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    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    Dren608 I test the Game like you totaly normal with the In-Game-Mechaniks, that they work correctly. Others uses the Beta-Test Cheat-Codes which make many things Easyer. That means they test the other Things (are the 6 Bases work correctly incl. all buildup-Earas, building destruction, working all the Outposts correctly and such). Every Tester have an other Priority, so this in a Beta fully Normal. When the Beta goes to Early Access-State then the Cheats get limited (only Groundfights or so) or cut off completely.
  2. The Red Texts are a Feature for alle Beta-Versions and are very importent for the Development. The only Option not to have them is if I remember correctly to play the older and final Beta-Versions or later the final Early-Access Versions.
  3. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Very good explained meddog50. Better I couldn´t do it too.
  4. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Thanks Meddog50 for the support. Exactly that I say the whole time, but the todays young People thought they know it better. Here in the Forum it get discussed fair, but in Steam you won´t read the discussions. There you get blamed from the Wimps there, which have no clue about the Game.
  5. Alienkiller

    Readability Issues (Xenopedia mostly)

    I play on the higest the Gaming-Monitors can give (29something to 19something) and have no Problems. Everything else like AA, VSync etc. is on Maximimum too.
  6. Sounds good. Hopfully that makes the Maps better playable now after the old junk of Maps [before V.14 when i remember correctly], duplicate Textures, Fragments etc. get deleted. Are there any other things implemented it like missing Pictures and Texts for R & D, Storyline or such which isn´t announced in the Infotext?
  7. Thanks for the new Game-Version Chris. You said old unused Files get deleted from the Game. Where they planed to use in an refited Version or such or get we new specials, R & D etc. instead?
  8. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    Sorry Dren608. That was not my Intention to be rude. PaulMode 7 and I are nerved from the Guys in Steam about the Orbital Bombardement. Every Explenation what belongs on that get blocked from the Wimps there. That´s why I get very about that. And I have a big RL Problem (Keyword: Doors) which is not funny and could be very very expensive if no wounder happens.
  9. Alienkiller

    [v 16.1 Ground combat] Army of Reapers

    Chris said it get many bugfixes and such things. We will get the Patch, dosen´t matter when. And when Chris say that the new Version / Patch will come, then it comes in the announced week to 99%.
  10. The Patch will come this week. Chris and the Devs haven´t given us the new Version V.17 or Hotfix V.16.3 yet for several reasons. And if they take longer to fix Bugs, refit that and that, bring in missing content etc. then give them the Time. I stoped too testing and play some nostalgic Games again (like the good old X-Com EU / TftD / Apocalypse in OpenXCom-Version as well as the cool X-Com Interceptor-Version or UFO ET with Grayfiend-Mod on Win 10) for more Ideas and an evtl. DLC. I could play instead the new XCOM EU / EW or XCOM 2 WotC too, but the insperations there are already in Xenonauts 2.
  11. Alienkiller

