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    New Damage / Armour System

    That System what Chris wanna implement sounds good. A similar System were in the old X-Com Series and if I have that correctly in Mind in UFO Extraterestials. And if you wanna have the newest Example for such a System play Battletech. The Difference in Battletech is that the Hit-Chance-System is the other way around. Let´s beginn with the Damage Randomisation vs. Locational Damage: I like it, because it shows the Reality of Organig and Robotic Lifeforms which are build like a Human or Organic Alien. The Randomisation of the Damage Modifier is very good, because you can crunch, lay down or standing normal as a Human and Organic Alien. That explains very good the low Leg and Arm-Damage-Modifiers (x0,5) realy good. The best Points are the Front and Back-Torso, which get the normal Damage-Modifiers (x1). Head-Shots are in reality a gambling, which get the highest Damage-Modifier (x2). The locational Damage (Head, Arms, Torso, Legs) are fully correct too. We Humans and other Organic Lifeforms are on a similar Level. The Only Thing I would Change the Hit Chance. Head 15%, Legs 10%, Arms 15% and Torso is ok. Then the Armour HP: Sounds very good, we should try that in the next Beta-Version (V.12). Here I don´t have anything to attach. Atm the Armour HP aren´t there to get a damage reduction. Then the Resistances: Sounds good, the existing system feels like the one of the first Game. Like you already said, the Rebreather and Closed Helmets give a 100 % Ressistances. I would say we bring in the following 5 Types of Ressistances. More aren´t needed and make the Game much more interessting. 1. all types of Gases (f. e. Smoke, Stun) 2. all types of Fire (nothing more to say) 3. Kinetic Weapons (Knife, Rifels, Pistols etc.) 4. Energy Weapons (Laser, Plasma) 5. Electrical / EMP (Stun Rods, EMP-Weapons) Weapon Level & Armour Level: I make an example with the Starting-Armors and the Upgrade as well as with the Starting Weapons. If I understand that correctly it should be like the follwoing example. Starting Weapons: Standard-Starting-Weapons (equal) / Upgraded with the light Magnetion-Thing (30 % Damage Bonus) Starting Armor [Kevlar Suit]: Standard-Kevlar Suit with heavy Kevlar-Vest (- 60%) / Standard-Kevlar Suit with heavy Kevlar-Vest (- 30 %) / Standard-Kevlar Suit with upgraded heavy Kevlar-Vest (- 60%) Is that an correct example you mean with that Levels? Chris, bring such a System in the next Version (Beta 12), then we will see how it works in the Game for the Fighter-Aircrafts (Airfights) and Ground-Fights (Soldiers / Vehicles). Therfore we only can speculate. If we see how the system Works we can optimise it in the overnext Betas (Beta 13 and Beta 14) step by step.
  2. Some more Geoscape-Missions for the Signal-Uplinks and Proliferations were nice in the next big Beta-Version. That all is still a placeholder atm, but I like it, because it workes.
  3. Yeah, I have read the Alien Fleet Research several Times too in Version 11. I like it as it is, but can understand Chris Problem. What about this Idea: You can´t see the Alien Space Station because she have an special Cloaking Field. She is big, like the Mothership in UFO Extraterestials / UFO2Extraterestials, where the small and medium UFOs from the Alien Invasion Fleet getting started (Probes, Scouts, Destroyers, Harvesters and such). The big UFO´s have the same Cloacking Field (like Carriers, Battleships) like the Space Station. Your Chief-Scientist and all other Helpers can´t see the stations like Chris have wrote in the Alien Fleet Research because the Aliens have the Cloacking Field and can manipulate our Satelites and Obervations so we can´t find them. Like with the Radar-Coverage against the UFO´s which can only be seen with the Reflecting Particels on the Hull. But the Space don´t reflect about the non existing Atmosphere. After we get a special UFO in the middle Gamepart with his Crew (like an Harvester with special Upgrades or an fast Scout / Drone with special Upgrades) we get an Research-Improvement for our Radars and Observations. The Research Improvment will arise of the Alien-Crew-Interrogation, the previous technological Researches from UFO´s, Materials, Autopsies as well as Interrogations (the normal interrogations improves our understanding from the Alien-Language more and more). Oh one more thing. Chris you asked for more Research-Improvements. If you make Interrogations you could get from the Soldiers / Technicans Informations about upgrading your Weapons, Armors, Fighters, Transports etc. and from Scientists / etc. Informations about other Improvments I don´t remember. To get all this Informations and to make the Game much more interessting you have to capture some of the Aliens alive (Caseans-Scientist, Caseans-Technicans, Caseans- / Reptilian-Soldiers etc.). Here some Examples: - Like normal Guns, normal Guns with the light Magnetic-Upgrade, Laser Weapons to Magnetic Weapons on Alien-Tech (which will get the Farmers and all others too). - Like Starting-Fighter with the Modules, Foxtrott with same Modules as an replacement based on researched Basic-Alien-Technology; later we can research a new Fightertype after we get the Informations from the normal Aliens and other important Researches for that. My Opionion about that is the following: - Autopsies: You get the minimum Informations about the Aliens and the Classifications (like it is now) - Probe: Informations about the smallest UFO (like it is now); after segmentation you can research the Alien-Materials (like it is now); all other Objects get into the Storage, because you can´t research them yet (only with later interrogation-Informations) - Scout / Improved Scout: Information about the 2 light improved UFO´s like the Probe (like it is now); after segmentations you get the second and third research (like it is now I think); all other Objects get into the Storage, because you can´t research them yet (only with later interrogation-Informations) - Magnetic Weapons: Information about the first Alien-Weapons and the improvement for our Standard-Weapons (like it is now); with more R & D incl. Interrogations and the Help from the Military Forces and the founding Countrys