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    Weapon Asymetry

    There are so many things you can do. The Upgrading like with the Standard-Ballistics to accelerated are great and a must have, otherwise you will loose at Start. The other thing I have in Mind too is the Ammonition for your Soldiers, after you find better Aliens with more ressistance to Standard-Ballistics. There could be done something with the Allien Ballistic-Ammo to upgrade the Ammo too, not only the Weapon itself for the upgraded accelerated Standard-Ballistics. What I like with the Lasers are the selfreloading. It´s a milestone in that Art of Gaming again. It was in the first X-Com: EU from 1993 and was never used again in similar Games (X-Com: Apoc, UFO ET, the UFO-After-Series, in the new XCOM-Row). Never had the second Lasers yet, but I hope there is more in upgrading. All in all the more Damage-Output is good and the fight against Armor and Damage has a very good balance. But like I said I hope for more Upgrading: The Weapon and Ammo get lesser in weight, you have more Shoots (evtl. smaller Ammo), you can upgrade your Weapon with sights, Laerpointer or such. And much important: Like Chris said the Lasers get more effectinves for Rookies and not fully trained soldiers. The other Point I have in Mind is that the accelerated Standard-Weapons can be upgraded in GAUSS-Weapons later and Lasers to more effective Weapons. Mayby a Plasma Hybrid or so.
  2. Alienkiller

    Forum Return & New Build Date

    Yep, I find it very nice too that Chris is testing the new versions first and find Failures, Bugs etc. while that version is in development before he and his team is uploading a next Build-Version (here Beta 14). And I agree fully with you odizzido, the best example is the new Aquanox: Deep Decent.
  3. Now I understand why some of the working things form X1 get in. Like the independent Bases you can build up for Research, Development or security. Every Base will have some Hangars with Fighters for already implemented new Features, called the Xenonaut-Outposts. And I´m happy that the Bases get an big Upgrade / Refit in Graphics, esp. in the Buildup-Screen like announced. How it looks and the other Refits / Reworks as well as secret implementations we see next Week at the End of Oktober (27th).
  4. Alienkiller

