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  1. Haven´t heard that the Open-Beta-Places are closed or full for the new Versions (from V.25 on). As long nothing else is mentioned you are possible to join.
  2. I´m an hughe Fan of that Gerne too. I liked the old X-COM-Series (EU / TftD / Apocalypse / Interceptor) and like the new XCOM-Series as well as the UFO ET-Series. In that Case Xenonauts 2 don´t have to miss in the Collection from the first Testable version on as Crowfounder / Mainbeta-Tester.
  3. Couldn´t be long anymore that we can playtest the next Version first in closed Beta and if there is nothing big in Open Beta later on. If we look at the Informations from SteamDB, there is over 20 Days Silence in the History-Part. Means that the Devs are testing the new Version internaly since about 3 Weeks. https://steamdb.info/app/538030/history/ That´s good, so they can Manage more Issues before we Closed / Open Betatesters get the second fully playable Version in Hands.
  4. Cool to hear that. If you wanna try the new Version as Open-Beta-Tester post your Interest in the Oktober Update 2022. There all Interesst People (which wanna help the Main-Beta-Testers and Devs) get collected.
  5. Nice that the Aliens get the missing Abilitys. That was in V.24 an big Surprisse. It´s good to see that more missing Maps, Research & Development-Things and other small to medium Features / Upgrades will come up in the V.25-Version. That all makes the Game much more interresting to play again. I did in the last Version 2 Gameplays up to the Limiter (Day 320) differnt Gameplaytests. 1. one was an Storyline-Test [Enemy Agents and as most as possible for the Aliens] incl. the Main-Upgrades for Xenonauts-Soldiers / Fighters / Vehicles / Buildings. 2. one was an normal Gameplaytest with more watchout to the other Gameplayparts [Interrogations and Main-Upgrades / first Mid-Game-Upgrades]. Sadly in both Testings the cool Stuff which comes then (Alien Fusion Upgrades, Advanced Buildings, etc.) couldn´t testet. Some medium Upgrades like Alien-Plasma-Explosive-Upgrade, new Suits etc. could be testet a little bit. What the new Soldier-Equipment belongs: The Backback from the Soldiers get used very often, the same for the Belt. Both get needed (Belt for Ammo, Grenades) and the Backback for bigger Specials (Medikit, Knifes, C4 etc.). That are main important Features and if one of them get canceld, the Game get scrappy. That´s why in all other Games which are self-respecting themselfs of that Gerne keep the Backback (old X-COM, Phoenix Point, UFO ET-Series, UFO: AI) as well as the outsider UFO-Afterrow. The upgraded special Slot sound an cool thing to give Xenonauts 2 an massive Gameplayupgrade. I like the normal Version of it with the different Versions, but if we can make an Mulit-Vest-Version (like Armor-Plates and tactical Visor or like the upgraded Versions in V.24 with additional HPs and auto-regenerationg HPs) and more it could be the first Game of that Gerne which bring that Gerne to an new Level. We have to see what the refited Special Slot can do. The only 2 important Parts which are not to be touched are the Belt and Backback. An similar Upgrade of the Armours get done in 2007 UFO 1 ET-Standard / 2010 UFO 1 ET-Gold Version from the UNI-Mod until that Mod reached the Maximum doable of the Game. I have found an Picture on civforum.de to explain what I mean. The Main-Parts don´t get touched: Backback, Belt, left and right Hand, right and left Shoulder and Revolver-Slot. Thats all the Basics in UFO 1 ET for the Armours. There 3 Parts for all Armours get added: An Helmet-Slot, an Energy-Shild-Slot and left / right Ammo-Pocket. That System the Devs from the UFO ET-Row (see Picture) wanna bring in again in the moderniserd Versions of their Games (UFO 1 ET Platinum, UFO 2 ET Gold-Upgrade+). For Xenonauts 2 the right and left Shoulder as well as right and left Ammo-Slots come in as an extra Multi-Role-Vest. That´s good and hopfeully the Vest and Armours are upgradeable now (like the Cevlar-Armour to the Warden Combat Armour, which you have already for your Soldiers). I´m surprissed if we get an similar cool Soldier-Equipment Screen as the older UFO 1 ET-Versions (see Picture). I personaly hope that we Beta-Testers can test the new Version as soon as possible (evtl. on that Weekend?).
