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  1. See screenshot. I pick up another weapon and attempt to put down the current weapon on the ground. Even with all action points available, the game acts like I don't have enough to put the weapon down. I went through half a dozen different setups: different kinds of weapons, different soldier, etc. No luck. I could only put down the smoke grenade, not the ammo, med pack, etc. Note that this guy has a -13 TU penalty, from carrying both guns, so maybe that's what's doing it? Seems to me I read about this before, but I can't face reading through 400 pages that mention "drop" or "weapon." "Can't drop weapon" got 0 results.
  2. I liked the pics of Italians standing out on their balconies and singing, amid their lockdown. The sign says: "I'll be OK." Loosely translated. Note Old Guy with electric guitar! The irrepressible human spirit.
  3. maxm222

    Yay, Devs

    Just wanted to say that the last two builds play significantly better than previously, and make for a more challenging and fun game. Thanks!
  4. On V11.3 (and all the other builds): I have gotten really tired of having to open everyone's backpack during a battle because I forgot who has the explosive or the Alien Taser. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but if not, would it be possible to be able to cycle through all the backpacks? Currently, using TAB leaves only the first backpack opened, visible on the screen, while the player cycles through the troops.
  5. Kidding aside, I'm afraid that programmers are not necessarily okay, unless they virtually never leave their home (to get more caffeine drinks, for example), never have anyone visit, and never read their mail without gloves. Covid 19 can live on various surfaces for up to two days--as far as is currently known. As for becoming infected or dying from Covid 19, it's true that people between the ages of 10 and 30 have fewer severe symptoms (sometimes none, apparently, even though infected) and far fewer deaths than older people. But if you look at the preliminary statistics, you can see that what people of all ages are good at is spreading this highly contagious disease. The number of cases before the epidemic starts to be contained (if it is) increase roughly geometrically every few days. And those are only the cases that come to the attention of someone who can test for the disease--no country knows the true extent of the spread. Plus, each country's experience has been different depending on various factors you have no control over (like your government's response, which is why we're going to be especially screwed here in the US). So here's the scenario that even you 20-year-olds should be worried about: you go to the corner shop for a cup of tea or coffee. The person behind the counter, who can't afford to stay home forever, hands over your drink along with the Covid 19 virus on the outside of the cup (where it can live for hours), since he/she contacted the virus from one of the shop's customers. On the way home you rub your eyes. Now you're infected. When you get back to your apartment, you get the message that a parent or grandparent is going to be stopping by. You don't let them in when they reach your place because you 're smart enough to know that you don't know if you or the surfaces in your apartment might be infected (more likely you do let them in and then don't kiss or shake hands--as if that will protect them). But you opened the door to your apartment house with the hand that carried that cuppa tea 20 minutes before your Mom put her hand on the door handle--and Covid 19, along with some other viruses, can live for days on hard surfaces like metal or plastic. I don't mean to scare anyone (and hopefully you all know all of the above), but no one should think they're "safe" from tragic consequences because they're young or tend to stay at home a lot. Okay, you're young, you almost certainly won't die from the virus. But will being young protect you from grief if one of the older people you care about dies? Yeah, we should all try to calm down, but the pandemic is getting worse, and I think we need to continue to learn about and emphasize the very real dangers.
  6. Just kidding, lame joke. The boots are almost lost in the shadows on the left side, and on the right side the boot merges into the shadow. I smudged some of the surrounding floor to show it more clearly.
  7. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the graphic appears to show two homeless fascist dumpster divers with webbed feet. Apologies to the artist, but jeez..
  8. I was overjoyed to see almost no appearance of the Hidden Movement (HM) graphic in the first few grounded UFO fights in the V12 build. However, the HMs were as bad as ever after two or three fights. After doing some more testing consisting of yanking the Hidden Movement (HM) graphic off what it is supposed to be hiding (have to ram the cursor up against different sides of the screen, quickly, to find which way will move the HM graphic), I have confirmed--several times--that the graphic hides three things: 1. (Most often) Alien movement and firing within full view of human troops. This is frustrating in the extreme for me, interrupts watching the flow of the battle and hides often-important information about who has attacked a soldier and how; 2. Alien actions which are not in human LOS, but which are not even close to the action. For example, an alien moves from one place to another in a warehouse that is not in human LOS, but is not close or important to the battle at the moment. I've seen the view shift into the total darkness of an unexplored part of the map, and then the HM graphic pop up to hide (when I can see underneath)--more blackness! WTF?, as the 10 -year-old badasses never get tired of saying. 3. Alien actions which are important and which should be kept hidden. But why aren't the LOS mechanics doing their job and hiding that stuff? Does the LOS mechanic really only work intermittently? Worst of all, I never know which of the three events described above are occurring when the useless and distracting HM pic pops up once again. I still don't understand why this obviously broken, useless distraction has once again not been important enough to fix--if for no other reason than for those of us spending dozens of hours beta testing. Part of the best part of the game for me even in beta is that I never get tired of watching the interest and surprises of the alien turn.
  9. So it's a breastplate on your belly? I suppose that describes some Kugelwagens. Sort of. If you squint and turn the lights down. And get stoned.
  10. My impression has been that new uplinks keep appearing (slowly), but I'm not sure. It would make sense that, since building the uplinks are the only way to keep buying scientists & engineers, uplinks wouldn't run out.
  11. Heh-heh, right you are! It breaks my immersion to see my squaddies do something that stupid. If anyone is interested, there are a bunch of YouTube videos showing Major Fails of the Javelin anti-tank missile which are pretty funny, and nobody gets hurt--as far as I can tell.
  12. Ah, well, I had two Mars vehicles using laser SMGs--using the ammo and weapons available in the armory--and I almost always use right click for equip and unequip. I'll go back before the base battle and make a point to avoid any dragging in equiping the Mars platforms. Thanks for the info.!
  13. maxm222

    Research mechanics

    The Rule The Waves approach also sounds interesting, and it addresses the issue of replayability. One of the things that often makes replays of Xcom/Xeno-type games more boring for me (at least, after a couple of completed campaigns) is that I learn which tech advances I need or want, and that aspect of the game loses much of its interest: I know what's coming and tech advances just become a predictable chore. I don't know what the best approach is, but I don't see an obvious way around needing to play-balance any additional tech achievements or complexity, which I believe adds a lot of additional coding and play-testing. No perfect approach, I guess.
  14. >At the minute its implementation reminds me of that Taliban terrorist on YouTube who fired an RPG into the wall right next to him.. Hehe...you probably want to encourage your enemy to use those kind of tactics. In terms of "real life" (whatever that is) usage, a weapon which blows up friendlies even two times out of every 100 would never be used, but in the game environment, the failure rate is way of increasing tension/suspense by introducing random problems for the player. So do we really need more suspense due to weapon failure when we already are unsure of how effective our fire, and that of the aliens, will be? I doubt it, unless we're trying to make things more "realistic," in which case the chance of firing duds would be much more common than catastrophic failure. The only other reason I can see for having any weapon failure (duds or booms) is for balance purposes--like Mars vehicle-based SMGs missing 4 out of 4 shots unless very close to the target.
  15. maxm222

    Research mechanics

    Yeah! Both of those sound good. And: - A "combat" scientist (CS) or engineer (CE) has to accompany a squad to test a new weapon - A CS/CI has to go on a mission to disable alien security measures (locks and mines) - A CS/CI is able to be an interpreter of alien language, allowing him/her to interrogate captured aliens on the battlefield and discover alien resources and deployments for that or future missions.