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  1. yes, I too have a wish list including a weapon that can shoot adjacent enemies at the same time. The spray and pray room-clearer. I guess the rocket launcher filled that niche before, but it would be nice for an automatic weapon to have a similar function when near point-blank range. Arc firing with the LMG. Although I don't doubt the people on the forum who actually know about guns will correct me that such uses of a firearm aren't realistic. I guess what I'm hankering for are weapons that are fun. You ever play Halo? The gravity hammer is ridiculous. Even sillier than that gun that fires floaty-explodey pink needles. But I don't think I've ever had such fun or satisfaction in a game as when launching enemies skywards. Well, I guess that is what mods are for.
  2. Ninothree

    Alien Rescue Missions

    Teleportation isn't that crazy a concept. At least when it is envisioned as space folding (Dune) and not beaming matter (Star Trek). Although it does require a bunch of hand waving for why you can't just teleport-bomb the enemy. Or just teleport the enemy into the sun, etc.
  3. Bring extra weapons to equip the NPCs!
  4. Ninothree

    Research Tree

    What you're describing sounds like progress through Technology Readiness Levels, or R&T vs R&D. There is stuff on the chalkboard, then there is a prototype in the lab, then there is an assembly line. For gameplay this would enable non-linearity and specialism. The research tree wouldn't just be a checklist. And you could invest in more research projects within your favoured branch and gain synergy bonuses e.g. +5% damage for researching the whole family of laser weapons. Overall, it would make research decisions more complex as you'd need to balance theory- and practical-based projects. Also, it would make the science in the game better reflect science in real life (as a process). That shouldn't be taken lightly. If it were to be taken further, I'd like to see dead-end projects that are randomised in each playthrough, e.g. Laser Grenades: either a sick early-game boost to your thrown weaponry, or, just a waste of time because you can't make grenades out of lasers you silly.
  5. I would also like to see the LMG receive a different role: lower accuracy and higher rate of fire, ideal for suppression. But if snipers are going to penetrate low cover, then that completely changes the defensive landscape. It might make more sense to have penetration based on cover type (high/low cover, hard/soft cover). Whilst interesting, I'm not sure it would balance. Unless combat were made more deadly all round - working on a premise that engagements don't last longer than a turn or two. That way, a sniper blasting through cover wouldn't be OP in comparison to your medium-range shotgun. That could also carve a niche for nimble SMGs at the shorter range. In fact, sidearms as a whole aren't really functional as it stands; they're only really a Hail Mary when your enemy is on low health, your primary is empty, you're out of grenades and you happen to be super close (at that point, you may as well have a throwing knife).
  6. Ninothree

    Research Tree

    Civ:BE had a technology web as opposed to a tree - this was a big breakaway from the main series. It determined your campaign and play style, much like building an RPG character. As you say, it is good for replayability. There is a difference there in that it is about branching, not skipping. I like your idea that the science you jump to is determined by encounters/captures of certain tech. That entwines the combat and research elements of the game. One of my favourite activities in these games is to discover ways to rush a playthrough. The Slingshot expansion for XCOM1 allowed that. It exposed you to plasma tech and the loot from a battleship much earlier than you normally would find it. They were challenging missions but produced some nice spoils. I think that recovery of key assets / alien artefacts is a much better trigger than simply lining up the research projects in a sequence.
  7. ah, I remember the old firing squad outside of the door tactic. The memory is all nostalgia but the original experience was a grind!
  8. Wow, this new mod support is super convenient thanks. I'll give it a go, see if it can produce the desired effect of area denial.
  9. I was thinking that 5 with the LMG is too little. I was wondering if there could be another fire mode for the gun, one that uses 95% of your TU (enough to turn and shoot) but unleashes a full 10 rounds. That would place the LMG as more of a fixed gunner who could lock-down a cone of the map.
  10. Yeah I think the GOTCHA mod was needed in a lot of cases because there are a bunch of LoS issues in the xcom engine. It was a good crutch, but like I said, it did feel like it left some avenues open to cheese the game.
  11. Is a good idea. Bu it might not even need to be an icon integrated into the ground combat interface, it could simply be the option to access the xenopedia from the pause menu. If you've got the interrogation report, you know you've made that capture. On the other hand, a richer iconography would be welcome. There was a mod for XCOM2 that played with that, giving your cursor info about the move you were about to make: environmental damage, which enemies you'd have in line-of-sight etc. Although that mod took it a little too far by showing you the tiles that would trigger enemy overwatch shots.
  12. Ninothree

    Pilots have identities too you know.

    The Starship Troopers book gives the cost-per-soldier a good treatment. Bootcamp is not a quick experience.
  13. did you say 30-40 NPC RADAR sites that you have the option to go raid if you want to make some extra cash on the side? Yup, with you on that one
  14. Yeah I think the standard geoscape is pretty empty and boring. At least the 1994 geoscape was a globe - which, if technically inferior, was a bit more interesting to look at. I don't think the visuals need to hit the bleeding edge of AAA gaming, but there is no reason to have a dull view - especially when so much of the art elsewhere in the game is nicely crafted.
  15. So the delegate option could be split out, with the player either giving the crash site to the Soviets or the US? At least in the 3rd world / non-aligned nations that makes a lot of sense.