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    Air Combat

    So after playing beta 1 and beta 2, I noticed a huge change in Air Combat. It's very different from X1 and sort of looks basic. Some people who I share my playhtroughs with also commented on this - some more openly that well it's just bad. Is there any information about future plans for AIr Combat? Will we get something similar to X1 or just accept this version, or maybe there is something else hidden behind the idea? I think that X1 air combat was one of the best implementation of air combat in X-COM type games. The original was: Get Avalanche and you can down anything except Battleship - get plasma you win all the time. UFO series - pure RNG determined by tech and UFO you fought. Even with best tech battleships could take several attemps. UFO Extraterrestials - sort of good way XCOM - again RNG.
  2. Happens to me too. Started game, first mission raid. Won, crash. New game, raid, won, no crash, then on successful UFO mission, crash.
  3. silencer

    X2 performance

    You can install MSI Afterburner and enable it's overlay. It displays how much each core is used. If the game uses your cores to the max and gpu is lightly used then it's mostly CPU bottleneck
  4. Maybe some one should resurrect X-COM: The Two Sides.
  5. silencer

    X2 performance

    Hey. I just to want to add in. i7-4770K + 1080 ASUS Strix + 16GB RAM = 25-50 FPS. I do really hope that you will make it stable 60+ FPS.
  6. silencer

    New character "gaming" faces/bodies

    Maybe we will see this before Xenonauts 2 hits the shelves?
  7. Ok, it happened to me too many times, that there might be something fishy when Caesans are involved. I had a soldier in Sentinel armour up on the 3rd and 4th floor of a buidling or on UFO. There was no alien he could spot and since Sentinel armour gives 360 vision and aliens suppose to have same range as Xenonauts he should be able to spot anything before someone will shoot at him. When it comes to Ceaseans it's not happening. My soldier was being shot from double the visual range AND from the ground. This comes to my conclusion that when there is PSI capable alien, all your soldiers must be constantly on squad sight vision, because those aliens can PSI attack "undetcted" soldier. Take for example this: in below screenshots, there were only few aliens inside the UFO and only 1 alien outside and it was miles away from the UFO. The result. Alien magically has visual on the soldier on the UFO, but I couldn't see him. This is just plain stupid. Even if aliens get every 10 turns any information about whereabouts of my troops just sniping out of the blue is too much - specially when aliens have 1 shot kill weapons. Second example - an alien from the ground fires at the soldier on roof, not being spotted by anything. How is it possible? The red indicator is for alien standing somewhere else.
  8. silencer

    Endgame broken?

    Destroyed 2 generators, killed the commander but the door is shut tight. Something is wrong here: [ATTACH]5716[/ATTACH] Mods required: FitH, Lore+ Edit: It seems like damaging the last door with even 1 shot just makes them unopenable - brilliant. s6.sav s6.sav
  9. silencer

    0.30HF1 - TU Bug

    Opening red doors gives you hell of a lot of TU's.
  10. Another sort of related thing is the base backgrounds. If you research Fusion Warheads the backgrounds are changed to T4, but when you research after that Base Upgrade it goes back to T3
  11. silencer

    Caesans have buggy sight detection ?

    Thanks for explanation will try to search more examples.
  12. silencer

    (Request) Intermediary VTOL Transport

    Why not buff the Charlie yourself ? I think it can be modable?
  13. silencer

    Alien outpost atack causes crash

    Something similar like I've reported here? http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12239-0-30HF-Alien-Fortress-CTD
  14. silencer

    0.30 Magical blocking wall

    Load this save, and tell me why the soldier in this picture can't fire rocket at this alien. The range where 0% is quite big. When fired the rocket just flies up the map. [ATTACH]5711[/ATTACH] Mods required: Lore+ and FitH test.sav test.sav
  15. Ehh, the Battleship that has teleporters in front the entrance has bugged roof. Can see through and aliens can fire through it. Also the teleproters tile are covered as dust tiles. Looks wierd.
  16. silencer

    Caesans have buggy sight detection ?

    Ok. This situation. Flying in Sentinel Armour. Being higher should give me + to sight depending on how up the unit is right? Then why the alien that is only visible fired at me as soon as I've spotted him? How he saw me further than he should? Please explain to me, maybe I don't understand some mechanics. [ATTACH]5703[/ATTACH] s6.sav s6.sav
  17. It's all to allow the pathmaker to guide you through, though maybe going down through roof might be FiTH, but on the other hand Battleship doesn't have destroy-able roof. Let me show examples of how to navigate through objects.
  18. silencer

    End Turn Autosave option

    Please close this thread. There is already this option, though it would be better if it would be more "visible" in the bug report thread.
  19. Could you please add configurable option to add autosave on end turn? I've run into many situations where this would be helpful to determine possible bugs. I'm using SSD so I don't care about longer turn times due to saving.
  20. I begin to wonder if Sentinel/Buzzard armours are bugged when it comes to descending into solid objects. At one instance I could land inside hedge, on second instance I could drop down through Battleship top or enter through solid walls. Wonder can someone confirm this using plain vanilla and not using this mod.
  21. silencer

    Skitso's Sounds of Pain

    I was hoping of a more generic X-COM screams Also there was this tiny little hope for a Wilhelm Scream
  22. silencer

    Skitso's Sounds of Pain

    Nice one Skitso, using JA2 sounds
  23. If Reaper Alphas had Paralyze then I never found them using it. And with my custom mod that increases aliens count (including reapers) even still not a single paralyze attack.
  24. Do reapers need paralyze? They are not Halucinoids And I see that Alphas also have paralyze and have more power than Caesan Leader? Just a thought - maybe you should shuffle those psionic abilities between psion, officer and leader, so they would be more unique?
  25. Will this mod ever reach status finished or there is nothing more to add? When I will finish my vanilla XCE playthrough I plan using this mod.