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  1. Stress is an interesting element of the game, but it needs to be a combination of a number of factors, i.e.(Bravery, Reflexes, and Hit points), and recovery should also be link to the same. This is so that you will have more unique characters in the game, and give your a better dynamic's experience, within the game. At the moment you know that a character will be out of the game, after 4 missions, which means you need to hire more troops, so you have to build more barracks, and this takes up space in the base complex, which reduces what else to can build, later in the game, and at this time in the game, you have a finite number of base squares to build in. Then you need more power??
  2. Ruggerman

    Soldiers Uniforms

    The basic equipment layout does not take into consideration that your would have a knife scabbard, or a hand gun holster, or that you might other equipment stored in pouched around your soldiers torso. It would be nice to have this added???
  3. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 Temporary Builds Pause

    It is with great sadness that we hear of your families concern for a loved one, and may you and your family find comfort in this time, and may your beliefs give you strength to cope.
  4. Ruggerman

    Base Building v2

    I don't understand why we are limited to the same area as in the original game, it would have been nice to have more flexibly in the layout of the base, and or bases, so as to be able to include more of the advance buildings that become available later in the game. That a thought!!!
  5. Ruggerman

    R & D Use in Xenonauts 2

    Yes I have used the Drop All Defence, so that they can't harm their mates, plus turn the others away so they don't shoot at this trooper.
  6. Ruggerman

    Load times

    Thank you Gentlemen for your responses, I do understand that we are in development stage, and that load time will be longer, in reference to Chris's information. Thank you once again. Look forward to what is next.
  7. Ruggerman

    Load times

    I am not curtain if this is because we are still in development, but the load times for this game, are I think just a little too long, and that could put a lot of player off. Could I ask other contributors to these pages, what they think is a reasonable time, to wait for a screen to load, and continue with the game???
  8. Ruggerman

    Combat Fatigue

    Combat Stress, should not just accumulate, just by going on a mission, it should have certain events to trigger it, as it is now you need a large number of troops, to cycle through each mission, so as to have troops available, which means that your troops don't develop their stats as fast and the cost of recruiting more, and building more living space, make the meagre resources that you are given hard to manage, this could be OK on a harder level, but not on BASIC.
  9. The way the battle harness is displayed on the screen for each soldier, is not in line with the equipment, that one needs to carry, there should be a holster for your side arm, and a scabbard for the battle knife or bayonet. Also there is not provision for water bottles, or other battle related equipment, it would be nice if the screen layout was more inline with the style of battle harness that a soldier actually uses. Just a thought, what are the other members considerations!!!
  10. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts Mod

    The drawing are very fine, But they are supposed to be Military units, so you can be a little lax in the field, you would have to follow some military code on base.
  11. Ruggerman

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    The problem you have with a stress system, is that that it is not the same for all, as some will not be as affected as others, some how you will need to temper it with another factor??
  12. Ruggerman

    v15.4 Soldiers not coming back from combat?

    This screen is not from 15.4b, it surely must be from X1 and not the current version, as the uniform and page lay out is not current??
  13. Yes that is all good if you are interested in air combat, I am not so I only do auto resolve, as I am only interested in the land combat, that is what brought me to this game in the first place.
  14. I was unable to produce a weapon system that could take down the Battleships, so the games seems to have come to an end!!