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  1. Some of the Parts get discussed already between the Beta-Testers and the Devs, but it´s good that you bring it in again. The Structure-Upgrades are such a Thing as well as the Scientists / Engineers for Specials. That an Base is out of Order for a Time is an Good Idea, but the Problem is to implement that. In the UFO-ET-Series, new XCOM-Series it get discussed too since UFO 1 ET (Standard from 2007) comes out. If the Devs there would have an Solution, they would had implemented it already. What do you mean with Adjacency? There only the Radar-Waves could do that if you build up the Bases decent. What the Resources belongs, it´s the same like good old X-Com from the beginning 1990s. If you don´t have it from Special Missions, Base-Missions, Terror-Missions and important UFO-Missions, then you are lost, before the Game beginns. You need them for Buildup, Upgrades and much much more. If you wanna play a Differnece to that Game, then play the UFO ET-Series, where you can build up Secondary-Bases too, but with much lesser Buildings. In both Games the Device lesser buildings in the Secondary-Bases is important. In Xenonauts 2 too the lesser Bases you have the better Founding you have. And an Special with the collected Ressources as difference to good old X-COM, new XCOM and Xenonauts-Series.
  2. Alien-Bases come from many different Buildups. So you will be surprised. What the “single Race”-Part belongs there have been implemented much new Stuff already. You will be surprised like the Beta-Testers too. Yes, that’s confirmed with surprises there too. The Beta-Testers can sing a Song of that. What the Camera belongs. No one will buy a Game without that 3D and Rotating Elements / Zoom Elements, especially in such Strategy-Games anymore. Such Elements (Armor-Variety/ Weapon-Variety etc.) get integrated more and more in the last Beta-Versions and aren’t finished yet. The Beta-Testers can Test the already implemented Features of that sine the last Beta-Versions (V.19 upwards).
  3. I think you play an much older Version. In V.22 / V.23 has much done with the Interceptors, esp. the Modular Parts. More incl. Adjustments comes with the next Versions. After that are playable for normal Gamers (which can play the much older Versions) you will see the difference. With the Pilots I give you right. That the Beta-Testers mentioned too. Maybe such an Dropship is in already in Xenonauts 2. The last Dropship get done with the latest testable Version (V.23). Your Idea sounds like in old X-Com (EU / TftD) and UFO ET-Series (UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold and UFO 2 ET), where such an Dropship is in already at latest.
  4. That´s changed and adjusted drastically already to come later as well as then in 1 or 2 Month-Steps as well as the Panic-Encounters. Testet in V.22 or V.23 when it comes in again. An more adjustet Beta-Test is comming in V.24 after the Beta-Tests from the last Version it comes after the big Rework.
  5. That we tested already with higher Tech-Levels. Atm. it´s not integrated for Upgrades / Reworks or Refit about the Things you mention and the Beta-Testers found out. In the Tests it was 1 Month, but that was to short to make an Field-Test for the Xenonauts and then for the Major Gouvernments as new Techs too. So we have to wait for the big Overwork of that and Beta-Test it again. What the Scientists and Engineers belongs, we will see. Maybe we will get an Upgrade there too later on. There the Beta-Testers have some Ideas too, which get discussed already in the Forum here.
  6. The Chars are Founder-Chars, so no Change on them allowed. That’s the unlimited Copyright from the Founders and Devs. Means if someone other lays hand on them (Modder f.e.) get much Problems. We like the Stamina-Idea about s it’s realism. The Soldier / Specialist needs a short or long break (and if someone works in such an Job like f. e. Policeman, Firefighters, Doctor, Military in Action) can understand that. Especially the ones which do or did such Jobs. All others have to do such Jobs first for a Year or so without a break and can then decide about that. The Mod to kill the realistic important Stamina-Effects in XCOM 2 comes from unrealistic Humans. Stamina-Effects you have in the new XCOM-Row, Phoenix Point and Xenonauts 2. It´s not unrealistic that such an System comes too in the UFO-ET-Row too to make it more interresting and much more important realistic. The most interesting thing of the Game Xenonauts 2 is not to make unnecessary Ground Missions (like every UFO-Chrash-Site). You have to make the important Missions (interesting Crash and Landing-Sites, Terror, Bases, Specials and so on), which come more often then you think. What the Stats belongs, build up the Training-Center (normally 1 is enough, in Case 2) and give your Specialists time to train. Then the Stats grow up slowly but Steadily. An similar cool Thing came in the UNI-Mod for UFO 1 ET (Standard- / Gold-Version). The Vehicles are a cool Stuff and the Vehicle-Upgrades (Weapons, Armor, Technology) came up the first time with the new XCOM-Row. The UFO-ET-Row (UFO 2 ET, UFO 1 ET-Refit) and Xenonauts 2 are the first new Games which make this System very interresting and bring out the best of the best what can be done in that Sector. I can´t see what can be done better in that for the next Decades+.