  6. I think the Devs will make it better then in UFO 1 ET with the Randomisation which come in the 2009 / 2010 Gold-Version and in XCOM 2 from Firaxis. But first the remaing Bugs and other Problems in the Ground-Fighting Maps have to be fixed completely, which are still there. They are very seldom, but still there. V.24.7B is in that a big Step forward in the remaining Bug- / Problemfixing / Map-Reworking / Map-Upgrades, but it´s not finished completely. There are 2 Examples I had in my 2 Gameplays to Day 320 in that Version: 1. Terror-Maps: You throw Grenades outside or in an Buildung and it work like it should. In the Alien Turn the Aliens throw 1 Grenade in an Building and then you get an light CTD. 2. Other Maps / Terror-Maps: Sometimes an friendly Soldier / Civlian Helper or an Structure get still the purple Coulor. That have to be done first with other Things the Devs are doing in the Map-Reworks / Map-Uprgades before we can think to go the next Step. With that remaining Problems in the Maps we can´t go in the Early Access next Year. And especialy Think about Randomisation.
  7. Komandos, I don´t make Jokes in that. I played the Game to Day 320 in that Beta-Version yet and have seen much surpisses in the Maps which were not half bad, esp. with the Alien-Advantages which come in now Step by Step. Solver, like said, the Devs work still on the Maps, Geoscape, etc. There they aren´t finished yet and we will see some more Adjustments in the Early Access Phase later on. For now the Maps must be Bugfree as possible and fully playable. Then the Devs can think about bringing in the Feature Dynamik Map Generation like it´s in XCOM 2, UFO ET-Series, Battletech etc. When the Game goes in Early Access-Phase evtl. the Maps are complete finished in Bughunting / Playability. Then we will see more Dynamik Maps from them.
  8. Solver, first I suggest you play the actually Version [V.24.7B] to Day 320 and try out the full Maps you can play [Base-Defenses, Base-Attacks, Terror, different Bioms etc.]. I did it and must say the Maps have many surprisses. Like Alienman already said, all Developers of such Games have the same Problem. Either you get unplayable 08/15-Maps (Computer-Generated) or excellent Handmade Maps (like in XCOM 2, Xenonauts 2 or UFO ET) with the later Oportunity of dynamic Generation for them (like in UFO ET Gold-Edition / UNI-Mod, XCOM 2, Phoenix Point, Battletech). An X:CE-Modus you won´t get for Xenonauts 2 about the complete difference in Programming to the Predecessor. But an light Modding Modus is planed for the Final Stage of Xenonauts 2 or after the Game is in the Main-Programming for playability completly finished.
  9. Nice Idea Commandos from your Headline. Then my Idea of smaller Outposts would make Sense. Let´s see what the Devs have integrated in the next advanced Version [V.25] which should come this or next Week.
  10. Thanks Chris. Have played the Beta up to Day 280 or so now. The new Mission-Type is Great and we hope to see more of that. The new Enemys (Cleaners) are cool Stuff too. Hope to see more of them in Mission-Types and more Storyparts from them too. The Storyline from them is to quick told. The Terror-Missions work fine now and the Alien-Base-Missions too. They are not to Easy and not to Hard. The new Special-Features are great too. All in All the new Version works very fine, but some Disadvantages it have sadly with some Steps back. 1. Sadly some cool Stuff we tested out in prevoius Beta-Versions (Base-Building-Upgrades, Storyline-Plots, etc.) are completely gone or not integrated at the Moment. The best example are: Upgradeable Radar with new Technology / Research-Outcomes. 2. Some of the annoucned Buildings I haven´t seen in my 2 Gameplays from the V.24.7B-Version: Advanced Workshops / Advanced Labs and similar! 3. We had so much cool Content to overflow with that all direct Competitors (UFO ET-Series, old X-COM, new XCOM, Phoenix Point etc.). Sadly the Backstep I see here (Example: the outdated 3 single Radar-Buildups) make no Fun and is only a Square Waste. 4. You can´t test the new Feautures & Researches fully about the Limitation to 320 Days. That about 11 Month and 3 Weeks. To Little to Test out the Plasma- / Fusion and all other Researches which come with more R & D. With that Limitation you get Maximum the Plasma-Explosvie Upgrades and Advanced Stun Weapons & evtl. an last Alien-Storyplot.
