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  1. If you save a game, and try to load it later, it show a dialog box the the saved file is not comparable with this version???
  2. Thank you Chris, that looks like it will do just nicely.
  3. I don't no if this a bug, but there is a very limited number of Engineers and Scientist available in the game, as I have tried to max out both in the early bases, but when you build new ones, you are informed via a dialog box that there are no more Engineers or scientists. Why is there a limit on these resources?
  4. The mission ended after I eliminated all of the cleaners, just like all other missions.
  5. I concur with Emily_F as they have not work for a number of rev's
  6. I found all 23 golden Desks, but at the end of the mission there was no intelligence to be acquired, nothing at all, so I don't see any benefit to the mission. Also when the troops arrive back at the base they are minus some Armour and weapons like stun batons.
  7. If the gas grenades could be brought in with the advanced stun phase, or that and another research project, then we could have them, but it would take longer to acquire them, and then they could be available for then Grenade launcher.
  8. Thank you for the up date, I will like forward to seeing them as I progress through the game. Thank you again.
  9. What happened to the Gas grenades, they seam not to be available, which makes it a bit hard to capture aliens alive!!
  10. I have battled through the storm, and invested in newer aircraft, which was able to shot down the alien craft, which has reduced the global panic to 00 Humanity survives!!! Praise Your Virtual Entity, and Pass the ammunition
  11. I have won every ground battle and air engagement, and although it tells me to get the cleaners, There is no clear plan on how that can be achieved ?
  12. I concur with Emily_F The orbital bombardment should be an option for a harder level of the game, and not be the starting point for new players. At a higher level of game play it would be great!!
  13. If we are talking about skill sets, then weapon proficiency for a number of different weapons i.e. (grenades, pistols, Rifles, LMGs, the use of Hand to Hand weapons, and the new Alien weapons) to name a few. As well as the use of other equipment??
  14. If you have jet-packs you can enter from above, to finish the mission.
  15. This is something that I would like to see implemented, as the lay out at this time bares little in what could be describe as functional, in a military sense. Could there not be another layer of battle dress, that one could wear, with extra pockets for equipment storage.
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