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  1. May be you should get a vote going, and see who wants it gone, you would have my vote!!
  2. The hidden movement screen is unnecessary, and not needed, as if you can't see the enemy action, it is not displayed on the screen any way, so why have it?? It is just a left over from the original game, and I assume that it was originally there to create tension, with the audio.
  3. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    Thank you for the update, and looking forward to V13. Congratulations on the Daughter, you will be very busy. Thanks again.
  4. Ruggerman

    Things that I'm hoping to see...

    A very nice selection of options for the game, but I do very much agree with your point number 12, as I see it the better your become, and more practised, you should be able to complete more, or have a better chance to get a better result.
  5. Ruggerman

    Aircraft carriers?

    I remember, 1960's TV puppet show, loved it and the other show, like Thunderbird's are Go, and Stingray.
  6. Ruggerman

    [12.2 Ground Combat] Failed Mission

    I can understand civilians running blindly, when confronted by aliens, but those that are in or near your protection zone, should make a bee line to for that protection, probably in the Chinook. As for those in and among the aliens, only luck can save them! In this situation, your troops would calling to the civilians, and directing them to safety.
  7. The only time I have failed a mission, is when the local civilians run over to the aliens, to be murdered, and as you might be inclined the think, they would run to safety, and hide in the Chinook, but NO, they run to put them selves in harms way. With all the civilians wiped out you are told be the mission has failed, not only that, but you lose all your armour, and weapons, even if you had not lost any troops, and are quite able to clear out the aliens form this area?? If you can't win this scenario, you should be able to make a fighting retreat to the chopper, and get away with no loss of equipment.
  8. Ruggerman

    Air combat - what's wrong with it?

    This air war side of the game, will have enjoyment for a number of player, but for me it is just a means to a End. I would be just as happy, with the installation of missile batteries, to take down Alien UFO's.
  9. These Pink Panzers have been around for a while, and we can only hope that they are working on suitable art work, to enhance the graphic display.
  10. Ruggerman

    Mind war is overpowered

    The Mind shield should be an attachment to the amour/tactical suit, and not be like some Gypsies crystal ball, you have to hold in hand, in front of yourself.
  11. Ruggerman

    [V12.2] Game will not start

    I have found out that my Bitdefender anti-virus software was stopping the game to load, so I have made the a appropriate adjustments and it how works fine.
  12. Ruggerman

    Alien base

    You would be inclined, to think that a enemy base would be chock full of goodies, but you would be wrong, as they seam to be more like Japaneses soldiers in World War 2, left on some Pacific Island, with little on on supplies, how can they be a threat to world domination, when they can't raise even bus fare!!
  13. I have edited soldier via this means, and have got some pretty good ground troops put of it.
  14. Reassign the female troops, and recruit males. It takes time, but that works.
  15. If you try under assets\assets\xenonauts\temple\strategy\actor\combatant\human\characters\starting_pool\Soldiers There are 12 starting soldiers, if you edit the ones with female to male. Hope that helps.