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  1. The harder Hit and other things with the Alien-Magnets helps a lot to win the Missions and Airfights, esp. in the Beginning-Phase. If the Ammo get an Upgrade too it would be cool, and with that slow Steps the next Generation "Gauss Weapons" will be then comming step by step. The Same with Laser Weapons, which need more Research at the beginning. From now it´s to fast to get first Generation Laser-Weapons.
  2. Alienkiller

    [V18.2 Ground Combat] Zombies in the bus

    We will see what the Devs could do in V.19, where like Chris said allready much Graphics- and Codework have been done. The only difficulty is the AI, where the Devs are on their turn.
  3. You have the Standard-Ballistic-Upgrade after Researching the Alien-Magnet-Weapons. And yes some more Upgrades for Ballistic Weapons were cool, especially for the beginning Phase.
  4. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Base Mechanics

    That´s the Privileg if you can play more then 30 Years Computer Games, esp. such ones. They all have their good as well as bad sites. I like them a lot, but I play more likely the new Versions of them or very good Remakes (like Xenonauts 2, UFO ET-Series [Part 2 is comming not long to come up] and the new XCOM-Row, which takes the Storyline from the old one, but gives it an cooler Gameplay as well as Storyline). Sometimes I play the older Relicts too, because the cool AI in that Rows (esp. X-Com, Wing Commander-Series, Privateer-Series, Schleichfahrt and similar which were MS-Dos-Based) were very very good and surprising. What I loved in the old Games too were the printet Storybooks like for the old X-Com-Row, Schleichfahrt, Wing Commander, Strike Commander and even more. And for Xenonauts 1 were a PDF-One too. Cool written, maybe we get some similar for Xenonauts 2 too. But one thing haven´t changed. The Base Design have to be like in the Orignal-Row for many Advantages. If Firaxis get the new Base-Design to work with the Advantages of the old one, then all Games get an upgrade to the better looking one. For Xenonauts 2 was such a cool one planed, but the Disadvantages were still to high.
  5. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Base Mechanics

    Jebah, such Turrets you had only 1 Time in X-Com, and that was in X-COM: Apocalypse. And they worked ok, but my own Soldiers / Vehicles much better in that case. If it´s implementable as an Upgrade in an existing Building then yes, but only seperate Buildings for that is waste of Space and you have much more important Buildings to build up. R & D, Hangars, Living Rooms, Training Centers, Hospital, Energy Generators, Radar- and Scanner-Stations etc. are the important ones. The outside Defense (against UFO-Attacks) we have already and that are Buildings which are belongs to the important Buildings too (1 or 2 you should have). But not Inside Defense-Buildings for an Alien-Attack which are very rare in such Games. In the old X-Com-Row I had in X-COM: EU / X-COM: TftD and X-Com: Apocalypse 6 enemy Raids maximum in my Bases. The same in UFO Extraterestials. More Attacks were blocked with the Outside Defenses, Fighters, Radar- / Scanner Stations which are important. The automated inside-defenses are a nice Feature, if they work more then 08/15 as an integrated updated feature.
  6. Hmmm..... I suggest we stop Testing atm and wait for Beta 19, where much Codework etc. get done. There such Problems and similar ones get solved much more, because much Codework have been done.
  7. Alienkiller