    Game play Panic and Economics

    @Dren608: Welcome to the Club, I´m an Backer too. I like such Elements like they are in the old and new Games of that Gerne. Without such Triggers the Games get borring like Xenonauts 1. Sadly after the MidGenerations (like me) the Generation thereafter are good for nothing. They wanna everything easy, ready-cooked and much important not using their Brain anymore. If someone wanna have everything easy, ready-cooked and similar then he / she can play Ponnyhof. And that´s an other Reason why about 95 % of the new Games are chuck up games. Only 5 % like Xenonauts 2, Motorsport Manager, Hearts of Iron 4, World of Warcraft-Series, Starcraft-Series, Mafia-Series, XCOM-Series are very interessting. Therefore I´m very happy that the Gerne of such Games have that cool Stress Levels / Panic Levels or similar not changed and never change since the old X-Com-Row. Means such Games of that Gerne and similar Gernes need such Stress Levels, Panic Levels or similar to give the Players an big challange. The good old X-Com Row, which I play again about the above named Reasons (from 1991 to 1999) have hidden Panic Levels and other Secrets. The first UFO ET-Game, which is good thanks playable on Win 10 (a similar reprensative which 2007 came out [2012 or so as Steam Gold Version]; Part 2 is following this year) orient in many Points on the old X-Com but have improvements already implemented. Both Rows have a 2-Year-Limiter for the Player. Either the Aliens overrun you or you win. In UFO ET and X-Com Interceptor / X-Com Apocalypse an second displayed Limiter brought in, which are the Engery-Level from the Alien-Mothership over Earth [UFO ET] / the 4 Warnings from the Aliens to Destroy Earth [X-Com: Interceptor] / the other Alien-Race [X-Com Apocalypse]. An new and cool concept Firaxis brought in the new XCOM-Row 2012 to 2018. In XCOM EU / EW you have an showed Panic Level for Countrys and the maxium Countrys you can lose. In XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC the special Project (Avatar-Project) is the Limiter. That´s like in X-Com Interceptor (either you win or all humans die). 2019 / 2020 the Gollop Brothers came back with her Phoenix Point Game (with already 2 big DLC´s and 1 small intergrated Patch-DLC). There the limiter is an new Earth-Peeling / Earth-Scinning with mutated Humans, Anymals etc. as well as the 3 Main-Colonys of Survivors. All of that Concepts are great and Xenonauts 2 have to integrate such concepts or integrated them already [hopfully hardcoded ]. We don´t know what UFO2ET have of such cool Features get in and what cool Features will come in with the 3 more big DLC´s in Phoenix Point. Not to mention the secrets from XCOM 3. In that case Xenonauts 2 must have such elements in his Base Game and evtl. DLC´s. The Guys in Steam which are against such elements haven´t any clue what such Games are and are such wimps above announced. @Dren608 @MrAlex: Where I agree with you both that the Panic System isn´t fully balanced yet. Maybe the Devs don´t make a 2 Year-Limiter like in the orignal X-Com-Series and UFOET-Series, therefore they implement more Features to reduce Panic than in any other Rivals before (like special Missions, Technology Profilation, Outposts, etc.) as well as more Elements to End the Game (not only the Destruction of the Alien-Brain or similar). Therefore the Aliens have her Mother-Station which make chirugical interventions. Fair is fair.
  12. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Exactly MrAlex. The Devs wanna be with all useable integrations from the direct Rivals and better Integrations (like the Modular-System for Soldiers, Planes as well as Groundvehicles) resurect the Orignal Games with the best Things from the direct and older Rivals: a) UFO ET were the first try from Chaos Concept. It was good, but not good enough in some Points. In the Fighter Refit it´s like here but with your Idea with xx-Rockets per fighter. b) The new XCOM-Series is from Ground-, Geoscape, Storyline as well as R & D very good. But with the Airbattle . That´s why XCOM 2 and his smaller DLC´s / XCOM 2 WotC haven´t anyone. c) The latest Rival from Xenonauts 2 [Phoenix Point form the Orignal-Devs from X-Com EU / Apocalypse and evtl. Interceptor] have very good Ideas for Ground-, Geoscape, Storyline as well as R & D too. In the next big DLC 3 there will be Airbattle integrated. Maybe we can have an Idea of it for here. d) Last but not least the Predecessor Xenonauts 1 with his Advantages and Weankesses. But back to Topic: I remember the first Betas where we had much more Mudular-Systems for the Fighters. And an simliar Shield / Armor-System like the MARS and Soldier-Armors have for the UFO´s as well as Fighters / Transports were making the Fighters / Transports more interessting too. That´s why I say, we need everything we have as well as get from R & D. The cool thing would be that the Fighters will have mixed Guns later, because you can´t build enough Laser- / Advanced Laser Cannons / Plasma Cannons about to high costs etc. and can upgrade the Accelerated Guns to Gauss-Cannons therefore. The best Thing in old X-Com (EU / TftD / Interceptor / Apocalypse) as well as in UFO ET were that you had differnt equiped Fighters [Vehicles in Apocalypse]. I do that too with my X-25 Fighters and all new ones. 2 have Sidewinders, 2 have torpedos. If that were possible with the Guns later (Laser- / Plasma- / Accelerated- / Gauss), Electronics were cool too. An other cool upgrade above all Rivals and the Predecessor would be that we could Refit the older Fighters to a new Version, like X-25 to an similar Fighter-/Bomber of the next Generation.
  13. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    There will be differences, they aren’t fully implemented yet in whatever. Or they are shut down for us Testers for several internal Reasons (CTD etc.) and come later. Gauss is a must have and if the Devs wanna bring the full feelings to the X-Com Veterans then such a thinking comes from one which isn’t firm in the classic Predecessors.
  14. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Nope the Mag Cannon is a must have. If you remove that, you have to remove the Accelerated Weapons and other Advanced-Variants too. Do you want that to be the old stuff only? Nope surely not.
  15. Alienkiller

