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    Xenonauts-2: Air Combat

    If one could build a series of Missile bases around the globe, that could be used to break up alien air craft formation, and then send in the the attack squadron, or work to a way of being able to do this as an option in the game, could have benefits. A series of line defenses, were, one would build local missile batteries and then expand that ring out ward, to form a multi layer of Anti Alien Air Craft protection, and then Offense?. These could be used as a prelim to the Air to Air part of the game, just adds another layer.
  2. In connection with my last on the £100 tier, there could be extra game money made available to use in the game, for hiring in-game personal, or other in-game expenses?
  3. In relation to this £100 tier, I was thinking of the £35 tier, plus a special item, which could be any of the weapon classes, including Alien ones, and or Armour, and other protection devices. Then there could be the recruitment of a 1) Soldier, 2) Scientist, 3) Production Manager, or some other person with a higher level of skill sets, to join the team.
  4. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    My post on webbing, is in relation to utility belts, and back packs, which would effect the type and range of weapons a unit could carry!!
  5. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    If you have a know level of tiers for each weapon type, then you are not going to waste time researching any further that line, and change your research program. Some Projects could have one or two levels but maybe a couple could have more?
  6. Ruggerman

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    It might be an idea to have not just have different types of Armour, but also different types of webbing, which you could store different load outs. If these could be incorporated into the graphics, it could look cool?? This would give a player more choice, depending on weapon skills?
  7. I have tried your installation procedure, but it can not find the zip file it need to active XNT V6.0. Please advise as to the correct procedure. This mod looks great but I can not get it up and running.
  8. Ruggerman

    Leonard Nimoy crosses the Final Frontier

    Sad loss, For as a young boy I traveled the universe, on that Five year mission, and beyond!!!