    Base Building v2

    Most of it is still in WIP, so all can be possible. That´s why we are still in Beta-Phase and not in Early Access. Means: Everthing in Changes / Refits / Upgrades etc. is possible. If we go in Early Access such things aren´t possible anymore and the Fine Work (like with a Glock Manufacture) get done for the Final Release.
  8. Weapons is maybe doable and a very good Idea. But the Cevlar-Armor / Cevlar-Vest is for all the same, because it´s a specal Armor-Adaption which was done for our Soldiers for a better Protection against the Standard-Soldiers.
  9. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    I agree with you 2. It´s good to hear that the Dev-Team have done and could do so many important things without the Project-Leader. That Chris is back again is a Boost for the Project again. But we don´t have to forgett that he has a big Family-Loss and that the mental Wounds of that don´t heal very fast. I know that from my own expierance which was much harder in a short row. But the Upgrades from the Code, Graphics and new implementations / refits from already implemented things sounds great. Keep up the good work, then we get with Xenonauts 2 a very good Game [either Beta or maybe Early Access], 1 cool Game in a similar Manner and 3 more very good Game-Upgrades this year. UFO2ET (direct Competitor; maybe there are not fully implemented Ideas we can use from it too) Hoi 4 (Upgrade) 303 Squardon (Upgrade) Mechwarrior5 Mercs (Upgrade)
  10. Hmm.... sounds like something bigger. Sometimes I have such CTD´s or not ending Turns too. It´s an interaction from the Map, the Aliens, Soldiers, Standard- and PSI-Attacks etc. as well as what the Player is doing. I have sometimes something similar in Ground Missions and tried other Tactics. And get the same Results you describe. Therefore the Devs have an Official AI Testing Suggestion Threat for that, where they make a plan together with the Community and Beta Testers to fix the Bugs step by step.
  11. Alienkiller

    Base Building v2

    Yes, its outsourced about many Reasons. Don´t think over it to bring it back for the same Reasons. The cool and nice Basesystem from Firaxis in XCOM EU / EW with the Anthill-System (a similar one was tested and planed for Xenonauts 2) if you look at Kickstarter. But Firaxis shows in XCOM EU / EW [Ant-Base] and XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC [Avanger] that it have still Problems. Esp. to implement Base-Defences / Base-Attacks. That´s why XCOM EU / EW has only 1 Defense Mission and 1 Attack Mission (2 Attack Missions with the EXALT-Enemys in XCOM EW). In the full Playthrough of XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC the Devs solved some of the Problems, but have to limit Base-Defense Missions on the Avenger. If you play very long, like I did, then you have in a full playthroug max. 5 Attacks / 6 Attacks. For Xenenonauts, which get testable 3 Years later (about 2019) after XCOM 2 we testet such a Base too. But Goldhawk-Devs found still to many Problems in that Base-System. We Beta-Testers and the Devs tried to solve what isn´t solveable atm for a very long time. In that case the Devs decided to ask the Community what to do. And over 90 % decided to bring the older but workable Base-System back. Now we have an repainted old Base Build-Up system with many cool Implentations, which can and will be still upgraded and refited in some Parts. Now the Base-Defence and Base-Attacks Systems get Working without Problems. An similar System like in Xenonauts is in the 2007 published UFOET [2010 UFO ET get Gold-Status but not updated for 64 Bit-Systems atm] as well as the upcomming 2021 UFO2ET, which both are Game-Row with a linked Storyline. What the Base-Management-System from UFO 2 ET have we don´t know, but there you have Carrier-Bases too, which sounds very interessting. But an nicer and cooler look gives the new XCOM-Row that´s true, And I hope that Firaxis can fix the Problems from the first 2 Games in that Game-Row what the Base-Effects with Attacks, Defense etc. belongs.
  12. Alienkiller