  11. Hi Guys, this is an Gameplay-Feedback from an Main-Betatester, which begunn Beta-Testing the Game from the first playable Beta-Version on with many other Main-Betatesters. The Beta-Version 24.7b is actually the first fully playable one, with many cool Features integrated. The Game is running fine so far (it still have some Issues left, but the CTD´s get reduced drastically). There are still some CTD´s left (like throwing Grenades in some Maps [Terror], wrong arming with Equipment [Beginn from equiping Advanced Medikits on Hurt Soldiers in Main-Base]). In the Experimental-Version you have sometimes Laggs in the Geoscape, Airbattles and Missions, but they don´t destroy the Gamefun. Good, let´s get startet: In the first 100 Days [Day 1 to 100] you have to build up your first Secondary Base, Upgrade your Soldiers and Aircraft with upgraded Weapons [Accelerated Weapons and Standard-Rockets] as well as make Basic-Research / Interrogations. In that Time you can build up in 3 Steps an Secondary Base (better called small Outpost) with 1 Access Lift, 3 Hangars, 1 Generator, 1 Radar, 1 Living Space and 2 Labs or 2 Workshops. I decided for the Workshop about the Upgrades for the Planes and Buildup for internal Base-Defenses later. The modernised Standard-Weapons (Accelerate Upgrades), which are an Equivalent from the Alien Magnetic Weapons are the first light Step forward for our Specialists and Interceptors. They will be in the next Gameversion unlimited after 1 of each is produced [hopfully if the UFO-Pedia-Entry is correct]. Some Specialits should have Stun Weapons too (Stun Gun / Stun Baton) to get the first normal Aliens alive for important Interregation. Normaly you don´t need in the first 100 Days modernised Missles / Torpedos. The Standard-Missels (Sidewinder) and Standard-Torpedos (Avalanche) are more then perfect. The modernised Defender-Body-Armour should be refited with an Warden Combat Armour (an Upgrade with Alien Alloys) as an first light Step forward for our Specialists. There the Assaults, Riflemens and Heavys will get this Armour-Upgrade. All others remain unchanged with the normal Suit with light Armour Plate or Aim-Helping-Vest (Snipers, Grenadiers and Shield). The same Modernisation you make with the Ablative-Plating / Steel-Plating for Vehicles and Interceptors (Alloy Plating Upgrade) to Alloy Plating. The new and modern X-3 "Dragonfly"-Transport is a must have too. It has a little better Transport Capacity and is an Hybrid from Human and Alien-Tech. And it have a little Surprise too against it´s Predecessor X-2 "Skyhawk". The next 100 Days (Day 101 to 200) you need an Advancement in the Storyline and Equip your Soldiers (which have the Warden Armour) with an little better Armour (Guradian Armour). The Grenadiers, Shield and Snipers have the normal Suit with an light Armour-Plate / Aim-Helping-Vest (unchanged). That have an Reason, which will be shown later. Only the Riflemens, Shotgunners and Heavys have the best Special-Armors for that Time then. You still make Basic-Research / Interrogations with some advanced Basic-Research-Projects too. One of that Researches will give you the Guradian Armour. In that Time you should have changed from the Accelerated Weapons to Laser Weapons for your Soldiers / MARS-Vehicles. Esp. the Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles and the Mars-Cannon / Rocket-Launcher should have Changed to the new Weaponary. The MARS-Cannon-Variant have a Cannon and Rangefinder, the MARS-Rocket-Variant have an Rocket-Launcher and Automatic-Rifle. After the Upgrade to Laser-Cannons all MARS-Support-Vehicles have the Rangefinder. In that Time you should have upgraded your Grenades to Alenium-Grenades as well as the Medikit to advanced Medikits. If not already done, upgrade the Fighter-Amour from Ablative Plating and the Vehicle-Armour from Steel Plating to Alloy-Plating. In that Time modernise the Standard-Missles / Torpedos to Alenium-Missles / Torpedos (Alenium Upgrade), which are the first big Step forward to Upgrade our Interceptors. As well as the first Explosive Modernisation for our Specialist Hand-Grenades (Alenium Upgrade). In that Time you should Upgrade the first Secondary-Base (where your 3 upgraded X-25 "Angels" should stationed) with 1 Rocket-Defense, which