    Forum Return & New Build Date

    Yeah Chris, that are great news. Esp. after the dissapointet Release from the new Aquanox: Deep Decenst Game last Week. As well as the moderate content Pack for Hearts of Iron IV. Looking forward to it for a long Playtesting, esp. for the next Consequenzes from the evil C-Virus, which could come in Europe and make everything tedious again.
  5. Normaly Smoke is blocking your Sights like a Nebula, so you can see only blurred or only in a short line of sight (very near) to see a shadow in the Nebula. I did that with my Men too against the Aliens, esp. on an UFO-Entry, open Field and such. In the Game it´s working like the real Smoke and Nebula-Grenade. Combined with the Shoking Grenade and the upgraded Version of both it´s ammazing. Most of the Human-Like Aliens have the same Problem with the 2 Grenades, for others you have to use the upgraded version / versions. Against Robitics you have to use EMP instead. The Line of sight is good but the Aliens have a Smoke Shield, that makes direkt Hits impossible. The Problem is, that the Smoke is bigger but you can´t see it. It´s an Map Problem, had this too. But should be solved in Beta 14.
  6. Yep, such Bugs are known in full Beta 13 incl. the 2 Hotfixes. It belongs on the old Map Design and the new implementations come in. There are to many Problems which couldn´t solved and that´s the Reason the Beta isn´t stable, esp. the Ground Maps, not upgradeable fighters etc. That´s the Reason after the Bugs, Problems etc. send to the Devs we other Beta-Testers wait for the new Beta 14. Most of (about 80 to 85 %) us couldn´t testplay until Month 2 about that Bugs and Problems. The Best thing you can do is waiting for Beta 14 comes out where you get a very very very big refit / rework in Ground Maps, Base Maps and much more. But you are not alone. I had this in previous Betas (2 if I remember my correctly) too. Either in the Game or it´s getting CTD while Loading the first Geoscape-Screen.
  7. Yeah, that´s the big Problems etc. of that Beta-Version. Implemented and Changed Features on old Maps, which get Modernised in Beta 14 and 15.
  8. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    We have to see what the Devs bring in, but the Airpart and Groundpart get improvements. Yes what Perks the Pilots will get, we all don´t know. And rather Training as well as Practice is possible?! We get that for Ground-Troops that´s for sure (Training Centre which you could build, but had no effect since the testet Betas), maybe we could get a Training for Pilots too. We have to wait and see.
  9. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    Don´t worry about that zolobolo, the beginning Aircraft of Xenononauts is a special one, while the Standard-Military have Standard-Planes (like the Condor or the SU-27 Flanker or Mig-31). And the Planes are improveable with Armor, Guns, Rockets and maybe other things, which could be testet in the frist Beta-Tests (Beta 3 to 6 or so), but then get away since Beta 7, only the much important improvable Guns, Rockets and Armor were there. Like we could see the MARS is upgradeable after we get new improvements. The same is doable with the Soldier-Equipment. And the last Step are the Transports and Fighters in that Part. We will see what have been done in Beta 14 in that Part. There is much in X2 which you have to do with your Planes, don´t worry. At the beginning ist overseeable, but later you have to decide. There are timed missions which your Aircraft have to do and none timed (like Troop Transport safety). The Battles with UFO´s are reduced, but the Battles are harder to win. Against Drones and Scouts the Battles are medium to easy (with the beginning and light upgraded Weapons as well as Armor), but then they will be hard, esp. after the upgraded Variants of that UFO´s are comming. And not to forgett the bigger UFO´s. They are not so many, because the Aliens have much better Weapons for Terrorising, getting Informations and so on. The Missions for the Fighters you have are different. The main thing is to shoot down UFO´s at the beginning. But then the big difference to all other previous Games (old X-Com / new XCOM, UFO Extraterestials, the UFO-After-Series and Xenonatus 1) will show up. 1. You have to defend your Outposts against enemy Attacks with the help from Allied Planes (tested that in the last 2 Betas) 2. You have to defend your Bases with to new implemented Base Defense Structures (announced, esp. the Base Defence Structures) 3. You have to defend Allied Planes or whatever (announced) 4. and much more Secrets which we all don´t know yet You both see that the Airfight and the use from Fighters are not finished yet. We have to wait what brings Beta 14 and Beta 15 in that Part. The first Step is already done, because the first Fighter from Xenonauts is an combination of the first 2 in Xenonauts 1 (Condor and the researchable Firefox). What the more Modular buildup belongs I hope like you all that more things are comming back, after the big Problems get solved with the Help of an other Development Studio and official Freelancers. The EXP get discussed internal too, because we have pilots since the last 2 Betas integrated. Like the other Soldiers on the Ground the Pilots have Skills and have to train them. Examples are Flying, Shooting, Speed- and Fuel-Using. We have too see what the Devs will bring in and we Betas are just as clueless like you all.
  10. Alienkiller

    August Update

    We all don´t know that. If we get lucky this Month, if not in November. There are to many big things to repair, rework, refit and so on.
  11. Alienkiller

    August Update

    Then you had to finance the Game from beginning on in Kickstarter. All that which have done that Part are all Beta-Testers. For all other Versions which you think is it to early and not stable enough. But it´s very hard to say and a good to very good Game needs time for Development. Why do you think that UFO2Extraterestials is in an Development since 10 Years and you don´t hear anything about XCOM 3 the last 2,5 to 3 Years. Exactly to stop the Questions about the Public or Testable Versions. Firaxis and the Devs here and from UFO2ET don´t let themself excert pressure and do their own Time Management. It´s done and ready when it´s done. If the next Beta-Versions (Minimum Beta 14 and 15) are running smoothly, stable, without to many playbugs and such Things the Testers can give an OK for an small Public Version. Not therefore. The Game isn´t ready for it and we Betas have after the big refit / rework etc. to beginn from Zero again. More can´t be answerd and is for the Moment the only Answer we can give.
  12. Alienkiller