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    @Grotesque: I have overflown your Post and there are nice Ideas in it. But some are are a No Go, because you make the Airfight then like in the new XCOM-Games, which was a big Flop. The Devs here wanna bring back the original Flow (like the Devs in UFO ET / UFO2ET), where you win or lose with the Pilots. 1. Exotic Materials: = are already in the Game and producing Airplaines are very very costly, esp. the R & D ones. In that case we don´t need more difficultys, which make the Game then an Shopkeeper. 2. UFO Interception scarcity: = is already in, because the UFOs are operating in differnt Places, esp. in that ones where you don´t have your Base. That makes the Game already hard, esp. in the beginning and mid Phase where you don´t have enough Bases, Fighters and Outposts. If the Outposts and Geoscape get more upgraded, then evtl. you can try to help the finance-States in fighting the UFOs, because that was too the orignialy Idea from the Devs too if you look at Kickstarter. 3. UFO Lethality: = Yeah, exaclty that we discuss here and try to find solutions to make the Airfight better. The Crew and the UFO they flying are the Key Point. If Sebillians flying, then they are not good in Maneuvering, but can work better with the Guns. If Ceasans are Flying, then they better Maneuver and shoot only if they see the White in the enemys Eyes. Other Alien-Races?? Commanders / Generals (like from the Ceasans) from the Races etc. bring evtl. Bonuses. 4. Game Art: = Yeah, the Voice and similar what is in such a Fight get Missing. Maybe there is something doable to make that Fight more interessting. And the Refit of the Map isn´t finished yet, so evtl. something of your Idea from that will come in. Not everthing, because the Game must be playable on not so good Mashines too (like Laptops, and Medium Spec PCs), but Voice / Soundeffects shouldn´t be a problem. 5. Random Events: = not needed, esp. the Panic-Things. Then you will lose the Game, before it begunn. And such elememts make it an Shopkeeper. What is evtl. possible is the Damage the Fighters can get and the Pilot Blackout. 6. External Factors: Yes such elements will get in like the Weather. That was announced an will come. We will see it in the next Air-Battle-Screens what it can do and what not. 7. Pilot Stats: We have Pilots and if all goes well, they get Stats. What influence they have we will see in the next version / versions like the Stats the Aliens have with the UFOs. 8. Combat: That Round-Tactic we testet in the first playable Versions of the Game. And all Beta-Testers as well as the Devs agreed that this get out of the Question. So there wont be a change in the very good exsisting Real-Time Fighting with the Pause-Option. UFO ET and UFO2ET have such an Real-Time System as well as the old X-Com Games and many of the Fan-Projects. The only one which was not good was the Fighting-System from the new XCOM: EU / EW-Series. There the Devs from Firaxis have to find something better. The Fighting System from Xenonauts is atm the best I have seen in my over 30 Years I play such Games.
  13. Let Aliens make an defense Post with Cover (like they do in the UFOs) and let them shoot at medium range. They try to get back to an other new Defense Post with Cover. Not only 1 there are 3 or 4 in Action. Let 4 Aliens make Patrols and let them work togehter as a team. They use cover and fast Fire for the Comrades which get nearer to the Enemy All above examples are only with 1 Alien. But they don´t work alone, they are an UFO-, Terror-, Base-, or Raid-Team atm. More is comming. And not only the Aliens are meant with that AI-Upgrade-Testing from Chris, there are the not announced special Missions too. (Edit: I've shortened this post just down to your ideas to keep the thread readable! - Chris)
  14. Don´t worry about that. That occour to all of us now and then, esp. if many Refits, Reworks and Implementations get in. If I read the Logs from Stellaris, Hoi 4 or such with many Text / Information, then nobody from us concerned of that. And I must say too, that I read the Logs here 2 or 3 times to, esp. the newest ones not to miss something.
  15. You mean the Alien-Raid-Missions on the Geoscape where you get either Money, Scientists or Engineers. That´s no Bug, it´s a complete new Feature which upgrades the Geoscape a lot and are a must have to make the Game interessting. It´s one of the special Features the Devs announced. But it was already mentioned in an Version-Log (V.18.0 if I remember me correctly).
  16. We will see what the Devs bring in with the next Versions beginning with V.19. We can only give Suggestions and Solutions, but the Devs reading the Forum in Xenonauts 2-Part. What they are doing with it belongs to them. But what is working here works in the Games from Paradox too. It take longer in medium to bigger Companys, but the Problemchild there (Hoi 4) get now with the next big Patches and DLC a full refit. The cool thing on Xenonauts 2 is, that X2 is still in Buildup-Phase and can reworked, refited and upgraded with only 1/6 or much lesser of the Time an full playable Game have.
