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  1. Or you change it that Autopsys get done like in old X-Com / the UFO ET-Series. You research it manually, then this Problem is solved.
  2. Yeah, I too played all Games of that Gerne I could get. The first was the old X-Com-Row with the 4 Games in the Row (correctly Row: Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep, Interceptor and then Apocalypse). The Shooter (5th Game) was not good. I played it with Fun. Sadly the 3 new Games of that Gerne, which were in an big WIP-Stadium never saw the Worlds-Light with the surprisse, that all 3 were fully corretly linked in the Storyline of old X-Com [the missing Science-Ship the intergalictic Alien-War which get announced in Int / Apoc, the other directly were linked with the finish of Apocalypse and the 3rd I don´t know anymore). The second Row I played was the UFO-After-Row (Aftermath, Aftershock, Afterlight), which come up in the 2k-Time and were not bad in the Storyline (similar to old X-Com with the Storylinelinks to all 3 Games). But it had a lot of Weaknesses too, which belongs to the Technology you had in the 1990s and the fully 2K-Timeline. The Weaknesses were similar the old X-Com-Row, but some cool Ideas were come in (like differnt Ammo-Types for the Rifles, Pistols and not only for the Rocket-Launcher as well as other heavy Weapons). The third Row I played was the new XCOM-Row (Enemy Unknwon single & with the Enemy Within-DLC, XCOM 2 single & all DLCs, Chimera Squad). There you see the new doable improvements from the 2010+-Timeline. But it limits it´s Potential about the unflexibility in some Points, where all other Games of that Gerne have their big advantages. The new Tech-Improvments which get shown like Upgrades from Weapons, Support-Vehicle, Soldier-Specials and so on are not so much, because they are in the Beginning. Then there were a lot of Fan-Projects, which are to much to list (UFO: Alien Invasion, Xenonauts 1, Open XCOM etc.). Some have nice Ideas for Improvements the older Games, others bring new Ideas for new Games or Games in Development to make them more interessting. All in all that Fan-Projects are good, but don´t come to the professional Games of that Gerne. Only 3 Games of that Gerne combines old and new Stuff more or less: The first is Phoenix Point. We know it all and it´s an direct Rival to the new XCOM-Series. It have different Endings, a lot of Decissions and you have to find your Bases, which are all over the World alotted. The cool Feature of the Game is that the Decissions you take have an big Influence to the Game as well as your time to save the remaining Humanty is less about the big wave of the mutagen-virus which is in the last big Mutagen-Nebula to change our World. The differnt 3 or 4 Organisations you meet and have to work with as well as the internal fighting between them gives the Game more Pepper. Short said: You have a lot to do from beginning on and it´s not easy to manage. The second is the UFO-ET-Row. There we had the Original-Game (UFO ET from 2006) and the light Rework (UFO ET Gold from 2009 / 2010) as well as the Pre-Story-Part (UFO 2 ET: Battle for Mercury, where you only can play the Basegame atm with a lot of Gaps open). The Gold-Version get a big Refit about different Reasons to run on modern Mashines with the Integration from the newest Possibiltys, which get tested in UFO 2 ET-Base-Game already. It´s an Hybrid from old X-Com and new XCOM from the first Game on, before the new XCOM Row come out. It´s Development isn´t finished yet (esp. for UFO 2 ET, but the UFO 1 ET Platium-Refit will show at this Weekend, what is possible to an 2 Decade old Game (from the Planing to fully Playable) with the newest Game-Tech-Improvements. The third Game is Xenonauts 2. I agree, there is a lot of Potential there and will be used with the more advanced Versions from the Milestone 2+-Steps. The Suggestions from the Comrade are very good and some of them are planed for an evtl. DLC (like Space-Ships for the Space-Travel). Others will come in the Base-Game (like Pilot- and Interceptor-Upgrades / Changes to bring our important Suggestions there). Some of the Ideas, which will improve the Base-Game "Xenonauts 2" come from the Beta-Testers already and it´s very good that the Communty bring them again as important in Reminder.
