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  1. Ruggerman

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    The problem you have with a stress system, is that that it is not the same for all, as some will not be as affected as others, some how you will need to temper it with another factor??
  2. Ruggerman

    v15.4 Soldiers not coming back from combat?

    This screen is not from 15.4b, it surely must be from X1 and not the current version, as the uniform and page lay out is not current??
  3. Yes that is all good if you are interested in air combat, I am not so I only do auto resolve, as I am only interested in the land combat, that is what brought me to this game in the first place.
  4. I was unable to produce a weapon system that could take down the Battleships, so the games seems to have come to an end!!
  5. I have been playing 15.3, and I was able to build Plasma weapons, don't know if they work, as I was not able to shoot down any Battleships, to try them out?
  6. Ruggerman

    Lift Button

    I have played this scenario, on version 15.3 and had the same problem, as I tried to ascend the lift and it didn't work, so I moved on, but it did work on other lifts in this Alien Base, just not this one?
  7. The Guardian suite of armour, is not working as I think it should, as it might be good a scaring crows, but not defending the Earth.
  8. Ruggerman

    [V15.3 General] Terror mission

    This situation has happen before, in older versions, as if the game is loaded, and all the civilians, are near to the aliens, then they will be killed, and you lose the battle, before you start, this should not happen. The civilians should try and run toward your troops, and safety, and not into the jaws of death! The AI of the civilians, needs to be looked into, as the above situation can be very frustrating, Please have a look at this!!
  9. Having same problem, thank for the explanation, Chris
  10. Ruggerman

    Grenades problem

    The real trouble with grenades is that you can't throw them far enough, too get out of the danger zone, so you need to get behind cover, or you could be a casualty of your own grenade! They are not a direct fire weapon, you use them like a short range mortar, very short ranged. up and over.
  11. I have noticed the same, the aliens are not interested in movement, and will fire at you only if you move in front of them.
  12. Ruggerman

    [V.14] not able to buy new plane

    Thank you Chris, for explaining that.
  13. It may be the design of the new V.14 to have to build a new aircraft, but you were able to buy them in the past??
  14. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    This game start with such high ideals, but has not got any were near them, in it present form. Waiting to see what the next update will bring, we live in hope???