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  1. One year ago I asked about being able to zoom in a bit closer during ground combat, and figured out what a 1.5 (50%?) increase would look like (see lo-rez screenshot below). Chris replied: "Yeah, it's relatively easy to support this - it's just a camera setting. It'll probably be a day or so of work to set up the different view levels on the camera and the logic that remembers which one you have selected between missions etc,...If you ask me again in a few months we might put it in the game then " Okay--I'm asking again!
  2. Wow! Sort of like the Allies in World War II encasing the entire world in lucite to defeat the Nazis. Of course, the victory celebrations would have to be pretty low-key.
  3. Did it again! Same game, couple of turns later. The Mars moves about 4 hexes straight forward, no obstacles, then the game freezes. See files, didn't get screen shot. Since both freezes came in the middle of the Mars movement, maybe that suggests something. auto_groundcombat_turn_10_start-350.json output.log
  4. Just reloaded the turn, no freezes, moved to the next turn. ?? Nothing like intermittents to double the fun.
  5. See screen shot and files. output.log output.log_1.1b87bd6b319282feb4c00b4a0df2b3c6 auto_groundcombat_turn_5_start-340.json
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I can usually restart and play when this happens, including in this case.
  7. enough. I had no replies on that one. Puciek: I had a similar experience (see Jan 28th) with floating corpses in non-LOS (black) areas that were inside a ship and disappeared (were properly back inside the ship again) when one of my squaddies got close enough. No responses; apparently not a hot issue. Your screenshots: Your first imgur file didn't load for some reason , and the second worked, but the image was far smaller and lower res than the images posted through this forum (although, of course, "size does matter" to some extent--maybe your images were smaller?). As Mr.Alex suggests above, I would appreciate it if you would please drag your screenshot file directly into the message or into the "drag files here to attach" section just below this text section (or you can "choose files" in the Drag Files" section). I assume (after your 111 posts) you know all this, but maybe think imgur is better? If so, what's your thinking?
  8. Started game normally, clicked on "Continue," loading splash screen got up to 2% and stopped increasing--waited 4 minutes with no progress and exited at the "Keep waiting or close?" prompt. See files, if they are of any help. This has happened with almost all the iterations from time to time. output.log content_manager.state
  9. It can be helpful in planning who's going to do what, given their personal LOS, but things like more rational AI for for the NPC friendlies (like "touch and send" them back to the chopper) or more directional clues for out-of-LOS events would be higher priority for me, and I'm sure you have a much longer list.
  10. See screen shot and file. My guy (#1 in screen shot) shoots at the disk (#2 in screen shot but not shown since I blew it out of the sky, ha-ha!), which looked to be at about a 50-60 degree angle from him, but the animation shows him shooting straight up (used to happen a lot in the restaurant battle a few iterations ago). Looks silly. Not really urgent, of course. auto_groundcombat_turn_7_end-132.json output.log
  11. I think it's relatively new (?). When they appeared in X2, I never got the rebreathers since I didn't know about the conceal smoke penalty and never used the stun gas.
  12. Okay, got it, thanks. So it looks like we don't have "relative spotting," where we can only see the LOS of the unit chosen. How hard would that be to implement (if anyone besides me wanted it)?
  13. Oh, heh-heh, thanks [embarrassed]. I never clicked on "Tutorial," so...
  14. Yes! Thank you! Is there any amount of "safe" time before the smoke starts affecting friendly troops? And did I miss this info in the tutorial?
  15. I checked with my Magic 8 Ball, and it said: "Reply hazy, try again." Perhaps we will never know..