    [Air Combat] Missile Range

    You forgett something the Gauss Cannon and other things which base on Gauss-Technology.
  16. Alienkiller

    Game play Panic and Economics

    Good explenation from your side and you see the Game. The 2 Points (Panic and Economy) are not balanced yet fully, that is true. Point 1 (Panic): I know that we had Panic-Reduction in the last Beta-Versions 13, 14 and 15 if I remember me correctly with the Element winning Terror-Sites, capturing Alien-Bases to the announced Technology-Profileration, Agents and Command-Sites. In that Part there are suggestions from us too, to get more ballance in it for Xenonauts Re-Reaction. The Alien-Special have to bring maximum Panic worldwide and you haven´t tested that in previous Versions, there it comes all 10 Days. 1 Time per Month (30 Days) with maximum Effect is realy fair. Point 2 (Economy): There I have bring in an Discussion to make it better. The too costly Base-Buildup get announced from us too and therefore we discuss that hard. The facts you have said very clearly: - Like you announced there is for 5 Bases (1Mio each) 5.000.000 per Ground and about minimum 2.000.000 to about 4.000.000 per Base only for buildings / Equipment (belongs small, medium, big) to buildup. Not included are there the monthly costs. - An similar Effect you have in UFO ET with Base-Buildup to save the whole planet. Your maximum Founding dosen´t covering your monthly costs, so you are commited to sell from storage and production (like you announced with the good old X-Com Example). - That´s why nobody in the orignal X-Com: UFO Enemy Unkonwn / X-Com: Terror from the Deep and X-Com: Apocalypse build more then 2 normal Bases, max. a 3rd small one. The only exeption were X-Com: Interceptor from the old Row. My Suggestion therefore is following Idea: - There are 6 abonded Xenonaut-Bases worldwide (Africa, Asia / Ozianen, Europe, North- and South America as well as Russia). One of that is the only low active Mainebase (Atlas-Base) like it is now, means 5 abonded Bases left to find. - The other Bases have to be asked from the foundes with Storyline-Features and / or detected with an Agent, which is after that Mission in the Agent-Pool again, but not useable atm (like the Soldiers which have a break). - There is only 1 medium Base as a secondary one (Emergency Base), the others are small after finding them (like in the good old X-Com: Apocalypse with a small buyed building or the 4 Year old XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC with the Avenger). - After finding them you have to invest a little money to get them active (Repairs etc.). That means you save money a lot and if we make it fair about 50 % from what you have to pay for normaly now.
  17. Such after I looked and tested 3 Times the explenation from V.16 in V.16, V.16.1 and V.16.2 Electroshock Pistol / Rifle: these two weapons are ranged stun / EMP weapons, unlockable after researching Laser Weapons and Alien Biology (itself unlocked after recovering two different types of alien corpse). I have to say that the Advanced Stun Weapons come directly after the Alien Biology and Standard-Stun Weapons-Research without the Laser Weapons-Research. Have someone the same Issue?
  18. Exactly and it´s not finished with such improvements and special Secrets yet.
  19. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Then everyone have to be rewarded ingame. The carefully, the workhorse, the ones between etc. etc. etc. And no Development-Studio in Single-Player-Games do that extra work in the past, in our time or in the future. All get the same announced ingame Rewards (Medals, Graduations, Training-Bonuses, Hospital-Bonuses and other Secrets) you already have or get integrated. The more or less Rewardes every player do ingame get as Steam or other Platform-Rewards, like in 303 Battle for Britain, XCOM, XCOM 2, Phoenix Point, the refited Mafia-Series, etc. etc. etc. That´s the extra Payment you will get. Direct Multi-Player Games like GTA, World of Warcraft or such get in such Special Rewards ingame, because you play directly with others or what the Reason is therefore. Then you get an DLC or whatever without or with reduced payment or whatever.
  20. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    I know the old X-Com-Fighter-Equipment and the Weapon-Ranges. It is still an nostalgic cool System which was a very good one for it´s time (in the 1990´s). An similar System get in again in 2007 in UFO Extraterestials again, but directly on the Geoscape. More Weapons in each Slot I agree, I would say about 3 Rockets and 2 Torpedos are enough (doesn´t matter what explosive they have) and the Gun for the Dogfight. Therefore the Shields from the UFO´s have to give more security [Abductor and such with Shields later]. UFO´s and Human Fighters (Xenonaut / Founding States) without Shields have as first Defense the Armor (f. e. your interceptors at beginning (50 Standard / 100 Heavy with the Advantages and Disadvanteges) the UFO´s from beginning will have as Drone / Scout about 100 and as Destroyer 150 / 200 or such. Then the Hit-Points [belongs to the UFO / Fighterarmor you have (Standard or Heavy) and Shields [like on the Andron-Robot, your MARS-Vehicle and whatever on the Ground]. What the Ranges belongs, I would upgrade the Fighter-Guns like the upgraded Ballistic-Cannon and Laser-Cannons show it [Gattling 3, upgraded Ballistic 3,5, Laser 4 or 4,5 etc.]. The Torpedo-Range from beginning is very good, with better and lighter ones the Range can upgrade a little bit. The Sidewinder instead should have from beginning on a range of 4 or such and upgrade the range with better and lighter Versions. Maybe we can manage it to make Air-Combat more interessting, with the existing Air-Combat system or a better one. The tested Aircraft-Battles in a similar System from old X-Com in the first Betas were not good, so we decided to go back to the existing working Air-Combat-System from the Predecessor, which give more action and player-influence.
  21. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Research Tree

