much confusion. Right now it for sure confused me, as on one end my guy cannot see the alien, and yet he could hit and kill him just fine, and despite having no vision on the target I saw the hits and alien death.
  22. I've just ran into the same problem, attaching save game (just wait for short while when the manufacturing finishes. Annoyingly my game doesn't produce the output log so cannot attach it. I have one MARS, no ARES. I tested selling the MARS and then the game crashed still once the upgrade was complete. user_1-16.json
  23. Trying to navigate to stack a line at the doors, but this isn't exactly going according to plan: I tried waiting a turn, clicking somewher else etc, no luck. And there is nothing in the room blocking the road as far as I can tell. Attaching save. user_weird_path-16.json
  24. I have in xenonauts sound settings set to be of reasonable level of noise (30% master and then 50% sfx, music off), but so far I've noticed that: 1. Rocket hits from MARS rover 2. Rocket hits from the walking machine aliens Seems to be ignoring the settings and instead just blast at full volume, to shaky results of my house. I assume that's not intentional?