we are able to build our own Magnetic Weapons which get the second big Breakthrough for Humanity in the Fight against the Alien Threat. - Laser Weapons: They are a complete new Technology for us. With the Help of the Military Forces and the founding Countrys we can handle to get Laser Weapons; they are between the upgraded Standard-Weapons and the much more Powerfull Magnetic Weapons - the R & D-Tree get more improvments. The normal and easy Upgrades / Things to produce we can keep like they are now. The medium to hard improvments we need are only availible if we interrogate Alien-Soldiers and Alien-Specialists. That makes the most sense to capture the Aliens and the cooperation with all founding countrys and their Military Forces gives us the already researched Prototypes for Magnetic and Laser-Technology, Modular-Armor-Technology and whatever else. And for the beginning Tech-Tree we may find something more too, like the Foxtrott which replaces or assist the starting fighter. The Foxtrott is more maneuverable, faster, better secured (because it get improved with already researched Alien-Basic-Tech like the Modular-Armor-Upgrade from the Kevlar-Vest) and have more Range. It has the same Modules like the starting Fighter. Something like that.
  4. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    But the difference is that the Devs from UFO Extraterestials learnd. In the Original and Gold-Version they announced military help in an Military Base or Help from Police in Citys. And what you had? Nothing of both. They get in about 50 %, maybe 60 % of the Announcements, like Civilians in the Terror Missions, a Storyline like in original X-Com with Interrogations and such. But the Main-Things like Policemen / Policewomen in the Citys, military activitys in Military Bases etc. incl. Help from the last Ressistance-People on Earth aren´t included. And the special Armor which is announcend in the Gold Version isn´t there too. Such Things make my very angry. The Game was good in R & D, Interrogations for the Storyline, Basebuilding (1 Main-Base; all others are Secundary-Bases). The Gold-Version with the light B-Man-Modifications or the B-Man-Modification / UNI-Modification for the normal Game-Version gave the Game a good boost in Potential and brought it about to 65 or 70 % of the Potential it have. But the big Negatives were the not integrated and greatly announced Help from Police and / or Military (UFO Shoot-Down in Citys, Military-Bases or the already announced Terror-Missions in both Levels), the same Sequences in Missions, the same Mistake as it were in the Original X-Com Series and Xenonauts 1 on the Geoscapes, as well as the big Story-Ending on Earth. If that announced Things were included and more posibilitys on the Geoscape and Missions integrated the Gamepotential without the 2 Modifications were about 86 %. That Potential were missed very very high. The Devs from UFO Extraterestials have learned from what we can see on the Webpage and Vids. UFO2Extraterestials get the Missing things from UFO Extraterestials and much more. The Communication to the Community and Testers could be better, but the Devs used the 4 Years of Extra-Time to polish, overworking and bugfixing the 2nd Part of UFO Extraterestials with the Feedbacks from their Beta-Testers. We will see the Final Resault on 20. May 2020. Sidnote: The Devs from Goldhawk Interactive are showing the other Devs how Game-Development works correctly. Chris and his Devs announce something and trying to implement it. The best Examples are the helping Hands on Ground-Missions (like the Guards in Harbors, Farmers with Weapons or Police-Officers in Citys). All that is implemented in Xenonauts 1 and 2. If something in Xenonauts 1 or Xenonaust 2 can´t be implemented or has to get Changed about Problems in Interaction (like existing Bases and Base-Missions or Base-Management and Geoscape) then Chris or an other Developer is communicate with us. The best Example is the ATLAS-Base, which looks cool in the announcement on Kickstarter. But it had Interaction Problems, so the Base had to get Changed from the Kickstarter-Announcement-Picture to an very cool Upgraded Base-Buildung / Base Using-System from Xenonauts 1 with nice Extras as an replacement. It´s not perfect until now, but the Replacement is there. And the Devs from Goldhawk didn´t worked on it and said eat or die, they asked the Community and the Beta-Testers after much Tests with Repairs, Fixes and Improvements for the Original ATLAS-Base. The Result of the Voting were that we get the Replacement with very nice Extras. Such an Cooperation in an Alpha- / Beta-Stage is very very rare, esp. the Voting for such things with the full Community here in Forum.
  5. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    Yep I have the same Information too. After 12 Years of Development we will see what Potential that Game have.
  6. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    Early Access will come after the Game is stable and everything which have to come in (like the Modular-Things, new Geoscape-Events etc.). There is much new in the Game and the Devs will change some things (like the Base Buildup and Base Management = the ATLAS-Base from Kickstarter isn´t there anymore). Such things and many new things which get in have to be Beta-Tested for a longer time. All that things have to be Stable and therfore we Beta-Testers are there. The Devs could be like big Game Companys and say the Game is half Ready, get it out. We all know that such Games are only Shopkeepers for a realistic Gamer which is waiting over 14 or 15 Years (like for UFO2Extraterestials, which will come End of May) for a good to very good Game, which is fully playable, over 90 % Bugfree etc. If you young Guys have the Experiance like we old Gamers which have seen the full History of Computergaming from beginning on (the first Games were comming on C64 and such Platforms on a System like MS-DOS where you had to start the Game with the correct English Startingorders) then you woud have patience. And the First Games on PC, Amiga were only Keybord and your Brain (mostly in English). The Translations in German, Russia, France etc. come later.
  7. Yep with the Ammo Rounds I agree.
  8. Alienkiller