  3. Splitting would be OK when you have a lot more Researches like in Hoi 4, Stellaris, UFO ET-Series or similar Games of different Directions. In Xenonauts 2 it makes atm. no Sense, there the R & D-Projects are to less to make an splitting. Only if the Timeline get longer (not integrated yet) and more R & D (what get tested in Milestone 2-Prototype until it get recalled for Bugfix-Reworks) and special Combacks on the Geoscape (like Outpots, UFO Recoverys etc.) comes in, then it makes Sense to Splitt the R & D about new Features / Content or more interesting other Content. Interessting it will be, what differences we will get in the Platinum-Version of UFO ET (9 Days remaining) and the big Gapfillers for UFO 2 ET (unknown when they comes out) to Xenonauts 2 in that and other Parts. The R & D-Part of the UFO ET-Series is like the old X-Com Part, but with some big differences. Where Xenonauts 2 have an big advantage to it´s Rival-Series is in the Production-Line and Upgrades-Line about the Storages and the Resources you need. What the Research-Parts belongs, so we have to wait what Milestone 2, 3, 4+ will bring in.
  4. Scarlett58, there I can fully agree. And it will be very interssting, what the Devs have to report in the September Dev Diray. The Milestone 2 Prototype could be tested already and some of the improvements flow in the 1.33 Stable-Version for Milestone 1.
  5. Trasherke, yeah now I know what you mean. Tested it out yesterday evening.
  6. The Problem is like other Game-Devs say in Interviews, Talks and Podcasts the following: You can´t switch to other Game-Engines when an Product is in big Alpha-, Beta or Early Access-Stadium. Then you have to End the Product incl. all Add-Ons / DLCs with that Game-Engine. Complete new Projects are not the Problem. If they aren´t begunn or still in an beginning minimum Stadium can without Problems changed to an other Game-Engine like Unreal, Clausewitz, Quake or similar. In an GameStar-Talk (Youtube) 2 German Game-Devloper-Chiefs explained exactly that Problem, that begunn Projects with Unity can´t be changed to an other Game-Engine. They have to be finished. As well as Unity don´t hear to the Game-Developers anymore what they need and what not. I can´t say how much Experiance Goldhawk have with Unity, but Dev Studios which use it longer combined it with their Programming-Contents / Programming-Features will bring out new Games with an worser Quality, if they have to change to an other Game-Engine. That the 2 German Game-Developer-Chiefs don´t say giddy. Means that the Unity-Game-Engine-Company only have 2 Options, to get from an dickhead-Company back to the Trust-Company they were: 1. To reduce their demands to an acceptable level [the EU-Gouvernment have about the data privacy protection & other Parts there an strong importance; there so many Tech-Gigiant like Microsoft, Twitter & Co. were get pluk] and something similar the Unity-Game-Engine-Company will get the same fate 2. To make themselfs an 180° Degree and say sorry, that wasn´t thought-out and give the Game-Developers / Modders what they need
  7. Yeah, that´s an big Problem. I don´t know how the Devs from Goldhawk are thinking about that Unity-Drama. But many Develpers worldwide will for new Projects mid and long-term use an other Gameplay-Creation-Module if that Drama goes on and Unity can enforce their demands. The Problem is not only that this Demands attaks the protecton of data privacy in the EU and the liberty from Developers / Modders which have to use the same Gameplay-Creation-Module for exactly that Game [Modders later then earlyer]. The only useable Gamplay-Creation-Engines of similar Quality are Unreal [the 2nd big one with Unity] and Clausewitz [Paradox Interactive]. With a lot of time the Developers have to create an Up-to-Date-Creation-Version of Open Source-Engines [like the Quake-Gameplay-Engine and similar]. Other Alternatives as Gamer I don´t see for Devs / Modders which work on the same Game earlyer or later in the mid and long term.
  8. Hi Raffik, thanks for your good thoughts about Integration some older Parts from the Predecessor. The Devs have some cool Things about that in Mind which they wanna and try to bring in again. Like you know an Copy & Paste is impossible, so they have to make new Models for it to integrate it in Xenonauts 2. Some Refited / Reworked older Parts of the Alpha- and Beta-Tests from Xenonauts 2 get in for the Milestone 2 Prototype again for your Specialists to Upgrade and Change some of the the stable Milestone 1 System-Parts. There will come in for sure in Milestone 3 etc. more already tested and functionable upgraded, reworked or changed Features / Contents back to give the Game more Pepper. Like said in other Threats 3x3 Vehicles and similar big Things are not possible for Xenonauts 2 as well as for other good Reasons not integrated as well as not modable. Now to the Game-Engine as well as Modding itself: The used Gamplay-Engine "Unity" have to be used from Modders for Modding Xenonauts 2 too. About the News from the Unity-Gameplay-Engine-Company and what they have planed many Developers & Modders will overthink to use it further mid- and long-term. All Developers & Modders were surprissed by that, which use Unity. The Devs & Modders incl. Goldhawk can´t switch to an new Gameplay-Engine anymore about the Reason that the complete WIP-Games incl. DLCs belongs on it. The same count for Xeonauts 2 incl. all DLCs. The big Changes which get planed from the Unity-Company not only affects the Devs alone. Sadly it effects us Gamers and esp. Modders too which have older & newer Games with the Unity-Game-Engine. Means if you wanna Mod Xenonauts 2 you have to use necessarily Unity. The Question about the worth to integrate Modding for Xenonauts 2 is comming up about that surprise News again, esp. from the 3 demands from the Chiefs of the Unity-Engine-Company to the Publishers / Developers.
