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  1. Yeah, either that or the Tec9. Well, at least in GTA you can run and shoot with them. But that is as far as my knowledge goes. Mind you, in one of the GTA games you can dual wield desert eagles, I'm pretty sure that is nonsense...
  2. Bugs In the soldier selection, sorting by TU doesn't list the soldiers in the correct order - the other columns are fine In the equip soldier screen, if you remove a soldier from the skyranger, their equipment still appears and if you then click to equip them, a big white space appears After downing a UFO, a report comes up, you can click outside the window and the report disappears - not sure if cancels the report or what Switching between grenades and shotgun in ground combat adds/removes 10 TU The shield didn't show on my soldier, but then appeared after throwing a grenade. Same issue (crash) as Decius upon hit If you hold over an item in the inventory screen to see its name, then 'esc' out of the screen, the name of the item doesn't go away, just hangs there floating Polish You can cancel the base build at the start, seems odd to be able to run without interceptors Need to display hire cost Splashed UFO has " -0 HP" is that trying to display negative zero (I mean, mathematically it is a thing but...) Can't equip ammo in the base, you have to pull it out of the gun, then re-equip the gun Ladder didn't work in the barn in the farm map it is quite hard to see the green indicator for a soldier when it is behind cover, especially in fog of war as it all goes grey Serious bug Soldiers on overwatch actually hit aliens?!?!
  3. Would a mac pistol make more sense than a SMG? I'm not a gun person but from the other games I play, mac pistols are also one handed (in as much as any pistol is one handed).
  4. Ninothree

    [V1.1 General] Game wont start

    Ah, this was my bad. None of my other games were working, GPU needed new drivers. Panic over.
  5. Steam says it is running for about 10 seconds but no game window opens, not even a splash screen. I can't find it in task manager either... I've verified the files have downloaded but it is not even generating a crash log. Any recommendations? Anyone else getting this?
  6. Ninothree

    Xenonauts-2 Beta Date Announced!

    Can't wait to play this half-finished games.
  7. Ninothree

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    So no orchestral soundtrack then (last time I whinge about that, promise, definitely the probably last time)
  8. Ninothree

    About the soundtrack of Xenonauts 2

    Dynamic music is important - I've recently been playing Zelda, that has different tunes depending on your location and the enemies you're facing. Whilst xenonauts is not aiming for the same niche as nintendo's flagship, that game does benefit from immersion and the urge to be played for longer sessions, in part, because of its reactive music. Changing the music depending on the biome would, I assume, be fairly easy in that the variable for the biome doesn't change much. It'd add a subtle bit of variety - ground combat can get stale and in that it is the main bit of the game, it needs what spice it can get. The creepy music for exploring is perfect, but I'd be hard pressed to argue what is appropriate music for the more strategic thinking bits of the game - combat is not exactly fast paced in xenonauts.
  9. Ninothree

    Xenonauts-2 October Update!

    Wow, I've only just realised that I want reaper claws as a weapon that can be picked up from the field. Maybe leave that one in as an second wave setting This is the first time I've witnessed a project going from discussion to design - it is nice to see how ideas have evolved. Obviously seeing them in play should be better. But I'm patient enough to wait till the basics are ready, whilst fluid navigation/interface issues are easy enough to look past, there is no point in wasting every beta tester's time with tedious clicks. Might be worth sending out some kind of framework for feedback - it is quite easy to just ramble on when submitting impressions. With a given structure, it'll be easier to find things to focus on in the game. Also, there is a noticeable lack of screen shots in this update...
  10. Ninothree

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    If you have a nuke and don't use it, then you've wasted loads of energy - it would be very inefficient and bad for the environment.
  11. Ninothree

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    also, what is a realistic alien anyway? Something that looks like what other film/media/games imagine - that is familiar, not necessarily realistic. Although watching Alien the other day, I was struck by how much the aliens seem to drool all the time, I mean, where do they get all that liquid? Now that is some silly alien fiction, some very well-selling silly alien fiction.
  12. Ninothree

    More vertical map design

    Building the maps vertically adds another dimension to ground combat. Can't say it simpler than that. I did like apoc's real-feeling buildings but it was a bit of a pain to clear every room, made for a lot of clicking (although making those slums crash was hilarious). I think that the vertical allows you another way of thinking about choke points, more options for positioning is a good thing. If it runs into problems with line-of-sight issues, then that highlights those issues as ones which need fixing to complete what the game offers.
  13. Ninothree

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    Nice to have an update with concept art. Pretty psyched for the beta. I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with making the aliens look more alien. They shouldn't all be carbon-based bipeds. It'll only lose the xenonauts charm if it goes down the route of a cartoon aesthetic.
  14. +1 to the post for the proposed solution, and +1 for satisfying word use. Although I'd argue that the UFOs don't need to slow down for strafing runs or scanning - surely their weapons would have some clever targeting system and for scanning, well they could just take all the data they need from orbit. I can believe that UFOs would slow down for abducting or embarking/disembarking. But yeah, I like the idea that UFOs can simply outpace Terran craft when they want.
  15. Double tap - standard zombo protocol. Although a bunch of entrenched, self-reviving sebillians would be nigh on impossible to pacify. Maybe limit their second lives - they can regrow that arm but it wont shoot straight.