get an Second Rocket Defense later on. Better link it to have an Advantage against bigger attacking Enemys. I made in that Case the Mistake to seperate the Defense-Buildings. As well as Upgrade your Main-Base with 2 linked Rocket-Defenses, 2 Workshops, 2 Labs, 1 Hospital, 1 Training Center, 2 Generators and 2 more Living Quarters too from Day 1 on. You will need them. The Main-Base should now get 2 of new and modern Interceptors X-55 "Phantom" for Testing, which are like the X-3 "Dragonfly"-Transport an Hybrid from Human and Alien-Tech. They are a little bit better then the X-25 "Angels" in Range, Speed, HPs, Armour etc., therefore it costs 150.000 to 200.000 Credits more then the older X-25 "Angel". But it have 1 little Disadvantage, which I won´t tell here. Therefore it´s an Prototype-Fighter which assists the X-25 "Angels" in more Secondary Bases (Outposts). The next 100 Days (Day 201 to 300) you will get Access to new medium Tech. There you will get very nice Secrets, which in the Beta-Tests therefore couldn´t testet or only very litte. That´s an Surprisse for us Testers too. There you get Plasma-Explosives, advanced Stun Weapons, an new Suit for your other Soldiers (Snipers, Grenadiers and Shield) and many more new cool Stuff wich upgrades older Vest-Equipment / Armour-Equipment for your Soldiers, Vehicles and Interceptors and much more. You will get more Storyline-Parts now. In that Time the last Accelerated Weapons have to be changed to Laser Weapons for your Soldiers (Laser-LMG and Sniper Rifles) as well as for your Interceptors (Laser Cannon). Now you should have 2 new X-55 "Phantom" Interceptors in the Main-Base and 3 older upgraded X-25 "Angels" in the first Secondary-Base to make your Airforce more effective. All should have Laser Cannons. 3 Fighters should have Alenium Missles (2 X-55 Phantoms and 1 X-25 Angel) as well as Alenium Torpedos (2 X-25 Angels). The Armour should be Minimum Alloy-Plating, if you have the more advanced Alloy Plating you are on the save Side for the 3 X-25 "Angels". (Alloy Platings are enough for the Phantoms / advanced Alloy Plating for the Angels) Now it´s time to Modernise the Rocket-Defenses to Laser-Defenses. The Laser-Defenses are more powerfull then the Rocket-Defenses, but have a lesser Accuracy, which means they should be linked together to improve the Accuracy. That I have overseen in my Base-Buildup for the first Secondary Base in the Defense-Buildup and see my Mistake, because the Main-Base shoot down all enemy attacking UFOs with the Base-Defenses and the Secondary Base not or with difficulty. In that Time you will get new Suits, which get to the remaining Soldiers (Snipers, Grenadiers, Shield) as well as new Explosives (Plasma), which you realy need as an big Step forward for your Explosive-Soldier-Equipment (Plasma-Grenade-Upgrade) and Airforce-Equipment (Plasma Rocket / Torpedo-Upgrade) and Soldier-Safety for Soldiers without Special Armour (the 3 Armour Types you have are Heavy). Eventually you can construct an another Secondary Base (Outpost) to make your Airforce much more effective. It will have the same Buildup as the first Secondary Base (Outpost) [1 Access Lift, 3 Hangars, 1 Generator, 1 Radar, 1 Living Space and 3 Labs or 3 Workshops as well as 2 Laser Defenses]. That Goal I haven´t reached yet. 2 Bases are at the Moment the Maximum (Main-Base with Advancements and the first Secondary Base (Outpost). I upgrade the second Secondary Base (Outpost) with an 3rd Workshop / Lab to use my Living Quarter and the Base to 100%. Sadly you can´t test out everything in that Gameversion [V.24.7B] about the Limitation to 320 Days. Hope that Limitation get canceld for the following Gameversions [V.25+] to test everything out. Thats all so far Folkes from the first fully playable Beta-Version. I will go deeper hopfully the next time and find some more cool Stuff I haven´t seen so far when the more advanced Beta-Version V.25 will come up.
  12. That was the Problem in the preview Betas (up to V 20 / 21 or so) before Armor get seperated. It works perfect now. The including combination from Armour and HPs was the big Failure in Xenonauts 1 and the first playable Beta-Versions for Xenonauts 2. There you had to much real Healty-Loss about getting Angry in every Battle you fought.
