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  1. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    I hope that a new up-date will not be to far away??
  2. Ruggerman

    suggestion for air combat

    Their seems to be a lot about bring X1 style air game back, and not about advancing to an X2 style, if only so that when, and if the game is popular, we can get to an X3 game? My concern is for the game, please don't take offence.
  3. Ruggerman

    Training Mode

    The training centre should improve a soldiers battle stats, and or learn new skills, like being able to in part moral through leadership bonuses.
  4. Ruggerman

    suggestion for air combat

    If you are so keen on an air combat game, why don't they just make one, and call it that. This is a ground combat game, and the air part, is only a means to an end. I only fight a couple of air battle to get the feel of the game balance, but it is not a priority for me, as I would use auto resolve, and get to the ground combat. This game is dependent of shooting down alien aircraft, if you can't do that, there is no game!! The air war needs to be a progression, of as you get better hardware, the aliens introduce new and better hardware, the old eternal struggle.
  5. Ruggerman

    suggestion for air combat

    This is basically a ground combat game, but if you can not shoot down the alien aircraft, you don't get ground combat. There for you don't collect alien technology, or resources, and the game STOPS!! So please get the balance wright with this air combat, as the game rests on it.
  6. Ruggerman

    Maxim 56, please

    You already have a form of short range artillery in the H.E.V.Y. that is if you are not killed in it's very inaccurate fire mode, If that could be fixed you would kill to birds with one stone!
  7. With each new incarnation of this game, it has gotten harder and harder, to play. What are these people thinking, now you get less money, less scientist, less engineers, and the aliens are more stronger. This game is not developing into the game, I thought we would see, the designers seem to be finding it hard to deliver that concept, and so we are seeing a game much like X1 but with better graphics. Please prove me wrong!!
  8. I can't see why there is this left over screen from X1, being put up when you should be able to see, what is going on, in your field of view. If you can't see, it then that area is blacked out!! Please let us move on from the relic, it is not needed.
  9. Ruggerman

    Maxim 56, please

    If the maps were bigger, you would have the room to deploy crewed weapons, to give fire support, and then your troops could advance under their protection.
  10. Ruggerman

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

    There in Australia we celebrate CHRISTMAS, and The New Year, but others are welcome to their own celebrations.
  11. This seams to happen quite frequently, and shouldn't happen at all, as the only ways you should be able to loss is if 1. you retreat and abandoned the game, and 2. you are wiped out. The loss of civilians is not a good out come, but while their aliens to hunt and trooper to hunt them, the game should continue.
  12. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Merry Chrostmas, and Happy New Year to all on these pages. Hoping that there are fewer Bugs next year, and great gaming to ALL.
  13. Maxm222 is correct, in that it is a catch 22, because you need alien resources to build better aircraft to keep up with the alien aircraft, as they get bigger, you are trapped, because you can't get those resources to fight them. Therefore it would be nice, if the smaller probes could be sent for longer, to build up those resources so as to build better aircraft. Not much of a game, if it is based on ground combat, if there is no ground combat?
  14. Weapons and armour upgrades are what these types of games are all about, that's part of the attraction of a game in this genres, so I hope that the team, that is writing this game, have got that in mind.
  15. Ruggerman

    H.E.V.Y Fun

    There should be more types of ammunition with this weapon, the types mentioned above, should be considered, also that when it is fired, it will travel far enough, so the shooter is not in the blast zone!!
  16. Ruggerman

    Grenades both thrown and fired?

    Walls should be able to be destroyed with HE, but not with fragmentation grenades, as they are designed for different purposes. When will the H.E.V.Y. grenade launcher, have a variety of war head types i.e.(Gas and Incendiary).
  17. In my third ground combat the old Osprey was used instead of the Chinook, which with a 3 man frontage instead of 2, the guys over the landing wheels were stuck, and unable to move.
  18. One would think that the Civies would run away from the alien threat, but not in this world. They seem to hang around and get in the way, can't the programmes write a script to have them move to safety.
  19. The drop ship is not new, it is the Chinook, from X1, although a good craft, we could have been more impressed, with a newer craft, who knows.
  20. Michael J Fox would love this game, as it is "Back To The Future" I was under the misapprehension that this was to be a new and improved version of the game, I'm not seeing that yet!!!!!
  21. I have clicked the Build New Base Button and No joy, nothing happens!!