  17. Yeah, in some Parts where the Game needs Upgrades, Refits, Reworks and similar. There I aggree. Upgradeable Buildings should be upgradeable (like Generators, Medical, Workshop, Research, Living and similar. The better Radar you have to build up seperately, for several Reasons already more then enough announced. But the third version of Radar you can upgrade from second one (explenation why you need the big ones are more then enough). The old Radar-Room you can refit then in an other useable Room (Defense / an other useable Buildung you have or you wait for an special Building which give you Informations about the Aliens on Terror Sites, Raid Misssions, UFOs etc.). There I advice Stellaris as well as XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC. They handle that Part very very good. What the switching from Soldiers to the Transport belongs is following: The Idea with the full team change allone is nonsene. As an Option in the Game-Settings it´s ok for the Players which wanna have it, but not for all, esp. for them which can handle that single Soldier-Changes-System asleep. 1. Reason: You limit a full Team doing their job, because of only 1 or 2 Soldiers get to much Stress or whatever. That Team is blocked for about 1 Month fully. = not acceptable for an old X-Com / new XCOM / UFO-ET-Series-Player! 2. Reason: You get more Micromanagement then lesser. Why? The Answers are easy. - If you get an Team where you can switch the soldiers altogether in the Transport then you reduce that Micromanagement on the first look. In the following second and more locks you see the extrawork. - The extrawork is following: You need an single-Switch for Soldiers in the Teammanagement, which makes more extrawork as it is now. - First and Main-Disadvantage: announced in 1. Reason! - Secoond Main-Disadvantage: Teams block Soldiers with Special Training / Special Equipment earlyer or later. You miss an Main-Important Special Mission only, while exactly that Soldier are assagined to a Team! = Absolutely NO GO! - there are much more why an Team Management is not good. Only with very very much Extrawork incl. swichtching the Main-Disadvantantages to satisfyable Advantages (and they must be very very satisfyable) an Team-Management-Thing can be implemented for all. I and many others don´t see an Reason to implement an System which has to much Disadvantages to relive the good working exsisting System we have. The Stress-Raising / Stress-Reduction is an other Theme, where we can implement already existing Features without to much effort. 1. Yeah, good Idea with the Dying- / PSI- and similar effects. That is an effect, where all prevouis Games set only as Panic, because they don´t have an Stress-System. Only XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC implemented such an similar System the first time as well as Phoenix Point later on at the End of the Missions. 2. Yeah, the other Advantage to use more of that System is from an Competitor (XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC). Instead raising the Stress-Level every Round in Battle there is an very easy solution. Like an Comrade already announced link the Stress-System with the Bravery etc. Parts from the Soldier. It has an same effect then like the very very good exsiting Stress-System from XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 and Phoenix Point, where the Soldier get tired and lack in concentration instead. 3. To raise the Soldier / Soldiers again to full Operation Level they get breaks in the Living Quarter and an not integrated Buildung yet. After near Outposts get upgraded they are useable for the Stress-Limitation too and have an big effect, esp. for the medium / high stressed Level Soldiers. Short said: There are much Potential open to use the Stress-Feature. The Panic-Raising / Panic-Reduction from an Soldier in Battle and on Geoscape uses the same effect. Panic is reduced to bravery, but rasing from the same Battle-Effects like Stress. The Reduction is coupled on the same Things, which reduces the Stress too.
  18. Stress, Panic and all other Limitations are a MUST HAVE Thing in that Gerne. There is no alternative. The first Games, where 90 % of the Elements were not showable (like in old X-Com-Row and similar Fan-Games) could only show the Money and Materials-Limiter. The only Alternative in that Time for the missing Stress and other showable Limiter-Systems the Devs had only the Option to take out the Soldiers for minimum 1 Month. I and the big Medium to old Player-Generation, which begunn Gaming in the beginning 1980s like such Systems, because you have to use your Brain and Think therefore what you will do. Not an 08/15-Rush like in Command & Conquer-Series and in Xenonauts 1. Such 08/15-Games where no Brain etc. get used is more for the young-child-Generation growing up. That´s why the World and Humans get Dump more and more. The Generation today are to much petted and wanna have everthing easy. Not to much thinking or handmoving. That makes me very very very . I´m a Backer and an Betetaster from Xenonauts 2 to get an Game with such limitations an not an 08/15-Mainstream-Shit. If you wanna have 08/15-Mainstream-Shit take 1 or 2 Year Devoloped Games from EA and such Publishers where 1 or 2 Patches comming and everything is finished (No Modding, No medium to longtime Support etc.). That´s why Stellaris, Hoi 4, the new XCOM-Row, Motorsport Manager, the Mafia-Row, the Civilization-Row, UFO ET-Row and similar good Games which are in the 10 % fully playable Games with long Time Support are the game market Leader from that Gerne. Good back to Topic. Follwoing Limitations Xenonauts 2 MUST HAVE: 1. Less lootet Materials (implemented) 2. Less Manpower, therefore you have to use your Brain for save Humanity (implemented) 3. Limitation on Bases and Money (implemented) 4. Special Missions which limit your Personal more for direct firefights (which get implemented again in XCOM 2 WotC and for Tests looonnnggg before in the UFO-After-Series) 5. UFOs don´t show up so often [like it´s now] and don´t get automatically salvaged and researched. They have to be investigated from Technicans as well as Scientists (a whish from the Communiy and the Players / as well as an important Refit-Solution for big remaining Problems the Devs still have with the Loot- and Bonus-Systems) 6. UFOs need then for R & D special secret Hangars where R & D can be done. Either seperate in your Bases or on the Outposts. Means you can only have limited UFOs but more new Material (not to much but maybe 30 to 40 % more from the big UFO-Parts) and more smaller Secrets like Magnets, Grenades etc. in the boxes the UFOs have. Belongs on the Damage the UFO have. 6a. Alien-Bases Looting and Terror-Site / Raid-Site / Special-Mission-Site Looting need something similar. Maybe as an special Mission with Scientists and Engeeniers. 