  13. Too much to list. Therefore the Devs (and they have seen the unflexibilitys from Xenonauts 1) are making Xenonauts 2 and we Crowfounders (Main-Testers) finance it. In the List from Xenonauts 1 are the Airforce, Missions, Vehicles, Armours, Storyline, Combats and much more.
  14. Like said, most of us invested for Xenonauts 2 more then 3 Years to ignore the Failures and unessecarry Features from Xenonauts 1. Xenonauts 1 was a good Project for an 2D Game, but Xenonauts 2 is the Key with it´s complete new Features since new XCOM, Phoenix Point and in Refit UFO ET-Series show us what is possible. The Devs and we Founders / Betatesters integrated a lot of Features from the very good Xenonaut 1-Mod-Ideas. If there are more compatible Ideas to the 2020+- important Features (the other Games I announced show what is a must have today and not going back in the Past [like unflexible Fighters, Vehicles, Armours]) Xenonauts 2 have the Chance to be a great Game. If unnessecary unflexible Parts from Xenonauts 1 / UFO 1 ET Standard-/ Gold-Version and similar come back, the interessest for Xenonauts 2 will drop rapidely. I know enough Games, where such an drop come rapidely and it sunk in the dimple or a rush Playthrough about to much unnessecary unflexible Features [Vehicles, Aircrafts, Equipment etc.].
  15. For an other Game like Flight Simulator or so the Advice is good, but not in that Gerne we have here. We have to orient on the Predecessors which give us the Main-Template (X-COM: Apocalypse, X-COM: Interceptor, UFO 1 ET [Fighters / UFOs], UFO 2 ET [Vehicles / Equipment, etc.], UFO: AI, Star Wolves-Row) and not making the unflexible Failures from again (Xenonauts 1 [Fighters, Equipment etc.], new XCOM EU [Fighters], X-Com: EU / TftD [Vehicles, Armour], UFO 1 ET [Vehicles, Equipment]) again.
  16. I have explained it already. Belongs on the Tier the Aircraft, Vehicle, Armor etc. have. The same goes with Bases, Outposts and similar. If you read the the X-25-Example in my last Post corretly then you would know what that flexibility gives the Game. Exactly such Features make all other Games great, the unflexible Games uninteresting. Why do you think the Developers here, from UFO ET-Series and others like Firaxis etc. implement modularable Fighters, Vehicles, Armors, Bases etc. with special Limitations as Maximum Flexibility? Not for fun, but to stand out from the 08/15 unflexible crowd.
  17. That I have noticed too. It seems to be the same Issue like in the new XCOM-Series. But the Game isn´t finished yet and there are still some Jobsites left which have to be filled first. Finetuning will come mostly next Year when the Early Access-Phase will start. Therefore we have as Main-Beta-Testers to life with that Issue until it´s solved / get better with more advanced Versions like the WIP V.25-Version.
  18. That´s exactly the Reason, why Xenonauts 1 is not attraticve for the most normal Gamers anymore (expect for the Modders and the little Charge of Gamers which still play the XCE-Version). About that unflexibility in making Multirole-Aircrafts / Vehicles the most Gamers canceld to play Xenonauts 1 (incl. me) and instead playing XCOM 2 without the Airbattle, the with it´s Airforce-Flexibility Fan-Projects [like UFO: AI] and direct Rivals like the UFO ET-Series, old X-Com-Series and similar, where you have the flexibility to make Multi-Role-Aircrafts / Vehicles. Why do you think Xenonauts 2 is on that perfect Level as it is now. Only by the Reason that the Devs and we Main-Beta-Founders / Testers looked what the direct Rivals are doing in Upgrading / Modernising / Refiting their Games of that Gerne to the newest playability (esp. with Modular-Parts for Groundfeatures, Basefeatures, Geoscapefeatures, Airforcefeatures) to make the Game more flexible. Hoi 4, Stellaris and other Strategy-Games are going the same way. If they wouldn´t do that, they were dead End-Games (like sorry to say that Xenonauts 1 and the Standard- / Gold-UFO ET-Version) which have about 70% useless Features, which you R & D, but don´t use about the knowleadge that´s only Waste of Time to build. The flexibility of the Game in all Parts is important, not static Things like that Fighter is only for that and that Vehicle is only for that. This are outdated thinkings from the Midage or the General-Thinkings of 1st WW.