  7. Chris, thanks for the new Diray. It´s good that the exisiting Parts get Bugfixed, Reworked or Refited and Stabilised as well as the Gaps get filled to make the first 3/4 of the Game fully playable / testable as well as the first Parts of the Endgame. If you need more time for V24 then it´s fully OK and give me time too to finish some other important Projects, which get done between the Xenonauts 2 Beta-Testing.
  8. That´s the Info I have and see in the Game while Testing the new Versions. Some Infantry-Things / Fighter-Things are still for all combined other Parts not more.
  9. We will see, maybe like in new / old X-Com with special Trainings.
  10. That´s no Bug, every Base have to fend for oneself for Soldiers and Groundcombat-Things as well as later for more. It´s like in good old X-Com (EU / TftD / Apocalypse). That was announced in an DevDiray longer ago and set in one of the last Versions (V.21, V.22 or V.23). If you wanna give Advanced Things to Soldiers in Secondary-Bases, you have 2 Possibilitys: a) use the Workshop in the Mainbase and Transfer the produced Things then to the Secondary-Base b) or build up an Storage and Workshop in the Secondary-Base with producing the Things you need there too
  11. I testet it too in all existing big Base-Versions and some Upgrades (Fixes) from them after the Beta-Tests begunn several Years ago. In the Night Missions the big Range from the Sniper-Rifle don´t have an big effect about the reduced sight. There only helps the SHIV and / or other Troops which coordinate the Shoot / Shoots with the Sniper. In Day Missions the big Range from the Sniper-Rifle is much better, but mostly you fight too in Villages, Jungles or similar, where the longer Range can´t be outplayed. In both Cases it dosen´t matter if you set the Sniper on a Roof or the highest Point you can find. If the Aliens know the Sniper Position they go in Cover or sent the big Robots to eliminate your Sniper / Snipers. You have to change often Position with your Sniper (like in Real) to get her / him allive. Short said: It dosen´t make sense to upgrade the Range, but it make sense to give the Sniper different Ammunitions and better night Abilitys (Laserpointer, Infrared or something like that) to make her / him the Specialist an Sniper is.
  12. I suggest we test it first as good as we can and if it works well an Upgrade of several of the Ideas can be done for one of the next Test-Versions.
  13. Great Job Dev-Team. That´s the Things we are speaking about since 2 Years or so. After waiting with patient these Features come in now. We will see how good they and all new secret Features work after V.24 can be Betatestet from us Backers. And how stable is the Game with the integral Features, done Bugfixes, Refits, Reworks from the prevouis Versions the Game work now. @ Kamehamehayes: The Tooltips would blow up the Research-Text if they set seperately. But evtl. they can be integrated in the Research Text, so that the People have to read it whether or not they want.
  14. That I call "Panic-Reaction". There Humans (esp. Civilians) do things, they wouldn´t do normaly. I personaly call it an Natural Feature in such Situations. There is an 50 / 50 Chance what the Civs are doing.
  15. Hi, you can´t do anything to get the Beta. The Beta is only for Kickstarter-Founders. The only thing you can do is waiting for the Early Access.
  16. Sounds very good. If I remember me correctly, other Alternative-Endings were announced brought in to distance it from the 08/15-Standard-Endings [Win / Loose Military]. There Phoenix Point / XCOM 2 with the XCOM: Chimera-Continuation shows how such an Alternative can be. Or the UFO-ET-Series / UFO-After-Series with the Settlement to an new Planet for Humanity which give us similar Conditions like Earth or with Terraforming. But the Deviding in 2 Parts of the Final Mission is interessting. I have never seen that since if I have it correctly in Mind the first 2 old X-Com-Games [Enemy Unknown / Terror from the Deep].
  17. The Gaps get filled and the final Things come in, what is very good. So the Beta-Testers can make an first full run, if all goes well. The big but is, that more work is needed to finish the Basegame. We will see what more have to be done, fixed, reworked, refited etc. before it can go to the next Step, the finalising of the full game [Fixings, missing Integrations] in Early Access. Evtl. that can be at the End of this Year or somewehre next Year.
  18. Exactly Ruggerman. We all have to wait for more advanced Versions of the Game to see if that Point in Research get reworked / refited / changed.
  19. That´s no Bug. It´s an atm fix Feature for the Labs. It get discussed here in the Forum already and several Ideas to chance that get announced. The Game is not finalized in many Points, incl. Research. So there will be Reworks / Refits comming. In what Shape we don´t know yet. But I hope that the Outposts will come back, where the R & D-Part can dismantle and Research f. e. UFOs.
