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  1. Maybe multiple bases would work if the additional bases were forced to have a strictly different and distinct purpose to your main base.
  2. Base building isn't that complex in these games. It is not like in FTL where those decisions about build determine your overall strategy. However, if multiple bases can be built, there is more room to play like that. I'm pretty confident that the 'best' tactic will still be to consolidate yourself in a main base, with other bases acting as annexes - but it doesn't matter what the optimal tactic is. The game will be more fun if you have the choice to do something suboptimal, like make a research base defended by one soldier and 30 rocket launchers (that base is in the USSR and that one soldier is certainly called Crazy Ivan). I vote for trusting the devs at the end of the day. But, I think the game would be richer for having multiple bases. Yet, I'll probably stick to one base in X2, unless there are some clever mechanics to make those additional bases less time- and resource-consuming to develop.
  3. It has been said before, but XCOM2's move to guerrilla warfare really did make a lot of sense. It explained away a lot of these issues. If the desired game is one where you have a small squad fighting on the ground then the original xcom premise is very hard to justify. Forgetting the lore side of things, there is still a limit. Imagine moving 20 units in a turn based strategy. If you bunched them, you'd have a ridiculous concentration of firepower. Besides, it would take an age to move all your units. I guess some of it relates to the map size too. In a huger environment, it could be more desirable to split up a squad of 20 into smaller fire-teams. But the feel of ground combat should be that you reach the end of your turn wishing that you had just a couple more soldiers for a clean up.
  4. Ninothree

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    I think this is one of those things where you get strong feelings one way or the other, but when put to it, you can't really justify why it should be that way (BTW yellow for TU).
  5. Ninothree

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    I like it. It is sleeker than the old look. It all seems pretty intuitive too. Although the blue for TU and green for health threw me a little. I really like that the TU cost of an action is highlighted, and the the cost for belt actions is labelled. I'd suggest doing something to de-emphasise the red reticles for the secondary weapon. And a button to cycle through soldiers whilst the inventory screen is up.
  6. I moved one dude, and then the other whilst the first was on the way. They walked through the same tile simultaneously. The game didn't like it and crashed.
  7. Ninothree

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    This issue is pretty much why 'literally unplayable' is a meme.
  8. Ninothree

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I'd appreciate it if you don't use the word autistic like that.
  9. Ninothree

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Yeah a number is the simplest way, but that does lack a little something. It is too similar to your average RPG where you get a lvl 12 Rogue etc. The soldiers are called Xenonauts - I think we're missing a trick not capitalising upon names that could link up with that.
  10. Ninothree

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    because I really, really, really want it! I don't think that implementing a more realistic rank system would add to the game. Rank systems only make sense when a force is large enough to require segmenting and the imposition of a chain of command. The only commandable 'units' in xenonauts are a single soldier and a whole dropship load of soldiers. Both of which are under the player's direct command anyway. (although I do think that giving the player control over who gets promoted / earns a medal would be fun.) It does seem that the currently used system of rank names is a poor choice though. They are the wrong names. It is adopting a nomenclature which has inappropriate connotations. Surely the fact that the argument resurfaces attests to that. But then, 'engineers' could be considered the wrong name. Most of the engineers I know are involved in research and design - not assembly or manufacture. A technician or mechanic would be more apt titles. Yet 'engineer' is fit for purpose because it gives the right impression of what they do. Anyway, I think the argument that a real-world rank structure is a good way to signal the experience of the soldier is quite weak. It is undercut by the fact that it gives the wrong signal. There is surely a better system (that would hardly require effort in implementation) that has the right aesthetic. Even just keeping the currently used insignia, but stripping the title, would be a step up.
  11. Ninothree

    [V5.0] Aircraft vs UFOs

    I think the hand-waving explanation here is that the UFO is more of a scout. By the time you're trying to bring down a battleship, you need to be fielding some heavier gear. Although, it has been suggested that some UFOs should simply be unassailable. Which makes sense. Also, I imagine the auto-resolve is, for now, implemented without a damage function.
  12. Hey shall we hijack this spiralling thread? It sounds like someone needs to bring up Zeno and his paradoxes! Is time/space continuous or discrete? Well Zeno postulated that either way, you run into logical contradictions. Thus, one must refute assumptions about the very nature of time and space, and reject the notion of plurality. Essentially, this means that motion of distinct bodies doesn't exist in any metaphysical sense and that the structure of reality is just one single firmament in which we all spin around (as opposed to "things" being entities that can exist in isolation). I must confess, it is a while since I wrote an essay on the subject, but I think that about nails it.
  13. My suggestion: have the strength stat go up only in soldiers who are carrying around gear of a heavy type: rocket launchers, LMGs, padded armour etc. Those peeps have a chance to gain a +1 to strength. By the late game, those dudes are the ones bringing the super heavy plasma death cannons. Conversely, have TU progress for soldiers carrying lighter types of gear. Those soldiers get faster throughout your campaign, becoming better scouts, but less suited to packing a BFG. Pros: You don't end up making a mule of each soldier It encourages a kind of class development (by stat) but doesn't restrict it too much Drives a rationale for hiring strong soldiers Also fixes the TU development process (is it still based on how much TU the soldier uses in the mission?) Cons: More work to code and display the relevant info in the game Added complexity for the player You could end up forcing the scenario of 'heavy' soldiers who are fat and slow and can't run from cover to cover
  14. Ninothree

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Why do stats need to relate to levels of promotion? A colonel is not necessarily the one with the most speed / accuracy / strength. A colonel is the one who serves well over time and gets promoted the most by their superiors. Ranks are there in Xenonauts just as characters have levels in any RPG. It is to give a sense of progression. Getting promoted is superficial. Instead of calling your soldiers lvl 1, lvl 2 ... they are given military titles. In effect, all the soldiers are grunts as it is the player who gives the commands. The same is true with the alien side - there is no evidence of a properly proportioned hierarchy of ranks and taking out the leader doesn't achieve much. There is no chain of command. The aliens' ranks are determined by the difficulty setting. A harder level means you have more high-stat aliens, and high-stat aliens are signified by a higher rank.
  15. Ninothree

    Geoscape Strategic Operations

    I think that Afterlight had vehicles for traversing the geoscape that weren't just for ground combat (link). It was quite neat and made that layer of the game feel more dynamic.