    August Update

    It´s a big rework / refit of the Geoscape, Ground Maps, Base Maps and much more. Chris said that he needs about 1 Week for a Terrain-Base-Card which will be finished from others. In that Time he can beginn an other Part. His Team of the Company works on other Job-Sites of the Game at that time. Like I said it´s an big rework / refit / upgarde / bugfixing etc. with many Outside help. But this need much time too. And it´s not longer then all Beta-Version before. But with the new Beta Version we will get an new bombastic Testversion.
  13. The Lasers and the Alenium Rockets are the first upgrade my Planes get to shoot down Scouts and Drones faster. After the first heavyer UFO´s (upgraded Scouts / Harvesters or such) come up, the Aircrafts get the light Armor-Upgrade. In Beta 12 it worked without Problems, but in the full Beta 13 there were big Problems coming up with the Planes-Upgrading and some other things. Every Tester get crushed then in the Second or latest Third Month, because you can´t upgrade your Planes with better Armor and Guns. Rockets worked, if I remember correctly. That you get playtesting into May is good. Hope you could find more than we all together in Beta 13, but you confirmed the same big Bugs and Problems we have too. That´s why we wait for Beta 14 and hope that such big Problems get solved with the refited / reworked / done Geoscape, Base Management etc. what will come in in Beta 14. I´m surprised what else the Devs get in the newest Beta-Version what we don´t know from the monthly Dev Dirays.
  14. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 September Developer Update!