  9. Yeah, the 2.x-Version can only be played with the described Prototype-Announcement. All other chooseable normal playable Versions [stable / unstable / older] are in the 1.2.x / 1.3.x-Versions. That the Comrade maybe have forgotten.
  10. Yeah, the Unity-Engine-Issue is well known. The big runs in the Mind from the Chiefs there get an big Shitstorm from the Gamers, Developers and Game-Magazines already. And one thing is clear: the Gamers don´t pay the more costs and the EU will file a lawsuit agains Unity about protection of data privacy. Unity have only 1 Options to avoid that: to make an 180° degree and cancel that runs in the Mind from te Chiefs there. If not it will be six feet under.
  11. Tresherke, I wanna try to explain the Versions: The stable Version is the Version for normal Gamers, which belongs on the best outtested stable Game-Version. That´s was in the Beta-Branch 1 to 2 fully Versions to the latest Beta, now it´s 1 Version (Upgrade / Patch) to the unstable Version. The unstable Version was the prevoius Beta-Version, which only can play Founders as Main-Beta-Testers and from later on after several years additional Beta-Testers. The unstable and stable Versions base on the latest stable Base-Game-Version, which is "Milestone 1" about the last Beta-Test-Years to make it Stable the fully Early-Game and half of the Mid-Game-Process. The Devs still make Bugfixes for Milestone 1 to give the playerbase there an stable playing Platform with everything the Game have atm. included. Milestone 2 is the new big Beta-Prototype-Version with more Improvements, Refits, Reworks, Upgrades etc. to the existing "Milestone 1, which get build up over Years". That new Beta-Version can only be played, if you are willing to risk for going back to an Prototype-Stadium and leave the Comfort-Zone from the stable "Milestone 1". It´s mentioned in the Patch-Notes that Milestone 2 is an new Prototype. All other Patches are for Milestone 1 stable / unstable, which get announced too. The difference is to read the Pachtnotes / Dev Dirays correctly and not only overflow them. Now to your Points: Panic: Yeah, that´s an big Problem, we have and had in the Betas since Xenonauts 2 is playable. The first 50% of Players find it to hard, the other 50% find it to easy. To find an middleway for both Playergroups esp. Ingame in that isn´t easy and there were a lot tested and experimented already from the Devs and her Beta-Test-Helpers. The best compromise what could be done is that Panic get already adjusted to the Difficulty Settings / Ironman-Setting as fix Point and in the Gameplay for the biggest Challange at the End [like it´s in new XCOM / Phoenix Point / UFO ET-Series]. For the adjusted Panic-System in Milestone 2 you have to find new Ways to increase / decrease Panic. It´s an very good Indicator-System to see what´s going on. But an Solution for the Ingame-Part there is not easy and a lot get tested out to increase / decrease Panic. Evtl. such cool tested Features / Contents come back [like special Operations from the Enemys to increase the Escalation between NATO and East-Block-Pact, enemy Agents which make Propanda to incerase Panic as well as as reduction Panic use special trained Agents, help the Founders with Outpots etc.]. Some of that Contents / Features were tested in the Beta-Versions already and give some more Geoscape Action too (like fight together with Founder Aircrafts against UFOs which attacking an Outpost and similar). Founding: Haven´t played the Milestone 2 much, but the Founding is an very important Feature / Contnent. No Building, Workshop, Laboratory etc. works with Money. You have to pay your Soldiers, Researchers, Workers etc. as well as have your Upkeep-Costs. That the Panic-System get Changed to bring in new Content / Features as well Reworks & Upgrades for the existing Panic-System and the Founding-System have to be adjusted for that to get the correct ballance again is clear after reading the Feedbacks from the Players which can make an comparision between Milestone 1 and 2. I personaly find it interessting in all Games of that Gerne, that reduced Panic increases the Founding and increased Panic reduces the