  19. Chris, I will test the V.24.7B-Version with new begunn Gameplay again, esp. in the existing Airfight-Parts. My Construction from the Fighters are: 1 Cannon for every Fighter and either 1 Torpedo / Missle as well as Armor-Plates. Atm. I could test out the X-25 Angels / X-55 Phantoms with Autocanons, Accelerated Cannons and Laser Cannons, the Standard-Armor-Plate / Alloy-Armor-Plate as well as Standard-Missles / Torpedos incl. the Alenium-Versions of them. I personaly like the Airfight about it´s 100% playability with no CTDs or other Issues. Some more Content / Features would be nice in V25+-Versions. What the other Reworks / Modernisations belongs sound it cool (I see you and the Team have integrated that Modular-Upgrade-System-Idea for Fighters) with the important Points, which is missing in the atm and previous Beta-Test-Versions. - Armor-Upgrades on flexible Parts [belongs on the Fighter-Tier we have]: the X-25 Angel get some Upgrades on the Refitable Parts (f. e. Wings, Cockpit, Fuel-Tank) with the Standard-Armors / Alien-Alloys etc. to make it lighter, faster and a little bit more stable (maybe 120 HPs from 100 HPs) - Flexibility-Upgrades [belongs on the Fighter-Tier we have]: the X-25 Angel get some Upgrades on internal Main-Parts from 4th / 5th Generation Fighters (f. e. Engines, Fuel-Tanks, Manouverability-Upgrades), which makes it 40% faster and more agile (longer Duty-Time until much better fighters get availible) - Internal-Upgrades [belongs on the Figher-Tier we have]: The Fighters can get 1 or 2 more Slots for internal Upgrades (f. e. Electronics, Energy-Shields, Drop-Tanks or Similar); belongs on the Fighter Generation we have: the X-25 Angel f. e. can´t use Engery-Shields or Alenium-Engines, therefore it can be upgraded with better Electronics and Long-Range-Drop-Tanks! - Pilot-Skills: The Pilot is learning with every Airfight and get better with Time; evtl. she / he can be an Mentor for new Fighter Pilots later! - Pilot-Usage: The Pilot can change the Fighter (like an Soldier / Support Vehicle the Transport) to an new Fighter or an refited Fighter! What the Weapons for Fighters belongs: The Cannons are Clear in the Explenation. They are Guns with either normal Ammunition and short Range (Dogfight-Weapons) to fight other Planes and enemy UFOs. The Missles are Clera in the Explenation. They are light manouverable Rockets with an explosive Warhead and medium Range (normal Attackrange) to fight other Planes and enemy UFOs. The Torpedos are Clear in the Explenation. They are heavy unmanouverable Rockets with the biggest explosvie Warhead and long Range (like the Maveriks / the big Bomb an Army- / Navy Fighter can handle [GBU or what it called]) to fight big Ships and big enemy UFOs. But the Lance is not so Clear. Do you mean with that Energy-Cannons (like the Laser Cannon) or something like that?
  20. Solver, I did the same in 1 Million Times Testing. Dosen´t matter, the Outcome is the same: Interceptors 0, Aliens: 3! (Automatic and Manually) You can´t reach the enemy UFO as Main-Target after the Escorts come up. In that Case I organised my Planes in 3 Parts: 1 Multirole-Fighter (1x Gun and 1x Rockets) and 2 Multirole-Fighters (2x Gun and 2x Torpedos). With that the Changes rised to shoot down the Escorts and damage the Main-Target heavy. In an second Attack-Run you could shoot the Main-Target down. That I call an Air-Battle. Not like in X1 where you only have Standard-Fighters or Torpedo-Fighters. I personaly like the Xenonauts 2 Airbattle, because you don´t know what happens. But 1 Thing is clear: You can´t shoot down your Main-Target when Escorts are nearby! I explain it: Mostly I had 2 Fighters ready and send them to attack an Bomber, Observer and similar with Escorts. The Escorts reached my Planes (dosen´t matter if they were X-25 or X-55) before I could reach the Main-Target. If I get lucky the 4 Torpedos hit the Target before the Escorts shoot the Planes down. On the other Hand I could do the Dogfight with the Escorts first and attack then the Main-Target in an second Attack-Run after Refilling and Rearming. That what I mean after the 1 Million Airfights with Escorts. That´s the Decission: Either attack the Main-Target and loose your Fighters or first the Escorts and after you Damaged the Target you shoot it down with an second Run after Rearming and Refilling. If there is comming the cool Stuff with Clouds etc. then the Airfight will get an important Upgrade. It´s up to now with the upgraded Airfight-System interessting and fun. The best Feature from it: It works without Problems (CTDs, Hangups etc.) with the Multirole-Aircrafts
  21. That´s the old thinking from Xenonauts 1 or the older Beta-Versions from Xenonauts 2. Like said I have played the newest Version the last Days and fight with the first hard medium / big Enemys with Escorts. And there the Escorts bring you down before you reach the Target. Dosen´t matter what you manually or the Automatic Fightsystem do.