7. Stress for the Soldiers on Missions like they are now as Basics, but not the Round-Based-Stress for the Mission every Turn. There I totaly agree with you Guys. An other Option is to make it like in XCOM 2, where the Stress make the Soldier more and more useless until she / he had a limited break. (already annanouced from the Comrades) 8. An faster Stress-Reduction like in XCOM 2 or Phoenix Point. There the Reduction is soluted very good. Harder it will be here in Xenonauts 2. The only Aspect I see is to wait for UFO2ET and look how good the Devs here soluted the Stress-System for the Soldiers. The Release is not far away. It´s the direct Competitor with the same Base-Principle to Xenonauts 2. [Soldiers, Vehicles, etc.] And 3 other Thing they all have common: 1. Every good Feature from the Predecessor comes with upgrades, reworks, Graphic-Refits etc. back to save Development Time. And with the bugfixes the Modders have found in the Predecessor. 2. They have the Limitations such Games must have for the Player as well as Aliens in both Games. 3. The Aliens have a plan why the Attack Earth for the Storyline: a) they need much Ressources from our Star-System and / or on Earth (UFO ET-Row, UFO-After-Row etc.) b) Need the Humans directly for overliving (like in XCOM 2 with the ampulla) and a new Homeworld (XCOM EU / XCOM EW, XCOM: Buerau, XCOM 2) with limited Humans as their Special-Forces [Advent] as an Army against an bigger Threat c) Need a new Homeworld without Humans and finding their missing Comrades as well as fleeing from an bigger Threat (old XCom-Row) Short said: If you play the Games long enough (UFO ET or the old X-Com-Row as the best example), then you don´t have time to make all Ground Missions with UFOs about several Resasons. So you have to either pass UFOs to concentrate on the important things (Terror-Sites, Raid-Sites, Secret Missions) to reduce Panic etc. as well as save Material- / Manpower and Money. As well as the Final-Stage to win the Game. Otherwise you loosing the Game before you reach the Middle-Stage. And Xenonauts 2 is beside XCOM: Bureau (Tacticshooter of the new XCOM-Row) the first one from that Strategy-Part-Games where you have more then 1 Final-Option. Minimum for Xenonauts 2 will be 3 announced Final-Options. XCOM: Bureau give you 4 or 5 if I remember me correctly.
  19. Yeah, it´s a job-Site the Devs working on. It´s not finished yet until Early Access beginns and there can be like in other not finished Parts come changes, refits or reworks. But I aggree as an active Beta-Tester that 4 Missions are to less, esp. with the to less dayly Base-Stress-Dropping, dosen´t matter in active or passive Duty. Panic is good, there you have many many ways to drop it. There only some finetunings have to be done after the missing implementations. It´s similar now like in XCOM: EU / EW, but with many new implementations in Xenonauts 2.
  20. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Yeah Kamehamehayes, but everytime to nerve the Devs with Ballance that and that with the knowledge of still big missing Parts for the Game are counterproductive. The Devs know that Ballance-Work is needed, but it dosen´t make sense to do it now. We are atm in Cloesed-Beta-Phase which is good. But much worser it will be with the new open Beta-Peoples, esp. in that things and nerving with more Ballance in the not finished Bring-In-, Features-, Rework-, Refit-, Bugfix-Phases (Betaphase II). In that Case I decided to phropylactic bring all down to Earth again with that Announcement. If nessecarry I will do it again.
  21. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Full Ballances will come after everything is implemented, not before. Means, before Early Access and the final Betas we have to life with it. Thats sad, but the only way to save time, Ressources and whatever. And after everything get ballanced, we will get sometimes , because we wont win a Mission or lose our Soldiers faster then we can say Iwo Jima. I have that in XCOM: EU / EW and all XCOM 2 Parts where the Chryssalides and other Dangerous Aliens show up. There the Aliens are very good ballanced and use your Weak Points very fast. That means we all have to find a middleway then.
  22. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    The Battles are interessting like they are. It´s like in the new XCOM-Row a gambling. Either you hit or you hit not. I would make it like in the new XCOM-Row. New XCOM is making it fully correctly, that the Kevlar-Standard-Armor from Humans reduces Range, Speed and Evasive. In that I aggree with you MrAlex, that´s realistic. Light Kevlar-Vests / the new Vests from Alien Material and the beginning Suits instead are boost the Range, Speed and Evasive. It will look like this: 1. Standard-Suit without Protection (Beginning): That´s for Snipers, Grenadiers, Riflemens, Breachers and Tag Holders. Maximum Mobility, Range and Evasive like it is. 2. Standard-Suit with Kevlar-Armor-Protection (Beginning): That´s for Shotgunners, Infantry and Heavy Gunners / MG-Gunners. Reduced Range about the Weight. Medium Reduction in Speed and Evasive to Standard. 3. Standard-Suit with new light [Name forgotten] Vest-Protection after R & D from Alien Materials: No Change in Mobility, Range and Evasive for the Wearers. Light Protection-Upgarde for the Wearer! 4. Standard-Suit with the upgraded Kevlar-Armor-Protection: Same as with Kevlar-Armor-Protection, but increased Protection for the Wearer! 5. New Armor R & D´s: Increase in Range, about reduced Weight. Light Reduction in Speed and Evasive. Add-Ons like Jetpack and similar increase the Range, Speed and Evasive! 6. The [Name forgotten]-Vest get upgradeable to the Medical-Vests (and other new R & D-Vests) without loosing it´s light Protection.
  23. Alienkiller

