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  1. maxm222

    Xenonauts-2 August 2021 Update!

    First, I've been away from the game for a while and it's great to see the continued progress. One point: The "varied" part in your words above is important (to me, anyway) and something I've wondered about for years concerning many games: Why is there so little variation in exclamations by characters in repetitive situations? There's nothing that kills suspension of disbelief more quickly for me than some soldier saying: "I'm gonna boogey to somewhere more exciting!" for the 100th time instead of just: "Changing position," or "Moving to new location," or "Moving," or "Looking for better position," (even changing one word makes it easier to listen to) etc. Why not have all those phrases and 20 more besides, while avoiding the "Git some, haw-haw!" phrases? I can't believe it's lack of memory, but is it? Voice artist time costs too much? When crunch time comes, do the devs decide that 5 variations on phrases that players are going to hear hundreds of times are enough? Can writers literally not think of more than a few alternatives for a repeated phrase? Play testers don't play long enough to get sick of hearing the same 5 phrases repeatedly? Maybe repeated phrases aren't thought to be any part of buying decisions (this one I could see, but I can also imagine hearing "Scratch one alien!" 50 times to be at least among the reasons for getting sick of a game early)? I'd appreciate any insight on this, and having some would make playing games with repeated situation dialogue less irritating. I think.
  2. Yeah, sure, I knew all that, of course, no big whoop, I didn't have a cow, man, I didn't think the empire would fall. It just that [blushes], since I hadn't seen it again, I thought it was fixed in the last iteration and that someone might not know that it had snuck back in. I guess I just forgot: "don't sweat the little stuff." Gotta go back and work the steps.
  3. Since this bug has happened and been eliminated before, I'm guessing/hoping that no files are needed. The floating dead aliens at left in the screen shot are in their saucer. As before when this popped up, the floating dead guys disappeared when the saucer was in LOS. On the positive side, the bodies are better than GPS (Green Prey Sleeping?) for finding those pesky crashed alien scout ships. This is during my first ground combat in 18.2.
  4. When I first started using a "disarm defense" to protect my troops from former buddies turned berserk, well-armed zombies, I figured this is what everyone probably did--since armed zombies often did large amounts of damage and/or took up time and ammo to put down. I started wondering, though: do you Xenonuts also do the following? If a soldier is under mind control attack----I have them shoot and throw things as needed, and then get them to as safe a spot as possible, leaving a couple of action points so the unit's turn isn't ended. I then have them drop all their weapons (including smoke grenades) on the ground, since dropping gear doesn't seem to use any action points. - If in the next turn they shake off the psionic attack, I have them pick up their stuff and return to the fray. Note that picking stuff up takes up large numbers of action points, so the soldier pretty much loses a turn. - If in the next turn they panic and I can't move them, or they run away, all their weapons are still available in a pile for them--if they recover. If they go to the Dark Side, other troops can use the weapons. One has to note the location of the weapons' drop, since the graphics are sometimes too small or ambiguous to recognize easily. - If they lose their brave struggle and become drooling stooges for the not-cool aliens, they have nothing to attack me with besides dirty looks (so far no zombies have reclaimed their dropped weapons), and again, teammates can still scavenge the weapons' drop. Is that what the rest of you do? Or have you worked out something better?
  5. Will do, thanks for checking it out. I'm re-fighting the battle complete with all the mind wars: no glitches so far. It's not cause-and-effect, it's magic.
  6. Chris said: "Do you have the autosave from the beginning of the turn or the end of the previous turn? If it's connected to Mind War then that should allow us to reproduce it." Actually, problems started several turns before the one where I couldn't do anything, so here are the autosaves from turns 3-4. Hope one helps. I'll try to note the first occurrence of any such problems in the future. auto_groundcombat_turn_3_start-45.json auto_groundcombat_turn_4_start-47.json auto_groundcombat_turn_3_end-46.json
  7. This is a weird one. Didn't see any precipitant. I tried various ways of moving other soldiers, but after tab (only) worked briefly to cycle through troops, the same soldier stayed highlighted and was the only one who could be moved. I had to quit the game to end the turn. Will re-load and see what happens. See screen shot and turn file. user_cannot_clickchoose_troops-8.json
  8. maxm222

    Demo thoughts

    Just read Skitso's long list of reactions and very much appreciate the work that went into it, and the many good/interesting suggestions and positive feedback. He's one of the few people I've seen who has indicated an interest in a further zoom-in (my 2/28 post). I can't believe that so few people wouldn't want a closer view, given how the graphics hold up. Maybe I should do a poll (grumble..grumble..).
  9. One year ago I asked about being able to zoom in a bit closer during ground combat, and figured out what a 1.5 (50%?) increase would look like (see lo-rez screenshot below). Chris replied: "Yeah, it's relatively easy to support this - it's just a camera setting. It'll probably be a day or so of work to set up the different view levels on the camera and the logic that remembers which one you have selected between missions etc,...If you ask me again in a few months we might put it in the game then " Okay--I'm asking again!
  10. Wow! Sort of like the Allies in World War II encasing the entire world in lucite to defeat the Nazis. Of course, the victory celebrations would have to be pretty low-key.
  11. Did it again! Same game, couple of turns later. The Mars moves about 4 hexes straight forward, no obstacles, then the game freezes. See files, didn't get screen shot. Since both freezes came in the middle of the Mars movement, maybe that suggests something. auto_groundcombat_turn_10_start-350.json output.log
  12. Just reloaded the turn, no freezes, moved to the next turn. ?? Nothing like intermittents to double the fun.
  13. See screen shot and files. output.log output.log_1.1b87bd6b319282feb4c00b4a0df2b3c6 auto_groundcombat_turn_5_start-340.json
  14. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I can usually restart and play when this happens, including in this case.
  15. enough. I had no replies on that one. Puciek: I had a similar experience (see Jan 28th) with floating corpses in non-LOS (black) areas that were inside a ship and disappeared (were properly back inside the ship again) when one of my squaddies got close enough. No responses; apparently not a hot issue. Your screenshots: Your first imgur file didn't load for some reason , and the second worked, but the image was far smaller and lower res than the images posted through this forum (although, of course, "size does matter" to some extent--maybe your images were smaller?). As Mr.Alex suggests above, I would appreciate it if you would please drag your screenshot file directly into the message or into the "drag files here to attach" section just below this text section (or you can "choose files" in the Drag Files" section). I assume (after your 111 posts) you know all this, but maybe think imgur is better? If so, what's your thinking?