Founding. Additonal the Upkeep-Costs for Personal and Buildings, which have to be included in that Calculation too. It will be very interessting to see what have done in the Panic- & Founding-System from the Refit of UFO 1 ET "Battle for Esperanza", when it comes out in about 1,5 Weeks. Mission Order: Yeah, the Cleaners are very cool. More of such Enemys or Special Missions would be very cool. That I like in the new XCOM-Series and Phoenix Point, where you get more Allies and Enemys later on, which give you more Missions / Specials to choose from. Sadly such Allies / Enemys and Specials get missing in the Xenonauts-Series as well as UFO ET-Series. The Allies could be other Alien-Races which are not influenced from your Enemys and more Enemys could be after the Cleaner-Thread Mercenary-Teams which get orderd from Alien-Influenced-Industry-Boses to fight your Xenonauts. Your Idea with the different Ranks & Specialisations from the Aliens / Cleaners get were already integrated in Beta-Versions and seem to be in an Refit / Rework. I liked them very too in the Tests, but that have to be integrated in the Interrogations and R & D-Part as well as evtl. in the Storyline too. It would give the Game an great Boost, there I agree to 1.000.000 %. Tech Tree / Item Upgrades: For Milestone 1 I give you right. There that Part going to fast and your Workshops couldn´t produce the new researched Items / Upgrades for Planes, Vehicles and Specialists. With the Milestone 2 you have more cool R & D-Content / Features and a lot ther got straightend. As well as the Feedback from us Beta-Testers / Prototype-Testers get in at least now. The Tech Tree and Item- etc. Upgrades isn´t finshed yet and there will come a lot more Refits / Reworks / Changes etc. to them. The Milestone 2 in this regard with the Parts we can test out with the Feedback from beginning on Beta-Testers and other additional invited Testers from the Community is only the first Step. Where I give you right, is that the Game-Fun is with only 360 Days to short, there I agree with your Statement to raise it minimum to 720 Days (like UFO 1 ET and other Games of the Gerne are doing it) or better raise the Game-Fun to 2,5 Years (900 Days). Atm. it´s only an run through Xenonauts 2 to see if the Game is acceptalbe for the Public. But to give the Public an great Game the Ingame-Time have to be raised to 2 or 2,5 Years. But for the R & D-Part as well as buildup Part on the Geoscape [Bases / Outposts incl. Buildings-Upgrades] the 1 Year limit is to short. Soldier Module System: There the Meanings are differtent too. The new System which we have in Milestone 1 at the End was come up from the revert system you can test in Milestone 2 again. With that older System the from beginning on Beta-Testers made together with the Devs the stable Milestone 1. But only 1 System isn´t good, it could be devided in 2 Systems like the Devs have in Mind: 1. Suit- / Vest- / Armor: there the old System with the changeable Coursers for either Plates, Gas Mask or something similar are great. That brings more space in the Backback again. 2. Weapon- / Special-Modules: there the new System is good, because to integrate an 3rd System with the Arrows for the Suits / Vests / Armours will be to much for the existing System. Therefore I think the Belt have to come back for more Space for the Soldier again to get Ammonation / Grenades on the belt back and therefore get for an second Special or Weapon Module more Space in the Backback. When the automated Module is then as an last Advancement for the Medicine boxes there, I could befriend with that System and it would be an big posthob for the direct Rival "UFO ET-Series" which have an Live-Support-System in the Armours, but not an automated healing System for the Soldiers later on, which could be an great advancement to the upgraded medicine boxes.
  12. Nope, about reading the Infos first. So I knowed that the Milestone 1-Saves won´t work there about big Refits / Reworks / Upgrades & Changes in Milestone 2. But I did an similar Failure in Hoi 4 long time ago, which had the Outcome to install everything from it completely new. You see we all aren´t perfect, me included.