    I have to mention some Ideas which I get during Testing, without to destroy the easy Research Way and Upgrades in the Game such as I could test for now. Weapons-Research and Upgrade: Basic-Ballistics -> Accelerated Alien Weapons -> Acellerated Ballistics (very good); The already used Ballistic-Weapons from the Combat Team should be upgradeable [Sniper, LMG, Rifles, Pistol, Shotguns] with an Workshop Project [like the Laser-Weapons to upgraded Lasers] and all new ones have to be produced then normal Basic-Ammo -> Alien-Ammo-Clips -> Upgrade Standard-Ammo for more Armor-Destruction (doable?); R & D-Project Accelerated Ballistics -> Alenium -> Laser-Weapons (Laser-Weapons are to fast researchable) Laser-Weapons -> Alien-Plasma-Weapons -> Advanced-Laser-Weapons (like announced in an Version Text) Cevlar-Armor (Heavy Combat Armor) -> Alien-Alloys -> Warden Combat Armor (very good); The already used Heavy Armor used from the Combat Team (mostly 5 or 6) should be upgradeable with an Workshop Project (like up to Beta 14 or so); all new Warden Armors have to be produced then normal Warden Combat Armor -> Alienium -> Alien Alloy Fabrication -> new Combat-Armor [forgott the Name] -> Warden Combat Armor Upgrade (lighter Armor-Weight, lighter Production, Cevlar-Reduction etc. [doable??]) light Night-Vision-Upgrade [heavyly discussed] with R & D (what Human-Alien-Tech??) Long-Range-Tanks for your Fighters [extra Equipment] Turbine-Upgrades from Alien-Alloys [R & D-Project] Troop-Transport-Upgrade from Alien-Alloys [R & D-Project] Research like specials Weapons from beginning on after the first Alien Meeting [Throw Stars, upgraded-Standard-Ammo like above announced etc.] To the other Weapons and Armors I can´t say anything, because I haven´t had Plasma Weapons and Gauss-Weapons and the other Armors yet. We need more R & D, like my Idea with Engine-Upgrades for the Fighters [Afterburners in Battle], long Range-Upgrades for your Fighters, better Figher-Electronics and Troop-Transport-Electronics, Alien-Alloys-Upgrade for your Transport, the fighters get upgradeable to the next Generation and similar things. If there are Ideas too which aren´t complicated and again easy to implement, then tell it?
  22. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Geoscape Incorrect descriptions

