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[v2.0 Ground Combat] Game crashes on successful mission


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It's frustrating because it doesn't happen all the time and I can't figure out how to reproduce it. The crash has happened to me, but it's not triggered by something as simple as just winning a mission or having a soldier killed or something.

We're still looking into it, but if anyone figures out what the trigger is then please do let us know.

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I managed to play though a couple of dockyard combats, and the best weapon by far is the humble hand-grenade, forget the rifles and machine guns, just toss them an M26 a couple of times, and you can go home.

I did manage to research the combat jacket, and the accelerated weapons, but so far the grenade is weapon in this early stage!!

I just loaded up with lots of them, and had some fun. 

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So we've found out what was causing this - there was a problem on the Aircraft Equip screen, and if you went to that screen and then played a GC mission it would crash on return to the strategy.

That explains why the game crashed every time I tried to play the game "properly", but never crashed whenever I was testing the GC missions to reproduce the crash - which, as you can imagine, was incredibly annoying! :)

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