  13. Pietje666, to make a big Difference to the 08/15-Endings (which have still 99% of the Games) with either you win complete or you loose everything is not constructive anymore. The Devs from old X-Com in Apocalypse made an Prototype-Testing to get in more Allies to fight the Enemy. But in the 1990s you didn´t have such Possibilitys like today and have normal Standard 2 Endings (either win complete or loose complete). New XCOM-Series with the 3 other Organisations and the Storyline advanced the Allies-Possibilitys as an correct big Step, but you still have the 2 normal Endings (either win complete or loose complete). The best Combination of both (Decissions / Endings) which lead to the minimum 4 different Endings give Phoenix Point the first Place. You have 3 or 4 Organisations, where you have to choose 1 later in the Game to work together to form the Ending. If you get such or similar Decissions to create other Endings in Xenonauts 2, you get a lot more Gamefun. Atm. it´s only the Option to win or to loose. To get more Game-Endings give Xenonauts 2 more Pepper. Like said, the 2 named Standard 08/15-Endings get borring since 1,5 Decades. Such Decissions to get more Game-Endings were already planed for Xenonauts 2. My Thoughts are only Examples, how it could look.
  14. Yeah, that´s defenetly an Bug and shouldn´t possible. In the Versions I have tested (Betas and the so called Unstable-Versions) I couldn´t do that.
  15. We will see what the Devs have as an replacement for that in the Backhand. I personaly like the Counter from UFO ET-Series, which are hidden and show up when you are ready for the final Strike. In Xenonauts 2 there are more Endings planed, but couldn´t integrated yet. I hope we get minimum 4 Endings for the Game (like you have in Phoenix Point to choose): 1. Ending (Standard): Win the War 2. Ending (Standard): Loose the War 3. Ending (belongs on your Decissions ingame): Stalemate and Negotations with the Enemy 4. Ending (belongs on your Decissions ingame): Find an way with friendly Coexsistance
  16. The Question is good DailyFrankPeter. You have in the Game the Standing and Kneeing-Mechanic, which don´t make an difference yet. The Accuracy don´t change. The first thing is, that the Accuracy have to change with Kneeing first and much more with the Prone-Mechanic. That you don´t get hit so good from enemy Fire is with the Kneeing integrated already. The Prone Mechanic would give a lot more Safety, esp. against the predominant Alien Shooting-Weapons and other special predominant Specials some of the Alien-Races have. The Sounds are not so easy to make better. But the Devs take our Suggestion in that serious and try their best to make them better. That with the Prone-Mechanic-Question bring us to an other big Point, some People won´t understand: What´s wrong to get Specialists from an Secret Organisation, to keep them alive as well as best trained. They are Special-Forces and no Standard-Soldiers, which can get burned like in WW 1 and 2 and similar Wars. We don´t play Hearts of Iron 4 where you can and have to do that. Like several times said, it´s an Earth-Defense-Game against an predominant Alien-Invasion (like old X-Com-Series, new XCOM-Series, UFO-ET-Series, old UFO-After-Series, in an other Form Terra Invicta & Phoenix Point). You play an Secret Organisation with limited Ressources, which alone have to save Earth and fight other Organisations too (come in with X-COM 3: Apocalypse the first time). The logical improvement which come from the X-COM-Series is no lying Position. That´s an big Gameplay-Improvement, otherwise such Gerne were already Death or an 08/15-Scrap. If People don´t like it, they are wrong in that Gerne. So I agree with Raffiks-Statement and DailyFrankPeters Question for the experianced Specialists to hold them alive to %.
  17. Don´t get nervous. Chris is reading our Suggestions and contact the other Devs. He isn´t deciding that alone about a lot of things that have to be intended. Some Suggestions will be implented, others not. What makes Sense, bring more Gameplay-Fun without destroying the Game / Storyline, give the Game more Pepper or was thought from the Devs already (get tested and come back or can now integrated from the original planing [see Kickstarter] in Protoypes like Milestone 2+) get in. The Problem is that the Game have to be done for Minumum, Medium and High-End-PCs as well as that Programming Games have here & there Limits. What Limits Xenonauts 2 have, we all don´t know yet. There is still a lot of Potential open [Keyword: Modders after the Base-Game is complete as well as Stable and Modding-Options can be worked on], and evtl. we get Special-Missions / Special-Events and similar too (like Planed and pre-tested in the Betas).
