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  1. Ruggerman

    [V11. 2 New Armour] Emperor's new clothes

    In relation to this armour, the ground combat model, is the old Pink Panzer, I know this is only a holding image, but it would be nice to see the next stage, in the 3D art work as this a vital part of the game.
  2. Thank you gentlemen, I will await the next iteration of this game.
  3. If the weapon that is pictured, is the actual Grenade Launcher, then it should have a minimum of 8 rounds, although it would have more, and also have a variety of ammunition.
  4. Ruggerman

    MARS Graphics

    I heard it back in the 60's
  5. If you lose all the civilians in a mission, the mission is Failed, with no fault of your own, the civilians run over to the aliens to be killed, in stead of moving as fast as their little legs will carry them, away from the aliens, or at lest move from danger to the relative safety of the xeno forces. Not only do you lose the battle, but you are striped of all your armour and weapons, and to boot, I had not lost a single soldier. This type of Scenario would kill this game for most players, as you have not lost buy your own failing, but some pre-arranged game mechanics. The game needs to be hard, but not impossible. Also what happens when you run out of up links and you can see the continents fall to the aliens, and there is nothing you can do. "GAME OVER MAN"
  6. The new Exosuit is invisible, it may be fashionable, and may have stealth qualities, but not much to look at!!
  7. If the damage is minor or it has run out of ammo, YES it could be repaired, but when it has taken moderate to heavy damage, NO but should be able to be reclaimed at the end of the mission for salvage or repair.
  8. I have encountered these two culprits, on at less two occasion in this build.
  9. If it is not visual, then could we not have some audiovisual showing a symbol where sound is coming from? "Just a thought"
  10. Ruggerman

    Early terror mission balance

    That grenade-Launcher is just to dangerous too use, I have fired these types of weapons, during my time in, and if they were this dangerous, they would not be issued. When they are fixed, it would be nice if they had a variety of ammunition types i.e.( HE, AP,Gas, and Canister)
  11. Ruggerman

    Research mechanics

    If you have more than one lab, you should be able to research more projects, up to the number of lab and scientist, on staff.
  12. Ruggerman

    Early terror mission balance

    Hopefully later in the game there will be flying suits, so you can rise above the danger!!
  13. I won this battle, and collected a lot of alien bodies, but I didn't get any alloys. That would have been a nice bonus.
  14. Ruggerman

    [v11.2 - General] Sticky popup text

    This is an on going occurrence, Thank you for the advise, will give it a go.