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  1. If you have jet-packs you can enter from above, to finish the mission.
  2. This is something that I would like to see implemented, as the lay out at this time bares little in what could be describe as functional, in a military sense. Could there not be another layer of battle dress, that one could wear, with extra pockets for equipment storage.
  3. Colossus Animation not working, it is some what similar to the Androns as when standing it look great, but when it moves the legs disappear and it seams to move on it's backside?. Could you please check this please.
  4. Thank you Chris, Hope these files are what you need. output.log user_shon-165.json
  5. I am not sure were to get the files you would want me to provide, but I will try these ones, hope they help.? crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  6. Ruggerman

    V22.4 - Armoury screen - visual bug

    If you create a soldier type with a long name, it will stack the name like with Emily_F picture!
  7. Ruggerman

    [V22.4 - Geoscape] Crash at day 310

    I had a similar problem at day 345, not sure why but it sounds similar to InBetweenNames crash's situation.
  8. I have noticed that the Cruiser lifts are not working, and the Harvester that only the 1st floor or as you Americans call it the 2nd floor, is only partly available to explore, as it is blackened out, and as it is a four store ship, you can't win the mission. this a snap shot of the Harvester!!
  9. When you develop the jet-pack you can enter the higher floors via this means, and win the mission, but until you do just collect the $150,000 by letting the locals deal with it!!
  10. Ruggerman

    V 22.3

    This problem with the lifts, has happen before, so they should be able to fix it, just let the programmer know, and post a data file, and hopefully all will be good!!
  11. As one progress through the game, the grenades become more powerful, but not the HEVY, this may be an over sight, but he does seam to be over look at this time, it would be nice if it a a canister, illumination, as well as the smoke, stun rounds. Please consider!!
  12. Ruggerman

    The H.E.V.Y grenade Launcher

    Thank you for getting back to me, I am playing on version 22.4, but I only get the HE, Smoke, and Stun rounds for the HEVY, Whether it is my PC hard wear (which is only 6 mouths old, with 4K monitor and a RTX 3080 Ti video card, I don't know, or the windows 10, 64 that I am using. I am 320 days into the game, and have Plasma Grenades, but not for the HEVY??
  13. It would be nice if the basic battle harness, that you see in the units equipment page was more in line with battle harness that is actually worn by infantry soldiers, with a place for battle knife or bayonet, and that a holster for the side arm, instead of it put in the back pack or tucked into the wait belt taking up room that could be used for other equipment, and also attach point on the harness for one or two ready grenades?? As more combat suits become available, they also could add more functionality to those suits with better layout. That does the discussion group feel on this???
  14. Ruggerman

    Layout of basic battle harness

    Yes it is very important to get the game run, in it's basic form, and then we can add the bling and the eye candy, as it would be nice to have the Armour, and under vests to also add storage and protection, and the visuals.
  15. Ruggerman

    Layout of basic battle harness

    A side arm is called a side arm, because it is on your side, and not in a back park, Oh! and yes a soldier will only carry what he needs or what he feels he will need, that is why the battle harness is very important, as it can place needed equipment close at hand, and not have to spend time rummaging in his back pack in a desperate situation. I understand that there are limitation to what can fit on a user interface screen, and if that is the case, then you just have to state it, and that is the end of it. Thank you.
  16. I had a similar problem with my X-55's but they seam to work OK now, but as before they would crash, if you attempted to do anything with them!!
  17. When you try to engage either auto or manual it CTD, as well as if you try to delete them from your inventory. a problem all round, as the X25's get shot out of the skies with Battleships.
  18. Could some one inform me as to the purpose of this components. as after dismantling them I see no benefit, or are they set for a purpose later in the game??
  19. Ruggerman

    UFO Hull Sections

    Thank you Alienkiller, I will dismantle them again and see if there is a change in the alien metals.
  20. Ruggerman

    [v 22.1] CTD in first terror mission

    I had a similar problem, so I just skipped that mission, and played on, so far no CTD with shot down aliens.
  21. If you click to enter the storage screen from the Geo-scape, that seams to be OK, but if you enter from the soldier screen CTD??
  22. Ruggerman

    Load times

    I am not curtain if this is because we are still in development, but the load times for this game, are I think just a little too long, and that could put a lot of player off. Could I ask other contributors to these pages, what they think is a reasonable time, to wait for a screen to load, and continue with the game???
  23. Well the Advanced Assault Shield has been built, but there is no difference from the not so advanced shield, a lot of time and resources gone into it's creation for no effect, can you check please. Also after I encountered a flying engineer, the sound of it's jet-pack was on all the time, even after i shot it down.
  24. Ruggerman

    [V21.0] - Aircraft screen

    It is as Alienkiller states, you have to research and then build the fighter, not so with the dropship.
  25. There would seam not to be, a recruitment button in this scream, to add more scientists. Can you have a look at this please.