  22. Torpedo isn´t the King anymore. It´s similar to the Rockets with more Damage [about 50%]. I testet it with the latest Version 24.7B with an complete new Game. Dosen´t matter if you use the Torpeodos (Standard, Alenium and higher) or Rockets (Standard, Alenium and higher) against big UFOs from the Abductor, Harvester, Bomber and Cruiser on. At the End you will need the Guns for the Final Damages or Final Blow! I think you still play with V.22 or lesser, where Torpedo and Rockets were the King. With the latest Version 24.7B it´s completely different. If you look in the other Post, you will see what I mean.
  23. As an Crowfounder-Betatester I have been in Battle with Abductors, Bombers, Cruisers and Harvesters as first medium / big UFOs with Escorts (Alien-Fighters, advanced Alien Fighters). I´m on Day 280+ in that Test and good to very good in such Games (belongs on the Game itself). My Weaponary testet are on that Time: 1. Sidwinders / Avalanche (Standard-Rockets & Torpedos) 2. Alenium Sidwinders / Alenium Avalanches (first important Upgrade from Rockets & Torpedos) 3. Autocannon / Accelerated Cannon / Laser Cannon (Standard-Gun / first important upgraded Gun / first Energy-Gun) 4. X-25 Angel (Standard-Interceptor) / X-55 Phantom or what its called (first light upgraded Interceptor) 5. the first 2 Armor-Plates get used (the Standard one on X-55 and the Advanced one on X-25) I did the Fights with Automatic and Manually on Veteran-Difficulty on the new Game-Version 24.7B. The Outcome is the same. You can beat the Escorts, but not the Main-Target with an normal Squardon [2 Fighters] in the first run with everything you have. With an full Squadron [3 Fighters] it could be possible, but is very difficult too. If the bigger named UFOs are Single, they are not hard to beat, if the Rockets / Torpedos all hit and enough Gun-Ammo / Gun-Energy is there. But the Escorts make the big Difference. That Escorts you have to beat with Cannons [Main-Weaponary] and evtl. upgraded Sidewinders [if you have an 3rd Fighter] first, then the Main-Target from Abductors, Bombers, Cruisers, Harvesters etc. get attacked with Torpedos to bring the Armor and big Health Points as good as possible down. The remaining HPs get destroyed with the Guns. The last Days I tried it with different Tactics and get a lot of Damage on my Fighters to bring the Escorts and the Main-Target down. If it were possible with the Weapons, Fighters and Armor-Plates you have to do that [see Point 1 to 5]. If you get unlucky an second Attack on the Main-Target have to be flown to bring it down, after the Escorts get destroyed first and the Main-Target get only Damaged, what is mostly the case. From what I can read in the Discussion so far: 1a) Torpedos have Disadvanteges: No Evasive-Maneuvers (Fighter), no use against fast UFOs (about the missing guidance System), not much Ammo (2 Torpedos about the balance weight) 1b) Torpedos have Advantages: they are very good against big UFOs (more Damage as Rockets) and are not overpowerd; you need the Guns for the final Blow against that UFO! 2a) Rockets have Disadvanteges: not very good against big UFOs (about the lesser Damage) 2b) Rockets have Advanteges: Evasive-Manouvers (Fighter), very good against fast Escort-Fighters and smaller UFOs (about the guidance system), much Ammo (4 Rockets about the balance weight) and are not overpowerd; you need the Guns for the final Blow against the Escort-Fighters and lighter UFOs! 3) The Fighters should like the Support-Vehicles / Soldiers with the Modular-Upgrade-System we have build up for them. With the Rework of the Fighter-Buildup / Pilot-Management the following Upgrades should be done, without destroying everything the Main-Beta-Testers and Devs build up so far: - flexible Armor-Upgrades and Weapon-Upgrades like we have now: That´s the best System you can have (and bring Xenonauts 2 to the same Level as the direct Competitors have); everything else would destroy the Advantage Xenonauts 2 have to it´s Predecessur (Xenonauts 1) as well as