    [v11.2 - General] Sticky popup text

    I think the next Fix or Version will be V12 that we get in the next time?!
  9. The AI is attacking the MARS as it should be. It´s an enemy Soldier (not from the Aliens) and therfore a dangerous for the Aliens. So the Alien-AI is acting correctly. The Problem we have is only that the MARS don´t have an Armor which safe him from enemy Fire on his Weak-Points. The MARS is an Drone-Vehicle which is rebuilt for Xeononaut use. Normaly the MARS is an Helping-Drone for Bomb-Dispursal, light and fast most invisible Scout for the normal Army. The MARS wasn´t biuld for Fighting Aliens, so it´s a provisional arrangement with Scout and Attack-Functions for the Xenonaut-Organisation. The same functions have the starting Inteceptors, which have a short Range. Therfore we need the Foxtrott back, which get the same Weapons as the Starting Interceptors with a little more power about it´s 2 Engines, a bit more Armor and better Fuel-Tanks for longer Range interception. Both will later be outplayed from the new Interceptor which is researched from Alien-Materials (like Computers, Alenium, Materials and whatever) to get the first real Prototype-Interceptor against the Aliens. Same with the MARS which will get an better Equivalent later on. Therfore we get better Weapons, Armors etc. for it like for the Interceptors and Soldiers.
  10. Yep that will be fixed in the next update and the next big Versions much more.
  11. I like the H.E.Y.V.-Grenade Launcher. That is missing in the most Games like in the old X-Com-Series, XCom EU / EW, the UFO-After-Series and the first UFO Extraterestials. The Grenade Launcher came in first in XCom 2 and all his DLC´s, UFO Alien Invasion and will come too in UFO2Extraterestials. If the Grenade Launcher is in Phoenix Point I don´t know, because it isn´t on Steam or Battlenet (from Blizzard) yet to test. The Grenade Launcher is good and should be a upgradeable Weapon. Like the Magnetics with the Guns it can be made more precise, can shoot higher to get lesser barrier-reduction and have a little bit more range. Therfore you can make more Grenades for him (the normal he has already are ok). There I have a R & D which can be done at the beginning to get more Grenades to make it much more interessting. The desoriantion-Grenade like the Soldiers have (green Grenade head) and the Smoke (with a grey Grenade Head). As a Bonus we can get a Fire-Version (call it Napalm or such) which can be R & D as an Bonusresearch. Like I have seen in the Demo of UFO2Extraterestials they brought in such Variants which are upgradeable like the Rockets and Hand-Grenades in UFO Extraterestials. As a Bonus Weapon for an Heavy Soldier we can integrate a Rocket Launcher, which can only shoot the straight Way like all the Guns. The Rocket Launcher is much stronger then the Grenade Launcher, but has more disatvangeges. Here the reasons why the Grenade Launcher is the better option: 1. You have much more ammunition that you can transport. 2. You have much more Variants of Ammonution, because you have Soldier-Hand-Grenades as an template. For the Rocket-Laucher you have Explosive- and Armor-Piercing-Ammonation. Later you can have the EMP-Variant-Ammo as an Bonus. Therfore the Grenade Launchers in all Armys are used more likely as an Infantery-Attack / Infantery-Defense-Weapon. 3. You have more Shots (max. 5 for the Rocket-Launcher) and Minimum 9 to about 15 for the Grenade-Launcher (3 Shots per Magazine with 3 to 5 Magazines [what is an huge Improvement against XCom 2 and from what I have seen UFO2Extraterestials]). 4. You can shoot with the Grenade-Launcher 3 Times in a Round, with the Rocket-Launcher 1 Times before Reload. [that what I mean with the hughe Improvement against XCom 2 and UFO2Extraterestials which use the Grenade-Launcher like a Rocket-Launcher with 1 Shot and then Reload] 5. You can bring in something else in your second Hand like a knive or such and something else more in the Backback or you can do in a little less in the Backback and use improved Armor instead. 6. A Grenade-Launcher is upgradeable with Alien-Technology (like I announced before). A Rocket-Launcher only in the Tube (better Material) and if its modern in some his Aim-Electronics (which is all!). There could be more Points for the Grenade-Launcher but that are the important ones.
  12. Modular Things are at the Beginning from now on. Armor is the first thing (for Soldiers) and there will come much more. Weapons I have read too in Kickstarter. Then they will bring in something for the Weapons too. I think the R & D for the Normal Guns with the Alien Magnetics is only the first step. I hope too that will come more like that.
  13. You have 45-degree isometric angle as an huge improvement against Xeononauts 1 where you have a fixed map. Everything more you won´t get about the Kickstarter Limit of the Game and that what the Devs have already brought in from Money and Time. If you don´t like that rotating system don´t use it or more extremly don´t play Xenonauts 2. There is nothing more to say about that. What the Zoom belongs, Chris said already that it could come in after the Game is fully playable. There are much more important things to bring in first and make the Game stable.
  14. Nope that´s good like the Warheads, Lasergun as well as upgraded Armor for the Fighter-Aircrafts.
  15. That´s strange. Because many of us have the turn arround. If the local Soldiers get dead, they show up as survived, if they survive then they show as Dead.
  16. Alienkiller

