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  1. Proximity mine, was in the original game back in the 90's and they were a lot of fun, you could scatter them around to cover your back, and every now and then you would hear and explosion, and a scream, which would let you know that they were coming around your back.
  2. Yes but there must be a reason for abducting them in the first place, it could be all above, but maybe they are beaning held for experimental purposes. or to convert into cleaners.
  3. No Vitoria Cross, that could upset the British forces, and those that could receive this award?
  4. You should be given the chance to hit your colleague, when firing from behind, and if it is to high then stop or move, to another location.
  5. This type of mission should be called a "hostage Release", but who am I to set labels.
  6. Their seems to be a problem with this type of mission, as you have to clear out the back pack of one of your soldiers, to be able to pick up the VIP, when will the animation for a fireman's carry be installed into the game as to make this more realistic, and have the VIP's body draped over the shoulder of one of your strongest personal.
  7. This is a bit of a let down in this game, at this time. You should be able to place equipment on the soldier, as appropriate, to the item, and not as it is at this time, were all modules are just dumped in the back pack. We can only hope that this is a temporary situation, and the team is looking at way to improve the placement of equipment on the soldiers battle harness or uniform. Let us Hope!!!!!
  8. This idea of putting items in the backpack, and not on the battle harness or unitorm, is so silly, as to laughable, please and try and make it as it would be in real life.
  9. This would really add a holw new dimension to this game, if there were aircraft carriers in a number of oceans.
  10. So only in one base, but have more than one! well that is what I have been doing, just nice to know, Thank you.
  11. I was wondering if you constructed Labs in each base you had build, does it make the research quicker or can you research different project at the same time. I am just wondering as I have not seen any great difference in the time it takes to complete a project, with just one. What is the current philosophy on labs in Bases, is more faster, or does it not make any difference? Please Advise!!
  12. Well I have always removed the troops from the aircraft, before I transfer it to another base, the troops can be transferred via other means.
  13. It would seem that motor craft of different kinds have this unrealistic habit of exploding with very little force, you should be able to fire many automatic rounds into a vehicle without it erupting into a fireball, they should only explode after hit by a grenade, C4, HEVY, or some other explosive device, and not with some spitball gun?
  14. I have not come across any two store building in this game, you must be speaking of Xenonauts 1, which does have them. With that in mind, will there be any in this game, in coming releases.
  15. It takes less time to fly from Australian to England than these planes take to transfer from different bases. and that is with landing in UAE on the way.
  16. It would be a nice touch, if different screens were used at loading times.
  17. All of these modules should be fixed to the proper component or to the uniform??
  18. Why is it that some objects seam to explode so easily, with only a couple of bullets and the whole place goes UP, one could expect the gas station to explode after the petrol lines and pump hoes are broken or cut, for the fuel to ignite. if a spark come in contact with it, otherwise, it should just lay there and evaporate, witch is what actually explodes with ignition. I know that it looks great, but it should not happen so frequently. It is somewhat reminiscent of old American movies of a certain genre!!!
  19. One of the biggest troubles with Drugs is the come down time, Yes great at the start, but how long do they last and when the effect wears off what happens to the soldiers after? They would be a double edge weapon, and their is always a price to pay?
  20. I would concur with this idea, as you say it would offer more variety to the crash site, and more options for entree. We will have to see what the developer come up with, but it is a sound idea?
  21. It would be nice if you could lean out, take a shot and dart back behind cover.
  22. Why is it that civilians in this game seem to have a preference for jumping through windows and not go through doors, one can appreciate a person who is desperate to get away, to do some dangerous things, as jumping through a windows is very dangerous, you could be cut to pieces. One would think that if a door was close at hand, and not barred by an Alien, that would be the obvious place of departure. In this game they seem to do it when not confronted by nearby Aliens. I hope that this is something the game developers are working on, as it has not been appoint of discussion so far??
  23. This back pack concept is absurd, as the mods should be placed on the equipment that they enhance, and not in some bag on your back, that doesn't even feel right, never mind look right??
  24. There was a stun grenade in the past, but it was removed back in version 18 (I think) and it was very useful in capturing aliens, just throw one or two into a room with the aliens and wait, all to easy.
  25. Well in my army days, I fired an M203 and a M79, and I was able to put a 40mm grenade into a couple of large truck tires, from 200 meters, so you should be able to fire the HEVY further than what it is doing in the game.
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