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  1. Ruggerman

    [20.1 Shield] Assault

    Thank you for acknowledging the problem, and that it will be corrected in a future build.
  2. Ruggerman

    [20.1 Shield] Assault

    You can build a new assault shield, which requires weapons components, and alien alloys, but after you have made it there is no new shield in your inventory with better stats, just the same old shield, what gives!! this must be an error, as there is no reward for time, components, and effect.
  3. I can transfer between the first two bases, but it will not transfer to a third, is this a bug??
  4. Ruggerman

    [20.1] Storage

    If a soldier wears amour, why is it counted in the stores, and not on their person? This is adding unnecessarily to the total storage available, I hope that this is a bug that can be fixed.
  5. Ruggerman

    Hanger Size

    It all depends on your out look, do you make a model, to fit the box, or do you make a box to fit the model, one is about price, and the other quality! These games are about using our brains, but we will always be constrained by the limitation of the games design, that's not in itself a problem, we just need to know. If there is a issue with programming constrains, we can live with it, but we need an honest answer. Thank you.
  6. Ruggerman

    Hanger Size

    Is it not possible to increase the size of the base, with a couple of extra floor tiles, so as to make room for these new buildings?
  7. Ruggerman

    [V20.0] - CTD from loadout screen

    I had the some problem when moving the Shield type from the other place to the drop ship, it did it twice!!
  8. Ruggerman

    Hanger Size

    Why is the floor plain so small, for all that should and can be built, within in its confines, if these building are on the surface there should be on limits, and if it is underground, well you could dig it out to build more. I feel that this limitation has more to do with programing restriction than just adding more tiles to the base layout! It would be nice to have more room for expansion, as the game evolves, but we will have to let the programmers short that out. Thank You
  9. I have also, had the same problem!
  10. Ruggerman

    [19.1 Weapon Selection] On ammo for lasers

    I have attached a screen shot and the main strategic file. Hope it helps. user_shon-137.json
  11. Ruggerman

    [19.1 Weapon Selection] On ammo for lasers

    The Mag Shotguns and Rifles are OK, but the Pistols, Sniper and LMGs are not able to be manufactured, they are displayed on the screen, but when you click to build, nothings happens! All the Accelerated weapons work well, and all the weapons are shown on screen, but as I have stated not all can be built, even if you have all the per-requisites.
  12. I can build laser weapons, but their is on ammo available? on the weapon selection screen. Plus you can't build some of the mag weapons, like the pistol and LMG, can you please check. Thank you!
  13. Ruggerman

    Soldier's Previous Experience

    Adds to game tapestry, to get a better immersion in the game, a feel that these soldier are real in a game sense!
  14. Ruggerman

    Ammot to cost money

    In a real life situation the base would have ground staff to maintain the load out on the aircraft they were assigned too, so once the CES of each aircraft was established, they would maintain it. ( CES - Complete Equipment Stores)
  15. Ruggerman

    Base Building v2

    The major problem with have multiple generators, is that you have a finite number of rooms in the base complex, and you would run out of them very soon, unless you could dig or add more rooms as required.