the Work which the Main-Beta-Testers invested the last 2 or 3 Years! The famous "Don´t touch an Running System-Anouncement" is the same as for Operating-Systems! Modular-Upgrade-System for Fighters: - Armor-Upgrades on flexible Parts [belongs on the Fighter-Tier we have]: the X-25 Angel get some Upgrades on the Refitable Parts (f. e. Wings, Cockpit, Fuel-Tank) with the Alien-Alloys to make it lighter, faster and a little bit more stable (maybe 120 HPs from 100 HPs) - Flexibility-Upgrades [belongs on the Fighter-Tier we have]: the X-25 Angel get some Upgrades on internal Main-Parts from 4th / 5th Generation Fighters (f. e. Engines, Fuel-Tanks, Manouverability-Upgrades), which makes it 40% faster and more agile (longer Duty-Time until much better fighters get availible) - Internal-Upgrades [belongs on the Figher-Tier we have]: The Fighters can get 1 or 2 more Slots for internal Upgrades (f. e. Electronics, Energy-Shields, Drop-Tanks or Similar); belongs on the Fighter Generation we have: the X-25 Angel f. e. can´t use Engery-Shields or Alenium-Engines, therefore it can be upgraded with better Electronics and Long-Range-Drop-Tanks! - Pilot-Skills: The Pilot is learning with every Airfight and get better with Time; evtl. she / he can be an Mentor for new Fighter Pilots later! - Pilot-Usage: The Pilot can change the Fighter (like an Soldier / Support Vehicle the Transport) to an new Fighter or an refited Fighter! - Aircraft-Fighter-Screen: Implementing the cool Features which get announced (Weather, Clouds etc.) Short said: The System we have now is very good and need only an Rework / Upgrade from the announced Parts which make it more flexible.
  24. Twigg, that´s why Cannon-Fights called Dogfight (Men vs. Men and Machine vs. Machine). It´s like in 1st and 2nd WW with the Cannons. Why do you think the Germans have researched Air-to-Air-Rockets, intelligent Bombs, medium Range-Rockets to save their Airforce-Personal against the Airforce-Power the Allies brought later.
  25. Thanks Chris for the Explanation of that. An similar Problem the Devs from UFO ET-Series, Phoenix Point and Firaxis with the new XCOM-Series have. We all know the different Solutions of that Problem. 1. XCOM have an Main-Base with easy to manage Outposts 2. UFO ET-Series have an Main-Base with limited buildable Secondary-Bases (in UFO 2 ET it splits in Land-Based Secondary-Bases and Aircraft-Carriers with similar comming in the Platinum-Refit) 3. Phoenix Point have splitet smaller Bases on the Globe, which are with Buildings developable and need to be found That´s why the Outposts make Sense again. There we could use the Phoenix-Point-System or the UFO-ET-Series-System and link it with the existing 6 to 8 Base-System from Xenonauts 2. 1. Idea (Phoenix-Point-System which bring a lot of Life on the Geoscape): The old used Outposts from the Xenonauts are in different Countrys. They have 3 Hangars, 1 Living-Space-Room, 1 older Radar, 1 Storage-Room, 1 Workshop, 1 small Laboratory and an seperate older Power-System. All of that Bases get closed step by Step until the Main-Base from Xenonauts (the Starting Base we have) is left. The Xenonaut-Personal have to find that older small Outposts on the Geoscape. The Reopening need some active Personal of your Main-Base (esp. Engeniers / Scientists) as well as Storage-Material (Equipment). Evtl. you will find demontaged Fighters there (belongs if the Nation is NATO / Sowjet-Pact) and other Secrets from prevoius R & D-Attemtps. As well as the Bases have a little bit more Space for either Defences or 1 more Lab / Workshop. 2. Idea (UFO-ET-System with an similar Life on the Geoscape like Xenonaut 1): You build up your Secondary Bases like now, but you have limitations in Buildings: Radar, Hangars, Workshop or Laboratory, Power-System, Storage-Room, Living-Space-Room and Defence. Short said: The secondary Bases from the Xenonauts have to be as small and secret as possible not to get overruned from the Aliens or her Helpers.
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