    [V.11.2] Beta

    1. Fixed the issue where modular armour was reset after every mission. Sadly this Problem isn´t solved yet. Like Emely_F already said since [V.11.1] Beta the modular Armour still reset after every Mission. A picture before and after the Mission I will Add today evening. 2. UFO walls are no longer crushable by the MARS, but some additional freestanding walls in various maps now can be crushed. Sadly this Problem is still active. Had this on my last Ground Combat, where the MARS crushed one of the Back- and Sidewall of an Drone-UFO. A picture before and after the Mission I will Add today evening. 3. etc. will come later!!!
  17. That´s strange. Then your Gamefiles must have a download-Bug. In my Versions incl. 11.2 I have Sebillians and Ceasans as enemys in such Missions. The Cesans get there the Officer Later on, which playes with your Soldiersbrain (PSI-Attacks).
  18. Alienkiller

    Early terror mission balance

    Yeah, therfore I use everytime a mixed Team in every Mission. With this Combination I don´t have big Problems to get the Aliens. Sometimes I use the Grenede-Launcher to irritate the Aliens and they will get surpressed.
  19. Alienkiller

    Early terror mission balance

    You mean the Repaers, which make the Zombies. Yeah, they are strange, but if you have some Soldiers with Jetpacks and much better Protection then you are save. Light an Medium Armor are no Prob for them, but Heavy Armor should be a big problem for them. And yeah the Grenade Launcher is an Area-Weapon, not a precices Weapon like the Rifle or a Sniper-Rifle.
  20. Yeah I like it very much too. Only one thing I wanna know. Was the Local Forces Soldier Dead or has he / she survived?
  21. I have seen them 1 or 2 Times and first in the Second Month before Founding Report in the real Terror Mission (Androns and Wraiths). In the Second real Terror Mission I had Sebillians with Reapers. The smaller Terror Missions (Container-Harbor etc.) will be done by Sebillians and Cesans.
  22. Yeah I have some. Will put it here today evening. Can´t do it now, because at Work.
  23. But you have fought against Sebillans, I had to fight against Androns, Flying Disks and and other Alienliveform (the Aliens which comes the first times with Androns and shows like an Alien-Elephant).
  24. Nope Chris, the Combat Shield has to build seperately for 100.000$ each. If it should like the Ionised Aircraft-Armor / upgraded Kevlar-Vest then you and your team have to check this. Should be a small thing to fix.
  25. Alienkiller

    [v11.1 - strategy layer] alloys are shown twice

    Yep that I have noticed yesterday evening too. The left Number is for Alloys-Storage (the Armor- / Weapons-Material you have to scratch from UFO´s etc.) and the right Number is for the Alenium-Storage. That have to be fixed with the correct Text. Hope we get in Hotfix 2.