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  1. The game CTD when I have ground combat with Sabilians with shields, and on the second turn.
  2. I would if I know which form, and how to find it I would, Please Help.
  3. The game crashes to Desk Top any time I try to go into ground combat, you see the landing osprey and a little terrain then it CTD!!
  4. I have play another game, all good until the sabilians with shield, then CTD!!
  5. I was able to play a couple of ground mission, against the Pysons, but when a raid with Sabilians was first encountered, I could only play my first turn before it CTD!! Some of the Sabilians had shields
  6. When play a game. and it Cashes to Desk Top, who do we collect the data to send it back, for your Analysts to check!!
  7. Played a couple of games, and I have crashed to Desk Top each time, each time in combat Aliens first move!!
  8. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 Early Access Launch Delay!

    The ammunition for the Laser rifle, only produced one reload, so that made the useless, so please can we have that rectifier-ed!! Thank You
  9. Ruggerman

    [V 3.0 Alien base crash]

    This crash would seem to be common, as I have also fallen foul of it's Roth!!
  10. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    I could not agree more!!
  11. Hope that the aircraft are separated in to each base, and not all lumped into the one screen, as above??
  12. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    I am form the old school, as in my time in the Military, men and women where not mixed into the same unit, so call me old fashion but if this is set in the 1970-80's then they did not have mixed combat units!!
  13. I managed to play though a couple of dockyard combats, and the best weapon by far is the humble hand-grenade, forget the rifles and machine guns, just toss them an M26 a couple of times, and you can go home. I did manage to research the combat jacket, and the accelerated weapons, but so far the grenade is weapon in this early stage!! I just loaded up with lots of them, and had some fun.
  14. Heavy weapons personal should have at lest a pistol, as a secondary, and if weight allows, something with a little more grunt, like SMG 9mm, when your primary weapon runs out of ammo or malfunctions. If not you have a soldier on the field now who will need to get out, or find a replacement weapon, that person is a burden on the team now!!
  15. Ruggerman

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Snap Shot Games, has provided a link to down the next incarnation of this game, and it plays out very well, in the ground combat, but you do not get a sense of being in the game when you are flying around to find the ground combat sites. This is not like the game above, as the game interface, has changed a bit?