    You mean the Knifes. Yep they are direct close Combat Weapons like the Stun Battons. Something like Throw Stars (Ninja-Weapons) the Game dosen´t have, but maybe we will get that in.
  23. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    @Heinlager: The Game is still in buildup. Therefore some Parts aren´t fully ballanced yet, esp. in the Beginning and Mid-Game-Phase. The Endgame isn´t in there yet. Yes, the fatigute System is a must have to be equal with the competitors. Like I explained in my last Post I´m am Player of that Gerne since about 30 Years with the PC. And some years more with the good old C64 / C128. In the old Games there couldn´t implemented such a system, therefore the PSI-Attacks and other Death-Systems were overballanced there for your Enemy. Such a similar System other Projects used too (UFO Extraterestials and the UFO-After-Series). The newer Games ballanced the PSI-Attacks and other Death-Systems, therefore an Alternative have to be there. And it´s better to have an indirect alternative, which were intodruced in the new XCOM-Series and esp. in the newest Game Phoenix Point). In both Games the higher Stress level (Fatigute) let the Soldiers make more Failures / Mistakes. They call it other than Xenonauts 2, but the principle is the same. All Humans need breaks for shorter or longer. The Advantage from Xenonatus 2 is atm. that the Fatigute System haven´t any limitation on the tactical Missions like in the Rivals. @Bayonet12: Yes there I aggree, but the Games you can play on Steam again without doing anything (except the Language in X-Com: Interceptor and X-Com: Apocalypse like German, Turkey, Russia etc. you can choose). Not all Games from today (directly Steam, GoG and all the Secure-Things called) or updated Games from Windows with CD-/DVD-Secure-Times or DOS give rewards for the players. That belongs to all Gernes. The official rewards you get on Steam (which aren´t opend yet during the Beta-Phase and if I´m correctly in the Early Access Phase like in all Games before), which weren´t possible in X1. That will come after the Game is done final. In the Game self you get rewards in the Game through following: a) Medals (with time) b) Graduations (with time) c) Training (Training Center), which can get upgraded later; get a better long time learning with more Autopsies as well as Interrogations d) Hospital, which can get upgraded later; let your Soldiers get a better Survival Chance in the tactical Missions (an delicacy against the Rivals) e) comming Base-Specials for R & D and similar in the next Versions (more then in the direct Rivals) f) and maybe more which we can´t see yet or isn´t implemented yet (like an Idea I brought in for segmentation and analysis from UFO´s, Androns etc.) But that you won´t get for looting or doing every Mission in the Game. Maybe such changes will come in an DLC or similar later, belongs what the new and still in development Rivals are doing (UFO2ET and XCOM3). The Ground Missions in Xenonauts 2 are amazing and thrilling, because you are very long outguned from the Aliens. They will get more thrilling and amazing after the Special Missions get in, which aren´t atm. OK there is something to do left for the UFO-Recovery-Maps / Terror-Maps / Base-Maps about Failures, Bugs etc. as well as not all Aliens / UFO´s and other Secrets (like Special Missions) aren´t in yet.
  24. Alienkiller

    First Terror mission CTD

    From what Version is that?
  25. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Geoscape] New research

    It´s a nice research and the Info from it is very good. Evtl. we can use it as a Technology Profileration or something else.