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  1. Sounds like it is not up to scratch, from these posts!!
  2. This looks like a very interesting game! Does that game play like xcom by Firaxis!!
  3. One could compromise, and have the main base, as an ATLAS style, and a number of secondary bases in a top down style?
  4. Ruggerman

    mod me a 2x2 / 3x3 unit

    Multi tile units would be great but, for expediency maybe we should leave that to the modifiers, so we can get the game in a working condition first!!
  5. If you are going to be limited each player to only a couple of air bases, then could we have small range missile bases, so as to provide some defense to the other areas on the globe, and also be able to bring the fight to the UFO's. Hope that we will be able, within the scope of the game, and time to put up a global defense of our Earth!!
  6. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    Any good military force, would sent minimum standards, for physical enter, and that would go higher for entry into more Elite forces "SAS, Seals, and Para's" so it is not just Strength, but that, and endurance, and the Mental capacity to go on!! Soldiers in these Elite units, would have already made the grade, when they march in to Xenonauts. Being able to carry weights is a skill, on what to load, and how to distribute that load. Having the right Battle harness for the job is a good start.
  7. Ruggerman

    Chris - Out of Office (& Mini Update)

    May your wedding day and honeymoon be all you and your partner could want. For my self, I have a tricklemoon, it is just lick a honeymoon, but is not so refined!! Good Luck and Best Wishes
  8. Load outs should be commensurate with the type of battle harness, that the soldier is wearing, and this could be incorporated into the Armour that he has on. If this is in relation to the screen page for each soldier, i.e.( as on the bottom of the screen) then maybe it could change with the suit that is being warn!!
  9. As I have stated in the past, service ribbons, and medals, at great for showing others that you are a valuable member of the team, that is in belonging to one, but it should also be an indication of the level of proficiency that a soldier has achieved in any craft that he has trained in.
  10. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter completed!

    Congratulations! Looking forward to the developments installments, I have been a keen player of this genre since the early 1990's with "Enemy unknown" and all of it's following incarnation. Great to be getting back in the saddle!!
  11. Medals and ribbons are all to great, for parades after the action, but if they added some benefit to the soldier that has acquired them, this would more colour to the game. They could add more morale, or specialized skills for equipment and weapons! As in X1 medals for various actions, as per number of enemy kills, and or certain operations completed.
  12. Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator, I am happy with that, that what it is!!
  13. Ruggerman

    More RPG Elements

    If there was a number of research categories, and you assign your leading scientist to those categories, with all others being assign under them, you would have a little of both!
  14. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    In relation to weapons being carried, most terrestrial weapons have a sling, Aliens weapons would be an unknown factor! To limit a player to only one or two weapons would not give full immersion into the game? After all with this type of game, we are trying to create THEATER, that's the hook.
  15. Ruggerman

    Melee weapons?

    As the weapons that are being used in this game, like the AK47, m16 armalite and Self loading Rifles, all come with bayonets. That could be a good start for a melee weapon??