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  1. Ninothree

    Morale of Many

    Panic has not really had a decent implementation. Maybe if its effects were taken in a different direction, so rather than friendly fire, your green rookie refuses to break cover and only takes auto fire. That would make you rethink your strategy and allow you to keep going, rather than suffering a wipe. The threat would still remain, because if enough soldiers panic and refuse to move, they're much easier to flank. Equivalently, facing enemies who are falling into panic would be a different kind of challenge, as they rapidly run through their ammo, and are equally susceptible to a flanking manoeuvre.
  2. My biggest pain with voice acting is when you get that one soundbyte that keeps cropping up, driving you mad, so you have to sacrifice that soldier for the greater good. On the other hand, I do like the idea of crowd sourcing the voice acting, then selecting the best of what the community has to offer. I'm fairly sure that most of the community is from the Anglosphere but I bet there is a fair amount available from elsewhere. Also, more blood. Always more blood
  3. Ninothree

    Dropship layout

    yeah if LZ is too hot, just spam smoke to get to cover.
  4. Ninothree

    CPU usage -- too high!

    mmm mmmm I love me some technical details. Thinking about this, I might move to lower quality visuals. Smoother play is probably more important during play testing.
  5. Ninothree

    UFO design

    So is making peace or nuking the site from orbit. Neither of which makes for a fun game.
  6. Ninothree

    UFO design

    I think @indaris raises a fair point about the destructible walls. Breaching shouldn't be too easy. Cheesing it by smashing walls seems the obvious way. Maybe if the UFO walls can only be destroyed with C4 / deployed explosives that go off at the end of the turn? Or have the main chamber made of something tougher. As for the visuals, well, I'm not super hyped about the way the game looks just now either. But we were never promised AAA graphics. The selling point of xenonauts was not for the 4k crowd, rather, because it looked cool in its own right. Give the aesthetics time to come into their own. The polish comes on at the end. Also: for all of the above qualm about cheesing it, this does sound fun.
  7. Yeah I don't know why multiple crash site UFOs aren't a thing. Especially if you're doing a dogfight against a three-UFO wing. I think part of the fun of ground combat is pushing onward with an injured team. Having to go through multiple breaches sounds fun!
  8. I like to think that the xenonauts are a bit rude in this sense. That the government is like "hey, we gave you lots of money, can you share the alien secrets?" and the xenonauts are like "shut up and give us more money; we have lasers now so hurry up with that paypal".
  9. It is not really a game about economics. I'm not sure it should be either. Although, I would be interested in such a game. Maybe something with competing defence suppliers, so the xenonanuts have other groups running in parallel. Those groups are also trying to salvage alien technology and build/sell weapons to each nation so that the conventional armies can fight off the alien invasion. But it wouldn't be xenonauts. Although maybe if selling manufactured gear were a thing in X2, it would incentivise you to build and defend multiple bases so that you could expand your military-industrial complex. That has a dark fascination for me.
  10. Maybe multiple bases would work if the additional bases were forced to have a strictly different and distinct purpose to your main base.
  11. Base building isn't that complex in these games. It is not like in FTL where those decisions about build determine your overall strategy. However, if multiple bases can be built, there is more room to play like that. I'm pretty confident that the 'best' tactic will still be to consolidate yourself in a main base, with other bases acting as annexes - but it doesn't matter what the optimal tactic is. The game will be more fun if you have the choice to do something suboptimal, like make a research base defended by one soldier and 30 rocket launchers (that base is in the USSR and that one soldier is certainly called Crazy Ivan). I vote for trusting the devs at the end of the day. But, I think the game would be richer for having multiple bases. Yet, I'll probably stick to one base in X2, unless there are some clever mechanics to make those additional bases less time- and resource-consuming to develop.
  12. It has been said before, but XCOM2's move to guerrilla warfare really did make a lot of sense. It explained away a lot of these issues. If the desired game is one where you have a small squad fighting on the ground then the original xcom premise is very hard to justify. Forgetting the lore side of things, there is still a limit. Imagine moving 20 units in a turn based strategy. If you bunched them, you'd have a ridiculous concentration of firepower. Besides, it would take an age to move all your units. I guess some of it relates to the map size too. In a huger environment, it could be more desirable to split up a squad of 20 into smaller fire-teams. But the feel of ground combat should be that you reach the end of your turn wishing that you had just a couple more soldiers for a clean up.
  13. Ninothree

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    I think this is one of those things where you get strong feelings one way or the other, but when put to it, you can't really justify why it should be that way (BTW yellow for TU).
  14. Ninothree

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    I like it. It is sleeker than the old look. It all seems pretty intuitive too. Although the blue for TU and green for health threw me a little. I really like that the TU cost of an action is highlighted, and the the cost for belt actions is labelled. I'd suggest doing something to de-emphasise the red reticles for the secondary weapon. And a button to cycle through soldiers whilst the inventory screen is up.
  15. I moved one dude, and then the other whilst the first was on the way. They walked through the same tile simultaneously. The game didn't like it and crashed.