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  1. These rank insignias are bit too USA and not want would be an international organization, but if they were to sole sponsors to the project then are would e appropriate.
  2. If that is the case, then you should be made aware that these items are either universal or need to be constructed at each base. It just needs to be put in the texted when you research the item or when it is manufactured.
  3. Before the last version I have texted Chris via this means, and he advised that to number of Scientist and Engineers had be increased, from 50 to 250?
  4. You will probably find that it is a place holder, as the final art work is not in place yet, hopefully more will be shown as the game progress.
  5. In some of the games I have played, Yes one or two Civi's, get mind controlled, but that is limited to how many Physic-Amps the aliens have, which would and could not be all of them at once, and for shear panic you would get a couple more, but you would think that they would make there way to the path of lest resistance, and not into the Danger Zone! Some times you could get the John Wayne type, that would, if armed take on the aliens, but how many are there in the general population, a hand full at best. As a distraction to the game, they do get in the way, which is all part of the confusion of battle, and get in the line of fire, and it could be interesting if when they get wounded you could render assistance, and save lives, but with that you would expect them to make their way out of danger, for the majority, some as we have noted will be confused, and run in all directions. It is a balancing act, trying to simulate battle and making that within the confines of a computer game. All the very Best, in the endeavor!!!
  6. Thank you Alienkiller, then we all must wait for the next version??
  7. Is it me or am I not seeing the whole picture, as if I build workshops in each bases, they will produce equipment for that base, and they can be different production at each base, and it can be transported to other bases, but with Labs they only seem to be able to work on one project at a time, and there for not different ones at each base, is this intentional, or a bug that has not been recognized, and will be addressed at a later time, or is it intentional.
  8. This was the End game mission, the other, was a late game Alien Base Mission, Yes I know that they are probably still working on the Final End Game, so I am not surprised, it is just that it is a bit Lame at the moment.
  9. The End Games is a little under underwhelming, as it is just an Alien Base mission. I know that and I hope that this is only a place holder mission. As it would be nice to have a layered number of mission to get to the end. Also with the Valkyrie Drop-ship, it does not fit in the Alien base mission, as I had one of my troopers stuck in a wall, and this is probably why I had to move my troops back to the Dragonfly, so as to fit in the End Game Alien base mission.
  10. I would like to know why, and even in a panic, the civvies's would run into danger, and not away, Yes one or 2 might, but most would flee away or to safety, like behind our troops or to our aircraft. You would not think that, unless armed, would go any way near the alien space craft, and certainly not into the jaws of death???
  11. If you save a game, and try to load it later, it show a dialog box the the saved file is not comparable with this version???
  12. Thank you Chris, that looks like it will do just nicely.
  13. I don't no if this a bug, but there is a very limited number of Engineers and Scientist available in the game, as I have tried to max out both in the early bases, but when you build new ones, you are informed via a dialog box that there are no more Engineers or scientists. Why is there a limit on these resources?
  14. The mission ended after I eliminated all of the cleaners, just like all other missions.
  15. I concur with Emily_F as they have not work for a number of rev's
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