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  1. Figured out, it is aircraft alenium explosives engineering project that causes CTD
  2. Ok, it's not related to alien base, but something is still happening as I'm getting fairly regular CTD around day 166. Try reproducing with hiring engineers to the max and proceed with whatever is queued.
  3. I'm getting occasional CTD. Happened 2 times in a row when probably when alien base spawned (day 166) auto_strategy_funding_report-21.json
  4. When changing loadout through barracks I've noticed that my units that had equipped stun batons throw them into trash bins. I think the reproduction would be like this. 1. Have a loadout that has baton in one hand 2. Go to barracks 3. Change the loadout for this character to another 4. Change someone else to the loadout that should have baton. 5. Baton should be missing.
  5. What is the difference between abductions and terror missions? In both aliens kill civilians.
  6. Please remove the ability to throw grenades when unit is suppressed it makes absolutely no sense or at least create a big penalty to throwing accuracy. Its stupid that you suppress enemy only for him to kill you from across the map. Secondly also provide penalty to shooting while being suppressed. Being sniped from long range consistently makes no sense
  7. Neither of the games you mentioned have any issues with monetary income. In fact you can do nothing and still earn a profit (for a while). Stating "you play wrong" without any reasonable explanation, disqualify you from this conversation. Good day sir.
  8. Everything is irrelevant if missions you do, do not yield any income. Let's get from the start 1. Starting fund 750k 2, Initial expenses: Training Facility, Angel squadron, MARS 3. 2 cleaner missions in first 30 days that yield no income. 4. End of month - Expenses are greater than income. First major distaste for most of the (new) players. Month 1 1. Researched cleaner body that gives paltry amount of credits, which are negated by expenses such as replacing soldiers and upgrading weapons. Since you do not earn money your finances will be low enough to get any upgrades 2. 2 cleaner missions that yield no profit, shot down 2 small ufos for no profit, stopped alien raid for no profit 3. End of month finances in negative Month 2. 1. Researched sebillian corpse, further expenses in soldier loses and equipment upgrade 2. 1 Cleaner mission (reveals base), 1 medium ufo mission - 0 profit Game ends. Player should not be dancing hula hoops with finances at the game start
  9. Because why monthly income is lower than monthly upkeep. Let's not forget that your funding does not increase.
  10. One thing to make air combat more interesting would be to implement more ship designs for same category. Maybe divide by race and adjust attributes. Like for example Sebillian ships would be slow but tough. This would also make additional changes to the ground combat, where each differently ship design would be breached differently. Another thing would be to setup rotating gun point for larger UFOs. Take for example Destroyer. It has 2 gun mounts right now. Forward static and almost 360 degree one. Make the 360 degree to a for example 30 degree cone but it will track the interceptor. So when 2 interceptors are involved the UFO will chase one and try to shot it down with the forward mounting gun, while the rotating gun will be tracking the second interceptor. That way player will have to decide which interceptor will be the "bait" and which one will attack and "tank" the damage from the cannon. Or with 3 interceptors there will be 2 baits and one will go for the kill
  11. If you have nothing interesting to say, don't say anything.
  12. If I have 2 interceptors approaching at different angles against a UFO, the UFO fires at ALL the aircraft. WHAT? How many guns the UFOs have? Infinite? Currently air combat is just pointless. Better autoresolve. Fight vs scout. No tactics - just charge. Fight vs Fighters - no tactics - just charge. Fight vs Destroyer - no tactics - just charge. Air combat will always be repetitive. Saying "How can we make air combat less repetitive" is just like trying to make ground combat less repetitive. Ground combat will always be repetitive (you always do the same thing) and so will will air combat. Here is a fight vs Destroyer. 2 interceptors vs Destroyer - You can see that destroyer has a blind spot in the rear. Intelligent person at first will be like: OK I'll make one plane as bait, and the other will go flank from the rear. This tactic will not work, because the destroyer will target the nearest fighter. So once you start to flank, the flanker will be targeted. Ok so you switch roles and the process continues. The first interceptors are faster only by a small margin. So if you will try to finally make that blind spot approach you will be either too close to make a difference or out of fuel. Meaning the only reasonable approach is just to charge it and take the hits. 2 interceptors vs fighters - previously I had to go slow do some dodges, fire one missile wait for the fighter to dodge fire another. Now I just watched as my fighters destroyed theirs without taking any HP damage.
  13. I didn't say it's a bad thing. However I remember when XCOM came out, many people where pissed about doing only 1 of 3 missions. So is it really successful mechanic? Long War removed this to only 1 mission. Long War Rebalance set that you can do all 3.
  14. By reading the changes this turns more into XCOM than the original.
  15. We have to agree to disagree. I think that current armor system is not good.
  16. But it also costs money to build a new plane, money you probably would want to spend on additional plane or something else.
  17. If that would be the case I would receive a popup, but I didn't
  18. That's a little what? The better option is to get the plane shot down and get new one for free in 9 days.
  19. In April I see escorted bombers, in May I see Cruisers and Heavy fighters. Escorted bombers are very tricky with 2xAngel + Phantom, but it requires push for alenium torpedoes and accellerated cannons, and still this will make a tricky fight, because Angels are very slow in combat, and you really have to do well to get best result (no having aircraft downed or too heavily wounded). Heavy fighters are ok, because you could just "tank" them with Phantom and Angels could deliver the missile. The Cruiser on the other hand is not downable at this point. It has huge range. Maybe 3x Phantom could deal with it, but with the amount of money we get and the amount of money we spend doesn't help with getting many planes. Creating new satelite base is like 3 months of income to set up and you have to count construction time, which is slow. Belining research is also sort of no go, because you sacrifice then ground combat - not to mention you don't know the tech tree. Should it be that way?
  20. I had it too, but not in the position of the soldier on the above screen but one tile to the left
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