    An accurate release date?

    Don´t ask for that. The Final Version will come, when it´s READY. And such Questions don´t make it better. To make a very good to perfect Game needs Time, a lot of Time. UFO2ET is in Development since 10 to 12 Years and gone in the Final Phase this Month.
  24. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Thanks Chris for the March-Update. As a Beta-Tester I could test some of the announced Features in Beta 18 with other active Beta-Testers too. @Dagar @Kamehamehayes: Yep, Geoscape Operations / Geoscape Situations will come in, but we don´t know when. In earlyer Beta-Versions there were projections of that for testing. The second Part from the Airfight-Refits / Aircraft-Refits we active Beta-Testers haven´t seen too, means this will come in Beta 19 (Open or Closed Beta) first. The new Item Accuracy Effects we active Testers haven´t seen too in the last big Beta-Version (Beta 18), so that will be a new Feature in Beta 19 too (Open or Closed Beta).
  25. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Temporary Builds Pause

    That´s bad news Chris. But I can feel with you. Had this long time ago with 3 Relatives (esp. when they are Grandparents or Parents you love very much). I can understand this decission from you in this Situation. Family has primacy in that Situations. And I can understand very good if you need some time for you and your Family after that spook has an End. Seems that Beta 18.2 will be for about 1 Month or a bit longer (1,5 to 2 Month) our latest Game-Version. That has an Advantage too, if the Team works properly on the Game for the next Test-Version.