    Yep with the last 2 monthly Updates and the announced Features it looks like that Xenonauts 2 will set a new Standard for that Gerne. Let´s see what will come in more in R & D, Geoscape-Events, Base-, Transport-, Fighter- and Soldiermanagement as well as more secrets until the Game is completely finished. I play such Games, since the first X-Com Game comes out with an cool Storyline in 4 Games. Sadly the 5th and 6th Game to End the Storyline didn´t come to life. The UFO-After-Row were good, but not outstanding. The only 3 fully Games I like in the new Timeline are UFO: Extraterestials (UFO2Extraterstials should come last month, but is like X2 still in Beta so I can´t say anything about it) and the 2 new XCOM-Story-Games with all DLC´s included. The Spin-Off from XCOM2 (XCOM: Chimera Squad) is nice too and fill the Gap until XCOM 3 shows up. And I can only agree with the People in the Steamcommunity, that the Devs from X2 are looking what the others did right (esp. with the new Phoenix Point) and what are begunn but not ended in Ideas. That´s what X2 makes great. The Devs are bringing such begunn Ideas from the Competitors to an complete End and bring in the realizeable Tips, Ideas and Whishes in the Game, like the change for the Bases which bring in the old X-Com Feeling again.
  15. That exactly what I said with the big Problems and why you get crushed in the second Month completely and give the Advise with Stop Testing, until that big Problems get solved in Beta 14.
  16. That´s something new and . Haven´t seen that in my Tests, because the Text were completely normal.
  17. The Archive is a Problem we Betatesters found out very fast after we researched so much that the last Research don´t show up at the End of the Screen. That Problem with the not scrollingt Texts on the End of the Screen we send the Devs already in the Bugforum-Part for Xenonauts 2. The Devs are working on it, maybe we see an rework / refit in Beta 14 if they can bring it in there, if not we see the Rework / Refit in Beta 15. And they announced some other things in the yesterdays Dev Diray that will come in. That shows the Devs integrate Ideas of the Testers and the integrateable as well as wise Ideas here in the Forum and on Steam to make the Game much more interessting. The first One was to bring back the Bases to an similar X1 / UFO ET / X-COM Buildup. The second and in the yesterdays DD announced One to make the Bases more independend from each other as well as integrate an trade of Personal / Soldiers / Goods / Fighters etc. The third and in the yesterdays DD announced One to make the Base Defences on the Base Buildup as well as upgradeable Equipment against the attacking UFO´s with the Alien-Stormtroopers. The first Result we Testers will see in Beta 14 the next time, but I can promisse you all will have very very fun with the Early Access-Version (after the Game is stable enough with all refits / reworks and integrations) as well as first with the Final Game after everything is fully done and stable.
  18. With that I mean Beta 13 isn´t playable. We all have Problems with the Maps in Alien Bases, Base Defences, Upgrading our Interceptors, the MARS and much more. You can play the first Month but in the Second you get crushed, that´s why all other Beta-Testers stopt testing in this Version and waiting for Beta 14. In the other Betas before (Beta 11 / 12) you could play until the 4th or 5th Month for testing all new Features for that Versions. Sadly I have to say Beta 13 was a complete flop for Testing the new Features, esp. in the beginning 2nd Month. The Devs tried to fix it, were not successfull. That I and the others mean with wait for Beta 14 which the most Problems with that get or should be solved. And it get more refits / reworks and improvements which make you a .
  19. That´s something new, which I have never seen before. But the Geoscape isn´t fully done yet too, esp. in such Specials. Beta 13 has some nice Features implemented, but about the not fully done Geoscape and other Maps (esp. Ground-Maps and Basemaps) there are to big Bugs and Problems to be solved. Same Suggestion until Maps and Geoscape-Problems solved: Stop playing and beginn a new Betatest after Beta 14 comes out!
  20. The Archive will be refited / reworked too in the next Beta or Betas. There are much more Problems with the Archive which are already announced. The biggest one is that if you are on the left side fully, you can´t scroll and read the newest Entrys anymore. Same Suggesten here like in the Icland-Map: Stop playing and wait for Beta 14!
  21. Will be fixed with the next Beta. It´s an old Map which will be replaced completely by new Maps which are still in Development for Beta 14. Best thing you can do: Stop playing and wait for Beta 14 atm!
  22. The Devs will bring in more content in the Game and see after the Beta-Tests that the Archive have to be redesigned. How we will see. But your suggestions are good and maybe the Devs will bring in some of them.
  23. Yep Mid 2021 is a good estimate if the big Problems the Game have be solved and the Betatests don´t find out more big Problems. The new Maprework for everything incl. combining with the Geoscape and Geoscapesecrets incl. Basemanagement, Soldiermanagement etc. will need much more time. There are big Job Sites to be done in the next 1 or 2 Betas before the smaller and faster ones can go on. We Beta-Testers wait too for a new Version to test out for making it to a stable status for the next Step of Development. But the new complete rework / overwork and refit will take more time then expected for the Devs and all the Helpers which can Coding, Painting, Mapseting and whatever. Alone Goldhawk need for a Maprework (dessert for example) 1 Week for the basis before it´s being send over to the Helpers for finishing it. That means we still have the Beta-Version from June with the Beta 13.3-Version and waiting for Beta 14 with the full refit, rework and overwork incl. the new things which get implemented. So the Public have to be patient for more time. The Public isn´t the Betatester like some big Companys think (EA for example). Goldhawk can ill afford to bring out a not runable game as a small or max. medium Gamedeveloper. An other good example is UFO 2 Extraterestials from Chaos Concept. That is a small to medium Development Studio too and dosen´t bring out their Game after all remaining Bugs and Problems get solved for the Public. The Betatesters and Devs here found over 2.000 Bugs before release, which they decided to make an release End September and not in May this year. The 2 Examples from Goldhawk and Chaos Concept shows exactly how to do it correctly. The Game comes out when it´s ready.
  24. If possible we show you pictures from the new Version and the refit / rework as well as other improvements which have been done after Beta 14 is stable as possible.
  25. Oh belive us hard working Betatesters. Surprises and many Type of variable Missions you will get enough. Not only like in the predecessor shoot down UFOs and getting Artifacts to research as well as Terror Missions. There will be Missions like save him / her (politican, Soldier and so on), investigate an unkonown location, arrest an interrogate an human Traitor (Mind Controled or Voluntary) and so on to the normal Missions you have (big Terror, light Terror, UFO Crashsites, landed UFO´s, Alien Base and Defend your light to medium build up R&D and Soldier-Bases as well as the fully Main Base). Then you have surprisses in the Ground Missions if you are to slow after doing some special things as well as in the Geoscape (which are announced in an other Dev Diray some time before). Like said your Ressources are very very limited against the Predecessor so you have to decide wisely for what you use them. Build up better Weapons, Armor or the Tank / Airforce first after the Standard Upgrades for existing things are done at the beginning? And more surprises for the R & D-System as well as for your Bases comes too. It´s more then a refit from the Predecessor. Everything the Devs couldn´t bring in in Xenonauts 1 is now in Xenonauts 2 as well as more Ideas and not finished thingkings from competitors. If we can show the Public some Vids with the frist new Impressions then you all know what we hard Working Betatesters and the Devs mean. That means too, the Game need more Time of Development, because many more or less working things have to be reworked / refited and upgraded, like the fully Maps and the Mars / Fighters and UFO´s for example.