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  1. I managed to play though a couple of dockyard combats, and the best weapon by far is the humble hand-grenade, forget the rifles and machine guns, just toss them an M26 a couple of times, and you can go home. I did manage to research the combat jacket, and the accelerated weapons, but so far the grenade is weapon in this early stage!! I just loaded up with lots of them, and had some fun.
  2. Heavy weapons personal should have at lest a pistol, as a secondary, and if weight allows, something with a little more grunt, like SMG 9mm, when your primary weapon runs out of ammo or malfunctions. If not you have a soldier on the field now who will need to get out, or find a replacement weapon, that person is a burden on the team now!!
  3. Ruggerman

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Snap Shot Games, has provided a link to down the next incarnation of this game, and it plays out very well, in the ground combat, but you do not get a sense of being in the game when you are flying around to find the ground combat sites. This is not like the game above, as the game interface, has changed a bit?
  4. The concept of seeing the enemy, whether in day or night, through smoke or gas come be a Tech advance that could be developed, and put into any of the combat suites. On the thought, my be the suits in them selves could have component slots, which could be modified to suit combat conditions!!
  5. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    Could the base graphics be an option at the start of a new game, to be either top down or side on, the player get to chose!!
  6. Ruggerman

    Hidden movement?

    Just a thought, it could be an option as you start a new game, as to weather you want -alien hidden screens or not?
  7. Ruggerman

    Hidden movement?

    There could be a number of screen, for hidden alien movement, or none. With just the sounds of their activity going on around you, with also the odd flash of them, as they come into view. If they are in your line of sight, yes, and that would be for the civilians as well.
  8. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 Beta Date Announced!

    It will be exciting, to be part of the development of a game that has been on many of my computers since 1994, in its many iterations!! Great!!!!!!
  9. Ruggerman

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    Just finished X-Division community edition, and like the new game scenario. Much different from the old end game, with all the Xenomorphs coming at you, while you are trying to escape the battle site!! Thank You very much..
  10. Ruggerman

    Alien Plasma Cells destroyed

    Every time I finish a ground game encounter, the Plasma cells are destroyed. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong.
  11. Ruggerman

    The Ranking System

    Thank You for getting back to me. Looking forward to an answer!
  12. Ruggerman

    The Ranking System

    I was just wondering what is rank that all member have attached to there membership means. Can one or more Administrators give use some idea of the purpose, of this system, or is there a link within this web site to this information?
  13. I fully agree with the comments above! It will make this game even better.
  14. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    That sounds great. Thank You
  15. Thank you gentleman, for your help I shall await the next installment.