  18. Baldusi, yeah, with the Cleaners and more Missions against them I confirm 100% with you. I like that 2nd Enemy, since it come in the Beta-Tests. The Car / Van-Option could be evtl. integrated as Special-Events for such Missions (like in Stellaris / new XCOM), but Ingame playable like you whish, it´s not doable. The Idea with more interactions with sightet & landed UFOs sounds nice. That could bring in more interessting Missions too or starting Special-Mission-Events (like in Stellaris / new XCOM). The existing Interceptors and Helicopters / Transports belong on real Facts with Range, Armement, Transport-Capacity etc. The Devs have done it correctly and make already an advanced "Skyhawk" from the so called "Banana-Transport-Helicopter". The same from the best old Interceptor with not to much electronics, the "MiG-25". Evtl. with more Research & Development you can make the existing Interceptors from the Founders lighter, give them a little bit more Range, Speed, Durability, Electronic-Safety against EMP and similar against the Aliens. For your Angels you could make evtl. evtl. an Refit to make it lighter, give them a little bit more Range, Speed, Durability and similar to the exsiting cool Weapon- and Armour-Upgrades. What the Missles and Torpedos belongs, you need them both, esp. when you encounter the first UFOs, which are very Dangerous after the Destroyer (f. e. Fighters, Abductors, Cruisers). There is no Change needable. Like said, the Interceptors have an limited range, dosen´t matter what you do. Therefore I make the Suggestion with the Outposts (little Bases with not big Buildup-Options), where such Interceptors are stationed. The Devs had an similar Plan for the Game [see Kickstarter-Plan from the Devs]. The Reality brought the Devs back down to Earth, so that some of that Ideas tried to get back in in the existing stable running Game. Normaly you don´t need big 6 Bases about the Fact, that you can´t finance them, if you play without Cheating. 1 Main-Base and 5 smaller ones with limited Buildup-Options are enough. The smaller ones could be like in Phoenix Point, old X-COM: Apocalypse or like Chaos Concept is doing limited Buildings for the Secondary-Bases (Workshops, Hangars, Defenses, Radar / Scanners, Power-Stations and for Xenonauts 2 Storages and the Decission that the Secondary Base could be an Research or Production-Base).
  19. Nice to hear Chris, I looked in the new Milestone 2-Prototype too. The new Features / Contents and refited / reworked existing Features / Content in it [I don´t say them about the Surprise for the normal Game-Version later on] are great. That some older tested Features with big Rework / Upgrades from the Beta-Versions come back and more will come back are great too, which I could see in my Testplay and here in the Threat with the Pictures. But the 1 important Announcement from the Milestone 2-Info about the Cleaners in the Gameplay I haven´t seen yet or I have them overseen (the Deathmatch-Mission after the Tutorial-Base-Defence-Mission). All in all the Milestone 2-Prototype is an great Step in the correct Direction with a lot of Decision possibilitys, like it´s from beginning on (Kickstarter) planed, esp. to the End-Game. And a lot of the integrateable (Sense making) Whishes / Suggestions from us Beta-Testers as well Community come in. Hope to see more of that. Devs keep on the great Work.
  20. Good to see that this Bug is fixed. Had it too in my Test with the Milestone 2 Prototype.
  21. Hi Spolokh, some of your Ideas get discussed in the Beta-Tests already several times (since the Betas come up several Years ago) and others come up after the Game get Early-Access ready. 1. Yeah, there I agree. There are different Options which get listed in an other Post already for more Bases (like in Phoenix Point to find over the Globe, X-Com Apocalypse). There we have made already different Suggestions to make an Ballance between Cost-Gap, useable Ressources and Reseach / Development. For the Main-Base, which is your Replacement-Base I give you right, there you should have an Buildup-Option for the small Place you have there (an old Nuce-Silo-Base or similar what your Women-Assistant say). But evtl. we get such an Refit first with an DLC. 2. Yeah, that´s an nice Idea. There I agree to 100%. That was the best on old X-Com and is come up again in Phoenix-Point with the Support-Boxes on the Battle-Field. Not only Xenonauts have that Problem, the UFO ET-Series have it too. I will check, when UFO 1 ET: Platinum come out, what the Devs there have done to solve it. If we get lucky, we get an good solution in the Base-Game for Xenonauts 2. If not it will be an DLC-Feature for it. 3. There is no need for Change. The Transport-Craft you have make the Limit. With R & D you will get more advanced Crafts to carry more Soldiers / Support-Vehicles later on (12 / 16 / 20 Soldiers maximum and 1 / 2 evtl. 3 Support-Vehicles [MARS / ARES] if I have it correctly in Mind). Played as an Beta-Tester with other Beta-Testers from the first Day the Game from beginning to the End and if you manage your Soldiers / Support-Vehicles correctly you win all battles. But evtl. we get an surpisse here too with R & D-Upgrades for existing Transports. Same with Fighter-Crafts. 