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  1. Hopefully we will get a hot fix for this, as I can't play on any further, or we will have to wait for V13.
  2. Ruggerman

    Hidden Movement

    Yes I feel that it is unnecessary, because if you can see it, you should be able, and if not it would remain in the blacked out part of the map. As I have been hit by aliens who are directly in-front of you, and you get this unnecessary screen!
  3. When you assign a soldier a load out i.e.( Rifleman, Heavy, or Assault), if in the course of play that soldier is made unassigned, that load out is removed to storage, and if at any time that soldier is then reassigned, then they should be so equipped, and if in doing so, that equipment is not available, you can then equip them, with what is available.
  4. I have had the same problem. You can wait for a couple of alien craft to go bye, but as soon as you select interceptors, to attack any UFO's, the game crashes. Have tried a couple of game reloads, at the same place, and you get the same out come, I am now waiting for a patch to start playing again??
  5. The ground troops can't or wont jump over fences like they used too, but will waste movement points running around the fence. wall.
  6. I have also seen this, it just seams to be this type of interior wall.
  7. Thank You for the explanation, I will hopefully find out about the other bonuses when I get there.
  8. I am not seeing any new up-links, so that is why I have asked!!
  9. I have also noticed that when a grenade is thrown, that the object that hits the ground, does look like a c4 package with flashing light, but it explodes just like a normal grenade!
  10. Are there a finite number of Satellite Up links, in this game, or is there some other way to keep from losing territory to aliens, apart form shooting down Alien aircraft, providing you can!
  11. I think that the orbital bombardment, should be a card that the aliens play when things are not going to plain. It should the a big stick to force governments to come over to there thinking, and the for the xenonauts to step up to the crease (cricket) to counter.
  12. This is a known problem, you will have to re-equip after every mission until it is fixed.
  13. Ruggerman

    [V11. 2 New Armour] Emperor's new clothes

    In relation to this armour, the ground combat model, is the old Pink Panzer, I know this is only a holding image, but it would be nice to see the next stage, in the 3D art work as this a vital part of the game.
  14. Thank you gentlemen, I will await the next iteration of this game.