  20. I have read all the new Threats here. There are some new Things come in we hadn´t in Mind. The Torpedo / LMG-Discussion is for me unintelligible. First Torpedo: The Torpedo for Planes have changed and I play the Game on an high level (the 3rd one). The All the Air-Weapons have their Differences and you have to bring in different Weapons in an Air-Combat. That´s cool and I personaly love it. The best example is the Alien DD / Observer, which are both similar in Strengh and Armor. 2 Torpedos (Normal / Alenium) are not enough to bring them down. So you have an 2nd Plane with Sidwinders (Normal / Alenium). Mostly in Both Situations you need an short Close-Combat-Fight with the Guns to make an End. Second LMG: The LMG with the Belts are fully realistic. The Military Guys of us have used the stationary HMG and don´t know what an portable LMG with Ammo is. It´s with the Ammo heavy too, that´s true. But its faster useable and can be used like an HMG too. Short said: It´s Multirole. Air Combat: Yeah, a litte more Pep would be cool, like Clouds or similar, what get announced in Mind. The existing one is much cooler now, but it get more exiting. We will see what the Devs can do to improve it more until it have reached the limit for the Players / Testers and the Game itself. Autopsy of Aliens: If we wanna make the discussed change, then it have to be done like in the Predecessors (old and new XCOM / Phoenix Point / UFO ET-Series). There you can decide what Aliens you wanna introduce first with easyer handling and Integration. UFO-Research: The same with UFOs. The Dismantling and Research have to be the Option from the Player. From that 2 Parts (Autopsys / UFO-Research) I don´t like the Auto-Research. There the Kick is missing from everything. What were interessting as Auto is an first look and the Reports from the Soldiers / Pilots about the Aliens / UFOs. What the Testing belongs, we all Test. We all are there and give Feedback / Bugreports etc., but test different. Some every Version, some make Breakes between like Solver explained to have the Energy to test an more advanced Version with fully Energy. I personaly have found the Middleway to make my other Projects too and bring in some Ideas from the direct competitor.
  21. Guys, I haven´t seen the End Game yet, so I can´t say anything about it personaly. But I have read one of the last Dev Dirays (V.23-Part) correctly, you can play through fully the first time, belongs how fast you Research the Storyline-Parts without the other for me important other Researches to give the Best of the Best to your Troops and make your Bases much better.
  22. More Info are needed. With only the Save and no more Data / Report the Devs can’t work with. Read the Bug-Report threat, then you know what is more needed. From your Main-Line I remember back, that we had such Date-Problems in the Past too.
  23. Yes it was reported, but I think it will be fixed with V.24 first. That new Mission Report have some new Features. There the Devs have only forgotten the Soldiertype from the handheld Weapons.
  24. Nice Feedback from you all. Where I agree is that the Riflemen / Riflewomen and Infantry look the same. But what´s the Alternative? I personaly don´t have one with the Equipment we have at the beginning availible. Evtl. later on when the Tutorial get fully implemented. Atm. I change 2 Riflemens in Grenadiers and 2 in Shield-Protectors. Where I agree too is the Combat Ballance. There are very much missing Bonuses (Crunch, Lay-Down, Closed Combat for Shotgunners and Pistols). I have played X1 too, but I personaly confer it with the direct Rival the UFO-ET-Row, which is the only Game on the same Leveldesign in our Timeline. The Devs there have integrated that Bonuses direct in the beginning or End Alpha-Phase. Where I aggree too is that for Missions with Alternate Rules are missing some Info-Upgrades. Where I agree too is that some Features should come first after Autopsys and / or Interrogations. Like better Weapons-Research (Gauss, Plasma, Fussion), advanced Armors, Fighters etc. as Equipment and Helping for the Ground Combat. The Base-Missions are fully OK for me. I don´t like to much Terror-Missions and Base-Defence / Base-Attack-Missions or to much Loot-Missions, where the Team don´t have Time for R & D. That was the Problem in X1 and UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold and is one big with new Phoenix Point. That new XCOM soluted much better, where you have to time for R & D, Upgrading your Troops etc. The better soluted Way from XCOM is getting in for X2. The Airfight is nice too. It´s an upgraded Variant from X1 and atm the best we have testet with more cool Features. But that´s only the beginning to make it more interresting and more Features like Clouds or such are planed and evtl. come in for the next Versions. Otherwise the Airfight can be done like in the UFO ET-Row, directly on the Geoscape. The Day-Feature with the 24 Hour-Clock is an Ballance-Thing. We had to much Problems with the normal Date-Screen. Evtl. it get changed back later after the big Problem there get solved. With the Day-Feature the Game runs fully normal. What the R & D- etc. Points belongs, there are most which are in Rework / Refit / Finialising and in WIP. There are coming more Content / Bugfixes etc. Step by Step. I have many on my List, which get checked with every new Version if I get to the farest Point I have reached in an Prevouis Version. Short said: Not fully done!
  25. I find it not unrealistic, if you try to make your Weapons better (Rockets, Guns, Grenades etc.) for your Soldiers / Vehicles / Fighter-Aircrafts. Why not with the Ammo too. Like said, there are new possibilitys since the last Decade (2010+), which get XCOM 2 with the Extra-Ammo an big Upgrade as well as UFO 2 ET an immense success. And that´s only the beginning, so why not here too to give the Players more cool easy to implement Chooses.
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