4. There are some Soldier-Stats which get tested, but not integrated yet about more worktime on them. The Idea to upgrade some others to Wounds sounds good, like it´s integreated to Rivals too. There the Devs work on for the Base-Game to bring it in. 5. On tactical Combat the Devs work with every Version. Esp. on the AI and UFOs. The Alien- / Leader-Catching are since it comes up not easy and don´t need an Change. Planing-Phase is for an DLC an nice Idea. 6. That´s an Discussion-Part which I and others from the first Day on explode. You can make Friendships like in XCOM 2 / XCOM Chimera, which make the Soldiers more effective. You have to think on the Cost-Gap you have. If you make Teams, you don´t have enough money for new Bases, new effective Weapons / Armor etc. Short said: The Team-Thing with to much Soldiers only waste Ressources and Time which are more needed on other importent Parts / Vehicles / Equipment. 7. On the Medals the Developers work too. There will come Changes / Reworks for them with more advanced Versions (evtl. with Milestone 2-Advancements or Milestone 3). 8. Yeah, there I agree. Nothing more to add, you said everything there already. 9. The Weapons / Armors get more Reworks for Milestone 2+. Some Suggestions from the Community-Feedbacks are implemented to make the Advanced-Weapons (Laser etc.) more attractive. The Accelerated-Weapons are an Stop-Gap to the more advanced Weapons now. 10. The Soldier-Inventory get Reworks with Milestone 2+ too. Some of your Suggestions and Communty-Feedback are implemented. But the Belt isn´t back, maybe we will get it again later. 11. The Combat Vehicle is great. Most of us use it, about the Fact that it´s easy to replace instead of dead Soldiers with Combat-Experiance. And they are Cheaper in upkeep then to bring in a Pack of new Soldiers incl. upkeeping. You get an Drone-Variant of it later [ARES] and you can change the Weapons / Equipment there in the Base. Later you can use 2 different Equiped Support-Vehicles in the Missions.
  22. Weima, the Devs have informed us in this Developer Update, that this won´t be posible, until the more important Parts of the Game are done (Bugfixes, Storyparts, Tutorial, Maps, Missions, Research & Devolpment, Translations etc.). I suggest you read it correctly again and not only overflow it.
  23. That´s correct Dren608. Carmody, if you wanna see more Conent, then you have to play the unstable Version. That´s the Version the Main-Beta-Testers from Day 1 and Freelancer-Beta-Testers since the last normal Beta-Versions are playing. I only warn to be hyped about the remaining Conent you will evtl. see about the Reasons the Devs have already announced for the public Early Accees-Version.
  24. The Cleaner-Rifle you can only use for the Infantry (you see it on the Ammo-Mag on it´s side). That it show up here now is very strange, esp. when that Bug didn´t show up in the Betas before the Milestone-Outcome.
  25. I say it directly: The System is good as it is and for everyone since the last 3,5 Decades understandable (from the Veteran to the unaware Gamer). That´s why this System didn´t get changed since 3,5 Decades as it works perfect as an famous quote give us: "Never change a perfect running System." That System get used for all Strategic-Games of different Gernes with the same Basic-Component (no 100% HP again if you don´t have Hospitals / a long Healing-Rest etc., with every hit the HPs reduce to evtl. RIP and you can only heal what is left); the big difference is that in more realistic Games the HPs are not limited to max. 75% HP Combat-Healing and for the Anti-Alien-Gerne are limited to maximum 75% Combat Healing. You can spin it like you whish, you will ever get the same outcome. The Soldier get his Wounds healed, so that no Blood runs out until she / he didn´t get hit again. The big difference from Xenonauts 1 / 2 and JA-Row to all other Games is the following: The Soldiers can heal themselfs, which you can´t in old / new XCOM, Phoenix Point and the other Games which are to much to list. Short said: In differnent Games you have the best Healing-System since the 1990s. An better one you won´t get, dosen´t matter what the Developers over the last 3 Decades have tried already and still try in such Gernes during Development!
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